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  1. How many Baht to the kilo does that workout at ?
  2. While anything to reduce trash in the environment is good we also need a reduction of trash in the news media. 2.6 million cap seals do not weight 520 tonnes or to simplify it fifty thousand cap seals do not weigh 10 tonnes. Wherever trash reporting occurs the people end up with trash government.
  3. Nothing changes but everything changes in Thailand. I can recall when bars had to close at 2am. At which time it was "check bin" for all and then carry-on having start a new bin for the new day.
  4. And so they should complain. Can you imagine the fuss and uproar the generals would make should it be suggested that they attend an intelligence course ?
  5. Many foreigners who do NOT live in Thailand probably do relate the county as a culture of easy sex but not all. The Thai sex industry is primarily driven by the Thais to service the Thais. Foreigners who have lived in Thailand for a very few years or more see the country as a culture based on CORRUPTION, DISHONESTY and DECEIT.
  6. There is the 365-day extension of stay based on being the "Guardian of a Thai child". The approval of your ex may be an issue though. This extension is very similar to that based on marriage However, it does not require the 400k to be in the bank for two months before first applying for the extension. I have used it a couple of time when getting 800k into the bank in time was a problem.
  7. Not true. Indicators are used in Thailand to show the last move / turn the driver made. Particularly common in the motor-bike community.
  8. If Thailand ranks that high, may all of the "supreme beings" come to the aid of the rest of the world. Talk about "suffer the little children.........".
  9. Using Firefox 52.0.2 to enter : I got following message. Quote The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information from being stolen, Firefox has not connected to this website. Unquote Not really an amazing surprise when you consider Thai Immigration's record on data security over the past year or so.
  10. Oh, come on Sphere - "She might even win the case if she gets a jury of her peers. " Thailand doesn't have juries. Can you imagine the infighting that would occur to be a jury member in this country ? It would be a career of choice. In fact, only around 25 countries operate a jury system and some of them only for very "serious" crimes such as murder.
  11. In most bureaucratic Thai organisations, be they public or private institutions, the one constant is inconsistency.
  12. Strikes me that this article demonstrates that the protection given to the students is on a par with the level of education provided in schools in Thailand.
  13. And according to a report I read earlier this year, a telephone number must also be displayed. That report also covered that a number of Buriram police had been put on inactive duties for operating road blocks that did not conform to regulations. (For years I have had this vision of a great big warehouse full of desks at which policemen sit with their feet up on them while cleaning their nails.) I got to hear shortly after that they were returned to active duties and saw that road blocks around Buriram did indeed display a phone number. They still do have the scrambled egg man attending but need go out and check whether they still do display a phone number.
  14. The official site gives the variation on rules for postal imports. Up to Baht 1,000.00 is duty free. This site appears to imply that, where applicable, duty will be applied it will be calculated at the "normal" rates. The calculation can be found official site on explains how total charge is calculated for commercial import operations.
  15. It is now with personal regret that I stay in Thailand after having been here for 16+ years and been a very frequent visitor 14 previously. The authorities have become so xenophobia in the past three years or so that, as an individual, why would I stay when there are many more open policy countries around both in Asian and globally. Mine is a personal issue but I am sure that there are many expats in Thailand that would be gone if it wasn't for a sense of responsibility to others. I stay because I have a 13 year old hah-zip, hah-zip son. He has a learning difficulty that applies to 1 in 8 people around the world of which three-quarters are male. The single study Thais has ever carried-out and made public came up with Thailand is no different from the 190-odd other countries on our planet. Had we discovered my boy's problem when he was 5 I would have taken him back to UK where the state education system knows how to deal with this problem. Thai teachers have not a clue about dyslexia. Who cares about dyslexic? Thailand need shop-house builders and rice farmers anyway! Had I got him out just 5 years back, a brighter future would have been possible. But now it is a case of helping him develop his language skills here. This has been done in part privately (Thai) and in part personally (English). We found just one state school in the province that understood the problem and a number of state sponsored private schools that fell in to the "haven't a clue" category.