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  1. The cost of healthcare is not a conundrum. It is due to a number of factors in the supply chain of the service which includes the presumed cost of R&D in the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment business and investment in training people in the medical field e.g. doctors (6-10yrs), pharmacists (5-7 yrs), nurses (4-6 years), medical technicians (2-4 years) nurse assistants (6-12months) who in turn expect reasonably good salaries. Private hospitals unlike Public hospitals will always be more expensive due to lack of subsidies and higher investment costs in order to provide better service (capitalism at its best). Cost control of a part of the supply chain (medicines/commodities) WILL NOT SOLVE the problem. It may look like a decent effort to solve the disparity in pricing. For me I choose not to overpay for the same service by choosing hospitals like St. Louis (Catholic non profit organization) because many competent doctors from Chula who are not into maximizing their income work there part time or Siriraj Piyamahakarun, which is the private hospital arm of Siriraj hospital which is more expensive but about 20% less then BH, Bumrungrad and I get university hospital competent staff without having to deal with the private hospital policy of maximizing profit. Its like choosing deluxe class over business class. I get the same basic treatment without the frills and pay less with the trade-off being longer waiting times. It's all about supply and demand. Businesses will gouge if you want their products/services: Think premium products like Apple, Dyson, B&O, Supercars , 5 Star hotels etc. Let your choice do the talking.
  2. He's penny pinching to build that wall.
  3. smileydude

    Video: Huge snake on the expressway in Bangkok!

    Rather surprised the big guy made it this far without getting flattened.
  4. Her visit show's a lot of empathy and effort by the Australian government to accommodate this single request but I wonder if it was really necessary (to spend taxpayer's money). Could they not have a representative of the Australian consulate or someone at UNHCR process the paper work and do an interview then forward it to the Australian Foreign Ministry?
  5. smileydude

    Altercation with a taxi driver

    Pay him and just let it go. I think everyone gains a few years of our life if we can lessen the stress and anger. Any altercation with someone who has less to lose usually turns out bad for us especially being non-Thai. Reporting it wouldn't do much good as it wasn't really a blatant offense but rather lack of communication skills (him in English, you in Thai).
  6. Of course some will see it as inappropriate and they can choose not do such things but there are those who feel comfortable being physically close to their children as in the case of J's family. Not everyone has an Oedipus complex. It's their lives and they can do as they please. Internet netizens need to get off their high horses and start focusing on more pressing issues such as borrowing other people's watches etc.