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  1. Two years back, I had a pleasant holiday in Guangzhou. It's a big bustling city, where diesel appears to be banned, motorbikes are all-electric, streets are tree-lined and I was amazed at the number of parks, the lakes, the pleasant walks. Entrance to parks and beaches free if you show that you're over 65! Farang or otherwise. If Bangkokians are happy with concrete and glass, good luck to them!
  2. Farmers were obviously unaware that grounding is a vital part of the system, as 'Vocal' says. Set up a good fence and get the farmers to test it. They'll soon learn, as will small boys and dogs!!
  3. Where to go 1 time China

    I prefer to avoid the stainless steel and glass of the more modern cities. The south is more interesting to me, with older buildings, lifestyle, less frantic pace of life. Do remember that Winter is around the corner, and arriving in Guangzhou after a 2 hour flight from Chiang Mai, and it's 4C, can be a bit of a shock. But that said, I found Guangzhou most interesting, with excellent parks, transport system, fairly clean air (Diesel is a no-no), nice walks along the river, and some excellent museums. Cities full of Russian tourists can be horrendously expensive - i.e. Hainan island.
  4. Agreed. Wasn't too sure, but now I know!! Also, I think ignorant types putting up mains voltage fences should be invited to test them first. I've accidentally tested my electric livestock fences, as has our cat. It's enough to make your hair stand up! However there is a huge difference between a LIVESTOCK fence and something connected to the domestic power supply.
  5. yes, but as Tracker 1 said, electric fences are meant to deter folk, not kill them. This is not the USA! Also, think of the kids. A cattle fence is 4000volts, but it hurts - a lot - but it doesn't kill trespassers.
  6. Plastic bags, containers, wraps - anything! should never have been released until people knew what to do with used items. Dropping everything into gutters, drains and the sea is the easy way out. Governments have to be pro-active, supply bins, introduce recycling, and lighten the wallets of those who don't care.
  7. It's sad that the mothers are often killed, so the babies can be sold as pets. There is an orang utan orphanage in Indonesia with 300 orphans.
  8. Someone did well by not routinely checking the CCTVs. Strange how many are found not working after a robbery, murder, etc.
  9. The compulsory annual vehicle check for all public vehicles will ensure the usual high standard of safety: brakes, seat belts, exhaust pollution. Duck! here comes another pig!!
  10. Teach Thailand without formal Degree

    In my opinion, the minimum requirement is the TEFL certificate. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). This at least teaches the concepts of language learning, activities, references, teaching methods, and strengthens the grammar and punctuation. A degree in say, horticulture, or soil science, is not really going to help.
  11. Which is why bikies are banned in Queensland. They also had connections with drugs.
  12. https://safetyrisk.net/balustrade-and-railing-height-regulations/
  13. Australian/NZ standards: The height of a Balustrade or Barrier must not be less than: 1m above the floor of any access path, balcony, landing where it is not bounded by a wall and its level above the surface is 1m or more than 4m where a person is able to fall through an open window 865mm above the floor of a landing to a stair or ramp where the balustrade or other barrier is provided along the inside edge of the landing and is not more than 500mm long.>