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  1. Help With Setting Up dd-wrt Router on 3BB

    so I checked dnsleaktest website, it proves 3bb does dns hijacking indeed. I set up dnscrypt proxy in my openwrt/LEDE router I restarted dnsmasq with proper options now I get proper, unhijacked dns P Hostname ISP Country fvz-arec-nl-ams.dnsrec.meo.ws Melbikomas UAB Netherlands
  2. Help With Setting Up dd-wrt Router on 3BB

    You need a new router that supports dd-wrt. And then some technical stuff. Not sure you can find somebody in a computer shop etc that can do it. how is your 3bb setup? GPON + router or, fiber cable goes directly into white color router (one small device + 1 router combo or just one device for wifi/fiber)
  3. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    This power boost promo says public ipv4 and public ipv6 which means no CGNAT and real IP. Besides, 200/200 for day and 50/50 night for 1190 baht seems good enough? Even 790 baht one for 100/100 and 30/30 seems acceptable. Symmetrical upload/download looks good, feels good :)
  4. 3bb vs ais fiber vs true online ( fttx)

    Pib have you seen this? http://www.ais.co.th/fibre/powerboost/en/index.html
  5. Turnkey Solution - Internet Provider with VPN solution

    You need to use an advanced router with vpn. No ISP will offer turnkey solution for that.
  6. 3bb fiber

    In condo you will not get fiber connection, only vdsl2 permitted and it will not reach 100 mbps. You can still ask them but your options are limited. You have to use whatever your condo chosen to work with and you can't use anything else.
  7. best 5ghz router ??

    Asus AC86u is high end router. I recommend it.
  8. internet speeds slow: me, 3bb, or everyone?

    3bb throttles most locations to 3-4 mbits. But google, netflix and large websites are faster due to relaxed throttling.
  9. Help With Setting Up dd-wrt Router on 3BB

    If you don’t use smartdns but use openvpn, dns hijacking would not affect you. Why don’t you try vpn on your pc first and try watching stuff to see if it works first?
  10. There is no such thing. Sorry. All international bw is limited in Thai datacenters and unless you pay crazy high dedicated international bw, you get shared low international bw. Just use singapore for f. sake. great speed to Thailand and rest of the world.
  11. How to get Wi-fi In Asoke new Condo.

    4G does not add +100 ms ping. It is more like 20-40 ms
  12. 3BB vs TOT vs CAT vs AIS Fiber optic comparison

    Speedtesting against moscow is very unrealistic. 3bb throttles almost all non-https connections to 3-4 mbits. They have higher allowances for some destinations like Asia and US west coast. Google services are unthrottled in 3BB. I get max speed (210,000 kbit/s) at all times. Most of the routing is near perfect in 3BB. They peer via France or De-Cix using seamewe submarine cables and ping is usually good.
  13. Long term mobile internet to replace ADSL

    dtac seems pretty good. ais has 6 mbps for 550 + VAT / month.
  14. Home cloud

    Perhaps it's better if you stick to google drive 1Tb for 10 usd/month for the time being? or 100Gb for 2 usd/month for starters?
  15. Does anyone have AIS Fiber?

    Koh samui has True docsis (which is carried via fiber) on island and they can provide 200 or 300 mbps packages.