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  1. I think the Elite visas don't have this requirement
  2. You just repeated what I said about the financial thing not mattering. People will answer how they want but when I made this thread I thought I'd hear the farang perspective on why the Thais are a bit aggressive with tossing thiings.
  3. From their perspective it makes sense. Think about it; you have a ton of foreign money in your country's banks allowing them to lend out more (banks can lend 10:1 funny money : real money). In case of a crisis you can impose capital controls and lock the money into your now closed system. I know Thailand would never have a reason for that but just in case there's a coup or something, its an option.
  4. I think you guys are overplaying the financial aspect. I know it's a satisfying interpretation if you're the type to get off on belittling others. But obviously a cheap broom being lost isn't a big deal. Having to track what is missing and buy it again is. This thread was aimed at understanding why she threw it away in the first place. I've had maids in the US and they didn't do that so I think there's a cultural difference
  5. Do Thai investment accounts qualify? Or do they have to be savings accounts?
  6. I've replaced the missing things but am now hesitant to have another cleaning done. It's either learn the language or hide the stuff that might get tossed. There is also a external closet which is high enough to be out of reach for all but the determined
  7. Although we are mainly talking about theft so far, it was not the first thing that came to mind. I though it was cultural differences: "He broom / cutting board not look nice time to throw away" or "He have no lady to push him to replace so I throw away now" I really felt #2 going on in her mind when she cut the plastic off my weight bench. I'm not upset or anything, I just want to understand these folks as I live in their country after all.
  8. Good tip on the weight, didn't come to mind how heavy mirror glass is. I may just end up getting several pre-framed mirrors from big C instead. I don't want the frames but it seems like a much safer project, a good thing for a clumsy guy like myself
  9. The broom I'm not sure about but I suspect it was thrown in the trash. Here are some compounding details: The maid cut open the plastic on a weight bench and also some dumbells. So I get the sense she carries her "woman of the household" mindset into her work. The other maid who tossed the cuttingboard and container, I actually found those in the trash right after.
  10. I had a broom with a moderate amount of bent bristles and my Thai maid threw it away on a recent cleaning. Another maid threw away my cutting board a while back. I'd give it about a 7/10 in condition: scarred from chopping and discolored, but still fully functional. She also threw away an old scrubber (which was fine) and a tupperware container that it was in (not ok) Have you guys noticed an unusual willingness for the maids to throw away things that probably shouldn't be? It's times like this where I wish I put more time into the language.
  11. I'm looking to get a mirror about the length of a bed and 5 or 6 feet high. I think a single piece will help sidestep issues with mounting multiple pieces (although if this is impractical, I may get a few pieces and stack them horizontally). Questions about this. 1) I need to be an non-destructive as possible. Is it safe to just rest some tall mirror panes against my bedframe, which is flush to the floor? The mirrors would lean back against the wall with about 2" of lean. 2) Should I go to the Local HomePro/Homeworks, or find a smaller place that builds mirrors for a project of this size?
  12. I have somewhat of a strange setup with my main room and bedroom being separated by heavy metal double doors that don't slide very well: This image is mirrored and should be reversed left to right. The TV cable has been wired to go into the side of the metal frame and come out into the wrong room (the main one). This is an issue because if I have a Thai girl over I want that door closed to block light (for her) and TV noise (for me). Right now I have to keep it cracked open to run the cable through. What is the best way to get the cable into the other room using a small hole? Drilling the metal frame, the drywall, or something else?
  13. I'm on education visa and they stamp every 90 days. I have to renew in Laos in 3 months though so the order of things will get a bit strange. I'm thinking: 1. Renew now 2. Take old and new passport to the border to show the old stamp 3. Come back with a visa in the new one. EDIT: From the link above, looks like they keep the old passport.
  14. Yes just the tube. Ok I will look into these starters you speak of!
  15. It's a ceiling mounted flourescent, long style. The light went out yesterday and was replaced. It works again but has this long delay now. I'll talk to the landlord soon but first I want to have an idea why these things happen. The one positive thing is it's in the bedroom where it doesn't actually matter that much if the light comes on slowly (plus I have other lights there)