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  1. They don't need the servers to shut them down: They follow the money and shut them down at the payment processing companies. Paypal and credit card processors will close any accounts and seize funds, if they suspect illegal use. Why do you think ilikehd had their paypal accounts closed? I hope the other iptv providers had the sense to use fake id when opening accounts, or they will be busted too. When providing illegal services, you should use bitcoins.
  2. There has been special requirements for sending packages to Israel for many years. These requirements have been in place long before the recent id proof on all parcels. When i sent an item to Israel years ago, they took a photocopy of my passport - don't know if they attached it to the parcel or not. But, many postal clerks do not know about the requirement or they ignore it, so you may not be ask for anything.
  3. Both Ais and dtac now have unlimited 4g/3g packages. Here are the details: So it does not have to cost you a fortune. Your wife will probably want the Thai channels, which are free from various sites, including ilikehd. For western FTA channnels, you can use a vpn to access their channels from their websites.
  4. i think that will be too big for small packet. You have to send it by e.m.s or international parcel. They recently hiked up the price for e.m.s, so you may be better using a courier like UPS or FEDEX.
  5. I think it means Surface, Air and Land
  6. No, numbers 2,8 and 9 is a fully trackable system, similar to E.M.S, but slower. Registered service is simply an add-on option - used to be an additional 58 baht - which you can add-on to options 1,3,4,5,6 and 15.
  7. The cantonese is really bad, because it is spoken by a mandarin speaker. Also, the last few lines is not cantonese - it sounds like japanese - which fits in with the woman in the video wearing a japanese kimono. After the first few lines, the only thing i can make out is: 'i want you to ......'. Then in goes into the other language.
  8. But her children may not be British citizens! Yes of course they are not. But I don't think it's that straight forwards as you make it out. Children of British Citizen by Descent, who or whose parent's have a significant connection to the UK can achieve citizenship by registration. They are not automatically citizens, I think. If her children are born in the UK, the citizenship line is restored, and they will be British. Only if she has her children outside of the UK, will she not pass on her citizenship.
  9. Firstly, to get your child to the UK, you will need the mother's permission to get a Thai passport, and a letter of permission from her, as it is most likely that you will be asked for one at the airport, unless you have sole custody. Once in the UK, having a child is like having a gold pass, because you will get every government benefit under the sun. You do not need to stay with your daughter, as you will be given housing and housing benefit.
  10. Ebay is switching to new dashboard and metrics this month. There is a new metric for Late delivery - you should check your metrics now.
  11. For shipping not as described, you can file a 'item not as described' case with ebay - many buyers do.
  12. The PSI satellite system use to have loads of CCTV channels, but they are in Mandarin. If you only want cantonese, the astro satellite in malaysia has cantonese channels. You can also get the astro channels through the internet, and will be cheaper than satellite.
  13. If you have an old copy of her id card and housebook with her signature on it, you can get a one year multiple entry visa in savanakhet. I have done it on two occasions with just an old photocopy.
  14. just go to any of the main ebay sites and use the advanced search to select items located in Thailand. But you may find that many Thai sellers will not post locally.
  15. It's a shame transferwise has withdrawn it's services. I just got my transfer this morning, and there was no receiving fee. Money was exchanged at mid market rate, and i got exactly the amount they stated. Hope it comes back soon!