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  1. Isn't it just as well that prostitution is not permitted in Thailand, along with free testing of condoms, drinking whiskey until you can hardly make back to the car. Now this terrible gambling by older ladies. You'll upset all the good work done by the Thai constabulary in eradicating the above.
  2. If you're in Chiang Mai, try these guys. English speaking, excellent service. Expat Auto Chiang Mai A. San Sai, Chiang Mai, Thailand +66 83 572 8488
  3. Yes indeed. He needs to be reined on from a great height!!
  4. Maybe they could double the speed limit signs (90) around Chiang Mai ring roads. A 2nd sign would help I'm sure. A few speed cameras and the nation would rake in more than the rice harvest!~
  5. Way back in the distant past, I left my high school grounds in Australia without permission. (I walked - no scooters then). I was caught on the way in, and got a taste of rattan. Six of the best across my hand. It smarted for a day or two, but none of the needless brutality that seems to be the norm in Thai schools. It amazes me that some of these sadistic Thai chalkies are not sued for assault.
  6. Australian high schools generally arrange home-stays for their students, as most are under 16. By the time they go to University, they will team up with friends and rent a place. The Thai students we had were excellent, one male lad even liked to cook our family a Thai meal once a week. The only students who didn't make the grade were those who rented a flat and shared with fellow nationals. They lost a good English-learning and living experience.
  7. On the Indonesian island of Bali, the soi dogs there only bark at people wearing long trousers. Almost all of these are tourists from Java. Maybe in Kao Lak they don't like shorts!
  8. You are quite correct. They are just as active in the daytime.
  9. I think it was the trespass which earned him the fine. He was obviously using foreign coins, as heaven help him if they were Thai.
  10. Earthworm casts. A sign of healthy soil, and extremely good for the garden.
  11. Unnecessary comment IMHO. These noisy SOBs roar up and down the roads late at night, disturbing folk in hotels and condos along the way. But at midnight there's not too much policing done, I'm sure.
  12. I always thought that the dreaded lurgy came with pink toenails and spots before the ankles. Owww. He's fallen in the water!!! Nothing like a bit of Goonery, and yes, I am that old!!
  13. Seems like the other name for Dengue (Breakbone fever) deserves the name. Malaria is bad enough, but apparently Dengue lingers longer.
  14. If only the pollution levels were at a safe level all year 'round. It's now July and still not good. Like a nice lungful of diesel exhaust fumes? Travel by song taew, walk around the city.