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  1. Mooner

    British grub

    So you have taken immigrant dishes and called them American. UK can do that too. Caribbean food, Indian food, Chinese food, Nigerian food. Also have seafood being a island. Who would of known.
  2. If students show disinterest. i would blame the teacher not the student. That is a true Thai perspective. A student can't do badly because it's the teachers fault. That's why you have a no-fail policy in Thailand. It's never the student's fault. If a teacher is good she/he will get the attention of their students. not only in Thailand but everywhere on the world. but good teacher are very rare. Students who WANT to learn languages will no matter how bad their teacher is. There is hundreds of thousands of sources of material on the internet to enable people to learn languages. I know many Cambodians and Burmese that have taught themselves because they had the desire to better their lives. It's always easy to blame somebody else for our own shortcomings. Im fed up with this common mindset in todays society! Languages are the same as life. The more effort you put in the more you get out!
  3. To learn only English would be very narrow minded. Agreed but if you not good at learning languages or only have the time to learn one. Dont forget they only have 2 years then English is the one to learn. Its the official business language after all!
  4. Mooner

    40K A Month Isn't Enough Anymore

    I could live on 30K if i wanted and that is eating out every night. All this depends on variations! If you have a wife and kids. If you like expensive imported goods. I eat Thai food everyday. Not because i have to but i enjoy it. Sometimes i enjoy a English breakfast(especially if i had a few beers the night before or a steak or whatever but unless you are eating cheese and drinking red wine everyday i find it hard to believe that people are spending the type of money they claim (200k!!!)
  5. Mooner

    Living With A Bar Girl In Pattaya

    Your now trying to twist things around,I never said or suggested that All Pattaya girls are prostitutes,what I did say is that the girls who work in the beer bars or GoGo are prostitutes,if not on day one,then shortly afterwards. Im sure they probably do. Some girls are all about the money. They dont care who they go with. Some as mentioned do not go but probably do in time as maybe they are picky and only go with guys they like. Damn i wish i could get paid to sleep with women i find attractive! My friend works in Australia and comes to Thailand 3 or 4 times a year. Girls are on first name terms with him in a lot of bars from Soi 7 to Walking St and i go and hangout with him sometimes. Not that im in to bar girls etc but you actually can have a laugh and a joke with the girls and i know there are girls that dont go as my friend tries with a few girls he knows and they always say "no". He's 25, slim and not bad looking so its not they are repulsed. They genuinely dont go.
  6. Mooner

    Living With A Bar Girl In Pattaya

    Agreed! The only problem with this scenario is that she would probably drop down to 10,000 Baht a month and thats probably what she sends back home. This is the problem bar girls have. They start earning decent money and are taking care of the family back home and enjoying a comfortable income being able to buy many things they could of only dreamt of when they were young. The family grow to expect the money and the girls become accustomed to a certain lifestyle level. Vicious circle!
  7. A lot of speculating on here to who is the most frowned upon with obvious bias from each posters perspective. What would be more interesting is if we could actually get a middle classed or Hi-So Thai's opinion. Im sure i have read many post of guys claiming to have these type of wives. Get them involved!