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  1. Lifan GY200 ------> Honda CRF250L

    My first off road experience was similar. It goes against natural instinct to open the throttle and "plow" through the sand etc. My first bike was a Honda XL125 and i never thought about it then, just went at like a bull at a gate. Thinking of taking a day's lesson at a school in Pattaya to build some confidence.
  2. Cut the deaths in half by forcing the helmet law? Where did you come up with that imaginary figure? What country in the world confiscates motorbike for victimless crimes? How about stopping and harshly penalising the people who cause the accidents instead of persecuting the victims of accidents. (Motorbike riders in this case)
  3. Cambodia Trip

    Planning a trip there sometime soon. How long is the bike allowed in for? Laos you are lucky to get 2 weeks. I am planning a longer trip.
  4. I agree it's illegal, but no relevance to riding skills or lack of.
  5. I will have to check, from memory it was all speculation.
  6. Please explain your thought process. Having a Thai pickup driver swerve into you causing a broken leg for example would be ok because he was legal? I would prefer skilled riders/drivers on the the road far more than "legal" drivers.
  7. It makes him illegal. How safe he rides depends on many things, but not the legality.
  8. When i quoted this, nothing was confirmed. Not legal how? Does that excuse the driver driving at them they avoided, if that is true? Having no licence is illegal, but if because out of date does not make them unqualified to ride safely.
  9. I have bought 4 motorbikes since living here, all in my name and never have i had to go to my embassy (UK) Why did you have to go to an embassy?
  10. I agree, taking public transport or even riding in a friend car is not fun, riding a bike at least you control your own actions. The Train here is ok, slow and safe most of the time.
  11. Why is the blame not being directed to the car that drove at them? They could be fully legal and still end up in hospital, time to prosecute the people who cause the accidents.
  12. Have you ever met them or seen them committing criminal acts, bullying or even on the road?