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  1. Noise pollution during the night and during the day is a constant problem in Thailand, one of the reasons why I am no more leaving in Thailand. Not even the lightest respect for other people, and if you complain, you risk your life.
  2. I think it is the best to go to Laos, because as a Vietnamese you don't need a visa for Laos. The best is to take the green border, so you can avoid the Thai fine. Then from Laos you have no problems to enter Vietnam, by land or by air.
  3. They are getting crazy now. I have my insurance for sickness and accidents which is valid worldwide. I will NEVER buy a Thai insurance while I stay there. Thai insurance = little or no money in case of sickness or accident.
  4. One more reason for NOT to buy a Tesla.
  5. Again good advertising for Thailand. TAT will be happy.
  6. Again good advertising for holidays in Thailand. A very dangerous place, on sea, on the roads and even on a train or plane.
  7. Thailand is about 50 years behind of time. In the West I can work for any company in the world, wherever I stay. Why this should not be possible in Thailand and how they want to control digital nomads? When working for a company in my home country I am not working in Thailand.
  8. AloisAmrein

    Thaksin, Yingluck enjoying their tour of the US

    So far as I know they travel on a passport of the Republic of Montenegro.
  9. AloisAmrein

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    Your problem ist not the TBH, but the £, due to the Brexit, it is loosing value.
  10. AloisAmrein

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    The old age pensions in Thailand are a cheap joke, 17 US$ per month. But for the army it never can be enough, the Thai army is by far too big for such a country. And still unable to resolve the old conflict with the muslim minority in the south.
  11. AloisAmrein

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    It always ends bad for the people when armies try to run countries. Has been proven in Latin America and even in Europe with the dictatorships in Spain, Portugal and Greece. To run an entire economy of a country is a far bit more difficult then to run an army camp.
  12. AloisAmrein

    Most Thais Think Economy Bad, Getting Worse

    I fully agree with you, I can see that even as a tourist, because I come to Thailand every winter for 2 months, and each time prices in the supermarkets are higher then the year before. Street food and simple meals were 30 baht, now the are 45-55 baht, beer has doubled in the last 10 years. Some items in the supermarkets are even more expensive then in Western countries, e.g. orange juice, milk etc. For the average Thai people live remains difficult, no "Happiness for the people" in sight, all empty promises, just look at the minimum salaries.
  13. Minimum wage officially 300 Baht PER DAY, often not paid. A lot of people work for less. Pension for old people 580 Baht, PER MONTH.
  14. The reality ist quite different from what this guy is telling. Just look at the murdering in Ko Tao and on the road accidents.