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  1. Sorry to bump up old thread but, avoid any ethanol over 96 percent volume. They have to use benzen (cancer causing chemical) to make ethanol over 96 percent (99% for example). food grade ethanol must be obtained from natural ways and distilled up to 96 percent, if you want safe for whatever goes to your belly (medicine, vodka, liquor etc)
  2. True Online Upload Speed Problems

    3bb always gives advertised upload speeds to singapore and google (drive, youtube etc)
  3. These 5 people drink camel urine? It is muslim tradition, they believe it makes you healthy! Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  4. Someone please tell me what is going on here

    3BB does have Man in the Middle server for port 80 connections (and perhaps 443, I don't remember) you can check this by tcptraceroute command line app (not bundled with linux/windows, google it) so I'm not suprised if they force to use their dns servers. best way to bypass that is, using openvpn at router level at all times. A singapore 5 usd/month vps at digitalocean is your best friend.
  5. Someone please tell me what is going on here

    Lawsuit? Thailand is not western country. You dont have rights here. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. Fiber Optic Router Replace???? Help!!!

    If speed is fine via ethernet, just buy a good ac router. Ac1200 or ac1900. You still need to use fiber home china device for optic signal conversion. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    I wonder if 200/100 package in 3BB gets special speed bump like inter (+200 thb) compared to basic 100/30 mbit fiber package? I'll get 3bb fiber to Samui end of this month (after I've moved in) but not sure if I ever need 200/100 instead of 100/30 which is pretty fast.
  8. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    Are they single or multi threaded? testmy.net started to use multi thread for new tests by default.
  9. Can't Get Torrents

    Best way to download torrents is via seedbox / HTTPS. HTTPS is like VPN, they can't see what you're downloading (unless they use MITM attack). If you're that paranoid, openvpn + https download is the safest bet.
  10. Best place to buy laptop?

    You realize USA has no vat added to these prices and usd is lower than euro and gbp right? Usa is cheapest market for consumer electronics. No matter which currency you pay, it will be almost always cheaper to buy from usa except some items that are large/bulky and some with high custom taxes to Thailand.
  11. If laptop is not in stock, it is normal. some items are manufactured after order (due to customizations?)
  12. Best place to buy laptop?

    Why not Amazon.com ? Most laptops / items can be delivered via semi-expedited shipping and they charge customs taxes etc, so you don't pay anything. If you follow some daily deals, you could end up getting a nice ultrabook at 699 usd + 7% VAT (plus around %1 to the pittnew bowes) + 20-30 usd shipping, which is still cheaper than in Thailand. You'll also get full english keyboard without thai letters.
  13. Probably because it is not public 3BB wifi? Perhaps somebody is making fun, or thinking it is fun to rename their wifi name to 3BB?
  14. TOT internet

    Even if you have the most expensive router and wireless system in the world, wireless channels are limited and shared with other users. 10cm thick walls and lack of real iron inside then will make it other wi-fi signals roam freely in your home, resulting tens of other wifi signals unless you live in a Single house with big garden (or in a Village). I get over 15 wifi signals in my modern townhouse. If in a condo, this number can easily reach 30 or more. Thanks to ISPs even 5ghz is crowded now. A few years ago, I was the only one using 5ghz in my street, now several more added :)