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  1. Hal65

    Giving directions, what is my error?

    Yes Marin is across the street from me. Action Street is about 50 meters too far so I'll be asking them to stop early if I use that as a landmark (but it's probably still better than what I say now)
  2. It takes the moto taxis a bit to understand what I'm saying when I give directions home (my guesthouse's name is unknown to them). I live on Soi Buakao, 200 meters into the road from Pattaya Tai. Here are my usual lines: "Bob's Guesthouse nai Soi Buakao. Jag wad thannon Pattaya Tai. Pai song roy met." I'm trying to say the guesthouse is on Buakao, from the Tai intersection go 200 meters. Thanks for any feedback
  3. Will be very interesting to see the Thai reaction to this story.
  4. Motorbikes can be had for as little as 100-200 per day plus gas in Pattaya. But then you get not only the long commute, but the drive.
  5. I saw the Laos METV pinned thread and it looks like that option is mostly closed. Are there any others left? If not, how many times can one apply for a single entry tourist visa in succession? My passport has only a (soon to expire) ED visa in it.
  6. Hal65

    Central Festival opens at 10 am now

    Dolphin into beach road has always felt overbuilt to me. On the other hand, 2nd road into dolphin has slowed down a lot just due to 1 lane of construction. 2nd road around Central Marina doesn't seem like much of a drag. Pattaya Nua near dolphin, now there is a place that may have a day and night change.
  7. The thread above said both 1) The 2 visa rule applies only to the same border crossing and 2) It does not (or air crossings do not apply). Thread is 7 months old though. Anyone have an update on which it is? My situation is: blank passport other than expired ED visa, going back to tourist visas and border runs for a while but unsure how to maximize them. Located in Pattaya BTW
  8. I know of a bike shop on Sukhumvit going towards Jomtien. There are 2 on Theraprasit. And there is one in Jomtien around the center. I've been riding around looking for a bicycle shop in Pattaya itself, west side, but haven't found anything. Anyone know of a shop nearby? I'm specifically talking about pedal bikes and not motorbikes.
  9. Hal65

    T21 big bird has landed

    A major mall being built in any city is a big deal. Let's be honest, life isn't a wild movie with dinosaur attacks and aliens invading.
  10. Have a 9 hour ride coming up. From what I've read (and remember) any work done on a laptop is impossible. What do you guys do? I think I'll load up a few audiobooks and buy a battery pack for the phone.
  11. Hal65

    T21 big bird has landed

    You may actually be right since my mental view of CF is from the front or back, but T21, you see the whole side of it in passing.
  12. Hal65

    Central Festival opens at 10 am now

    Who is the Korat location catering to? I didn't realize Korat was a good opportunity for a more high end mall (by Thai standards)
  13. Hal65

    T21 big bird has landed

    It's a huge mall, I'd say 50% bigger than Central Festival, maybe more. Outside there is also a fake airplane parked on the "tarmac" about 70% completed. Also those airport style boarding walkways leading from ground to the 2nd level. I think it may be bigger in terms of land footprint than the BKK location which is quite space constrained (memory is rusty, haven't been there in years)
  14. Your post in general is well received but the quoted sentence is a stretch. This forum is about visas in Thailand and my other 2 recent posts were both about visa runs, a common forum topic. This particular topic appears to cross the line as drawn these days, but to project and then say I'm knee deep in illegal territory based on one question is excessive.
  15. Reading trip reports it seems you do not even talk to immigration on these runs. So essentially the passport is needed and the person's body is a formality. Do any services allow skipping the 9-10 hour trip if you pay extra? I would like to hand off and pick up the passport