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  1. Was just wondering if the street workout area has gymnastics rings + how heavy the biggest kettlebell is. cheers.
  2. No it's not, it's included. Maybe you're thinking of something other than Int Priority.
  3. It's just standard with Int Priority.
  4. Leaving Thailand for a few days to get visa and heading straight back.
  5. Cheers, Seems it's actually USPS International Priority, which is tracked and insured so should be safe. The $20 I'll save on FedEx might pay for duty is there is any.
  6. 4th PP visa was no problem if it will help anyone. All in a row, but not in and outs obviously.
  7. I would like to order something from the US and they can FedEx it for $47. It's only $17 more expensive than USPS and can be tracked plus picked up at building, so I guess it will be safer. Do they charge import tax? And if so, how much for something worth $70. Also, does anyone know how you get it specifically to Chiang Mai office instead of it ending up in Bangkok or somewhere. cheers
  8. Op, Cheap and very filling. Buy a rice cooker and throw in X amount of rice. Buy meat dishes from market and mix into rice. 3,000+ calories (or 3-4 meals) will stay warm all day. Maybe cost around 130 bht (inc rice), delicious, and more filling than those little meals.
  9. I have plans for the gym. I guess in Thailand an outdoor and indoor pool are basically the same. thanks peoples.
  10. Not all fancy prancy ones with girls cooling you down with bamboo leaves and fancy waterfalls everywhere. just an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room, and sauna like you'd get as part of health club back home. seems the best gyms with equipment don't have them, so will need to find a separate place. i hope I explained it well enough and it didn't seem like I was talking about a high end spa where you get wheatgrass shots complimentary. cheers
  11. Thanks guys, done now. ill leave an update in case anyone is going through the same thing.
  12. Thanks but Cambodian buses don't agree with my back and want to cripple me.
  13. Well it would help if you didn't keep secrets. How do you do it? lets say I wanted to transfer £1000 1- withdrawals from cash machine = huge amount of money 2- Bank transfer = £30ish 3- Western Union (paying by card to bank) = around £12 with fee plus low fx
  14. I've spoke with a travel agency recently and they said they could get me a 4th Thai visa from the PP embassy. The new rules they have say they might want an interview if they're back to back, but no specific number is given. My visas were issued in 2014, 2015, and 2016 so not back to back. Also, they said I can show bank statement instead of flight out of Thailand since my visa doesn't expire until August and they'll say I'm getting bus back. Has anyone heard of anyone having success with this before. I don't want to apply and make plans if it's definitely a 3 max rule.
  15. Maybe you can't read, but I said it's still cheaper when fees from bank are taken into account.