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  1. Duly elected ? ? ? May I remind you that he lost the popular vote by 2.9 million voters and is only in office as the country still operates a "Electral College" system to choose its president. That system was a very good idea in the 19th century and may be even the very beginning of the 20th. But not now. However, like so many things about the USA, it is way behind the times. Also I do recommend that you read Bob Woodward's FEAR. If there are conspiracies, being hatched to unseat him under the constitution, you'll understand why !
  2. Mr Unsworth should consider 'crowd funding' his legal battles with Elon Musk. I'm sure he would get an enormous response from around the world as well as from all of us expats living in Thailand who have also been defamed by Mr Musk's comments.
  3. As a source the many press reports on such sentencing around the world. There is only so much in the budget for building and running prisons. There was a case in Britain in the past few days were a guy on parole was sentenced to something like 2 1/2 years for another offence and had his parole revoked with 2 years still to run. As the news article pointed out he effectively go just 6 months for the latest offence.
  4. As the longest sentence for any one offence is 3 years, am I correct in thinking that he will be free in 2021 ? Multiple sentences do seem to be served concurrently in Thailand and most other countries.
  5. Fired ! ? ! ? Thai government personnel don't get FIRED. They just get put on inactive duties to wait out for a nice early retirement followed by a nice little pension. I have this mental image of a gigantic warehouse out near Don Mueng airport full of Thais in uniform with their feet up on desks.
  6. I do understand where you are coming from darksidedog but, first, give someone some credit for editing out the man hitting the ground and being run over and, second, these horrendous examples of Thais inability to drive responsibly need to be dramatically publicised if the roads are to become a safer place. The guy seems to have done the right thing up on highway. The Honda and the pickup drivers have some explaining to do. In Thailand the indicator light is used to inform the road users of the last move the driver made. There should be a requirement that indicators switch off automatically after a given number of seconds or distance travelled. Can't be difficult. After all, car alarms switch off after a period of time.
  7. Not to "inactive positions". Fire them with loss of pension and all the other privileges. Audit of assets by tax authorities would help too.
  8. It would seem that Elon Musk determined that Vern Unsworth is a "pedo" because he lives in Thailand. That infers that Musk accuses all farangs living in Thailand as "pedos". That being the case perhaps all of us living here who do not qualify to be "pedos" should join in a class action suit against Mr Musk for defamation.
  9. You get a funding page going Mr Unsworth and I'm confident the money will roll in to put that adjective, adjective, adjective ******** (wanted to save the editor a task) where he belongs. Many here seem to think that would be a mile or three beyond 'Pattaya Beach" as of right now.
  10. About 13 year ago they were in the 60 to 70 Baht range. Has cheese been hit by the same tax / duty increase that bumped butter up dramatically a few months back or is it part of the lack of supply of cheese problem that hit Europe earlier this year ?
  11. Ain't that just too true !
  12. MrMo

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Actually, I've been here for over 18 years during which time a number of general elections have been held; all of which were won by the same core party - the Shinawatras. Trouble is that the "old guard" don't like them and didn't vote for them at the ballot box. To get back control they engineered political and / or military coups in order to take back the reins of power. And quite right too as it is obvious from the title of the democratic process that it is Generals who should be elected. But you are right about having to go back decades. How else would Thailand be able to retain the proud record of having ousted more ballot box elected governments by coups since WW2 than any other country ?
  13. MrMo

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Sorry mate, you obviously are new to the politics of this country. No one has been elected to govern this country for 5 or so years. They are all military approved appointees.
  14. MrMo

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    These guys are clowns. Not only do some of them sleep on the job when the NLA are debating important legislation, it seems fro the photos put out as a matter of public interest that the attendance level is struggling to make 10%. How much do the sleepers and non-attendees get paid to be members of the NLA ?
  15. In the past I have used the Guardian extension without any difficulties. Within the past week (May 2018) I have been checking this up for a friend who may need to go through this route. Three Thai legal firms web-sites say 500,000 is now required but just one states that income may offset the 500,000. ThaiVisa had a translation of the Police Order (c2014) available. See attached - section 2.18. Can't find an update. Police Order 327-2557(2014)-extensioncriteriaconditionsen.pdf