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  1. Samsung screen bulging

    Pao, in tukcom, up escalator turn right go down to the last row then left start to look for the sign PAO.
  2. A great example of they don't practice what they preach! Noticed they plaster the Thai words right over the license plate so unable to read.
  3. You pretty much on the mark as far as I'm concern, the mother is the biggest problem just the fact she does this in front of everyone is a good case! she has no idea and been the problem all along. Sure 300,000 isn't much for this kid, he will blow it in a second you aren't going to change the strips now. But her being a official sure will get it back with the steady flow of tea money? I learn just because you can make a baby doesn't mean you should have them and having them doesn't give you exclusive right in loving them.
  4. I would agree somewhat only for the hospital listed. Sure we are talking in general. The government you listed I read recently from another article here raving about the hospital listed, it surely is refreshing to know but I heard getting register is the key? Basically, can I guy like me come from Pattaya and go to Chula for a checkup to get register. Back to government aside from these hospital outside of Bangkok, I don't have lots of confidence if they had to do more than the basic like cataract, which is a common procedure. Nice to know..
  5. What I think you actually mean is " for the rest of my life " but not in Thailand because quoting " the answer was a firm no ".
  6. As they continue to build roads and cater to the Chinese, everything else is left unattended especially the necessary facilities like sanitation treatment plants so it doesn't drain into the sea, more garbage cans throughout Pattaya not only in the tourist area, a way to capture rain water runoff instead of dumping it into someone empty land.
  7. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    I understand that.... didn't miss it! people keep on saying "Design" does one mean the exterior of the vehicle? if that is the case looks isn't all in buying a car as noted by a few who design and engineer the transmission? Truck runs good but if you can't put it in gear what we got? Just a vehicle that looks good on the rack while I'm in the waiting area looking at it!
  8. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    I heard that but I also heard they still share some of the internal part. When you look at the Ranger and Mazda 50? side by side there are some similar lines on the vehicle. This is what I was told also about the Chevy Truck with the Izusu.
  9. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Not rocket science! If I had a Ford, based on comments I would have put the sign up and get to the nearest showroom for Toyota
  10. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Remember, there is more to design is what I'm saying. Offices and location are global today not because they are design better from the States but due to cost etc.. There is more to design at least for me what makes the thing run, service is a major concern to me. Trump might be talking America first bring back all the offshore stuff, but I'm glad others are making them. I fear the old days, where you only had American to chose from, having to make sure you don't buy a vehicle made on Friday and Monday.
  11. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Like Ford, I'm sure whether the Hilux/Fortuner is designed in Australia or not, I believe I can safely say it isn't all pure Australian to say that Toyota a Japanese company the Japanese don't have a final say in all matters. That being said that goes for Ford. When it comes to vehicles the Hilux might not look at goods as the Ford, but I'm looking for the overall package, I don't want to be looking at a Ford sitting up on the rack being fixed all the time. I'm willing to go less in style and get a whole lot of good history in return. As for Ford trucks #1, the number I believe are deceptive since majority are purchased in the States, which has a much larger population. When it comes to Mazda, it is part of Ford, and Isuzu is part of Chevy or at least they use a similar components and whenever I here Chevy I get nightmares.
  12. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Thanks for the information, but Austrian? I just have a sense that although the design etc. and building is not in American I just can't get over the imput that Michigan might still have... that is enough.. to make me go Toyota and the more that is pointed out to me of the Ranger in the conversation the more I head down Chon Buri to Toyota. I took the chance once that was enough!
  13. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Yes, I think so agree 100% just responding and agreeing with the poster who referred to the F-150 made by Ford what is the relevance. Americans particularly in the Mid-West like what they like many will never change. My cousin who is a contractor as the top of line Tuntra, what a truck it is if you are open minded to owning one. I've only seen on Tuntra here in Pattaya, but as you noted if you order one from Japan it would cost a arm and leg due to the import tax plus where would you park it.
  14. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    The design and engineer still come out of their HQ in Michigan. If you have proof it doesn't educate me please. Thanks
  15. Best Truck Ford or Toyota!

    Agree, if he wants to get into it, Americans in the Midwest love Ford and Chevy it seems police fireman in the big City like them too but that is because they never tried a Tuntra!