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  1. I always thought the bar code (and letters/numbers below to be readable by man) are just a numbering without any meaning, like bank notes are numbered/lettered to make each unique. But recently a friend said the first letters indicate which country your flight/bus/boat/car is coming from. That would require some effort to give the Egypt Air flight arrival cards with a code for "coming from Egypt", and so on. Now it gets interesting: I once got two arrival cards, and now fill them out at home (at the convenience of my desk, not on the airplane or at the tables provided at immigration). That means I use the arrival card I got on a flight from Moscow when I arrive from Cairo, and the card from Cairo I use to enter over land from Myanmar, and the card from Myanmar I use when I fly to Bangkok from Taipei... which must give someone in immigration department a big headache, provided they analyze all the data!
  2. Is there anything to see in Ban Pu Nam Ron? Judging by the name, there should be a hot spring, something I'm very interested in, but I couldn't find anything on google. Planning to travel Yangon - Moulmein - Dawei - Htee Kee - Phunamron - Kanachanburi. evisa for Myanmar, METV for Thailand.
  3. Reading closer for the original trip, a lot of vagaries come up (infrequent bus service, and when then slow; very limited choice of places to stay; and flights infrequent and expensive; boat trips depending on weather), so I abandoned the plan Kawthoung - Ranong and will instead shortcut Dawei - Nam Pu Ron - Kanachanaburi (and from there on to Hua Hin, either same day or after a night in Kanchanaburi or Ban Pong for sightseeing and meeting Thai friends).
  4. ChristianPFC

    Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    I got the visa approval letter by email the same day, now I am converted! However my original reluctance is based on true events: State Railway of Thailand didn't have online booking until recently, and in Cologne Airport it took me half an hour to log into their free WiFi (and I'm German!), so I can imagine and endless list of things that can go wrong when applying online for a tourist visa for Myanmar, but all worked out fine.
  5. ChristianPFC

    Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    I just applied for evisa. Took me 40 minutes, still much quicker than going to embassy twice (I live in walking distance). Interestingly, much less data required than on the form at embassy. Will report back when I have the evisa.
  6. ChristianPFC

    Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    I am soon going to apply for my next visa for Myanmar at their Bangkok embassy, and here http://www.myanmarembassybkk.com/?page_id=61 I found But my question is: can I apply for visa morning or afternoon? (In other embassies it's usually apply in the morning, pick up in the afternoon.) After having done the manual way (visiting embassy twice to apply and to pick up passport), I might as well try the evisa. Any experiences with that (I'm looking for things that are not obvious or do not work as it should).
  7. Advice for entering Thailand at Ranong? My visa history: 4 years in Thailand (about 9 month per year in Thailand) on Tourist Visas, currently METV from Berlin (I'm German). I will fly to Yangon on 20 Dec 2017 and plan to spend about one week in Myanmar, traveling along the coast and entering Thailand in Ranong around 27 Dec 2017. Are there any peculiarities? I will bring 20 kTHB anyway, what about hotel booking, proof of leaving Thailand (should not be required for TV, but who knows?), anything payable in currencies other than THB or Kyat, days or times the border is closed, accessibility of border crossing by walking or public transport?
  8. ChristianPFC

    How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    I consume on average 1 m3 per month, and that costs me 18 THB (but I know of places that charge a flat fee of 100 THB per months for water, including the first 5 m3, and from then on 18 THB/m3). BTW, I drink tap water. Tomatoes at 10 THB/kg is very cheap. On average I pay 20 THB/kg at Klong Toey market where I do all my fruit shopping, very rarely do I see tomatoes at 10 THB/kg. Often they are graded 15/18/20/25/30 THB/kg, but they all look the same to me, does anyone understand the system?
  9. ChristianPFC

    Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    Two nights in Hpa An for mountain climbing and caves, one night in Kinpun as base for climbing up to golden rock (I really did climb up all the way in about 4 h 30 min, everyone else took the shuttle service, and funicular is under construction). In Hpa An I stayed in a guesthouse (don't remember which), same in Kinpun where even in low season prices are high, I paid 15 USD for a room that would cost 200 to 300 THB in Thailand.
  10. ChristianPFC

    Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    I had a great trip in Myanmar and will go again soon. I posted my experiences here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2017/08/myanmar-aug-2017-various-impressions.html Car and driver My farang friend FF knew someone in Mae Sot, who knew someone in Myanmar, who drove us from Myawaddy to Yangon in the course of 4 days 3 nights. Rate was 2,000 THB (80,000 MMK) per day (that is 24 hours, fuel for about 200 km per day and the driver’s accommodation and food included). Split by two that makes 1,000 THB per day for me (Mon morning to Thursday evening 4,000 THB = 160,000 MMK for me, clearly beats public transport, hitchhiking, walking). Our driver was circumspect, English ok (no Thai), non-smoker, and I was completely happy with his service and would hire him again any time. He is based in Moulmein. Contact me if interested. FF could not take his car into Myanmar. No objections from the Thai side, but the Myanmar only let cars in that are importing goods, and then only for limited time and distance, to transfer the good and get the car back to Thailand.
  11. ChristianPFC

    decrapify computer in Bangkok

    I'm speaking of a newly bought computer, that has no personal data, and I should have been more clear: install only programs that are needed, so decrapify isn't necessary.
  12. ChristianPFC

    decrapify computer in Bangkok

    A friend wants to buy a new computer and asked me about advice (and even to go to buy the computer as he has difficulty walking and climbing stairs). Finding the hardware is easy, current hardware is amazing at cheap prices. But the problem is software. Both my computer and mobile phone (both bought in Thailand) are full of bloatware that came with the the device (for the computer several translation programs, video players, antivirus, picture viewers, games; for the mobile phone apps that I don't need but can't delete, and that update every few weeks). Where can I take a computer in Bangkok to decrapify (my friend needs only the basics: operating system, browser for writing emails, internet, youtube, maybe MS word/office), or even better buy at a place with someone knowledgeable in software to install only what is needed?
  13. ChristianPFC

    my LINE acct is gone

    I had similar effect 3 years ago and again 2 years ago, when I cleared junk files or cash file or accidentally logged out of Line. At the end, I had to agree to "delete messages from previous device" (even if it was the same device) to get it working again.
  14. ChristianPFC

    Paying flight home in my home currency?

    I sent an email to Eurowings on 1 aug and got reply on 9 aug. In brief, translated from German: most customers wish to be billed in the currency of the country where the flight starts, but they are working on a way to offer choice of currency to be billed in.
  15. ChristianPFC

    Paying flight home in my home currency?

    The booking is processed. Flight search showed 176 EUR, when I went to book on eurowing's website they charged me 6829 THB. Two days later, on my bank statement: 178,84 € Betrag: -6829,00 THB Kurs: 38,1851 (i.e. 6829 THB was converted to 178.84 EUR at an exchange rate of 38.1851) on xe.com, between 24 and 26 july 2017 the exchange rate was between 38.86 and 39.13. Thus, I lost about 3 EUR = 120 THB due to unnecessary currency conversion, in combination with unfavorable rate at visa. The flight is still available at 176 EUR (no checked luggage, no food, no entertainment - all these can be booked separately, but I will manage without - anyway that was not my question).