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  1. Johnniey

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    I disagree. The OP states the 3rd tradition in full, one must be an alcoholic(suffer from the disease of alcoholism). Tell them to stop being so stingy and pay for professional counselling. AA is not a self-help group.
  2. Doesn't take Einstein to be able to interpret this as meaning he is not married yet.
  3. Easier to wait 3 years than go the alternative route, which is getting Permanent Residency first.
  4. Johnniey

    First two boys RESCUED from Tham Luang cave -

    To be honest, I'm not particularly interested in the whole thing. I don't have a TV and rarely read the news. We are not all retired here with lots of free time on our hands.
  5. Johnniey

    First two boys RESCUED from Tham Luang cave -

    Some people here only read the breaking news threads. I have never seen any other threads regarding who was to blame.
  6. Johnniey

    First two boys RESCUED from Tham Luang cave -

    Of course, but they should concentrate on their rescue first. Personally, I think he should be put in jail.
  7. You have to wait until you have been married for 3 years before you can apply. Otherwise, many people would get married just to become a citizen, then get divorced.
  8. What is a "certificate"? BTW, you would get 10 points for your age. Also 5 points for personality! learn to read Thai and you'd get 8 points pretty easily for the multiple choice test. Point for length of stay in Thailand, you're sorted.
  9. I find it hard to believe that some people have never taken an illegal drug. Never a little bit of ganja or a tab of LSD? A lot less harmful than cigs or booze, in fact can be very enlightening, in a spiritual way. I recently watched a great movie about Ram Dass and his experiments with Timothy Leary at Harvard in the 60's. All youngsters would have taken pot, I would have thoiught the older ones would have too, 40/50 years ago.
  10. He was a recovering addict/alcoholic last time I met him. Looks like he was just dealing to save going back to Iceland to make money.
  11. I knew this man. What the hell has it got to do with you? Do you even live in Isarn? Lawn bowling is great at the RBSC.