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  1. It will be quite expensive for him.
  2. That would be much to much. Let them pay 2000 baht and send them home. Kids make stupid things in all parts of the world. The wall is not 800 years old, but was built again in the 1980ies. Better to fine the drunken Thais on the road causing carnage.
  3. Thai tourists behave abroad like at home. https://www.blick.ch/news/schweiz/touristen-hinterlassen-sauerei-am-rheinfall-was-hat-dieser-thai-abfall-hier-zu-suchen-id4812567.html
  4. Yes, true. Many Chinese have no manners and don't know how to behave. For ex. when queueing up. Can be seen in many parts of Asia, not only in Thailand.
  5. Good advertising for Thai tourism. TAT will love it.
  6. AloisAmrein

    Aeroflot airlines?

    This was PIA, Pakistan International Airlines, not Aeroflot.
  7. Why the US not take sanctions against Israel? Dangerous country with nuclear weapons, that did not sign the nonproliferation treaty.
  8. Noise pollution during the night and during the day is a constant problem in Thailand, one of the reasons why I am no more leaving in Thailand. Not even the lightest respect for other people, and if you complain, you risk your life.
  9. I think it is the best to go to Laos, because as a Vietnamese you don't need a visa for Laos. The best is to take the green border, so you can avoid the Thai fine. Then from Laos you have no problems to enter Vietnam, by land or by air.
  10. They are getting crazy now. I have my insurance for sickness and accidents which is valid worldwide. I will NEVER buy a Thai insurance while I stay there. Thai insurance = little or no money in case of sickness or accident.
  11. One more reason for NOT to buy a Tesla.
  12. Again good advertising for Thailand. TAT will be happy.