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  1. I now have the U Lock and 6mm chain lock. Haven't put it to use other than going to get groceries one time. The peace of mind feels nice. $30 spent defending a $200 bike is worth it just based on that
  2. Ah yes, that would have been helpful to note. I'm in Pattaya
  3. Aka "Rigid Foam." Hopiing it can be found in a Homepro or similar. Supposed to be good for covering a window as it pressure fits in the sill.
  4. Such nice weather right now. I'm trying to think back to how long it will last and don't remember. Best recollection is the humidity and head begin to slowly creep back in during February (peaking in mid April). Is that about right? If so, do you guys usually run the AC during Feb or is it dry/cool enough to forgo like right now?
  5. My space looks like this. I plan to replace the broken AC unit: Couple questions: 1. Will closing the sliding door (separating the rooms) result in the heat/humidity quickly saturating the bedroom? I prefer to close that door to block the noise and outside light. Maximum length of time it would stay closed is 9 hours. 2. My room has 10 foot ceilings. The online calculators say 10k to 12k BTU should give me the cooling I need, which is -10 to -20 degrees F (About -5 to -10C). The store people say I need 18,000 BTU for my 350 sqf / 33.5 sqm space.
  6. Recently ordered a U lock to lock a wheel to the frame, and also a hardened steel chain lock for the frame to an object. My typical parking spots are also highly trafficked. Means nothing though if the thieves don't care and bring an angle grinder. I'm just trying to make my bike as unappealing as possible. It's a $200 fixed gear so not ultra low end, but nicer than most Big C bikes. How aggressive are the bike thieves in Thailand? I'm in Pattaya. Are there professional networks that have all the tools or is it mostly desperate people looking for easy gigs?