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  1. Zyxel

    Teenager somehow got her head stuck inside an exhaust pipe

    She looks exhausted.
  2. And their two daughters <deleted> Yu and <deleted> Mi.
  3. Not saying that this is your problem but it will not work if you use ì, ò, ř, ù, like in your post or -, ç, ï, æ, è, é, ë etc... One of my friend who is from Switzerland has Jean-François as a given name. He eventually was successful only by entering Jean as given name and Francois as middle name. He could have avoided this problem by only entering the mandatory fields but did not know about it.
  4. I am on Prepaid and, as a test, I just added 180 days to my previous expiry date (it was 04/11/18 now it is 04/04/2019), 12 Baht were deducted from my balance. As I wrote before, you cannot extend the expiry date more than a year, today it would have been 22/04/19. I received an sms telling me that I got 180 extra days. To check the new expiry date (and balance) you have to dial #123#. I though it was written in the sms but no.
  5. With TrueMove when you dial *934*90# it will add 90 days to the expiry date for 6 baht I think. If you dial *934*180# it will add 180 days (12 baht). After doing this you receive a confirmation SMS with the new expiry date and balance. I haven't done it recently so I don't know if it is still available. The expiry date can not be extended more then a year, let's say if the expiry date is in 10 months and you add 3 months, you will get only 2 months added.
  6. Zyxel

    5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    Muslim is not a nationality, and how do you know he is Muslim? Can Muslim have permanent tattoos on their back like he has. Can anybody recognize the alphabet used in his tattoo, does not look like arabic?
  7. Zyxel

    5 vs 1: French tourist attacked in Pattaya [VIDEO]

    Little cut? Sure but the bruise on his shoulder is quite large and will look nasty in few hours and was certainly very painful at the time when the video was shot. Crying his eyes out because of the pain and realizing he was robbed and lost his money, phone etc.
  8. Read the f..king manual !
  9. I know some Thai people who leave near Ban Tap Chang station and take the train every morning to go to work in Bangkok. Now with so much people waiting on the platform at rush hours, they board the not so crowded train going to Suvarnabhumi (opposite direction), stay on board the train at the airport and wait for it to go back to Bangkok.
  10. A global phenomenon, rock art is found in many culturally diverse regions of the world. Some 17000 years ago some vandals drew this in France: