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  1. brobro2424

    Thai Co Making A Loss On Items Sold To Uk Co

    The guy I spoke to at a faily reputable lawyers office today suggested that I couldd not operate at a loss. And that I could not sell something without showing some profit and paying some tax on profits. Something about transfer pricing. I am wondering whether a Thai business is really what I need. Perhaps I could just pay some Thai people from the UK co. (by oDesk for example) to carry out the buying and packing and shipping of the goods to the UK company via Fedex for example. Anyone any thoughts on that? Thanks
  2. brobro2424

    Thai Co Making A Loss On Items Sold To Uk Co

    I guess specifically I'm interested what the Thai taxman would have to say about it. Thanks
  3. Just in the process of setting up my Thai company to export goods to my uk company for selling to uk customers. Is there anything to stop me from making a loss on items that I sell to the UK company? So say I buy items for 1000B then sell them to the UK co at 500B ? The vat and duty at UK customs would be based on the 500B rather than 1000B. The Thai co would show a loss, so no company tax. I may be missing something fundamental here but surely its not illegal to run a business at a loss? Could I perhaps even sell the items at a lost but provide admin services to the UK co so that the thai co. broke even ? Any constructive opinions/ suggestions appreciated