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  1. I finally bought the Canon G7Xmk2 and have been happy with it since. I don't know if the multiple issues my Sony RX100mk2 has are due to poor manufacturing or wear and tear (after 3 years and about 30,000 pictures, with me in dust and rain, and a lot of sweat either as water vapor or touching my sweat soaked clothes). So try something new, and the Canon is cheaper than the current Sony. Some observations: I like that you have to open the flash manually. I want full control over flash. The Canon comes with a charger, only in a footnote in the manual you find it can be charged over USB. Big issue for me, I have only one battery, and I don't want to be stranded during a trip with empty battery because I forgot to charge it, in such an emergency I can charge with power bank that I always carry with me. On the Sony, when the picture is reviewed, I can instantly zoom in to check. On the Canon, I have to hit the review button first. Internet gives 1 inch sensor size and 13.2mm x 8.8mm sensor size, but this is nowhere near 1 inch diagonal! When I have the camera hanging on my neck and it is on, accidental touches of my abdomen on touchscreen performs operations that I don't want. How can I easily disable touchscreen so I can leave the camera switched on, hanging on my neck between shots?
  2. I have hitchhiked myself in Thailand many times (around 50 times between 2013 and 2016) and see nothing wrong with it. Granted, the first case was because being dropped off at the wrong spot by a Thai friend, I was waiting for bus there were none! Always positively received by those who stop (you could imply negatively received by those who did not stop). But I speak Thai and know my way around. If someone comes here without local knowledge and without money, that's strange.
  3. I very rarely have this problem with big bus or taxi. I remember only once a big (local bus in Bangkok) bus stopped for petrol, and once a taxi driver stopped for a pee. But those vans Bkk-Pty stop every time. I could understand if it was halfway between Bangkok and Pattaya (but even then, I wouldn't need that stop), but a 15 minutes stop, 15 minutes before reaching the destination? The most plausible reason so far is: rather waste all passengers' time than doing a re-fuelling trip with an empty van.
  4. Why do vans stop at petrol stations during the ride? (Technically not a petrol stop, as they all run on LPG.) Whenever I travel by van between Bangkok and Pattaya, it stops for petrol. Going to Pattaya, the stop takes 15 minutes and is 30 minutes before reaching Pattaya. Does the LPG in the tank not last longer? Do they need the fare paid by the passengers to pay for the LPG? Is it just poor planning, wasting passengers' time, not to do it before or after the trip? Is there only on LPG petrol station between Bangkok and Pattaya (actually two, one for each direction)? I find it annoying and a waste of time, 15 passengers x 15 minutes = 3.75 man-hours, half a working day! I certainly need neither a cigarette (I'm a non-smoker anyway) nor a toilet nor a food break between Bangkok and Pattaya.
  5. I have been in similar situations. Out of 100 bus/boat/BTS/MRT rides, there is one exchange of knowing looks with a boy who roughly fits my specifications (but so far I always found an excuse not to chat him up, too old/fat/hair, too far away from home, whatever), and when I or he gets off, I or he looks back. A few cases that I have chatted up gorgeous boys on the bus, but they were not gay. I rarely take a taxi in Bangkok. I might meet my future boyfriend in a bus, but not in a taxi. Well said, worth quoting for those who missed it.
  6. The Thai in the pictures says there are 4 lines. Why they are numbered 4,,5,6,7, I have no idea.
  7. I have a similar question. I'm looking for advice for purchase of a new camera. Sony RX100mk2 purchased in Jul2014 was great to work with, but now developed some minor problems, and repair would be costly and take long time. Now I would spend up to 30 kTHB (the Sony RX100mk2 was 22 kTHB), and since I wore the Sony around my neck much more than putting it in my pocket, fitting in my pocket is not required any more. I can't see myself carring two lenses, if the new camera can exchange lenses, one will have to do. I do mainly architecture and streetlife photography, sometimes I can't get far away from the building to get it all in picture. Much low-light photography (around sunset and at night, shadow, in rooms) where I don't want to use flash. The Sony had problems focussing on close object (or I didn't use the right settings? - better read manual). Often strong contrasts (sun/shade), partially solved with shooting in HDR. Related to this, pictures often too dark on Sony, so I overexposed them by +1. Reflexions when I photograph objects behind glass (museum, maps/announcements/timetables at bus stations). I sometimes shoot overhead, screen has to flip down at least 45 degree so I can see. I don't need a view finder, the screen on the rear is fine for me. Charging by USB, I don't want a separate charger or a spare battery. Buy in Thailand or in Germany? I am currently in Thailand for holiday (and will mostly use the camera in Thailand), where I can get VAT refunded. In Germany I would have to pay 19% VAT, no refund (but due to different pricing in different countries, might be cheaper in Germany even after VAT?). A friend said for the Sony, I paid for the name and for the good performance for taking videos, neither of which is important to me. I consider myself a layman, usually shoot in automatic mode, and don't care about the various brands and models, just want one that suits me and hope it lasts for the rest of my life.
  8. Nitrites, and not just amyl (=pentyl) but butyl nitrites can be used to similar effect. Offers of poppers are widespread on the internet and on gay dating websites/apps.
  9. Ridiculous! Dozens of boat to/from Koh Larn land there every day without problems.
  10. But at Mae Nam Railway station (near MRT Klong Toey, there is only freight passing), you can buy train tickets for trains departing from Hua Lampong, that destroys my theory that any train station only sells tickets to/from that station. And how about booking offices, where to they buy the tickets? It's a matter of principle.
  11. Walked several times, about 30 min for a fast walker like me. Alternative is bus 52 from BTS Mor Chit which gets you closer to Government Center than Lak Si Railway station. Even better bus 166 from Victory Monument, which goes to the bus station next to Government Center.
  12. Among the documents when I got when I bought the camera was a list with shops. I went to Sony Center in The Mall Bangkapi and inquired: repair would cost 4900 Baht (replacing LCD screen, actually just the flexible connector has a contact problem, when I flip the screen it turns black - additional problem to those reported in op) and take one week. They would send it to the main branch in New Phetchaburi road, and from there it would be sent to Singapore for repair. As I use my camera almost every day, one week is unacceptable (unless they lend me the same model for free while mine is in repair). I was looking for a place where I can leave my camera, then go for lunch and a stroll around the neighborhood, and pick it up 2 hours later. Will check the recommendation AV-Camera next. Any further suggestions?
  13. I asked at Hua Lampong foreigner booking office: they sell only tickets to/from Hua Lampong. The two cases I inquired (Nong Khai to Thanalaeng and Surat Thani to Khirirat Nikom) can only be bought at these stations.
  14. Minimum number of free pages in passport? My passport is almost full. Minimum of 6 months validity for passport is well known, and I vaguely remember having read that there must be at least 2 empty pages in the passport. Does anyone have experience in this matter in south-east Asia in general (Thailand and visa runs around Thailand in particular)? I have left 2x1 page, 2x2/3 page, 1x1/3 page. That means I can get maximum of 2 visa stickers, and 2/3 page is enough area for Thailand entry/exit stamp and extension of stay stamp. (One visa sticker from Cambodia Feb 2016 is loose, whereas Jul 2014 still sticks well. I could easily pull off the Feb 2016 sticker, but part of the stamp on the sticker is on the rim of the page. I don't think this is a good idea.) My plan is to take a long holiday over winter (current plan is 4 months: 2 visa free entries to Thailand and 2 extensions of stay and one trip to another country in south-east Asia, most probably Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia or Vietnam) and there is enough space for all stamps (for Cambodia I might get e-visa to save one page in passport).
  15. I have never been asked for proof of onward travel by airline or immigration, but I want to be prepared for that case. When I applied for tourist visa it was compulsory. But the departure ticket will be days or weeks from arrival, might even be a different airport in the country (I arrive from Europe at Suwannaphumi, but my visa runs are mostly from Don Mueang), and therefore of no use to the airline that took you to Thailand as a means to get you out of Thailand. I do all my booking on the internet, no agent. I would do the bookings with different airlines so my real flight Germany-Thailand will have no connection to the flight I just want to use to satisfy airline/immigration requirements and want to get fully refunded once I am in Thailand (and choose a place and time for visa run closer to the actual visa run and not months before). I knew someone is going to say that. I try to avoid all unnecessary expenses. 9.99 USD is for 24 hour, which is too little in my case (I travel about 20 hours door-to-door). 48 h costs more, and then I can already get a ticket for a flight in the area (e.g. Bangkok-Saigon for around 1000 THB). The money for the reservation would be gone AND I would have to buy a flight ticket for visa run. I can live comfortable on very little money in Thailand, for 9.99 USD I could eat three days or stay in a hotel one night or travel an entire day.