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  1. Beautiful Thailand. Heaven for (quality) tourists. Every place in Europe is much cleaner. But now they want to clean up, cigarette buts banned on beaches (for tourists only). That brings more money because of the heavy penalties (for farangs only). And all the plastic rubbish at beaches and in the rivers of course does not disturb because of Thai origin. Ridiculous.
  2. Who told you to go to Bali? There are far more better places in Indonesia, p.e. Lake Toba in Sumatra. Went there serveral times, clean, beautiful, nice people, good food, few tourists. One of the best places in whole SE, far better then Thailand.
  3. Beautiful Thailand... can be found in every village where no tourists at all can be found.
  4. Absolutely right. I share your opinion. The yank can should be prepared for 30 years at Bangkok Hilton, also known as Bangkwank alias Big Tiger.
  5. Quality tourists in Pattaya. That's the sort of people TAT wants for making Pattaya a tourist destination for families. Bad guys in, good guys out. Congratulation to TAT and Immigration.
  6. You are absolutely right. Quality tourists, as desired from TAT. They get criminals, outlaws and do nothing against it, instead of that they harass normal tourists with stupid immigration laws. I prefer today to spend my money in Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos. Forget Thailand.
  7. Just one criminal American, nothing to do with others. The problem is that some Americans understand themself as world police, just look at the president.
  8. I hope that this stupid american can spend the rest of his life at Bangkok Hilton, known also as Bangkwang, alias Big Tiger.
  9. You want proof of visas in the passport? What a ignorant are you?
  10. You are spreading lies, not me. You seem to have not the lightest idea about Australia.
  11. Similar to Malaysia, Australia has a racist approach in his official policy. Aborigenes are treaded as 3rd class citizens, non-white immigrants are discriminated. Refugees are persecuted and resent to the open sea.
  12. You are absolutely right. Without the Chinese the Malaysian economy would be about the same like in Indonesia, on a poor level. The racial discrimination of Chinese and Indians is a fact since the independence. The Malay "Bumiputera" (sons of the soil) control the whole government system. In a certain extense, the Malaysian political government system is clearly racist.
  13. Boat crew arrested after slashing Ukrainian tourist

    The best is to avoid Thailand at all. No such thing in Vietnam or Indonesia.
  14. Boat crew arrested after slashing Ukrainian tourist

    Another good advertising for TAT. Quality tourists should avoid Thailand.
  15. High quality of medical services in Thailand... = joke of the year.