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  1. Termite - Pest Control for home.

    I pay 7,000Bht per year, the guy comes 4 times per year and pump through the pipes under the house and spray around everywhere each time. The cost depends on the size of the house, I am probably be on the high end side of the cost. Reliable, call 089 263 4335 or 086 116 8805, thai speaking only.
  2. Chiangmai Water Park

    The tube trek water park opened maybe a month ago and I hear there is another one in Sankampaeng that opened recently as well (?). Planning to take the kids in the coming weekends, anyone been there yet to give some feedback ? Thanks,
  3. There is a few threads that comment on Varee but all are 5-6 years old and mainly pertaining to the thai or EP section. Since then, Varee has opened an international section for y7 to 13 following a british curriculum. They are opening y1 to 6 for the new school year 2016-17. If there are any parents on this forum who have their kids in the international section (and possibly graduated), I am interested to have any feedback from them as I may consider Varee as an alternative to Lanna for my kids to follow the british curriculum. Appreciate if we can keep the comments to the international section of Varee only. Thanks,