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  1. What you quote sounds more plausible. 30 thb to 1 USD was quoted in the app on the sending screens though
  2. Did a test send from Thai account to USA account today. Easy to initiate through the Deemoney app. Exchange rate given was a little over 30 THB to 1 USD. Checking google it is 33 to 1 so almost a 10% loss.
  3. Anyone know how much it costs to park there? Also, does anyone feel it is not very safe or secure? I am talking about the bus station close to the Nua Sukhumvit junction in case there are others
  4. I really wanted to. Did my research on here and people say they don't work very well. (not just the ones that are "fans over water" but the legit portable ac units aren't good either)
  5. My apartment has square windows perfect for a boxy window AC like seen in the US. In Thailand most units are long and thin and don't actually fit into a window. They tend to be mounted high and have special holes cut for their tubing. Is there a way to use the Thai style window ACs with a square window, without any cuts? I don't know precisely how much exposure they need and hope that maybe running the tubing through the window would suffice. If not that then is exposing about 70% of the unit to the window opening enough?
  6. Question for anyone who does this: I have a BKK Bank account and have only ever transferred funds to it. But now I would like to do transfers the other way, back to the US. Anyone know if it can be done using their NY branch? What other good fund transfer options do we have from Thailand to the US?