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  1. muratremix

    ROUTER, ASUS RT-AC86u Flash sale

    94 usd? I just bought for 179 usd damn!
  2. Perhaps this is a malware intended to monitor facebook posts for users in Thailand? Like, government issued? China insists installing similar malware in north-western china (uighur area). 3bb does dns hi-jacking so using or redirected to 3bb dns servers. It would be possible to infect android phones with bogus dns and servers if they wanted.
  3. muratremix

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    15789 baht for 55mu6100 is a steal!
  4. if HG8245H in bridge mode there is no way it can be infected. suspect your tp-link router. maybe upgrade firmware, reset to factory defaults after upgrade etc?
  5. muratremix

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    UHD samsungs are pretty cheaper in lazada compared to homepro.
  6. Casa Italia is the name. They sell roasted coffee but its nowhere cheap. They also not roast every day but they do roast every week, so freshness is depends on what day you buy. Redcliff was very good a few years ago, now not so good. I'm disappointed with roasted coffee (medium / full city) from redcliff nowadays. Hillkoff fresh roast is also not very fresh. Makro has boncafe but I never managed to bought anything newer than 2-3 weeks with boncafe from Makro. Usually 1 month or older roasted beans...
  7. muratremix

    TOT Fiber CGN?

    TOT has the most IPv4 space in Thailand. If they use CGN means their IPv4 is depleted. Ask customer service to get out of CGN.
  8. muratremix

    3BB Fibre international speeds

    Just get 200/100 https sites get better speed in 3bb and you can enjoy 80-160 mbps to singapore on a single https connection europe etc can get 40mbps+ on https via single connection again. google services gets 200 mbps stable download speed thanks to peering upload speed to google drive is 100 mbps, great for cloud.
  9. muratremix

    Tomato/ddrt flashed routers or flashable routers

    Damn. I just ordered AC86u from gearbest at 179.99 usd I use wrt3200acm but I really hate openwrt/LEDE it requires too much manual intervention to do many things. Asuswrt is much easier and user friendly.
  10. muratremix

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    my tv is entrance level 2017 model UHD samsung 55 inch 6100 series. firmware update is automatic and firmware updates every 3-6 months so no weekly / monthly updates. I play movies from 2TB NTFS formatted 2.5 inch USB3 drive directly connected to tv. My firmware is 1210
  11. muratremix

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    my samsung plays hdr h265 fine (55mu6100)
  12. muratremix

    Property market situation

    There is a land for sale in angthong hills for 1.4 million thb, 1400 sqm its on a hill, but with security and community. problem is community payments are like 6500 thb/month to pay salaries of security. water is 50 Baht/unit and is carried by truck, electric is 5 Baht I think, government max rate is 4.5 there are companies who can built your home so you don't need to deal with anything, just pay them every once a while after they complete some of the work.
  13. muratremix

    Property market situation

    illegal but doable, as everybody is doing it. you can rent home to yourself so company can make rental revenue and has a purpose!
  14. muratremix

    Property market situation

    Never buy anything without consulting to a trustworthy lawyer first. As you are buying property with company attached, you need to make sure there are no debts or loans on company who owns villa. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  15. muratremix

    3BB realistic speeds

    3BB speed is capped at 3 Mbit/s for most locations without HTTPS Asian locations without HTTPS still fast (Singapore, Japan, Korea etc) It's a good thing most major websites are HTTPS and enjoys 35-40 Mbit speed with 3BB. Assuming you use a good vpn from singapore, you can achieve 70-80 Mbit easily I have 200/100 3bb btw.