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  1. chrissables

    Chiang Mai to Bangkok on scooter

    I modified the seat on my PCX and rode from Pattaya to Nong Khai in a day no issues. If you are not comfortable riding is not much fun. I also rode up to Phongsali in north Laos and back on the PCX, great fun.
  2. Maybe time for the government to make the people responsible for an accident pay for the medical treatment. It seems the majority of accidents are caused by Thais, make them pay through compulsory insurance. Who would ever think of taking out insurance for riding in a taxi in the real world? Nobody I'm sure.
  3. Very funny and ill thought out by the re-moaners newspaper. Farage has been anti EU for 20 odd years, it's no secret, it's why he went into politics.
  4. Putin aligned traitor Farage In what way do you think he is aligned with Putin? Please find some evidence and explain you ill thought out presumptions.
  5. Insurance against death? Well thought out!
  6. I have seen may time a retirement visa is not a retirement visa, but something else, permission to stay for example. But in my passport it is stamped "retirement"!
  7. chrissables

    Vietnam Places & Things to see & do

    No problems anywhere regarding the war, i went to a few of the places that had bad things happen and nothing but smiles and politeness. Including Hue, My Lai, Khe Sanh, hamburger hill etc.
  8. chrissables

    Vietnam Places & Things to see & do

    Yes it is cleaner, especially in the countryside. No dog crap everywhere, for a good reason! You need to get a visa before you go when over two weeks. Or arrive with a visa free entry and extend it. I have ridden my motorbike from Saigon to the Chinese border and back, for me the north is better but the mountains od Dalat are near Saigon, lots to see everywhere. I'm off soon for a 3 month ride around the countryside :)
  9. chrissables

    Vietnam Places & Things to see & do

    Hanoi is nice to walk around, near the French quarter and the lake. Cat Ba Island is similar to Ha Long Bay but quieter. If you want to get away from the tourist traps Ban Gioc waterfall in the far north on the Chinese border, also Pac Bo at the same time. (Google them) Sa Pa is nice and has the highest point in Indo China, Fanispan, a great trip up in a cable car. South of Hanoi Tam Coc where they use there feet to row the boats. Mai Chau for some stunning mountain scenery. Hue, Hoi An and Da Nang all near each other and worth a visit. Dalat is not far from Saigon and the town of Mui Ne and its sands is a nice tourist place.
  10. chrissables

    Go to Vietnam with thai plate

    You can only do through a tour company, not to ride independently. Link below. I'm off for 3 month in a weeks time, it would be great if we could ride there! https://www.facebook.com/AsiaSensesTravel/
  11. chrissables

    Driver License for Handicaped

    This is not a normal health certificate, its a full eyesight medical at an International hospital. I failed at the test center for my licence, they told me if the doctor will sign the full check, no problem. I have renewed 5 year licences two times this way.
  12. chrissables

    Mae Sot

    From Tak go to the Bhumphon dam for some good views, then take road 1175 over the mountains to Mae Ramat and then south to Mae Sot, i really nice and scenic route to take.
  13. If she poisoned the pond, poison the land in return, just enough to kill the banana plants, cheaper than getting machinery in. As you said, then she has to take you to court.
  14. chrissables

    Driver License for Handicaped

    You can go to an International hospital and get a certificate from them stating you are safe to drive (if you are). Present it to the transport office and no problem. Just ask the office what hospital they want you to go to. I am blind in one eye, so failed some of their tests. This was the solution.
  15. chrissables

    Pattaya to Korat by bike

    Hi, i have rode my PCX and a bigger bike. Check the service charges on the Triumph, they are very high. PCX Pattaya to Nong Khai 10 + hrs Versys 650cc about 8 1/2 hours. I don't really time myself between cities, just start to finish. I don't race, but for me there are no interesting stops so i keep riding.