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  1. Online Teaching

    Yeah like all the guys that say they can't paint their house or cut their hedge - nonsense. This is Thailand, not some nanny state. There are ways obstacles are overcome here, very different to developed countries.
  2. Trump should have stuck to his guns and pulled out of Syria.
  3. while you are judging others, there is something in yourself that is lacking
  4. Those cars more represent size of the driver. So funny, watching little men get out these large, ugly cars.
  5. Government hospital

    One of my kids was born in a govt. hospital. I would choose the same again, it isn't a difficult procedure and the large ones have better equipment than the private ones, if there is an emergency.
  6. Online Teaching

    That was because of another reason. They just used the WP thing as an excuse to kick them out the country.
  7. Government hospital

    It is sad but there are so many like this. I'm not say Swissie is. They are found by an Isarn woman, usually online these days. Use most of their life's earning to build a house in the middle of nowhere and don't go to Thai classes(often wife won't let them, even if they wanted), therefore can't speak to their neighbours, take part in community projects etc and live sad lives, usually becoming alcoholics with no friends. After a couple of years, they realize they've made the wrong decision but have too much invested to walk away.
  8. Government hospital

    The going rate is also $50,000 to buy a license to be a doctor. There are MANY 'doctors' here that haven't a clue about medicine.
  9. Thai believe in karma, something many here know nothing about. Everything happens for a reason, and one is reborn.
  10. Yes, it's a ridiculous law.
  11. My God, this is the truth? Criminals are in the USA illegally and having babies. The US has a strange law that makes their babies US citizens. This, of course, should be stopped. Well done Mr. president for being a straight talker. This political correctness has gone too far.
  12. Could we hear more from the majority of members that voted for Trump remaining as president? This thread is becoming rather biased with only those against him posting.
  13. Online Teaching

    When you live here a while, you'll learn that law, and law enforcement in Thailand are two very different things.
  14. Online Teaching

    Which it is imperative to find a "poo yai" as soon as possible when living in Thailand for the long-term. It is a hierarchical society and often comes down to the size of your "poo yais". But be aware, these "poo yais" change, as all things do. 10+ years ago, I was involved in an court case. Luckily the son in law of my boss was the head of police. Then I had to wait a few months as he became a senator. Then the Taksin government was overthrown so I lost! Another time, I worked for a bigger police guy and then the army took control.