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  1. Don’t have a clue if they will. It just says ‘observance’ on 2018 Thai holidays. Cheers
  2. Should I get a bus to the Green Mango area? I’m guessing that’s where the majority of restaurant/bars are. It’s so big you can’t really turn up anywhere. cheers
  3. Is Dental 4U any good?

    Yeah, same road. Thanks very much.
  4. There are more dentists than food stalls in Chiang Mai, so I can’t look at them all. I was just wondering if Dental 4U is okay? I don’t need a world class dentist. Just a competent one who can do deep clean, whitening, and fillings. cheers
  5. OP, I have them: A photocopy of my passbook from Bangkok Bank. A print out of my UK ISA from April (this was December) I can’t guarantee these will be accepted, but if you have a chunk of money in foreign account I’m guessing they won’t care too much.
  6. What a hipster. I don’t go anywhere without gold bars, plus a few nuggets.
  7. Cheers, but it’s just really to get an extra 4 months on old passport (2 visa exempts + renewals) before I need a new one. By the time I get a new passport I’ll be able to use 2 next year.
  8. Thanks, yeah I meant 30 day visa exempts which you can extend for an extra 30 Days, to make 60 Days in total.
  9. I probably only have another 2 tourist visas to go before I’ll need a new passport... ...so I was wondering if you can still get your 2x yearly VOAs in Mae Sai? cheers
  10. You won’t believe this but I went to town on it with a wooden toothpick and it now works. i already tried sharpening a cotton bud with a knife and putting cotton on the head of it to clean out, but must have been too weak. toothpick removed a little gunk.
  11. My iPad is on its last legs. It Won’t charge up with a new Apple cable. Does with an old one after 5 minutes of wriggling. Girl in shop says she can change Actual port on iPad for 2000, which sounds kind of cheap. Id do it if it’s gonna work because I don’t want to buy a new laptop for a few months before I settle down, but I might just get now if this charger port change won’t work. Is it really so easy to change? cheers
  12. Thanks for all the tips. Just going to stay on Samui, but I will use some of the suggestions later.
  13. So you get 2 per year, but where is best place to take them? Laos is far away. Ive heard it’s tough in Malaysia. Anywhere down south in Burma you could do it? Obviously all land border crossings. I’d rather be turned away than sent packing. Cheers
  14. Does anyone know the passport photo sizes you need?
  15. I've got people 60ish coming to visit me for a few weeks in Feb. I'm currently in Samui, but it makes more sense for me to be in Chiang Mai. I just don't know if they'll enjoy Chiang Mai as there is no beach to chill at. Night time will be fine, plus a visit to Pai and Chiang Rai would help. I just can't think of much to do during the day. They wouldn't want to wander around temples, go on tours that are based hours drive out of city etc. Do you have any ideas so I can think about them? I don't have much experience doing touristy things as I've just lived there permanently. Cheers