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  1. You are the person who brought up my age, 55 in fact. In reply to me being stupid, i suppose it depends on how you look at what a person has achieved in life. Managing to retire at 42 would show that i am neither stupid or lazy. You of course may think otherwise, trust me it won't give me sleepless nights.
  2. England. But i do like a French breakfast, i can buy croissants here in Thailand :)
  3. Too lazy and too stupid to take the future into my hands, you are a funny sod. Retired at 42 and been living here ever since. So lazy and stupid no. I am also not really whining, rather pointing out what is in fact the law in regards to to article 50 as i understand it.
  4. Thank you for the vote of confidence that you think i personally could influence the EU and be responsible for their actions.
  5. I for sure have no responsibility for any issues in the UK or EU. :)
  6. I was referring to there being no legal way to force payment, as it was not in the treaty.
  7. I don't live in Europe and i am not obliged to support people i can't vote for, talking of the EU, seemed to have done a terrible job in may ways. Pay attention, beer O'clock is later.
  8. I am not upset at all. :) Narrow minded? I am talking issues of what are law more than my opinion. Beer O'clock comes later.
  9. All this talk of legal enforceability is nonsense. We should take the high ground and state clearly that we will pay all our liabilities without equivocation. I can't agree with that, especially as they to date have not quantified the amount. You are right, regarding our reputation and we should do what we can to be fair, as should the EU Referendums seem to work well for Switzerland.
  10. I wrote morally maybe, not non. Legally non The commitments that have been made last a year after the leave date, as i understand it. I am sure once the EU quantifies its demands the UK will agree to some payment, but some of the amounts being stated in the press are ridiculous.
  11. In that case we have no legal requirement to pay anything, moral, maybe.
  12. I wrote wrong, i meant the EU wants us to agree up front before negotiations. I am sure the EU will fight and try to find someway to force payment. But as there is no agreement in law, i can't see how. We are following the laws as were when we signed the Lisbon treaty.
  13. We are not, at present doing a runner. I hope the EU can quantify the financial demands and we reach an amicable agreement. But this crazy pay up before we negotiate stance is not helping. The international reaction to UK not paying a bill it legally does not have to pay? Who would care? If the EU with all it's resources and civil servants could not write a contract that accounts for future obligations, they obviously aren't qualified for the job.
  14. Only those who went to polls decided? Well bugger me, thought that was what a referendum entailed, voting! You are making a fool of yourself with this crap you keep writing, pitiful actually. What about those who have house in spain? They won't be thrown out anymore than the Brits will throw out anyone living in the UK legally. Study abroad? Do you really think that will stop? They may have to apply first and complete some forms, but if they are intelligent enough to study abroad i would assume they could manage to fill a form in.
  15. Obviously you don't comprehend any comment i have made, i have been stating what as far as i know is fact. My opinion is that if the EU quantify the monetary demands we should discuss the other points. We have no legal contract to fulfill. Visa? I can remember traveling all around Europe as a child, every country had a border post, it was no issue at all. The referendum represented what Britain wants. Is that difficult for you to understand?