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  1. Does anyone know if immigration is open on Saturday? It says it's open 8-12 Saturday on Google Pages, but just says Mon-Fri on website. If visa expires Sat 18th and you go on first day opening are you still charged 2 days overstay? cheers
  2. Does anyone know how to go from Lamai to Maenam by songthaew? I need to visit immigration. Ive heard you need to take 2 different rides, but I don't know where you change. cheers
  3. Visa in Penang

    It's so easy to do yourself and gives you something to do besides eat curry. If you're traveling by minibus definitely recommend. If not, just do it through agent.
  4. Penang visa

    I think Penang is the easiest if down south and the curry is unreal. You can give 500bht bribe at border if you don't have 20k on you.
  5. DTAC dongles and micro SIM cards

    It was a USB device, but it would be awesome if the iPad hotspot thing works.
  6. Does anyone know if DTAC dongles accept micro SIM cards? I have a micro sim in my iPad, but I'm going to get a laptop and will need a dongle. would be nice to use same sim for both. cheers
  7. In town all the agencies with minibuses to Samui are at 5am. Outside the consulate in Penang they claim to have a bus that leaves at 3.30pm (same as Hat Yai time) Would I be right in thinking they'll take you to Hat Yai and ask you to come back at midnight for second leg, so you can catch first boat to Samui in morning. Sorry I forgot to ask them at the time. cheers
  8. Nowhere is Thailand seems to have Malaysian Ringgits. Do you think any current exchanges will be available at 8pm in Penang? Cheers
  9. Magic, thank you. It does say something about 12 months on site, I just didn't know it topped up automatically.
  10. Thank you! I have the 9 gb package. when I clicked on the first link it showed my number, remaining balance, usage, refill options etc. I was hoping if I increased my balance using the machine I could use preexisting funds to top up. on the refill screen it looks like it just takes debit cards, but maybe preexisting balance will be possible if I have enough. I think my current package might already be set. cheers
  11. Would I just put money on the machine using my number then click on that link to reapply for package?
  12. Those orange machines outside 7/11, I sort of get how you could top up your phone. But obviously with iPads you have a number, but you can't send messages or enter codes. It it even possible to top up a DTAC internet only package on the machines? Advice on how to do it would be much appreciated. cheers
  13. I have family visiting in a while, so I'll probably just do the same. I've never ordered from a Thai website before.
  14. Does anyone know if they have these around? Only been able to find mini toasted sandwich makers that look similar. cheers
  15. Thanks guys! Didnt know there was an embassy there. I'll definitely ask about it when booking travel. Found out you can leave 8am here and reach Penang by 11pm on bus, so in time to apply for visa next morning. Train arrival in Butter is 1pm and extra day. Only thing now is how to get back from Penang. I'm guessing it will be a minibus to Surat Thani via Hat Yai, but probably night there and boat in morning.