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  1. Absolutely!!!! Think of the poor suckers who lose their house, land, money to some conniving female. It cuts both ways!!!
  2. Thirteen foreigners and one alien.
  3. Here in Chiang Mai, it's common to see foreign motorbike riders stopped and asked for their licences. Is that the way to treat tourists?? In eight years in Indonesia, I was stopped once, and the policeman apologised when I took my helmet off and saw that I was not a local. What gets to me is the filth of the place. Every side street is littered with bottles, bags, debris from the disintegrating footpaths, rats peeking out from under the piles. Not a pleasant sight for tourists from much cleaner neighbouring countries.
  4. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    Dengue mOsquitoes breed in any stagnant water, and the females usually travel no more than 150metres to find their next victim. Flower pot saucers, bromiliad plants, tyres and backyard junk are all possible breeding sites. Using a strong Tropical strength repellant is well worth using, as dengue is not known as 'Breakbone Fever" for nothing. In Thailand, households with outdoor pot plants and lily ponds, often use what they call "mosquito sand" which stops mosquito eggs from hatching.
  5. ....which is why I'm going on a break to a nearby country to enjoy their beaches.
  6. Are wheel clamps available for sale? That would no doubt send some sort of message to the driver.
  7. In the past 12 months, I notice AirAsia also weigh small backpacks and heavy looking handbags. Total = 7kg or you pay lots more!!! Careful what you pack. I lost a small kit of nail trimmers, tweezers etc, as these were classified as 'weapons'.
  8. I think Thai families are way better off with 1.5 or even 2 children, where they can usually be assured of a good diet and education. Pity some of the other ASEAN countries where family planning is discouraged, and divorce is illegal. In the meantime, Thailand is losing a jumbo jet full of young people each week in motorcycle deaths (over 420 A WEEK!). Effective and visible policing would do a lot to reduce these sad numbers.
  9. Customs have nothing to do with Immigration. Why do you have the idea that it's 'Customs' who let these guys in?? I agree that previous convictions are supposed to be included in Visa applications.
  10. I think Id...err fatalisitc drivers has a lot to do with it.
  11. EXACTLY: from my condo in Chiang Mai, Doi Suthep is rapidly disappearing and the hotels by the river in the other direction can hardly be seen. I have never seen air this bad in China, and air monitors here are registering high figures. The view for people flying in from China would be horrifying!