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  1. thailand49

    Which engine for a Fortuna

    I just got another truck Revo, although not a Fortuna I think the engine offered are the same? I wouldn't even consider the 2.7 since I wanted Diesel only as noted cheaper to run. I had a older Hilux that I gave to my son 3.0 but after the pricing and looking at what I really needed I opted for the E- plus a 2.4 A/T stats I think the difference in Horsepower is something like 145 to 170, when I test drove it I thought it had more than what I needed.
  2. thailand49

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    Personally, you describe what all the former leaders but doing in some form or another. It seem to fit Chan O, to a T right now. Believe me I don't care who run the place they all belong to the same swamp ( popular word ) and have their own best interest just giving the Thai people crumbs. It is just my opinion, but he waited until the HM was gone he is asking nicely and has his own supporters and pretty much know anyone who doesn't get with the old school program gets framed, basically there isn't a political figure that isn't a crook in some form in this country. He is coming and I believe he will set up shop up North, Thais are pretty much sick and tired of Chan O... he is nothing but a puppet to the current! Again, this is just a opinion no different than anything that has been posted so far.
  3. thailand49

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    Why get so personal? You actually think get your head out of the sand that your opinion is any better than the rest of us. This is a opinion forum! If you think you know the answer please enlighten us all Mr. Know it all and please let me know what is actually going to happen! Otherwise go back and apply your response to me to yourself! What is your factual forecast? Don't be a hypocrite because you don't like what is being said. Now get your finger out of your nose!
  4. thailand49

    Flat tiled roof : Any Tips for leaks ?

    When I use the word planks or pranks, sorry about the spelling but I really mean slab. I used the roof seal and after time the building shifts, can't see by the naked eye that creates the cracking from the seal, you might want to try using some sheet metal flashing about edges. Good luck
  5. thailand49

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    Personally, the storm is coming and so is he whether the current leaders allows him or not.
  6. thailand49

    Flat tiled roof : Any Tips for leaks ?

    I'm no expert, but the guy is talking the building is a shop house and the way they are build and I have one build that I rent out. They use these cement pranks that are laid over creating a walking ceiling most likely the same for the roof. That being said between the pranks unless it is seal completely top and bottom water can leak between the pranks and also along the walls. As I've found even the smallest of a crack water will find it way into the crack even if hairline! Most of these shop houses don't use their roofs in such a manner and certainly don't sheet rock their ceilings under those cement prank roofs, thus the complain most likely sheet rock is now molded. Regardless of the expensive tiles sitting water will get through the grout sooner or later since the building will settle and shift and the pranks will move creating cracks under the tiles and when that happens leaks. If you were to rip the tiles off, caulk seal with what you want and let it sit for six months after time you will see what I mean. My opinion the large area it might be impossible to stop any leak no matter what you use. Personally, I would lay another thin layer of cement smooth it out put a hard sealer over it when cracks start to show up just fill them in and seal the area again yes constant maintenance. Good luck!
  7. thailand49

    Flat tiled roof : Any Tips for leaks ?

    You noted tile? These look like wood pranks (hardwood floor looking material ) not tile? You be surprise, just from the first picture I already noticed a few area stair and corner of wall that that might cause the leaks. Regardless of it being cement under if the grout even a bit it will start to leak. I have a roof area much smaller and pretty much try all the stuff mentioned and none works for long period. It drys up and sooner or later it cracks and regardless how small it starts to leak. Even the top of your walls it is pourous and can cause a leak, to each his own but this is too large a expose area, I would seriously try to cover it as suggested regardless of the code and even that it might still leak. Best way is to tear it all up, put a cover over the cement, seal, dry and wait for it to rain before tile etc..
  8. Just a sample and when it happens the government should pay for it! Film it all and put it on national T.V. If I was the ambulance driver I would just ramp the vehicle from behind and push it off the road. Show that to the Thai population as to what authorized by the government and don't expect to get pay for damages! Thereafter, they be pulling over real quick?
  9. thailand49

    Motorcycle helmets crackdown in Hua Hin

    Wearing a helmet is always a start but when you crackdown it would be nice when the police do their cruise stop and ticket those who are without instead of waiting for a crackdown or checkpoint. Would also be nice to stop the person who is wearing a helmet but violating the speed limit by 60 KM/H Enforcing is 24/7 365 days a year.
  10. One can quote the law all they want, start at A and go down to Z here none of it is being enforced enforcement is 24/7 365 days a year. Crackdown now then back to normal until someone gets a hair up their butts again. I fully understand because like everyone we were all young and I hope when I get to be 80, my son or grand kids are home and their friends come to visit don't and I know they won't because they know I'll open a can of whip ass on them even at 80! There is a thing that is taught called respect and consideration that isn't asking too much?
  11. You got my permission to use waterboard technique!
  12. Just been through the language things recently. Found out just because they can speak some English doesn't mean they understand or comprehend the words easy to say? Got a email indicating to me copy and then in conversation original? I said what do you want? copy and when I gave her copy she ask where is original? Based on the conversation right or wrong for the amount I feel the conversation never should have lead to the car wash. Should have just acknowledge the mistake and covered it. These parts as shown are design and place in the location knowing full will it might be attacked by a pressure washer, mud etc.. and are design to last, the picture you show of the part the rubber seem to have broken down defective for a vehicle for the first service? I have a rubber flap covering my air filter on my bike been pressure washed like a million times yet it is still intact and looks new after it is washed.
  13. thailand49

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    What location Chon Buri? that you need a sitter?
  14. It all smells about the mother and I have a few choice words like the rest about her but I also wonder because what is missing here for me is if the guy had a court order for custody and went through the system to obtain it although she refuse why does she have the kids he had the law on his side but seem to have given up that right? Doesn't pass the smell test for me that he isn't allowed to see the kids if he has legal custody? If what I'm reading is correct? I would certainly would get the best lawyer money can buy and get that custody order enforced, threaten to file or push charges against the mother and her parent for child neglect although it is common here in Thailand in our western definition, and also file a lawsuit against the building owner for neglect of the property since the balcony gave way a separate issue! There is more to this story as always but I'm not going to paint the guy a saint since it seem he gave up that right easier to just make a monthly payment. I read somewhere earlier he hasn't seen them in a few years I wonder what that is all about too? I understand we are all different as parents and it might be the norm within the poor in general in the Thai culture but it seem there was some abandonment on both parties? Saddest thing as noted the kids are always the one that suffer but it isn't too late for these kids if it was me I would fight like hell to get the right back and get them out of the country. R.I.P little one!
  15. Don't see the relationship with my comment and your response, I mentioned nothing of a ATM in or out of the country.