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  1. Is there any sites that are useful to advertise or do any TV members know of any Thais who speak English that are looking for a job. Experience not assential. A good demeanour a must.
  2. Mooner

    THE England thread

    Rasford and Vardy hardly played and Alli and Lingard both played in midfield and oh yes also scored.
  3. Mooner

    THE England thread

    Thought the squad was defence heavy. No need for Cahill and Jones when you have Dier especially when Walker was one of the 3. Also Young is right footed so why the need for Alexander? Although he did very well last year and is a top prospect. My point is the game is won by creative players and different options in the last 3rd. Delph was chosen as CM although he played on the left for city. Could of not taken Rose who had injuries last season and had Delph as sub LWB. All these decisions would of freed up spaces for more creative players or a wildcard. Jones and Cahill barely played or Trent. Our midfield options against Belgium were poor. Some more creative risks would of suited us better.
  4. Mooner

    THE England thread

    Agreed i thought he did well in one game but the glaring facts are that as a player in the last third he is offering virtually nothing. Running into space a taking defenders with him is a basic requirement of a footballer and its a lesson learnt at a very young age. No goals, no assists(not counting that 1 2 for Lingards goal). Doesnt have enough control in tight spaces. Looked like a wide player playing up top.
  5. Mooner

    THE England thread

    We did ok but draw favoured us. Played 3 good teams and lost them all. People are saying we are lacking in midfield but we aint pulling up trees upfront. The only positive is that Southgate has gave us a indentity. No square pegs in round holes like other managers. The U21 and below are doing great. Hopefully players like Foden and Sancho and others will breakout next season and give us a bit more creativity.
  6. Mooner

    THE England thread

    Just thinking if we came 1st in the group we would of probably went out straight away and Belgium would be in the final
  7. Mooner

    THE England thread

    We won a penalty shoot out hence why i said we had belief. I know Sweden are a bogey team but this is a very poor Sweden team and Columbia had their best player missing. Either way these are teams you need to be beating in group stages usually. It really opened up for us this year and i dont think as many big teams will go out as early next time.
  8. Mooner

    THE England thread

    It was enjoyable. We had a identity and some belief but came unstuck again. In reality we may be getting carried away. Did we beat anyone that we shouldnt have?
  9. Mooner

    THE England thread

    We will see how good Southgate is when things arent going our way. He has set up a positive side and deserves credit for that. If we are drawing or even losing will he make the right changes and at the right time?
  10. Mooner

    THE England thread

    That article seems a bit biased. The reason for him not passing to Kane after Sterling had been stopped when clean through was hilarious.
  11. Mooner

    THE England thread

    True Heskey had 5 goals after 38 caps.
  12. Mooner

    THE England thread

    He is doing alright. Just think being busy isnt enough when your reaching semi final stage. Hopefully he gets 1 and that turns it around. Becoming the new Emile Heskey. Marcus Rashford: Manchester UnitedAge: 20Caps: 17 Goals: 2 Raheem Sterling: Manchester CityAge: 23Caps: 37 Goals: 2 Danny Welbeck: ArsenalAge: 27Caps: 37 Goals: 15
  13. Mooner

    THE England thread

    Lets be honest apart from the last game he hasnt been great. Losing the ball, losing possesion. The fact is when you play that far up the pitch you need to be able to score. I know he has 20 plus goals for city but he should of scored 40. For England he has been poor. We are judging a proffesional player on his movement and running. He isnt that much quicker than Rashford and even Wellbeck are almost as fast 0.2 and 0.4 mph less and have superior goal records at international level. Id love him to prove me wrong and score the winner but as we go on the teams get better and chances fewer. We cant afford to play a forward who cant score or even assist. Players who went out in group stages have better stats.
  14. Mooner

    Vietjet Air -- Reviews

    So a computer changed your name from the one you entered online?
  15. Mooner

    Chiang Rai: Rescuers make progress on day seven

    Probably to get away from the Mai dai's. Hindering his progress.