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  1. Hey, Does anyone know where you can buy green bus tickets in town (near Thae Phae Geate) instead of going to bus station? thank you
  2. Hanging storage baskets? cheers
  3. Do you think train + Langawi crossings are best bet?
  4. I know Malaysian borders have become a lot more strict over last year, but can you get your 2x yearly VOA without any trouble now that it’s Official? cheers
  5. It wasn’t very busy at the consulate today, 2 People on a table checking documents. About 1/3 were pointed towards A/B windows. 2/3 of people were being given a number + sheet saying when to come back tomorrow and told to go away. I even asked about payment because I thought you had to pay first, but they just said show form tomorrow. Is this normal? cheers
  6. I’m guessing you can pay the extra dollar (weekend) to enter in baht?
  7. I’m staying there for a while, so it would be more than 20K in total. Apparently there are ATMs before immigration. Yeah on tattoos, Wat Bang Phra.
  8. I’m going to do my next visa run in Laos and spend about a week there. I had to show 20K baht at the Malaysian border last time. Do they want to see it at the Nong Khai border too? I’d prefer not to carry it around with me if possible. cheers
  9. If you’re going to stay in Laos for a while can you use Bangkok Bank to take 20,000 out for proof of funds? I’m not sure if the banks can be used for personal banking. cheers
  10. finy

    Anyone noticed the caffeine content?

    Yeah, that would make Red Bull about 50mg. I heard a venti ice coffee from Starbucks (not sure if same in Thailand) has about 300mg in it. I’m not sure why people go wild over those little things and say they have magic qualities.
  11. finy

    Anyone noticed the caffeine content?

    They only have 50mg per bottle. You would need 4 or 6 to hit 200/300mg. But thanks, good suggestion.
  12. finy

    Funds transfers from offshore HSBC $ account

    Western Union £2.90 + 0.5 below XE.com rate
  13. finy

    Anyone noticed the caffeine content?

    Hey man, I’m really sorry about your unfortunate past. I hope I didn’t stir up many bad memories. I just wanted a kick for a really long day of work and 7 eleven is next door. Pointless drinking it if it’s just a milkshake.
  14. Does anyone know if the ice coffee machines in 7 elevens have decent caffeine content in them?
  15. Are they trigger happy with red stamps? Was thinking of going for a month or two at some point, but don’t want a red stamp. PS I’ve never been before (well I have, but not for visa).