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  1. There is a lot of good answer this is by far the best one, a second to going online to get the real facts. You can also create a account. Based on the payment which is very low, mean you have enough credit to get that but not enough if you plan down the road to sign up for Medicare? Right now you at your age I don't think based on the plans you noted can ever put in enough working overseas unless it is equal to U.S. Money you would make. You mentioned also you were hurt years ago, sound like you were working on jobs that might not have covered you for Workmenscomp? or the injury you sustain wasn't bad enough for you to qualify for disable benefits under S.S.? Whatever your plans for business it needs to make you a ton of money because your situation as noted you will certain be needing it. Good luck
  2. ????? Didn't read or hear about that accident, brief me and I will give you a answer as to why? Agree or disagree as I have been saying if you put something in place need to enforce it. I've been associated with the Dept of Transportation and California Hwy Patrol for over 40 years before retiring. Seen hundreds of accidents. Here the fix is simple but the officials have never been taught or seen a alternative to their own driving. How can you teach recommend if you are from the system that is the problem.
  3. You must be misreading my post regarding? I never said anything about letting senior officials use their judgement of speed etc! And I didn't say or assume common sense is needed in driving. Nothing works, you can make as many rules, install equipment all they want in the end, nothing and I stand by my comment in this regard doesn't work unless you have enforcement period and that is sadly missing in all the suggestion that Thai official make. When I comment on " adjust your driving to the condition at hand " means from the beginning in their driver handbook, in their testing, in their videos, that if it is raining slow down, there is construction or a accident, slow down, when it gets dark and lighting is at a minimum slow down. Driving isn't constant road rage or pedal to the medal. This basic rule is no different than coming to a stop at a red light. But again nothing works if there isn't enforcement. If a driver gets into a accident while it is raining and it is determine the accident occurred due to excessive speed they should be cited etc.. but there isn't a system of enforcement here it is just are you o.k. no harm no foul? For others, as far as I'm concern there will never be a car design to be safe enough or a tech like a governor install, GPS, in my lifetime. Currently all these things have their limitations. You can set a Governor at 90, but if it is raining slippery and dark and the driver continues to max speed at 80-90 when the condition should be less the governor will not control the reckless behavior nor a governor going to help if the drivers take a 35 KM/H turn suggested at 65 KM/H, governor nor GPS is going to control the driver if he wants to tailgate another vehicle, nor control the vehicle if a driver wants to pass on a curve etc..
  4. It gets worse every time they open their mouth, there is a thing called in driving " adjust your driving to the condition " many of these officials need to get a passport and visit some other countries to open their vision as to what specific rules are actually put in place executed. Right now everything being suggested is like they are just spinning their wheels.
  5. The ceiling exhaust fan can be removed easily. As noted by another poster, you Condo, should have a general maintenance guy that they use to service the Condo and units for owners. Particular smells are common here in Thailand, Yes, could be a dead mouse or rat laying above, hard to explain here but the smell is distinctive so is mold and mildew, and I surmise, if you are talking about your toilet ceiling fan, guess what most likely the unit above your unit is also their toilet. A guess, is the drainage for their toilet is crack or loose. They don't use metal flange, or a Wax ring here as far as I know, PVC blue pipe, off line a bit or crack and you got a problem.
  6. I believe Aeon, has put one out for years, that is why the Q's are so long the first of the month.
  7. Signing up using WiFI, I can't even get pass the part after the phone number, I've done it what seems like a million times, so I know I've enter the number correctly. Have no idea if my SMS is blocked from AIS, since I have no problem getting all the SMS message ads from them? I enter my number, it says on the bottom, you code is being sent in 27 second, counting down. I wait for the SMS, and nothing request it again same result. Now after a hour or so, and throughout the day I can a notice ring on my phone, there is a small Icon of WeChat on the top of my phone, I press the Icon and it says " your code is being sent to your phone " I wait nothing again and again. Today, a friend and I watched him, sign up, AIS Thai number like myself. He enter his number after the 66, thereafter he gets his code. Something not right think it is my phone?
  8. Yes, when I try to sign up at the beginning, it does show the 66 or the right shows Thailand, I did it as you noted to me, first without the 0, then I did the 66 number without the 0 and both times still no code sent SMS. My number is a Thai base number from AIS
  9. First are you using a credit card or a debit card. As noted, M/C is pulling out all these new cards with banks with new chips so you might want to check with our bank if the card is block, my M/C debit wasn't but my M/C credit card due to I being told Thailand is on their block list. Then you also should check what is the maximum withdraw amount, most in general is 500 USD. When we are talking about maximum and the exchange rate is involved if you are asking for 20,000 baht and the rate is 33, you won't get the transaction. Then there is their ATM, machines like decades behind times, if the machine is low on cash it will not process you transaction, some just respond Off Line, or something making you think there is a problem with the card? Move to another and if the transaction proceeds that is the problem not enough cash in the machine. If you were refused at Aeon, recently as I found out when they replaced and reprogram their new machine. I've been using them for a decade, Aeon is not a Bank but a Financial institution, therefore when they program their new machines, a Debit card! you will not be able to get more than 8,000 baht out, I use to request 15-20, baht at a time, with the new machine in place, after my request, nothing happens, they keep my card for minutes, making me think it got sucked, they after a long time, it is kicked out and ATM says off line. The change was made do to foreign card withdrawing a high amount leaving the machines empty. Here it is best to have a alternative!
  10. Bliss, I see them outside doing the checks but seem to spend more time inside than out, maybe that was the real snitch?
  11. Been looking for the place for a while, where actually on 3rd Road, that for the advertisement?
  12. What does the By-Laws to the Condo, if any, say? If none of your paperwork to ownership of condo indicate you owned the spaces then you are out of luck.
  13. Here in Pattaya, not sure about all the legit language, but I owned the following Click 125, 125 Wave, PCX 150, and a Yamaha Slavz 150, personal history, I've got a Thai Motorbike license when I first obtained in 7 years ago, never asked what type you want? In all the years I've been stopped and I've been stopped using each of these motorbikes never been ask by anyone BIB, my license isn't suited for the bike I'm driving. In purchasing my 3 parties motorbike insurance never has my license been a issue. Never ever been asked. When my son got into his first fall on his Wave 125, he ended up at Bangkok Pattaya, never was his license a issue, I presented the government insurance slip to the reception for payment and just looked straight at her daring her to ask me to pay first. My son has been stopped a number of times not wearing his helmet using the bikes listed above and never once presenting his license been a issue regarding size, So in the end, I just don't know what is the real law? What I do know for example, at a flashing Red light you are supposed to stop and proceed with caution but don't see anyone enforcing that?
  14. Last, you again are so off topic it isn't funny, you never ever address what started things in the first place, instead divert the conversation to cover for your own shortcomings. Since I'm not allow to speak or response to you freely due to a complaint I will stop and allow the topic to continue from it's original intent.
  15. When you talk about the size of the bike, it is anyone guess, and that includes the police. When my son turn 15, like you I want to do all the rights things since as they get older and especially look older they don't get a pass any longer when they get stopped. So right after he turn 15 I took him down, this is Pattaya. First, we got into the wrong line found out later after a number of failure in the written. That first morning we got into the wrong line because we were so far back couldn't hear the person. We ended up basically in the foreigners line, the written was in English, and each time he scored 25 out of 50 questions. When I found out the Thai boss actually told me that is pretty good since majority of the Thais (wrong line ) can scored on 5 to 10. So I decided to push on with it but ran out of time due we couldn't get back down because of school. The written is basically the last part, since he took the road test, in his 125cc Wave, so I don't think it matters or they even know? Next time I took him down for Thais , we found out there was a 3 month waiting sign up. He was now getting stopped regularly so I took him to a private school, 3000 baht and in one week he got all the necessary papers certified and just take it to the office and pay and get picture taken. Right thing too? When you register the bike each year you get the year sticker plus the Government insurance, that is only for the rider and medical ( 10,000 baht ) When poster here use the word 3rd party, insurance is to repair the other vehicle, bike or property. If you want more coverage for medical you can purchase a addition personal accident insurance minimum 2000 baht a year, can cover for sports etc.. and if you go beyond or overnight, then hopefully you have overnight medical. Here I'm talking about on Thai insurance here in Thailand. What I've seen for 3rd party motorbikes insurance will run you minimum 3000 baht, and their policies being sold doesn't seem to state 70cc-110-cc, it just say up to 150 cc.