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  1. Back to Pattaya we go, Mr Crusoe

    Between the certainty of dealing with an angry thai wife and the viciousness of the open sea, he took his chances.
  2. Has anyone seen a policeman break up a fight here? On walking street or anywhere else perhaps? Between the incident in the OP and another person's story (police not intervening when females punched another female in the station!) it sounds like police do not intervene.
  3. Thais can only fight the elderly farangs when they're not looking. That thai's temper will eventually cause him his own due problems.
  4. Anyone know? I don't like to buy a data plan because I only use data for VOIP calls (no web surfking) and want to buy daily plans when the internet goes down for maximum bang for the buck, I'm not sure if buying a daily would cancel say a 2 week or monthly auto-renewing data plan.
  5. Hi, I've been told that the thai political divide doesn't line up evenly with our version in the west. To help me understand this better: In what ways are the yellow shirts not more conservative? In what ways are the red shirts not more liberal?
  6. Maybe I won't need it that often, I moved here from California where we almost never used A/C. So my knowledge of how often these need to be run is limited. I'd expect temperatures on the outside and inside to normalize fairly fast though (walls are concrete I believe). Regarding the usage estimate, I just wanted a high estimate. I do spend a lot of time at home though.
  7. Does anyone demand 2 bikes for 2 people? I have heard about that rule before but never told them 2 bikes because I thought they would then charge more (since the laws are not followed to begin with)
  8. Cool, I'll download their app, thanks for doing all that checking. Looking forward to some teenager level back seat makeouts and also not having to fear death on the way home
  9. I live in a 1 bedroom in a central area for only 5k a month, a real bargain. But the reason for the bargain is that the room was sold as a fan room. The window A/C unit (or is it a "wall a/c"? Typically thin AC placed above the window) is busted and yellowed apparently from being dead for years. I want an A/C and am thinking what the best route to get there would be. A 1 bedroom around my area would be at least 12k (haven't even seen this price) or likely 15k a month. A floor AC that I buy would be less efficient and I'm paying 8 baht per unit. There is also the remote possibility of repairing the window A/C at my expense though I doubt this will work (landlord could have made his money back on it fast if it were a reasonable bill). Can you guys give me an idea how many units I might use for the following, for a window ac vs floor ac: 1. 35 sqm 2. 20 hours per day usage, 30 days Thanks for any estimates
  10. DTAC doesn't have nearly the coverage of AIS though. AIS is the biggest and I think even government partially owned
  11. I wonder what price that would be for a short ride. Not feasible though, as I can't schedule an exact pickup time. Plus the wait would be inconvenient compared to jumping on a moto taxi that is right outside the club.
  12. What are these orange machines for?

    I take it you need a special card. Where can it be bought? How can you load it with funds?
  13. Here's the auto debit option: http://www.ais.co.th/12call/en/prepaid-credit-card1-1.html Requires the typical physical authorizations and paperwork to do on either a CC or bank withdrawal. Seems BKK Bank customers can do part of it via ATM though. I have a bad habit of just using data without buying a plan. Very costly, tends to drain the 200 or 300 baht I have with very low usage. The right way to do it is to choose their 39 or 49 baht plan for 1.5/3 gb when the net goes out. My net is shaky about 2 days per 2 months on average I would say. That's when I have big issues. There are issues for a couple hours every 2 weeks, this is in Pattaya.
  14. About 30% of the time my balance runs out, it's when I'm using AIS for data, which means no internet or app usage (I tend to use my phone when True Cable Internet goes down). So that's why I was hoping for debit payments over the phone. But anyways I tried using a BKK bank ATM and the test run worked so kudos for that. My next step is to setup auto-debit upon zero balance which will save me from a 500m walk at a crucial moment like an outage during a VOIP call.