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  1. It's not only crop smoke added to the ever-present diesel in the air in Chiang Mai. An expert on this matter gave a lecture to CM Expats about 2 years back, and pointed out that a lot of the smoke came from burning corn cobs, which had the corn husked from them. The cobs are presumed to have a lot of pesticides in them, which then goes up with the smoke and hello Chiang Mai!
  2. For some years, I have only purchased frozen vegetables from New Zealand, which I know are strictly controlled. Contaminated vegetables will always be a problem in Thailand until farmers are trained to handle toxic chemicals.
  3. Why is it that hospitals or a hospital consortium are saying that a small pharmacy can buy medicines for less than they can? In Australia, hospitals charge far less for a medical item than a pharmacy does. This is because hospltals purchase thru a central Supply and Tender facility. Hospitals in Thailand charge at least 30% more than a local pharmacy.
  4. $25 US for 30 day entry to Indonesia. ฿750 ?? However, if this Thai fee went to Health, it would be nice to see.
  5. Indonesia charges all foreign visitors a U$25.00 fee (7,500 baht) on arrival in return for a 30-day tourist visa. One would think there is a nice income from all the tourists in hotel fees, purchases, domestic travel.
  6. I had no idea Australia was that expensive! That's nuts! I'll have too keep all this in mind because I was planning a trip there with my GF next year. I'm at the Gold Coast right now. OMG - the prices!!! Petrol, aka gasoline, changes price according to the day of the week. Today it's $1.50 for 'regular'. i.e. 45 baht. Just bought two take-aways of Chinese food for dinner. $28.00 Multi story car park - first 2 hours free, 3rd hour $4.40. Replacement driver's licence $63.00. Back to Thailand ASAP.
  7. masuk

    Mosquito Farm?

    In Australian cities where there is or has been dengue fever, leaving tyres around is banned. In some Asian cities where they have mosquito buster police, anyone with flowerpots with saucers underneath outdoors, on window sills outdoors, gets a stiff fine.
  8. masuk

    Moving to CM. What to bring?

    Plenty of high quality pots, pans etc here. Steel plated base if you use induction heating also available. Power is entirely 220V, and 5 different plugs, some seem to be like the US type. TVs and electrical goods here, too heavy bring with you anyway. Mostly Japanese made, good quality. Suggest NOT bringing anything electrical as you'll need step down transformers. Plenty of computing gear here. If you're on any sort of medication, bring a good starting supply here, but most is obtainable. My GP keeps all the basics and dispenses 3 months supply at a time.. I've not had to look for clothes yet, after 2 years here, but I should imagine that western sizes might not be easy to obtain. You won't need too much in the way of winter gear. Imagine that you're moving to a southern state. I have a jacket somewhere if it does turn coolish. Sugar-loaded food such as Cornflakes etc readily available. Good bread, oatmeal porridge, muesli in most supermarkets. I believe there is an American or two in Chiang Mai, so I'm sure they'll have more suggestions for you. As far as I know, no-one has yet produced a 'welcome to Chiang Mai for ex-pats' and we tend to use these pages for help.
  9. masuk

    Slides to digital

    Agreed. As you say, it will also scan 6 x 6 cm negs, and I was able to digitise some great photos taken in the 1960s.
  10. masuk

    Slides to digital

    I did the same things a few years ago. I had 50 years worth of colour slides to scan before I moved to Asia. > 4000 slides. Step 1. Bought a Canon scanner which was a model designed for scanning negatives and slides. In other words transmitted light. It came with a series of plastic frames to hold negatives of 3 or 4 sizes, and a frame which held 4 x 35 mm slides. Step 2. Dust and clean each slide, as they attract dust. Step 3. Scan a set of slides, then adjust the colour using something like Photoshop. Some brands such as Agfa, tended to lose their blue colour, but Photoshop adjusted this. Step 4. I named and dated each slide, so that programs such as Picasa can locate rapidly any person or place or year. Yes, it took me an entire winter plus to do this, and after sending DVDs to family and making backups, closed my eyes and dumped the slides.
  11. the mag strip looks similar to the IKEA model
  12. Isn't the idea to have an elevated monorail? Therefore the motor bikes will only collide with the concrete supports and not the monorail! Bangkok folk have become used to the idea that they will have to actually walk to get up to the the monorail, but maybe CM folk will learn how. At present they just abandon their bikes on any empty space on a footpath.
  13. I bought what you want at Kad Suan Keow. Upstairs in the kitchen ware.
  14. Buy a few kilometres of chain, and chain up all motorbikes parked on footpaths. There are a good few streets in Chiang Mai where walking on the road is the only alternative.
  15. I have to agree with you here. They recently arranged my Retirement extension, and were right on the ball. Took me from the office to Immigration, a short wait and all fixed.