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  1. And still who put that child in that position to be taken into custody? Who asked to be taken into custody? What was her condition at THAT point? All you bleeding hearts feel generous with a keyboard Why not send cash? Lots of cash
  2. meechai

    SURVEY: Trump -- Will his presidency end soon?

    Illegitimate = "not authorized by the law; not in accordance with accepted standards or rules" So your wrong ..again Shoulda,woulda,coulda I am guessing the illegitimate madame president often cries the same
  3. Only person to blame for this girls death is her father
  4. meechai

    SURVEY: Trump -- Will his presidency end soon?

    Do you mean arrogant like those who kept saying get use to saying madame president?? Well then, I guess you can teach old dogs new tricks But they still cant hunt
  5. meechai

    Four-step plan issued to rid Thailand of garbage

    Tougher visa requirements?
  6. If you don't count the 60 or so killed every day on the roads alone.... Then again, many like Thailand because what makes it unsafe also makes it safer for them to slip through the cracks
  7. meechai

    Leaving Thailand after 13 Years..

    His name is Dick Crank after all :)
  8. meechai

    Travel isurance

    Of course will depend on where your going/how long/need insurance in USA? If no USA visits of course cheaper. But that aside try here www.imglobal.com I use them for 3 month trips & prices are ok I just tested as 85 male to see & yes it works but I did not know where your going nor citizenship etc Just go try the quick input they have & you will get a online quote in less than a minute Patriot International from their final choice list usually has best rates & is highly rated
  9. As always it will come from the younger generations who will eventually say NO & topple old habits/beliefs that they know are not valid Videos like the recent Prathet Ku Mee is the direction they will go. It starts with questioning the validity.
  10. meechai

    Problem @ CM Immigration

    They always give me that big blue receipt for my 1900 baht as soon as I pay?
  11. Didn't you have this on sale for more than double this price last week? http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/666963-2011-ninja-250-race-or-street-bike/#entry6811005