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  1. Any reports of water throwing yet?

    Quietest Songkran ever in my 4 years here. Maybe I'm forgetting when it picks up / dies out each day. But at 11:30am there was no music, no water fights, not much of anything really in any of the party streets. Last year there was booming music and never ending water splashing during the daytime around my Buakao apartment. I didn't even need to venture into 2nd road / Beach road to get drenched.
  2. If you suspect a package slip has not been left or there is a sorting error, is there any value in calling the Bang Lamung Post Office or going in person? Or is it a wasted effort with them?
  3. Stores that sell Miso?

    Good to know, will take a look!
  4. Hackintosh in 2017

    Do Thais understand what a Hackintosh is? I want to have one pre-built by a guy at a computer shop in Pattaya.
  5. Stores that sell Miso?

    Are there any places that sell Miso in Pattaya? I've been on the lookout but have some up short.
  6. I'd think a store the size of Walmart would need ground level for the tons of products going in and out. How do Big C and Tesco manage to put an enormous, high volume store on the 2nd floor of so many buildings? Seems they'd need something like a port loading dock to manage their stock room.
  7. I would think a car with no lights is much more dangerous. I once saw a motorcycle around that time, also near tuk com. Must have been going 60 km/h and no lights. I could hear it but it took a second of focusing to see it. That guy is going to have a very expensive episode at some point. Bikes are at least slow and off to the side. Except of course, when they're not (as in my case)
  8. There are a couple interesting implication from this post: 1) Cars/motorbikes are safe at night 2) Bicycles are more dangerous than cars Not saying I disagree but it would be interesitng to know if either of these is true. I've aeen an accident in Bangkok, and heard the noise of one in Pattaya. For 4 years that's a lot events.
  9. Where did you get yours from? I assume it looks like this?
  10. The first sentence you wrote isn't what happened
  11. You're probably right, it does fit how the accident happened.
  12. The irony is that I had a back light too, just not a front one. Well, time to get that fixed today, under the protection of the sun.
  13. In your cases, did the Thais also refuse to give their information? I'm not sure if that is common or not in Thailand.
  14. I mentioned I was in the wrong to have no lights on my bike. (I actually mentioned this twice in the post) Though there was a streetlight and of course her headlights.
  15. It was at the south side of Tukcom, I'm going straight and she makes a right into me, starting at a crawl but accelerating. She checks up on me, on the ground. 2 Thais in the area also check up, a guy and girl. Guy thinks my arm is harmed. I flex it. It seems fine. At first the other side sounds reasonable "Sorry! What you want? Hold on I come back" She disappears for 5 minutes. Hit and leave? No, she comes back on foot. We talk. She offers to take me to a shop to fix it. This is 3:30am, I need a Thai to translate her chopped up English. She refuses to give her information though. That sets me off. I'm not willing to hand over my bike to her if that's what she was thinking. I get ready to call the police. She gets angry. "No you not take picture me" "Ok I tell police you hit me" I check with the other Thais to see if I have backing. Guy says he saw nothing, girl says she turned into me. "You need light on your bicycle!" She's right on this point. Sure, she should have saw me (headlights and a street light were there). But that's no excuse for me not having lights on my bike. At this point I realize this won't be a clean victory if it comes to an actual legal fight. I call the police. An answering person struggles to understand that I'm not on a motorbike. At one point he refuses to take information down from the witness I hand the phone to. He says a police officer may come soon. I am nervous about the non-committal tone. My eye witness tells me she'll be gone for a moment as I discuss the police coming. My heart sinks, I think she's apprehensive about getting involved, but there's nothing I can do. She's gone for 5 minutes and then returns with a cigarette in hand. The lady who hit me is now stuck on a loop: "I not give you my information." "I care about your body. Not bicycle" "I take you to shop, right there" "Why you call police?" "Ok fine, they check your visa, you leave Thailand" "I from Melbourne, where you?" "Why you not ask about my car?" "Ok I leave now" I was just sitting there, a bit shaken but otherwise quiet. I guess people process stress very differently. At some point she offers 1,000 to settle the matter. It's been 20 minutes and no signs of police coming. I take the 1,000 and put out my hand. She shakes her own hand with "no" and says "I angry with you" I ask "Are you we done then?" She gets stuck on another loop. I thank the Thais and walk 300 meters home (got lucky in that respect) with my bike, that now has a bent handlebar area. Hopefully the bike shop can bend it back and there aren't other problems, we'll see At the 35 minute mark, after I get home, I get a call. The police confirm that it's settled and I have money in hand. I thank them and conclude the episode. Lessons learned -- I really should have lights on my bike -- My deepest concern was the Thais would turn on me in support of the other Thai. But as you can see, it didn't happen that way. Ironically the 3 of us were calm and silent, next to this beligerant woman who kept aggressively repeating the same things. -- The police are very slow to respond, at least at this odd hour. One positive is they made damn sure there was no language barrier and I had the money in hand. -- I went back and forth about whether I was right to call the police after she refused to give information. Was I being naively Western in thought? My final call is that calling the police was the right thing to do -- in my specific circumstances. It would have been impossible for an SUV to claim that a bicycle hit it, especially at the angle of damage caused to her car. If I was on a motorbike, this calculus changes drastically. But even then, I had an eye-witness. In a motorbike + no witness situation I think calling the police would have been more of a gamble and possibly a disadvantaged situation based on other reports posted here. -- It was really disturbing that the lady who hit me threatened to deport me repeatedly and wouldn't shut up. Now that it's all over though, I understand them to be idle threats and am glad I did not explode on her myself. -- Had I given the bike to her, or walked it to the shop it would have been interesting to see if they would have fixed it properly. The witness who also translated for me, said that the lady knew the owner. In that case I'd expect an expensive repair to possibly "get missed."