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  1. Sure blame it on the red shirts. If the police chief was not corrupt (the man put his brother in charge of Pattaya) and if the police chief was not in bed with the military he would at least attempt to investigate. Why would a red shirt bomb a closed off parking lot where nobody can be hurt in the middle of the night on a weekend? To keep martial law going for a few more months? What is next, the return of batman in the form of the men in black?
  2. You country of birth was obviously a sad banana republic were people with money and private land could do as they please?
  3. What about fitting these devices to ankles of all army officers over 40 years old so that democratically elected people can see that they are not coming too close to parliament buildings and have no contact with corporations like BBL, CP and Boonrawd to plan any future coups?
  4. tragickingdom

    Belgian man arrested for working as tour guide

    The single most important qualification to work for the Thai government is having no more than "half a brain". Bet that the turgid spoke at best a little bit of English. If you have elderly tourists or children they will not be fluent in English. The number of Dutch speaking tour guides are probably in the tens. This was most probably a man that was signed by the tour company on a Dutch or Belgian airport. Thos tourists are all putting glowing reviews on their Facebook and Twitter pages about Thai hospitality. Stupidity is the single most important commodity under MIB.
  5. tragickingdom

    Three Russians arrested in Phuket for card skimming

    You must be a very naif man, as if any criminal would report like you.
  6. tragickingdom

    Three Frenchmen arrested for allegedly making fake euro notes

    Attracted by the hookers and flashy lights they opted for Thailand and of all places Pattaya. Great thinking. Bet they used the same routine, same postoffice, same people for every delivery. Going for a country whose mail is routinely opened by Thai or European authorities is pretty weird.
  7. tragickingdom

    PM Prayut rides big bike wearing cap

    It is all quite understandable not only is a helmet for the plebs, it is also meant to protect a brain. If you don't have one or only half a brain you subsequently do not need a helmet a cap will do.
  8. tragickingdom

    German businessman dies of gun wound in Pattaya

    Good choice. He looked at the TV and saw Merkel, he looked at the beach and he saw all his fellow Germans with big wives laying there, than he looked at his former GF and knew it death was a wise choice.
  9. tragickingdom

    Dutch wanted by Interpol nabbed in Pattaya

    Yes and they should not have granted the Germans the honour to waste their power on a criminal not considered a criminal in most European countries and in large parts of the US. We are talking peanuts and we are talking Marihuana. The Thai police has not much of a choice when assistance is asked by the Germans.
  10. tragickingdom

    Dutch wanted by Interpol nabbed in Pattaya

    Don't know where this article was taken from it must be from the Nation they are mostly factual off track. 180.000 Euro is 6.3 million baht. Hardly an amount to call someone the "King of Cannabis". It seems that German police should follow the medicine that the German government is prescribing to Greece: Slim down. If you have time to get after a guy who made 180K Euro from which only partially in your country you can shed 50% of your officers. There is clearly no work or they are tired going after Neo Nazi's. What a joke, bet that any given superintendant in Pattaya is doing more a week on the sideline.
  11. So the arrivals are not really up than? Why would a minister or Tourism authority come up with figures that span just 2 weeks. Of course there will be many more people due to the lunar new year. China is Prayuth's only ally. What about spending and what about a breakdown per country. Bet we will not see that after all 89% of 1514 respondents polled told they really had seen more foreigners in their street.
  12. tragickingdom

    Bangkok: Riot bus looter gets jail for 5-years

    Of course he was acquitted of murdering a man by putting it on fire. He could not have known and besides we were talking red shirts here. No than we better go after ExPM Somchai who wanted to keep parliament open and under which tenure one yellow shirt died because his own bomb went off too early. Smooch looks to be held responsible for the death of such a criminal.
  13. tragickingdom

    Thaksin 'ready' for talk, but not Prayut

    Right, Prayuth is not permitted to talk with someone wanted by the law. Really? So that is why he is talking to Souther insurgents accused of murdering women and children and that is why he spoke with Suthep many times. Besides Prayuth does not give a damn about the law otherwise he would not have committed treason by becoming a coup maker.
  14. tragickingdom

    Security deployed for Apico Khorat oil-drilling firm

    An old story published in prachtai days ago. But than again Prachatai will not be quoted too often here. It shows that corruption have gone through the roff, like it always goes when soldiers are in power. There are no longer checks and balances. Even in the Thai system one party will keep an eye on the other. This company is close to a certain top adviser and man that does not seem to die forever. The entire petroleum industry must be supported because they belong to the junta's (and Suthep's) biggest sponsors and let's be fair. The damage is done in Pheu Thai land in Izan, so villager are not worthy of any protection by the elite that made Thailand a backward country long ago.
  15. Maybe Suriyasai also known as the PCAD goat can explain why Suthep and Abhisit have no time to go to court. Suthep was obviously having time enough for his long walks in Bangkok were he received stacks of money which he probably put in his own pocket for a large part. Maybe the (Anti) democrat party who only gets in power after their cronies raped democracy and who win never any elections can explain why no economic terrorist responsible for the airport occupation is prosecuted yet (No time? Delay needed?) and maybe they can explain why Prayuth never showed up while his men where held responsible by his own royalist courts for murdering peaceful demonstrators in Bangkok's streets. Never take anyone serious who is closely related to the elite. They make these comments because it is their own tactic.