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  1. The artificial smell added to Propane gas which has no smell at all, is almost identical to that of Durian. Many airports have a sign, prohibiting the carriage of durian. In Indonesia, they sell durian flavoured ice-cream. No accounting for taste!
  2. I do a number of AirAsia flights each year, and never late, always arrive on time. I am not in favour of there being 'no insurance' for oldies, and their rigid 'no refunds' if you're too ill to fly. It's an economy flight, and we get what we pay for.
  3. Website last week has Nasi Goreng as a meal option.
  4. Exactly! overloading, and also, I thought there were limits as to passengers in the rear of a pickup, no seat belt, etc etc. Or does this continue to be the working mans ' method of cheap and dangerous transport. Little wonder this type of passenger carrying is totally banned in most 'Western' countries.
  5. I hope the track gauge is going to be more than shown on the mock-up. The normal track gauge is around 1 metre 80 (5ft or so) and the ride is smooth and fast. Thai cities certainly need a good public transport system. Chiang Mai for instance is chocng up by 3.30 every day now, as there are no buses, trains, trams. Just dozens and dozens of Song Taews, belching diesel smoke, and 1 driver, 1 car.
  6. I hope the rescuer doesn't catch something nasty. The water in the moat looked far from clean recently.
  7. But surely this is what the 90 day reporting is all about. To keep out the undesirables?
  8. Reminds me of an old Aussie joke, about the farmer who would polish his wellies/boots to a mirror-like finish before going to the country dance on a Saturday night. Who needs a camera?
  9. One thing watch out for, is that in Chiang Mai, there are not enough qualified pharmacists to be present in all of the pharmacies. While some assistants will not issue prescribed medicines if the pharmacist is not present, others will issue drugs. I was prescribed medicine for a heart problem, and was sold an antibiotic. I didn't discover this for some days, after feeling rather unwell. It certainly pays to double check what is actually issued. I don't use the hospitals for the reason already mentioned - they charge up to 300% more than a private pharmacy.
  10. There could almost be a sign at each airport advising visitors that the country has no idea of safety, and it's every many/woman for him/her self. eg open manhole covers for kids to fall in, swimming holes with no life lines and hardly anyone can swim anyway, footpaths broken, power/phone cables hanging down at head height, zebra crossings are mainly decorative, and if you make it inside, nothing's earthed anyway.
  11. Methinks the program the monk was watching was more interesting than being stuck on a bus to Chiang Rai and 'Revenge of the Mummy' showing, in Thai (of course). What was worse, was that the same film was shown on the way back to Chiang Mai! Aaagghh!! This was single screen at the front of the bus, and sound arranged so those at the rear could hear it!!
  12. I thought UBER were illegal. I've only just read that this group have been deemed illegal. By whom and where? I would certainly use UBER rather than be ripped off paying 300baht from the bus station down to Jom Tien.
  13. Exactly! In addition, look at the hundreds of SongTaews running almost bumper to bumper around the city, each and every one pouring black exhaust fumes into the air. Diesel particles are particularly dangerous as they lodge in the lungs. The Land Transport folk don't seem to test exhausts very often. An added hazard is to the passengers sitting in the rear, who cop a lungful of fumes every time the song taew moves off. In many Chinese cities, diesel powered vehicles are not permitted, and trucks, pickups etc use LNG. The VW company was fined a huge amount for allowing their new model with diesel engines to skip the compulsory standards.
  14. What if the goods have been purchased more than a year ago?
  15. I'm sure many of us have pre-exciting conditions and just hope something exciting will happen! Durned spell-checkers!!