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  1. MrMo

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Actually, I've been here for over 18 years during which time a number of general elections have been held; all of which were won by the same core party - the Shinawatras. Trouble is that the "old guard" don't like them and didn't vote for them at the ballot box. To get back control they engineered political and / or military coups in order to take back the reins of power. And quite right too as it is obvious from the title of the democratic process that it is Generals who should be elected. But you are right about having to go back decades. How else would Thailand be able to retain the proud record of having ousted more ballot box elected governments by coups since WW2 than any other country ?
  2. MrMo

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    Sorry mate, you obviously are new to the politics of this country. No one has been elected to govern this country for 5 or so years. They are all military approved appointees.
  3. MrMo

    Media under fire over NLA napping pics

    These guys are clowns. Not only do some of them sleep on the job when the NLA are debating important legislation, it seems fro the photos put out as a matter of public interest that the attendance level is struggling to make 10%. How much do the sleepers and non-attendees get paid to be members of the NLA ?
  4. In the past I have used the Guardian extension without any difficulties. Within the past week (May 2018) I have been checking this up for a friend who may need to go through this route. Three Thai legal firms web-sites say 500,000 is now required but just one states that income may offset the 500,000. ThaiVisa had a translation of the Police Order (c2014) available. See attached - section 2.18. Can't find an update. Police Order 327-2557(2014)-extensioncriteriaconditionsen.pdf
  5. And outside lane crawlers and undertakers (no, not those guys in the black suits) and no lights bikes and no crash helmet drivers and ten in a pick-up or five to a bike and ........ Just a shame it can't get no licence drivers and drunk drivers too. Then we would really be close to doing away with the traffic police !
  6. Know this road well and some of those killed. Use to drop one at school each morning and will, along with my 15 year old son, be attending his funeral this afternoon. Attended another yesterday. Know the families too. Where were parents ask. Yes, as most parents they spoil their kids given the opportunity and you have to loosen the reins at some point. The boys were well behaved, respectful and simply teenagers but as "transam" implies none of use ever told our parents everything we did no matter how well brought-up we were. I ask where have the police been ? Where have the schools been ? Where have the authorities been ? There seems to be no serious attempt to educate the kids or their families of the possible consequences. This tragedy seems to be well covered within the non-Thai community and media but not sure that the locals follow-up on after the initial shock, horror photo spreads. Putting up 90k speed limit signs with pictures of cameras on them are not effective unless you actually install cameras and prosecute ALL captured. I've driven around Buriram and Korat provinces quite a bit in the past month. Such signs are all over the provinces including on the road where this tragedy occurred. But have yet to see a camera though and I have looked for them ! The signs seem to be a variant of the cardboard policeman.
  7. MrMo

    YET ANOTHER Beer Tax Hike?

    Haven't seen Mar Sol red in Buriram for 6 months. The 4 ltr fitted nicely into the fridge door.
  8. Strikes me that Ian McCully got what he asked for. A healthy breakfast with which to start the day. Either speak proper English or, better still, learn Thai and be precise. Or will he next time ask for the same only louder. What a dork ! I've seen many far woores breakfasts, English and otherwise, than that both in Thailand and many other countries
  9. MrMo

    Urgent coach safety warning

    Of the buses that are hired out, the vast majority seem to be hired by national or local government organise for their various and frequent jollies. Simple solution is that these organisations have to ensure that the bus operators do have certification for their vehicles to the current regulations.
  10. Outrageous suggestion. The kind-hearted man is probably just looking after them for a friend !
  11. What is said here is correct and I agree with. But what is not reported is how much the company was fined. If it is just a similar amount as paid in compensation (i.e. around 5,000 or less than the cost of insurance) then the only incentive imposed on the company is the risk of loss of bike ! The incentive needs to be intimidating !
  12. Really ? What future ? Can't see him providing a future for anyone other than his family and cronies ! The history of Thailand has shown that the Army and the "elite" of the 1900's have provided for themselves and only for themselves. The Shinawatras did more for the other 95% of the Thai people than anyone from the Army or the rest of the 5% did in 110 years.
  13. Of course they do ! You need a Thai driving licence to hire a golf buggy to drive around Korat zoo !
  14. Half the time in Bangkok you struggle to get to 50kph. Should the BKK BIB condescend to patrol AFTER 9pm and BEFORE 7am such a limit could have a beneficial effect. We get loads of analysis about how many die in accidents involving motorbikes, cars, pickups, buses, bicycles, on foot, etc. accidents (not seen any involving pogosticks, now there's a thought !) and by province but I do not recall seeing any breakdowns by type of road (toll roads, highways (duel-carriage) highways (other), ring/bypass roads, intra-town, provincial, farm, etc.) on which they occur. Has anyone seen one ? Google doesn't seem to. And what about those who choose to drive the wrong way up the inside lane ? Any analysis on accidents involving them ? The road junctions in Buriram Mueng has recently been infested by a blight of traffic lights. There is one 300 meter stretch of main road out of town that now has 5 sets of light. The result is that many (primarily motorbikes, pick-ups and police vehicles) take no notice of them which negates the point of them being installed in the first place. We have also been infested by a horde of CCTV cameras, some where you are left wondering WHY HERE ? with many others places raising a WHY NOT THERE ? I don't have a problem with CCTV cameras but are they just for show like most of the Bangkok's where at one time ? Or are they really being monitored ? When next renewing road fund tax, are many of us going to find that a large sum needs to be paid out before new disk is issued ?