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  1. HANDICAPPED? Now there's a term from last century. Try DISABLED
  2. The tour boat operators also deserve some credit. On a recent trip to this park, we were told that everything, including cigarette butts, had to go in the bins on the boat. It worked well and I didn't see any rubbish over the side at all. The operators were also very safety conscious, and insisted on life jackets being worn when we did some kayak trips.
  3. ..and I thought they were talking about the stuff I used to put on my model planes, It took all the wrinkles out.
  4. Why not deliver it in the original container?
  5. Years ago, my late father was booked for speeding, (in Australia) and had to do some community work and attend a day of lectures. While he didn't go to the morgue, he was taken through the hospital where the poor guys with permanent brain damage were living out an existence. Not all accidents end in death - just near death.
  6. The story about the BKK street vendors has made the news in a great many countries, both TV and press. I often wonder how many people in the cities actually 'walk' on these footpaths. Seems to me the local folk go everywhere on their motor bikes, especially to the food stalls. Singapore had the same problem a few years ago, and some very nice hawkers' centres were set up. Not underground car parks, but purpose-designed places. They work a treat.
  7. The nanny state so commonly quoted here, is usually a country where one has paid taxes all of one's working life, and in return, a pension is paid and also medical care. Some of the bigger countries do not assist their poor or elderly. What do you call them?
  8. How very true. Even the airlines won't insure you for travel only, once you are 75. I've been zapped twice through faulty electrical wiring, wrecked a pair of expensive glasses on a Chiang Mai footpath pothole, gave up the m/bike 2 years ago. It's never boring!!
  9. I'd far rather be walking down Huay Keaw Rd in Chiang Mai than strolling down St Georges tce or Hay st during Songkran. It's a fun time, and while it's spoiled at times by inebriated farangs, most folk have a fun time. Anyway, who can afford to live in Perth nowadays?
  10. No wonder the Thais get confused with the English language. Those red pieces of paper are BANK NOTES, as the story goes on to say. The BILLS come later when you've had a spend-up.
  11. Maybe the barriers should be old train lines; they would be a bit harder to crash through than timber ones.
  12. There must be a national shortage of alarm clocks. The guys on bikes seems to be in such a hurry, they must be late for work. Driving one-handed while texting must also add to the problem, and the combination of all this - no helmet, speeding, texting, doesn't help at all. Do remember that it's not all fatalities. The brain damaged in hospitals is not insignificant.
  13. ....and the lawyer will cost how much per hour?
  14. I wish the Thai government would understand this.
  15. I bought a new Canon in Australia recently, for $29.00. Yup, new price at a reputable store, unpacked. Went to buy two cartridges today = total $62.00! I have a bulk tank of 4 colours on my printer in Thailand. Cost me 600 baht.