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  1. the perils of spa's (sic) .... The tanks should have been clearly labelled 'PIRANHAS".
  2. It worked on Roman chariots, so not Thai wagons?
  3. masuk

    Toxic farm chemicals take a toll on lives

    One of the knock-on effects of the uneducated use of pesticides, is when the corn/maize crops to the north of Chiang Mai are burned in the annual bon-fires. These last 3 months or longer, and the region is filled with smoke, and the (farang) experts say the smoke contains traces of the over-sprayed chemicals. I wonder if any research has been done, or made public, as to how the population is affected.
  4. Case moths. They usually invade gardens and strip the leaves. I've often wondered if they would get stuck into clothing. I used a mild spray on them and cleaned them up. Vacuum cleaner too!
  5. KINDLE Paper white suits me, as it has a built-in adjustable light, and you can read in bed, in a plane, even if the lights are out. Font sizes are also adjustable, as is the actual font.
  6. I found it much more convenient to keep up my library membership in Australia, and request e-books on-line as they become available, if I want new releases, otherwise I can order e-books in stock. I have about 20 books in my Kindle reader. Easy to carry as there is no weight involved. You can also have access to international newspapers with a Kindle reader.
  7. What if you're teaching non-Thais, in another country? i.e. on-line teaching.
  8. AGREED, but why on earth do they wait 50 years to suddenly become aware of the need to upgrade fines.
  9. I was concerned about a similar thing happening, and I opened a savings account, with NO link to any card. My pension is paid direct to the savings account. I simply use e-banking and move some funds to the card account before I head to an ATM or store.
  10. I think the term 'monitor lizard' is more appropriate than dog.
  11. ...and if they are, get some spare tapes, so last night's evidence is not wiped.
  12. How do you know they're HANDICAPPED? The polite term is "Disabled".
  13. masuk

    Guanzhou vs. Bangkok

    xie xie
  14. masuk

    Guanzhou vs. Bangkok

    I've been to Guangzhou a few times and will go again in a month or so. I have always been impressed by its cleanliness both in the streets and the air. Diesel is not permitted, commercial vehicles run on LNG, motorbikes are almost entirely electric. The subway system is excellent, if a little crowded at peak times, but the trains run at 1 or 2 minute intervals. The recreation areas are great, and I love walking through the huge parks, esp the 5 rams park. It's huge. On weekends there are small local traditional groups of musicians playing. There are a number of museums both modern and historic.