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  1. He is answering a call from his late granny from 1928.
  2. Some info which might help some. I did successfully many times in past my reporting on-line but yesterday after filling the second page and clicking on "Submit" I got a message in Thai, then after clicking on the "OK" button I am back to the second page with the non mandatory field "Special Service" showing an additional small window about Work permit number etc, which confused me, thinking the problem was about this field. Back to the message in Thai, my limited knowledge in Thai script allowed me to recognize " อีเมล " which means email. The text of the message cannot be copied and then pasted in Google Translate otherwise I would may-be have solved my problem earlier. From the beginning I have been using my email address [email protected] without problem. So I changed it to an other one, [email protected] and , bingo, It worked. I am know pending. I don't know why [email protected] is not accepted anymore as I cannot understand the message in Thai. Hopefully, this can help some.
  3. Try "UNITES STATES MINOR OUTLYING ISLANDS" in the drop down menu.
  4. I have been using the online reporting successfully since the beginning but today I can go to the second page only and when I click on "Submit" I get a message in Thai and sometime I can go to only the first page and after a verified captcha I get a message in English telling that I have to contact immigration.The only change since my last successful reporting is that I did my new extension in June so the date for "Allowed to stay in the country until..." is changed from 2018 to 2019. My Arrival Card Number is the same and I have entered only the required fields and correctly. I suspect something wrong with the site unless somebody has been successful today, in that case I will use mail (I still have 15 days, the time limit for doing it by mail). I have done my reporting on-line 15 days (not 2 weeks or 14 days) before in the past without problem.
  5. Sexually explicit pictures of her with her legs in the air.
  6. Zyxel

    Proven way to get rid of Geko's

    They are considered good luck and if you hear a gecko before you leave your home, it is considered a warning sign that something bad will happen and you should, therefore, stay home. ?
  7. Received the same e-mail this morning: ****************************************************************** Hello "my given name", I am Grace, and this is in response to your conversation with one of our staff members about obtaining a Retirement Visa. I sincerely apologize for the delay. We told you that we could get you a 1 Year Retirement Visa because you are 50+, and carry a ------- passport. The next thing I need to know is if you are currently in Thailand, and if so what type of visa are you currently using? I look forward to solving your visa issues. -- Grace LINE @V------ WEBSITE ----------- ******************************************************************** The website link takes you to an agent office site in Bangna. I have been doing extension of stay (Bangkok) for the last 14 years, if they get their info from Immigration office they should not try to help me getting a retirement visa, or they hope that I would pass the website link to somebody interested in getting a visa.
  8. This is the form I used few years ago at Chaeng Wattana. All my previous extensions of stay stamps were transferred on my new passport and my still valid reentry permit, I did not have to pay anything.
  9. Zyxel

    Teenager somehow got her head stuck inside an exhaust pipe

    She looks exhausted.
  10. And their two daughters <deleted> Yu and <deleted> Mi.