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  1. Four months smoke free!!!

    Congrats, it doesn't matter how you do it what the method is use in doing it, the objective is do it and it seems you have done that. It is a disease! My brother like my father started very young he was a smoker for over 50 years. He had very little friends or visitors at his house it was filled with smoke, he never open one window, brown stain dripping from the walls, his clothes smell, bad hygiene habits to add. We didn't have much in common except for the love of my nephew I try to get him to stop for years, I think he was easy 3 packs a day? I still remember the last smoking conversation we had the date and where he told me " I don't want to quit I like smoking and by the way who ask you and what does it have to do with you ". Years later, he told me he had this bad cough for a while that he felt it was allergies, I told him your next veteran doctor visit you need to mention it, he also said you notice anything since I was visiting? he told me he stopped smoking, I said that is great inside I was happy but I was also worry why? that his doctor appointment is in two weeks. I return back to Thailand, thereafter I got a call from the family that during his doctor appointment he was diagnosed with stage 4, throat and lung cancer. I was the trustee of his estate and after 9 months of treatment and care it had render him a vegetable and speechless. I got a call from his doctor one day to come home your brother wants to see you. The visit he had written down his wishes etc.. although he couldn't talk I remember the look on his face it said it all about the conversation we had in the past and thank me for everything I was doing. We pull the plug that night. The downside and I don't wish this on any smokers is although it is you that take in the smoke because when things like this happen it is others who have to clean up the mess. Good luck and health because the hardest part is yet to come and that is staying off it.
  2. Cost of School fees per month for local thai children

    That doesn't sound free to me? Sure it is all relative but even at 5050 for a pure Thai government school I know many can't even pay that while the government official are getting rich in Bangkok.
  3. I've owned a number of bike in the States, Harley, big bikes, here in Thailand it doesn't take much to kill yourself you can do it on a scooter 100 cc. In Bangkok to each his own but I don't or can't see anyone having much fun if they got to clutch. To be honest, there are times I want to get something bigger with a clutch a bigger bike giants tires in the back with a big roar between my legs to maybe make up for my age but then I come to my senses just enjoy getting from point A-B, on my Honda 150, the ride is like being in a little car, smooth and good on gas that is all one needs.
  4. That really isn't the issue here which is whether you can pay more or not? It is what if the shoe was on the other foot? I hear this logic from individual like you (nothing personal) but the logic really doesn't hold water. I term this due to the exchange rate makes people who come here not the Land of Smile but Land of Stupidity. I have a close friend, he isn't well off but does o.k. never has help anyone in his life or step into a church or as far as I know even made a donation to a charity. Yet when he is here starts throwing money around saying Thai people are poor and he wants to give them a uplift in life, any and every excuse to pay more. I told him whenever you open your mouth make sure no one is around you because they would think you are stupid. I said the above to him and if he really felt that way I could take him to a shelter where he could give his heart content to the real poor and disadvantage or go to the corner of Sukhumvit and throw your money out on the street plenty poor there too. I have no real problem with this type of thinking but you can say it all you want to make yourself happy but why not pay more for everything be consistent which you know you aren't and can't. If that was the case why not pay more for your current living accomadations, more for all your food, your clothes, your transportation, etc etc all cheaper back home, yea a bottle of water good example?
  5. We must be related, I have been here about the same time. I came here like everyone just wanted to be left alone not looking for trouble. I pretty much live with Thais population in the beginning I pretty much kept to myself listening to other expat talk about Thailand people and culture. The longer I stay the more I saw what was going on and it was a matter of time before it hit me too. For years, I did my best not to get angry didn't want the wife or son to think I hated Thai people but as years gone by they themselves see it more and more from their own people. Years ago my son and his friend wanted to go inside " believe it or not " the Thai guy quoted me the price and mines said I was a farang. I told him off nicely using some simple logic that the operation you work for is Farang owned, should the operation only hire Americans, if you were to travel to the U.S. how would you feel if this same company charge you double for being Thai? To save face he said " if you live here that long show me something like a Thai license " pop it out he got a bit upset as you noted. By now I just told him seen it before got two tickets and I waited outside for them. This to me is all label by even one of their former MP, " the more patriotic the more stupid ". Sadly, in general is how so many Thai are taught in their government schools it is like they are being brainwashed?
  6. Thais, in general find it hard to believe there are ignorant people like this in Thailand. She is just ignorant since she isn't the only one that deals with high rent. Years back even their late HM, spoke at his annual Birthday that this practice gives a black eye to Thais, their current PM although appointed have spoken in public regarding this ignorant practice but it still goes on. Sadly, this goes on far far beyond just a plate of rice, my wife, son and his wife see what I've been talking about for years to since they are having a baby. As soon as they realized his last name and see his father is a farang the price jumps even at government hospitals. Sad, many times I sit back trying to be unnoticed. This is the government fault, their business community follow this same ignorant thinking thus the excessive charge for their ATM for foreign cards. It is a way of life for many!
  7. Driving is getting the Big Picture here if you get it one would have slow down instead of running into the truck?
  8. Traffic police fined me illegally

    Principle? to a Thai what the hell is that? Here is where you went wrong? You took your helmet off and a light bulb went off so you were spotted. I have done this a few times while waiting for the light to change but not because it was hot (poor excuse) but to tighten the strap even right in front of the police box, never a problem since I'm no light bulb. You didn't do anything wrong since people park anywhere at anytime and just a FYI, it was reported recently majority of the CCTV don't work and even if they did, no police is going to take the time to look at one for you for such a simple offense? Police job description isn't what it suppose to be where you came from and should remember that for the future. Two years ago, my neighbor and his daughter was run down from behind by a drunken driver, they ask the police to obtain the 7/11 camera footage hoping to see the vehicle, they responded too busy which meant, money talks. Next time, pay the fine.
  9. Leaving with Children

    I'm not sure but I believe in the divorce decree there is a area where it indicates a situation like yours? I remember being a witness for a friend it was written into the decree that he has full visitation rights etc.. Whenever he took his kid with him without the mother for trips he took the original decree,copy, translation copies with him to make sure there were no problems. Good luck
  10. Best breakfast in Pattaya?

    Breakfast, forget it but you will never go hungry as long as you see it that way but if you knock your brain around you will? Been to nearly all of them, English, American, whatever they want to call it little/big lots of different names but good luck, beans, deep fried toast and the black pudding not my thing. Good luck
  11. It has been a number of years since I did the research. I believe there is a forum for this as I remember that have past owners and perspective interested buyers like you. I and my wife was first approached by a representative for 7/11 to be honest not too knowledgeable because the more question I ask the more she started to withdraw. The one thing that stuck to my mind was her statement " you can clear 100,000 a month " When I did the research and number it just didn't hold up. As noted today there are 7/11 all over the place, in my research the years back I found there were two types of franchise one can buy? A&B the A was the smaller ones buy in 7-8 1.5 million, B, was 2.5 million. They had restriction as the qualification to manager to running the store and if you don't qualify they provide a manager to you. As most franchise they have their rules and rules from what you put in and what is sold. Today, in Pattaya the stores are getting larger the small ones are slowing being phased out. I also found out the " 100,000 baht clear is the old old days, if this was possible I would have purchased a half dozen. But the fact is very hard to make you money back in 7-8 years. Thereafter, you have to renew the contract again which means you kick out the lump sum again. You basically have no control since they can open a store just 50 feet away from you and no choice to the location of the store. Here in Pattaya, two years back I noticed a number of stores closing and renovating the reason was the old franchise owner didn't renew the contract thus the renovation. I've found depending on the area you can make more money if you purchase land and try to determine where they might open up and rent it to them to open. I know a Thai neighbor who had such a piece of land, 7/11 is giving him 50,000 baht a month for the space? Personally, you be better off getting a KFC...
  12. Birthday gift - suggestions please

    Just my opinion, based on 1 year, is gold or cash. Based on time frame not too big the bigger the bigger the expectation since one year isn't much to based a relationship since you aren't here full time? To Thais gold is the same as cash, anything brand name is just that today popular tomorrow not!
  13. All possible, but you got to take a look first to determine whether their are friends who might join in? If he goes get his buddy then you and the girl can then run?