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  1. You know nothing at all. Educated enough? You don't even understand the meaning of victimless! Close to the wind? In what regard? It's very easy to make yourself look a fool if you have no idea of the facts when discussing a person.
  2. I believe it is nobody's business except mine if i wear a helmet or not, yes. It is a victimless crime. Again, as you know nothing about my business set up, you are not qualified to to leave an educated remark. Crowd funding, i doubt it very much, again making stupid statements based on no facts.
  3. Were the same rules (guidelines) used when we joined?
  4. What are the terms they are breaking?
  5. The government sent a leaflet to every house in the UK stating they would implement the referendum outcome.
  6. What are you talking about? If you have a point to make, make it.
  7. Good to see you backing a democratic vote!
  8. As you have no idea of how the structure of the company is set up, what it does or does not do, you are in no position to say it is illegal or not.
  9. My company did it, all papers signed at the land office for buying and selling. No bribes were paid, a normal business transaction.
  10. You set up a company, you control the company (if set up right) The company can buy the land, and sell it.
  11. Indeed it is amazing how little some people know and understand.
  12. Some biker upset you petal? Based on your theory of you are the person whom you associate with most..............You must associate with some ignorant, arrogant scum yourself.
  13. There is no "good guys" in motorcycle gangs. Please explain your bizzare uneducated statement.
  14. Divorce before visa application

    Just ignore her. Unless he is wanting to marry another lady it's not worth the hassle of discussing it with her.
  15. Help me: Give me some beautiful place in Thailan

    Some beautiful girls there :)