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  1. It's got a lot to do with attitude; canals, rivers, are seen and used as rubbish disposal areas. A recent stay at Kuta Beach, Bali, was a wade amongst the plastic. As the tide went out, the beach was glistening with plastic cups, bottles, bags. In Thailand, Jom Tien (Pattaya) was no different apart from the addition of certain rubber items. It's little wonder that the animals who attempt to live in the ocean are dying of plastic in their guts. ASEAN countries need to wake up, and the use of plastic bags, cups, bottles abolished and possibly, wastewater from apartment blocks should be processed before dumping it in the ocean.
  2. Is there an apprenticeship scheme in Thailand? Where a trainee completes 5 years of on the job training/work under the supervision of a tradesman, plus regular training and exams at Tech College?
  3. No-one has mentioned what happens if they are returned to North Korea, as China does regularly. I've read that their future is very limited.
  4. masuk

    Eight die in motorway crash

    What exactly is 'break failure' so often appearing on these pages. Cable broken, brake hose split'???
  5. ...and a smoke alarm costs the equivalent of around AU$6.00.
  6. masuk

    Surat Thani mine bombs still missing

    It's journalism! Why spoil a good story for the sake of a few facts.
  7. masuk


    You're not alone there. TOPS have never once, in 3 years, compared my signature to my card signature. Now I have been issued with a 6 digit PIN, and the last 3 times, I was told there was a connection problem with BKK Banks and to go and withdraw cash from one of the nearby ATMs.
  8. Have to totally agree with you on this! The presence of Traffic Police and the sure knowledge that you'll be caught for speeding, no licence, a wee drop of alcohol, does wonders for jogging the conscience of errant drivers. A points system is the way to go, but many countries start with 9 points, and losing these means welcome back to song taews or tuk-tuks, for the next three (3) years. Until Thailand does something positive in this regard, drivers will continue to act as though they're driving dodgem cars. I loved "Rooster's" comment where he stated that the least read book in Thailand is the Traffic Code.
  9. masuk

    Any ideas??

    If it's the same huntsman that seems to come with each delivery of firewood in Australia, I'm told it contains enough venom to kill a blowfly.
  10. Too much TV where violence and guns reigns supreme!! A similar incident happened in an Aussie school recently, where the big brave teens ganged up on a lad with a disability. They were all identified on a videotape and were last seen in the company of the police. Hopefully, parents to follow!
  11. There are a great many deaths of motor cyclists in Thailand. I read that it's 60+ per day. Some strong police action could save so many lives.
  12. In the UK and Australia, and no doubt many other countries, if you're over 0.05 alcohol, you are asked for your car keys. No doubt cars can be collected in the police yards after you've paid the fine and provided your driver's licence is still valid. I think it's Sweden where jail is mandatory for drink-driving. Not far from where I live in Chiang Mai, there is a 'karaoke shed' (it's nothing more) which at a rough estimate would have more than 500 seats. It also has three large car parks. I doubt they spend their evenings drinking coconut water. But that's their business, as long as they are not also going to drive home.
  13. The rubbish, food etc dumped in plastic bags is hardly vermin proof. When you see how much is dropped on the roadside during collection, it's no wonder rats are increasing. If the city is really worried about vermin, then start using bins with lids, which, dogs, cats and big fat rats can't access. Also, the collection trucks are quick, don't spill trash all over the road. Some parts of India were crawling with rats before people realised that the pythons they were removing had been keeping things under control.
  14. Maybe the Chiang Mai song taew drivers (baht buses for you southerners) knew something when they raised their prices 50% recently. A 20baht ride jumped to 30baht.
  15. Do Thai visitors/tourists require an International Driving Licence before renting a bike? Surely the M/B renters would ask to see the licence before renting if this is the case. On my one and only visit to Phuket last year, I saw a great many foreign tourists on bikes being stopped and asked for papers. Obviously a good source of income.