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  1. So you're openly admitting to stalking 10 percent of the time?
  2. Glad someone else remembers.
  3. At least it's not d I c k pics.
  4. It might have been people being turned away because the visas were free. I can't say for sure it was a 20k bridge issue. I can say for sure if V was business as usual I'd already be in Thailand.
  5. I've been there before for visa run years ago, it's definitely a nice place. I think it sounds like the 3 places (incl Penang) are okay as long as you have things in order.
  6. I've been paying very close attention to it because I've been planning my return. I'm not sure if UJ reads every single post on here, but there was talk of people being refused entry or visa at both places. It was said apparently it had something to do with the free visas. Maybe there was just the one or two people with problems in V. OP I'm sure it will be fine. I would take a bank statement just in case if it was me.
  7. Here is one from S about people being denied visa - There have been reports on here about people being turned away at V bridge (at least when visas were free), but maybe it's changed now.
  8. Bad as in getting rejected at border of V without 20k cash or having visa declined at S without onward flight and itinerary. lots of stories on here recently. im already in Asia.
  9. I have about enough for 18 months living expenses saved up, but I know I'll need to do lots of tourist visa runs in that time. Is Vientiane and Sakhannet really as hard as everyone says, with flight bookings and carrying 20K in cash? (I have Thai bank account so statements would be fine) I'm so pissed off the gyms and crap and wifi so bad in Cambodia I can't watch movies lol But I'm put off by all the hassle it sounds like. I'm I just reading all the bad reports and taking them into consideration too much, or is it really beginning to get impossible to stay in Thailand for more than a few months. I'd be happy with 2x single entry tourist visa from each Laos embassy if the process is smooth and bank statement is enough. Cheers.
  10. In the luggage compartment?
  11. Thanks, was thinking VOA - extension - Mai Sai border jump - extension as backup before needing to go to Laos.
  12. Just realized I have 3 SETV from PP, first one January 2015. Worth even trying for another one?
  13. Or an idiot found his phone and sent text for a 'laugh'. meanwhile, dude doesn't know he is International news. but probably 2 or 3 unfortunately.
  14. With these 2 border runs everyone is entitled to know, do they could the year : 1st visa to last visa or 1st Jan to 31st Dec