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  1. Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    I had a great trip in Myanmar and will go again soon. I posted my experiences here: http://christianpfc.blogspot.com/2017/08/myanmar-aug-2017-various-impressions.html Car and driver My farang friend FF knew someone in Mae Sot, who knew someone in Myanmar, who drove us from Myawaddy to Yangon in the course of 4 days 3 nights. Rate was 2,000 THB (80,000 MMK) per day (that is 24 hours, fuel for about 200 km per day and the driver’s accommodation and food included). Split by two that makes 1,000 THB per day for me (Mon morning to Thursday evening 4,000 THB = 160,000 MMK for me, clearly beats public transport, hitchhiking, walking). Our driver was circumspect, English ok (no Thai), non-smoker, and I was completely happy with his service and would hire him again any time. He is based in Moulmein. Contact me if interested. FF could not take his car into Myanmar. No objections from the Thai side, but the Myanmar only let cars in that are importing goods, and then only for limited time and distance, to transfer the good and get the car back to Thailand.
  2. decrapify computer in Bangkok

    I'm speaking of a newly bought computer, that has no personal data, and I should have been more clear: install only programs that are needed, so decrapify isn't necessary.
  3. decrapify computer in Bangkok

    A friend wants to buy a new computer and asked me about advice (and even to go to buy the computer as he has difficulty walking and climbing stairs). Finding the hardware is easy, current hardware is amazing at cheap prices. But the problem is software. Both my computer and mobile phone (both bought in Thailand) are full of bloatware that came with the the device (for the computer several translation programs, video players, antivirus, picture viewers, games; for the mobile phone apps that I don't need but can't delete, and that update every few weeks). Where can I take a computer in Bangkok to decrapify (my friend needs only the basics: operating system, browser for writing emails, internet, youtube, maybe MS word/office), or even better buy at a place with someone knowledgeable in software to install only what is needed?
  4. my LINE acct is gone

    I had similar effect 3 years ago and again 2 years ago, when I cleared junk files or cash file or accidentally logged out of Line. At the end, I had to agree to "delete messages from previous device" (even if it was the same device) to get it working again.
  5. Paying flight home in my home currency?

    I sent an email to Eurowings on 1 aug and got reply on 9 aug. In brief, translated from German: most customers wish to be billed in the currency of the country where the flight starts, but they are working on a way to offer choice of currency to be billed in.
  6. Paying flight home in my home currency?

    The booking is processed. Flight search showed 176 EUR, when I went to book on eurowing's website they charged me 6829 THB. Two days later, on my bank statement: 178,84 € Betrag: -6829,00 THB Kurs: 38,1851 (i.e. 6829 THB was converted to 178.84 EUR at an exchange rate of 38.1851) on xe.com, between 24 and 26 july 2017 the exchange rate was between 38.86 and 39.13. Thus, I lost about 3 EUR = 120 THB due to unnecessary currency conversion, in combination with unfavorable rate at visa. The flight is still available at 176 EUR (no checked luggage, no food, no entertainment - all these can be booked separately, but I will manage without - anyway that was not my question).
  7. Why petrol stops for vans?

    On my last two trips (May and Jul 2017), the bus (from Bangna-Trat bus station; it seems all buses from Ekkamai and Southern Bus station stop there, in both cases there were only one or two seats lef, to North Pattaya bus station) the bus did not stop on the way. And return to Bangkok, van didn't stop for petrol (however when asking the driver nicely, he let me and other passengers out at ARL Ladkrabang or in Din Daeng - I stay in Sathorn and going to Mor Chit would be a detour).
  8. Chili con carne

    Robinson Bangrak has the expensive (Felix from Sweden), but my friend says he likes the cheaper Dewhurst better. Last week in Friendship Pattaya, the Dewhurst was sold out. Yesterday in The Mall Bangkapi Gourmet Market, no chili con carne at all.
  9. Paying flight home in my home currency?

    I tried. They still charge in THB. The address is .com in German language. I didn't think of that. I guessed the country from where you book the flight (IP address), not where the flight starts, determines the currency. I booked the flight (Bangkok to Berlin via Cologne for 6829 THB, this will be my cheapest flight ever) and will report back on exchange rate once it's billed on my credit card.
  10. A recurring problem, currently with eurowings: I am in Thailand now and want to book a flight to Germany. I am German, the airline is German, the destination is in Germany, the bank I will use to pay is in Germany, yet the website shows prices in THB and if I'm billed in THB, there will be conversion fees! How can I choose to pay in Euro? I could have someone in Germany (my parents) book the flight for me, but that would involve texting or calling the flight and bank details. If I use a VPN, that could lead eurowings to believe I'm in some other country and bill my in that currency, nothing gained (and might interfere with online banking).
  11. Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    I'm old fashioned and like to do things on paper rather than on internet. In addition, my bank account is in Germany, if Myanmar embassy bills me in USD, there will be conversion charges. Furthermore I have no printer, so I would have to go to internet cafe to print the visa. Shared taxi Myawaddi to Hpa-an, shared by how many people? (This information is nowhere on the internet or in guidebook, the driver could cram 3 in the back and 1 in front, then the trip would bring him 100 USD.) Around Hpa-An, we travel two, and my friend brings a drone (any advice on droning in Myanmar?), so better by car. Anyway, I have never driven a mocy and have no international driver's licence! Bicycle would be fine for me, but not for my friend. And I plan to go up and down Zwegabin on the two different trails, so have to arrange pick up by driver (if I were alone I would hitchhike or wait for a bus, but my friend wants more comfort).
  12. Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    I'm spoiled for living in walking distance to Myanmar embassy in Bangkok. Got the visa: 17jul2017 queue 11:05-55 to submit, could have picked it up on 19jul but was away, got it today 20jul2017 queue 15:30-45 (and then everyone gone!). 1600 THB for three day, +550 for next day, +690 for same day. Of all the websites that describe how to get the visa, all failed to notice or point out the entrance to visa section is actually on Pan road. So I walk along Sathorn road past the embassy, and turn into Pan road, and shock! There is a small migration of people, estimated 200, sitting on both sided of the road on the sidewalk, for a length of about 100 meter. However when I asked in the yellow sign copy shop, I am told they are all Myanmar people and not queuing for tourist visa. I got my passport copy there for 8 THB (the most expensive I have ever paid, even in the embassy they only charge 5), but as he provides an airconditioned room, with a seat and table and visa form and stationary, that is fine with me. Much more comfortable to fill out there than it would have been in the embassy. The red sign copy shop looked less comfortable and more crowded when I walked past. No proof of entry or exit requested. I'm currently unemployed, but put my job name and address of job center where I'm registered in Germany as unemployed under "current occupation", and it passed. What would a car with driver from Myawaddi to Hpa An, and sightseeing on the way, making the whole trip 4 hours driving and 3 hours sightseeing, cost? Then for the following day around Hpa An, keep the driver or send him back and get one from Hpa An (who might have better local knowledge)?
  13. Car and driver for 6 from Bangkok to Hua Hin

    I'm looking for a contact (telephone number, Line or email or facebook) to forward to my friend so he can book the service to travel in luxury and comfort. The 2000 was my own calculation to have an idea what it might cost. If someone asks for 10,000, I know it's overpriced. Now I remember a friend took taxi to Hua Hin and paid 1500.
  14. A friend of mine will arrive next month in a party of 6 people and is looking to get a car/bus/van to take all of them, and several suitcases, from Bangkok (probably hotel in Sathorn area) to Hua Hin. Any recommendation, websites, phone number, price? I asked a friend who used uber: then don't have such large cars, would have to book two cars. I asked a friend who works in tourism, and he asked whoever does their driving, and they wanted to know which date (either lost in translation or they are so obtuse to confuse a general inquiry with a booking). Multiplying number of seats in a van with ticket price (southern bus station to Hua Hin) would give a number of around 2000 THB. (This post might fit better into travel forum?)
  15. Mae Sot to Yangon trip Aug 2017

    What is the advantage of online visa? Other than queues at Myanmar embassy in Bangkok https://nomadicboys.com/get-visa-myanmar-bangkok/ https://travelhappy.info/thailand/myanmar-visa-in-bangkok-how-to-get-it/ What about proof of exit when applying for visa or at immigration in Mae Sot? What is cost for rent of car and driver, do they speak English, does the car have aircon, change car and driver at each overnight stop (hpa-an, kyaitko) or one all the way? Can it be done by bus (I mean is there a good bus network, like in Thailand)?