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  1. I have never heard anyone say they wish for the "old times" as you put it, i doubt you have either. The majority chose to leave to control the UK future and be able to do so without the unelected <deleted> who run EU. You as i have no idea how it will pan out in the future, at least not until the exit terms are agreed. But as it took 10 year for the EU to make a trade agreement with Canada which is just crazy, i think that is more worrying.
  2. Hi, as i understand it a big bike is no problem. Some crossing try to stop lots of small bike. The local transport office must translate your green book. It changes the Thai script number plate to English. Take your green book, passport with copies of photo and visa page etc. I have always crossed in North Nan and back at Vientiane, with a big bike i don't think there are issues at any crossing. But........
  3. What size engine? I understand leaving Thailand at Nong Khai they can be a bit funny. Green book + translation of book, local transport office will do this. Insurance is up to you, but usually you would buy when you enter Laos. There is paperwork to leave and paperwork when you arrive. Keep it all, some will be asked for on return.
  4. As i understand it the EU government, the unelected part, if not all are supposed to be neutral and not back anyone. So with these unelected <deleted> influencing the election or at least trying to, it makes the whole thing a joke. If Macron is the right person (i don't think so) let there be a fair and open debate with no interference from EU.
  5. Say the man who does not ride! A tad hypocritical i suggest. But not nearly as retarded as changing the speed limits YOU recommend every post.
  6. Loud pipes too i hope!
  7. Great looking bike! Your shirt is a bit.........flowery though :)
  8. Never held an elected office. If he was a girl, her husband would be in jail for undersage sex and abusing a student. Never mind, the so called elite know better.
  9. As stated, make your mind up. You don't even ride do you? Making up arbitrary speed limits that differ all the time makes you look foolish.
  10. Stop being a <deleted>, and at least be consistent in being a <deleted>! 90km 50km 120km. Maybe you fell and banged your head.
  11. Well if you have the original book, i would think it shows she was lying. But.......
  12. Have you looked into a private investigator chasing her down, maybe with his fee partly coming from success?
  13. Cars fly past me when i am on my bike, was it you? If so i could not care if you die, and smash your car up too.
  14. I don't make the laws, and i am not breaking any laws. The city which i ride in in none of your business and <deleted> knows why you think it is! As you have never met me, you are in no position to remark on my riding ability, stop being a <deleted>. It is my life, and what i do affects nobody but me, keep you stupid moronic views to yourself and stick to facts. My finances are nobodies business, especially yours you <deleted>. I require no excuses, and certainly no explanation to an ignorant person such as you.