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  1. chrissables

    Motorcycle Luggage Options?

    Great bags. I have an CRF Rally and can't find a rack to fit to it to keep the saddlebags off the exhaust, so if anyone knows................
  2. The tattoo says "i (female speaking) love pussy" But in vulgar language ?
  3. It can be used among close male friends, but for tattoos who knows?
  4. chrissables

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    Even though it's the law to do so on a motorbike?
  5. chrissables

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    The hard shoulder is an emergency / motorbike lane, neither should have been in it.
  6. chrissables

    Video: Crushed! The perils of undertaking

    The pickup was wrongly in the hard shoulder, the emergency lane, so was the truck. Equally to blame. If on a normal road on a motorbike you are expected to undertake, i have actually been pulled over by the police for overtaking. Crazy!
  7. So there is no shit in the parks?
  8. Do you clean up the dog shit before letting your children play in the road? Keep reptiles away? They are part of a big problem in the country, attacking people, causing so many accidents, rabies, filthy shit everywhere. Your idea of educated means keeping your head in the sand, keep it there.
  9. I seem to understand it more than you. To simplify, self governing.
  10. Is this the Denmark you moved to to improve your life, or at least were planning to do so? 55555 The Denmark that was forced to vote again on the Maastricht Treaty by the EU? Do you think that is independency? Last i heard they had illegally set up land borders to control illegal immigrants. If they were independent, they could do so without the threat of the EU punishing them.
  11. I have made no statement regarding those who support or not Scottish Independence. Just my views on what independence means. Staying in either the EU or the UK is not Independence. I do at times wish we could have English independence, but we never are offered a vote about that ?
  12. Clearer? If Scotland decide to go independent in the real meaning of the word, they will be just that independent. Not part of the UK or the EU. I am sure there are reasons from both sides within Scotland for staying or leaving the UK, but if they do and become a member of the EU they are not independent. Or i am misunderstand the meaning of independence?
  13. As already stated, Scotland wants independence from whom? If they remain in the UK or the EU, they are not independent. Are they in a position to actually be a REAL independent country?
  14. But they have restaurants and pool areas where you can't buy a drink. At 7k a night i would want to be able to order, not have to go looking outside.
  15. chrissables

    Driving licence uproar unmasks character flaws

    In Pattaya for sure the police have taken away my licence, then told me to collect it at the police station when paying the fine.