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  1. I guess it's worth a check. I'd assume if the LL is forgoing 3k a month it's not a simple fix on that unit. You can see from the discoloration it's been there quite a while too. Would the cloudiness from firing it up again be accumulated dust, or something else?
  2. Ouch. Well I love Thailand, wouldn't trade it for anything.
  3. Ya maybe I should tell him about it. But then, even if he gives me discounted rent for a year, hard to keep giving a guy a 5k baht fan room price for a unit with new air con. If I keep it quiet and only use it on the worst days of the year it shouldn't add more than 500/month. I've gotten by on fans alone for 4 years.
  4. It's 20 baht/kg at Big C, 10 to 15 baht/kg at Makro. So about 20 to 50 cents a pound for winter squash in a hot/humid climate. Anyone know where the pumpkin is coming from ? Am I eating a wall of pesticides or something?
  5. I pay 5k a month for a 1 bedroom on Soi Buakao because it's a "fan room." But as you can see it used to have air con, the unit has since gone bad and the owner didn't want to repair it I guess. I'm thinking of quietly buying my own air con and swapping it in. I am the opposite of a DIY person though -- how big of a job is this? Will I likely need to buy extensive hosing and work on both sides of the wall (I have a balcony on the other side)? Or is this likely to be a drop in replacement if I buy a lower end LG, unhook the unit from the wall brace, and screw in the new one? Based on a room size of 31 square meters / 330 square feet I'm looking at buying an 8,000 BTU or 1 HP unit which is probably around what the broken one speced at.
  6. Leaving a bicycle at Utapao?

    Lots of people use a bicycle as their main transport option. It's pretty decent once your conditioning gets to a certain level. Airports in places like Thailand probably don't see much of that though. I guess I'll call the airport and see if I can get ahold of an English speaker to inquire.
  7. Ya it may just be too far if there's not much in between. I was thinking of going the other way, and spending a day or 2 in Bangkok.
  8. Does Utapao Airport have a bike rack and an option to leave a bicycle there for about 3 days? I'm willing to pay, curious if that's an option as well, thanks.
  9. At 92 miles according to Google Maps, and 16 mph average on my fixed gear, it'll take just under 6 hours to get there. Have you guys found that to be accurate? If so I'll need a few pit stops. I'm fit from running but as a new cycler my body needs time to strengthen the cycling muscles. Even then I'm not sure that 6 hours of riding is easier than a 1.5 hour jog, seems like a lot of conditioning is needed for this trek.
  10. Cost to put together

    I think I am going to abandon this idea and just ride on a smaller used bike. There are a few used ones from reputable shops for less than the cost of importing a frame. The other thing was I found that 6'2" riders can get away with 56-57 cm frames. The used bikes will probably be smaller than that so not ideal, we'll see.
  11. I have a couple questions about riding on the street: Is pointing the left arm left / up a signal of left and right here? I expect to generally keep to the slow side but would it be seen as bad if I ride in the right lanes? Thanks
  12. As a kid most if not all of my riding was on roads so its what I know. In the Pattaya area are there a decent amount of offroad options to justify a mountain bike? If not I'll probably get something for the roads with an upright riding stance.
  13. Cost to put together

    Good idea, I see a few 52cm frame fixed gears on Lazada. I'll buy one of them and take it to a shop to swap in my 60cm frame.
  14. Hi, I'm looking to import a 60cm frame. With no tools will it be cheaper to put the bike together myself buying everything? If not, what is the price for a local shop to do it? I'm looking for a basic setup.
  15. Used kitchen appliances?

    Food processors look to be around 4,500 THB and up new, so I'm looking for used. Anyone have experience with a good used appliance store in Pattaya?