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  1. Outrageous suggestion. The kind-hearted man is probably just looking after them for a friend !
  2. What is said here is correct and I agree with. But what is not reported is how much the company was fined. If it is just a similar amount as paid in compensation (i.e. around 5,000 or less than the cost of insurance) then the only incentive imposed on the company is the risk of loss of bike ! The incentive needs to be intimidating !
  3. Really ? What future ? Can't see him providing a future for anyone other than his family and cronies ! The history of Thailand has shown that the Army and the "elite" of the 1900's have provided for themselves and only for themselves. The Shinawatras did more for the other 95% of the Thai people than anyone from the Army or the rest of the 5% did in 110 years.
  4. Of course they do ! You need a Thai driving licence to hire a golf buggy to drive around Korat zoo !
  5. Half the time in Bangkok you struggle to get to 50kph. Should the BKK BIB condescend to patrol AFTER 9pm and BEFORE 7am such a limit could have a beneficial effect. We get loads of analysis about how many die in accidents involving motorbikes, cars, pickups, buses, bicycles, on foot, etc. accidents (not seen any involving pogosticks, now there's a thought !) and by province but I do not recall seeing any breakdowns by type of road (toll roads, highways (duel-carriage) highways (other), ring/bypass roads, intra-town, provincial, farm, etc.) on which they occur. Has anyone seen one ? Google doesn't seem to. And what about those who choose to drive the wrong way up the inside lane ? Any analysis on accidents involving them ? The road junctions in Buriram Mueng has recently been infested by a blight of traffic lights. There is one 300 meter stretch of main road out of town that now has 5 sets of light. The result is that many (primarily motorbikes, pick-ups and police vehicles) take no notice of them which negates the point of them being installed in the first place. We have also been infested by a horde of CCTV cameras, some where you are left wondering WHY HERE ? with many others places raising a WHY NOT THERE ? I don't have a problem with CCTV cameras but are they just for show like most of the Bangkok's where at one time ? Or are they really being monitored ? When next renewing road fund tax, are many of us going to find that a large sum needs to be paid out before new disk is issued ?
  6. Stirs ? Stirs ? Stirs ? The pot boiled over decades back and has been dry and cracked ever since.
  7. Making a will to cover UK assets

    One other point is that the will that is geographically specific should be dated later than the will which is "world-wide" or non-geographic specific. If it is not so dated the non-geographic specific will over-rule the specific will as the latest will rules.
  8. Obviously you have problems finding hotels !
  9. The shops and particularly the supermarkets are the organisations that could be forcing a reduction in use of plastic bags. I buy a newspaper; they want to put it in a plastic bag. I buy eight items in a supermarket; they seem incapable of putting more that three into one bag. I buy an already bagged-up item in the local market; they want to put it into a second plastic bag. TOPS have a sign encouraging customers to not use plastic bags on two days a month. I want to take a marker pen and add the word EXCEPT.
  10. The parallel highlighted report is about bike renters taking the bikes home. We are in Thailand. Do you believe this guy too ?
  11. Ecowatch put Thailand in the top 5 countries for dumping plastic in the oceans. If a 5 baht per plastic bag duty were to be imposed that would not only greatly reduce the number being discarded and probably completely eliminate newsagents puting newspapers in plastic bags (they're so difficult to read like that) and also create a larger durable bag production industry. Similarly, a tax on plastic bottles should be imposed though, until Thailand can provide its' people with a reliable and economicly viable source, perhaps it should not be charged on bottled drinking water. https://www.ecowatch.com/these-5-countries-account-for-60-of-plastic-pollution-in-oceans-1882107531.html
  12. Ghost police pickup truck focus of attention

    But what about the CCTV ? You mean they didn't have the Shinawatra properties covered ?
  13. So the UK police are monitoring UK phones even when they are around the other side of the world ! Do they CCTV set-up too !
  14. Upon the assumption that Yingluck is declared guilty on September 27th, I wonder how long it will be before request is made to Intepol be it for a yellow or blue notice.