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  1. I had an upset stomach episode that almost ended very poorly, very painful when your body starts to go haywire. It made me realize how important it is to know where the public restrooms are as I do not have a car and am mainly on foot. If you know of some public restroom locations please mention them here. I'll start us off: The malls (obviously): Central Festival, Royal Garden, Harbor, Tuk Com, Mike's. Grocery stores: Both Friendship and Foodland have an external bathroom. Friendship's is on the east side of the store, Foodland's is west across the soi. Mae Sri Ruen on 3rd Rd/Klang has a restroom in the parking lot behind the restaurant. Most Mcdonalds have them. Thai restaurants usually do not, but I tend to frequent the ones with 50 baht meals. Bali Hai Pier. The closest building to it has a restroom for 5 baht. This one once saved me very late night. -------------------------------------- Does anyone know of a restroom close to beach road that is open at night? Paid ones are welcome.
  2. I went to this place. they wanted 5 baht/page. I gave a <deleted> look and she said "because your document on phone, not copy" Then she went down to 2 baht. Then cut down to 1.5 as I was standing there thinking what to do. They spoke in Thai and I heard her saying 150 pages so I thought maybe that was their low end for printing files off a drive, so I took it. But then when I paid they IMMEDIATELY started laughing in a chatty way. Times like this I wish I knew Thai. I have more to print later and not sure if I should go back, 1.5 baht isn't the worst price but still higher than I expected going in.
  3. I saw them at Big C, I think they were on roller wheels. They seemed to blow cold although they had the benefit of pre conditioned air in the store already. I don't have the option of buying a window A/C so was wondering if these were decent for their price? Being in Pattaya I don't need to drop the temps that much most of the year.
  4. Midnight is approaching and I'm still seeing water gun clad people roaming about on Buakao, which may influence my night negatively. A couple years ago in Bangkok I heard that the police aggresively put an end to the festivities on the 16th, not sure how things play out in Pattaya on the 20th
  5. I haven't. What countries because those in the EU are strugging? Thinking about this as I write, I think this is a non-influential factor since the Thai tourism numbers are climbing. So the presupposition that weak global economy = less tourism in Thailand is incorrect.
  6. Pattaya is a tourism city but I honestly can not see it. Yet we know from the stats that millions more are visiting Thailand. Here in Pattaya the bars are empty and the girls complain about it being especially slow for the last couple years. Peak season seems to be getting small (end of December) while mid season is taking a larger share of the transitional period (Oct/Nov and Feb) One possible explanation: there is so much new construction that the tourists are getting absorbed around more of the city. Another: New tourism is mainly going to other parts of the country. I lean towards this explanation. Anyone seeing a lot more tourists in their area?
  7. I confess to often being up at 3am to 6am and not due to waking up early, so this will be great for me (Friendship's gap hours are now covered)
  8. Has internet been unreliable the last few days for anyone else? Mine was totally done yesterday (True cable landline). I had to buy and tether 1 day of AIS 4G. I'm guessing it's holiday consumption
  9. The local copy place charges 30 baht per standard sheet black and white copy, not a good price for a 50-100 page guide I'd like to print out. Anyone know a more reasonable shop? I'm near Tuk com.
  10. Do any local places sell these? I'm open to electric or crank. I want a midsize or larger desk (I have 3 monitors to put on it)
  11. I guess they thought it wiser to hide the other 13%
  12. This bread is damn tasty which makes me wonder how much is actually pumpkin carrot. Can someone translate the label: http://i.imgur.com/LrVp0Ru.jpg
  13. I actually only need the dial/valve part (my cuff is missing it). I'm in Pattaya, willing to buy here or online. Anyone know a place where it's sold?
  14. Just had some at Five Star J in Pattaya, it was delicious. I asked them if they would sell me some frozen blocks, they smiled and said no. We talked about the lack of tempeh sellers in Pattaya and they said they have to special order through a seller in South Thailand who imports from Malaysia. I can't go to Five Star J every day (or can I?) so will keep my eye out for other Tempeh vendors. It's the least processed soy between TVP, firm tofu and silken. Please alert me if you guys find a good source (I hear BKK has a vendor?)
  15. I can tell you've learned a lot through the head on the floor technique from your projection of what will surely happen. I mean, you can't learn without crashing obviously. Actually you can. The rest of us tend to start at slow speed in parking lots.