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  1. Teenager gets driving licence with address as ‘My dad’s house’

    Reminds me of a correction appearing in the 'Upcoming Weddings' section of a local paper. "The Wedding reception of Miss... and Mr ... will be held at the Parish Hall and not at the Bride's father's house as previously announced'. Hint - The Olde Manse.
  2. ...and did you get a promise that a written guarantee would be posted to you?
  3. If you are stopped by traffic police @ Pattaya

    I was sitting at a open-fronted restaurant around 7pm a few nights back, with the traffic streaming past. These little sois can be amazingly busy. What was really tempting fate was that not 1 in 10 motorcyclists had a helmet on. Does the road surface suddenly become softer after sunset? Or just possibly because there is never a policeman to be seen except in small groups collecting fines on sunny afternoons.
  4. In most British and Commonwealth countries, we always referred to 'Father Christmas'. In the following decades, the Dutch term Sinter Klaas (from Saint Nicholas) and German Santa Klaus has come into common usage, and Sinter Klass seems to have crossed the Atlantic to become Santa Claus. Saint Nicholas continues to be used in the Netherlands on December 5, and is a great time of fun, joking and exchanging of presents. December 25th is time for church and family.
  5. Weather app

    A piece of string or seaweed is often the most reliable. If it's horizontal, means there's a strong wind. If water is running off it, rain. ...you know the rest. It's accurate...... Chiang Mai has been hot and humid the past 10 days. The forecast - raining and cold.
  6. When I was teaching in South Sulawesi (Indonesia) I was told about a school pupil who had gone missing. Villagers searched for him, but no luck, tho suspicious about a large python, digesting what they thought was a goat. Sadly, the python had taken the student, as it was opened up to check the contents. It was all photographed and appeared in a German magazine. So yes, small children, dogs etc are all part of the diet.
  7. I need to print 100 pages!

    You're not wrong. I bought a brand new Canon printer (made in Thailand) with scanner, at an Australian Post Office store for AU$29.00 (725baht). Ink lasted 3 months, as expected, then refilled. Here in Chiang Mai I get the bulk tanks refilled for 100baht each.
  8. Well, at least, they're keeping to the left. Just one overtaking...
  9. Agreed! the lack of a bum gun while back in Oz was keenly felt. Last week a Thai in QLD, Australia, announced he was standing for Parliament. Yes, he can do that as he now has Oz citizenship. He also has no 90 day reporting, no TM30 and is allowed to own property and to work!. Good for him!
  10. 5 killed, 9 wounded in pickup truck crash

    How about the law regarding people in the rear of pickups? Surely not another deferred one.
  11. ...added to which, most Thais NEVER look right when at an intersection or blind corner.
  12. cost of living Chaing Mai/provinces

    I'm on the same sort of income, minus a few bills to pay in Oz. I would not like to be supporting two kids and having to get them used to cheaper Thai food. I'd be concerned about education for the kids, tho' no ages have been mentioned. Forget using air con if you want to save money, unless it's one bedroom for an hour or two before bed. Also, Western kids like swimming here (most Thais can't) so think about a pool and costs. You're going to need to cook of course.
  13. Driver escapes death after stag crashes right through windscreen

    Which is why Aussie cars, trucks, have large 'bull bars' fitted to the front. A kangaroo in your lap is often struggling to get out - as are the driver and passengers!
  14. Teach the schoolies that they are about to enter a less-than-developed country. Yes, there are laws about helmets, but the fact that so many Thais don't wear them in the day and almost none at night, doesn't mean they should be copied. Also, don't assume that anyone will give way to their right, and be ready for the bike/car/truck in front which can pull out in front of you with no signal. When signalling and turning right, it's not uncommon for vehicles to overtake on your right. Finally, if you don't hold a motorbike licence in your home country, you are NOT insured in Thailand.
  15. No motor cycle licence = zero insurance