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  1. There's a new park being developed South of walking street. Anyone looking forward to some nice greenery? I love its location, being beachside and so close to the wild nightlife as well. My only concern is how well the park will be built and maintained (Haven't actually been to a Thai park yet).
  2. I am scheduled to go to Vientianne on a Friday to drop off my papers, which means picking up my passport on either Saturday or Monday. Is Saturday an option or are they closed? This is for an ED visa.
  3. Crown fan much stronger than Hatari

    I saw those on the top floor of Central Dept store in Pattaya. Extremely expensive compared to a blade fan but also amazing to ponder over how it worked: Air flow was less than a regular fan I think. They are not as big though EDIT: Looks like they have blades, just hidden in the stem: So the whole circular design is just to throw you off and make it look magical.
  4. Crown fan much stronger than Hatari

    Haven't had it long enough to answer the more involved questions. Noise is proportionately louder mainly due to airflow. Buttons work fine, cable length I would say is about normal. Buttons are easy to press.
  5. I got an 18" Crown fan recently and was a bit nervous since I haven't seen that brand before. On setting 1 it blows more air than my 18" Harari on setting 3 though, it's damn impressive. Are there other brands besides crown that have a good amount of airflow. I'm thinking of buying yet another fan soon.
  6. I'm throwing away 3 liters of Ohayo soy milk that has gone solid. I bought them 3 days ago and they had no expiration dates. If I had a car this would be enough to switch stores as it keeps happening, but Friendship supermarket is only 200 meters away. Anyone else buy soy milk regularly? Is there any way to estimate when you have a bottle close to expiring?
  7. 10pm and its 86 degrees F here in Pattaya. I don't get how this is possible. When I was in BKK someone told me the immenisty of the city traps the heat, but Pattaya is not that large. How does it stay so hot at night, then, well after the sun has gone down? The high during the daytime was 88 and looks to be 87 tomorrow so its like the sun isn't even much of a factor in the temperature.
  8. I was accepted for my advanced thai course, currently in intermediate. Not sure what that would qualify as.
  9. I have to renew my visa soon and just received a new passport by mail, totally blank. I also received back my old, stamped passport, and a letter telling immigration to transfer the stamp to the new one. I don't have a car (making the trip to local immigration a bit more hassle) and would like to just show the border immigration my old and new passport if possible. Is this an option? If so, will it cause extra hassle?
  10. Had to go to a couple banks today because the first one would not issue a bank draft to me. Her reason: They needed a passport or ID, and my Thai driver's license was a driver's license. Was this lady being overly literal, or is a Thai driver's license (issued by the Thai DMV) truly not considered official identification in Thailand?
  11. I'm using AIS 4G on my phone (with CSIPSimple as the VOIP app). It's good but people can tell that I'm using VOIP due to the slight choppiness. For receiving calls to a US number on the other side of the world its darn good though. But when people are calling me locally, they can sense that I'm not where my area code states. Is there an even better option? I'm thinking of springing for a 50mb down/5mb up plan from True (upload seems to be the problem area)
  12. Last time in VTN I paid for everything in THB. But with shopkeepers using calculators to determine the amount I doubted that my exchange rate was on the good side. This time I think I'll just use kip notes. Are the ATM exchange rates reasonable or am I looking at a 5% or more loss by using them?
  13. Air Asia has a free shuttle van to Utapao but they'll make me wait 3 hours on the departure and 5 hours on the return trip to use it. I live pretty central (Soi Buakow) and am curious if anyone has taken a motorbike or Van to Utapao and what a reasonable price is?