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  1. Will the spaces closes to the where the SHIT is flowing be cheaper or free? Did they plant any type of flower to mass the spell in those area?
  2. I might be wrong but the Soi being mentioned above would that be the Soi referred to as Soi Siam Country Club, if so the spelling then should be Soi Phonpranimit. if so Soi 5, is right after the Wanasin market which have been dug up for over or near three years and still unfinished the reason as they break up the road to put in drains they are finding nothing but rogue water (rivers) or waste flowing underneath the current road. I don't believe this plant has been working for years? What I'm also finding out all those drains they are putting in on Soi Siam don't actually lead to a plant or reservoir? I've seen at certain locations large blue PVC in certain drains lead water into someone empty piece of land. One in particular on Soi Siam (new Shell Gas station) opposite is a cemetery and up the driveway is a school you will notice a large pool of water. I seen these pipe from the new drain leading into pool area prior to them paving the road.
  3. Let me add to the shit being said about the government officials here. Look in the mirror then after that go out to the top of Beach Road and work you way down to the front of Walking St.. look at all the money wasted. A. Remove all the tree to widen the road and then replant the trees again estimate over 100 million B. Signal lights for pedestrians 125 million, that no one uses because they are unsafe C. 800 plus million for the underpass tunnel on Sukhumvit While all the attention and money being spent to bring in tourist to this city it isn't rocket science or is it that you need to invest in plants and reservoirs basic utilities for the increase populations. Go out on Hwy 7, when you get to Nongprue, turn your head and look at the number of structure that look like mini sport complexes, they are all built for the Chinese tour group. Future project already approved is the stupid Tram service Stop now these stupid project and stop the shit of wasting the Thai people money!
  4. How does a Thai National get HIV treatment?

    The information you provide is really priceless as always! This was a number of years when I heard them together to speak at a Expat meeting in Pattaya. There is also a foundation www.heart2000.org Dr. Philippe Seur phillippe.seur@gmail.com Ass.Prof Dr. Jureerat Bowonwatanuwong Chief of Internal medicine department of Chon Buri, Provincial and Regional Public hospital. If both are around both explain how to get into the program. Since the person is Thai, I suggest you take her to see the Doctor at Chon Buri. Sadly, when it comes to Thailand regardless of the progress I fully understand why she doesn't want to be be treated in her hometown. I've heard lots of Thais do this travel far to a place no one knows them because of the ignorance. And if they have kids it is a death sentence for them too when people know. Good luck
  5. Personally, the original poster question provides very little information which makes it hard to provide proper information. The poster should go to the other Thread regarding medical. As many of us know, insurance is sold ala carte, your age and pre-existing conditions will determine what you pay or whether you get accepted. The older you are with pre-existing condition might as well start working out more watch your weight and create your own health saving account. Trying to beat the system I've moved around a bit from one company to another. To each his own but Bupa is not cheap as people think. As noted, whatever you choose you don't find out what you are actually getting until you put your money down and get all the paperwork. Whenever you google they follow you and those ads for expat insurance like Cigna, forget it ask for a quote and you will get Thousands of USD high premium quotes with high deductibles. Recently I downside and got a policy with Neng, office inside Pattaya People he has a policy I consider better being offer for years by AA Insurance who represents the Pattaya Expat Club members. He has a underwriting with AXA, at 1million/1.5 policy is pretty reasonable if you can get accepted and over 65 years of age. The 1m, is something like 29,000 baht and 1.5 35,000. Includes a 10,000 baht accident coverage. I got a added policy for 2,000 baht a year that covers 50,000/100,000 accident. Have had Thai (Expat) Bupa, LMG, no assurances, no real rights here in Thailand, they will find a way to cancel your policy if it doesn't suit their bottom line. Good luck
  6. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    My T.V. is blank for Fox News and another channel that was pretty decent. Show at least some nice old program from the U.S. Fox you get use to it, I see it as more entertainment than anything else. It certainly isn't fair and balance and seem in between the shows they are more and more into country music. I was getting sick of Universal aside from shows like Grimm, they show stuff over and over again I attribute to Thailand Broadcasters station just don't want to spend any money on U.S. program. I have seen all the Law and Order programs 1-20, Cold Case, seen King Kong, year in year out just over and over again. Then you start to like programs on Universal like Suits and they cut it off after a season. Without Universal I was looking forward to seeing Chicago Fire and Police now that is gone. The got WB now, nothing to watch but Superman and girl! Then there is no sports of any kind from the U.S. like NBA Basketball or Football. Then the service every time it rains the service is out.
  7. Did they just wake up one morning and say to themselves we got to lay the wires underground. They had 3 years to do it while they were digging the tunnel and traffic up and down Klang was reduced. When it comes to digging in Pattaya, like on the Darkside, they might not like what they find? When it comes to the tunnel, something is going on they not talking about? Maybe it is more " rogue water " they are finding under the tunnel. They have put nicely painted white use tires to close off the Klang at the top Sukhumvit.
  8. The article reported the cabbie was driving around with another passenger on board when the incident happen, anyone speak to the passenger to verify the cabbie story?
  9. If the story is correct and verified it was indicated that the foreigner block the vehicle from leaving?
  10. I have rarely seen a new bike fully unassembled? Normally the handle bar is detached and turn to fit the box, the pedals and front wheel is removed. Personally, since the bike doesn't exceed 50 lbs, I usually throw some clothes etc. into the box too.
  11. I've have brought use mountain bikes back and forth a number of times through the years. I just pack it in a use bike box called up the airline (Eva) and inform them of the dimension never had a problem in or out, never been questioned. Just a look and a stare.
  12. Russians not paying maintenance fees - legal

    After reading your explanation, it is clear to me at least you just answer your own question? The outlined is your management, the sooner they act the sooner the problem is solved and this is whether they are Russians or Thai. Here, if they act as fast as they are willing to sell the units properly, the reason outlined as to why Russians can't pay isn't relevant. Proceed with the legal notice to perform and if not put the property up for sale.
  13. My son first told me 2 months ago? a incident to a student in his class. He was going to school in Pattaya, Soi Nernpludwan at the railroad intersection when a sword welding kid in another school uniform attack his classmate. The classmate wasn't hurt badly but had to go to the emergency. My son said the school told him to wear a regular shirt when coming and going until further noticed. Since then I noticed a number of incidents like this throughout Thailand?
  14. Difference you got to be Thai, shake hands and say you are sorry will do better in the future and they drop one zero?