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  1. is this the latest swerve by 3BB

    Maybe they don't put on hold for free but charge some percentage of your package?
  2. If you love trump so much why don't you go back to the states? Majority of the rest of the world doesn't like trump, not because of his looks but because of his actions and agenda of destroying the planet earth. Trump is the planet-killer!
  3. HISENSE TV / 55'' UHD SMART M7030

    So no comment on M7030's picture quality? No other lg/samsung tv does have edge lit and local dimming in this price range (55 inch uled m7030 is 25990 baht - 7% discount at lazada)
  4. HISENSE TV / 55'' UHD SMART M7030

    So how does hisense series 7 or 5 (m7030 or m5010) performs? as in picture quality?
  5. Fiber speed/throttling issue WITH VPN

    All ISPs do throttle several kinds of connections. You won't get full speed of 200 mbps internationally. Not even in the United States you are guaranteed of provided speed.
  6. Fiber speed/throttling issue WITH VPN

    keeping LA vpn connected is very bad idea for all devices. You should keep VPN at your computer connected to LA when you need it and leave router alone. overall browsing speed will be faster if you keep no-vpn or just use singapore for ping/latency and bandwidth issues. using LA vpn will add 200 ms ping whatever you do. Most big websites has singapore node so 40 ms vs 200ms is big difference.
  7. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    You don't get too many choices (usually just one!) when you live in a condo. Also, chidlom is not exactly a money-saver place, it is expensive. AIS Fibre and 3BB Fiber is highly recommended. TOT is crap, CAT is a bit better than TOT but still not my first choice. for American IP you need vpn on router. However it doesn't mean you can watch american netflix. Netflix can detect proxy/vpn much better than we can detect Ladyboys from 100m distance. If you have family in the states with good internet connection, having a vpn server set in united states could give you access to all US content including netflix.
  8. Fiber speed/throttling issue WITH VPN

    which vpn are you using? use singapore node for best performance. if chamelon vypervpn works good, just use it on pc instead of router. or https://www.goldenfrog.com/vyprvpn/vpn-router
  9. 3bb also gives dynamic public ipv4 (mostly, when available atleast!) while AIS gives shared ipv4 CGNAT and ipv6 public dynamic. 3bb does not throttle against google/youtube (google drive ftw!) and throtlles very little or none against singapore location (which makes super fast if you know what you're doing!)
  10. Thai Embassy warns about tourist scams in Turkey

    Scammers are everywhere (maybe except A+++ western countries where rule of law is strictly executed) Unfortunately, if you are from a grade A+++ western country, where government does all the thinking and protection for its citizens, one can be fooled into these scams.
  11. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    I did some testmy.net testes yesterday 21.30 and speed was not better. They probably changed your account routing? I did not test all servers, but I did dallas, japan, UK and singapore. Singapore was the best of course.
  12. 3BB users get dynamic IP or Shared IP (CGNAT)?

    if you call 3bb callcenter and tell them to remove you from cgnat, they do it. atleast my thai wife managed to get us off cgnat very easy. not sure for english speaking call center staff.
  13. 3BB fibre v Ais Mobile Data

    maybe it is blocked at p2p level or something?
  14. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    I also made these tcp traceroute tests on TOT and True and I can confirm they don't have MITM proxy.
  15. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    1) yes it does prove. udp and tcp traceroute to the same server is completely different. it also fakes ping so test results don't show bogus faster than light ping speeds. However they did not made this MITM system to fake speedtest results. 2) Thailand IT crimes law is serious. They have to record online activity. Especially what people wrote on public forums etc like pantip.com and others. 3) MITM proxy helps bypassing ISP throttling on port 80. So, normally I get better speeds when I use https on port 443, because it is encrypted and harder to throttle. But, I get better speeds on port 80 on 3bb fiber now, which doesn't make sense (other than they removed throttling in mitm server)