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  1. idiot was medically defined? I thought idiot was from the Greek idiote meaning a person not interested in knowing anything about things that don't directly relate to him (i.e. someone who is intentionally ignorant). Not necessarily derogatory but definitely not positive.
  2. Video: More appalling driving caught on tape

    Oh this one is easy, they walk in, sit a test, guess them all, if they pass they get their license and drive, if they don't they repeat.
  3. I don't think steps are a good indicator. Better to measure it by hours worked/hours employed. We do this with our data entry girls, we were getting 3-4.5 hours out of an 8 hour day. Lazy by my books but not entirely bad compared to our workers in Australia.
  4. Video: More appalling driving caught on tape

    That's not true, section 70 of the Land Traffic Act requires you slow down. That being said, he definitely slowed down.
  5. Yep definitely true for private sector, during the floods of 2010 Khun Tun (owner of Oishi group) sent many of his workers to volunteer in the flood affected areas and he himself went up to Ayutthaya to help out yet when he needed to use the Jetski taxi for ground transportation they charged him 7000 baht for a ride (going rates were 40 - 60 baht) simply because they knew he had the money. I don't have any ethical problems with dual pricing but this guy went up there to help them yet they still overcharge him tremendously, doesn't sit right with me.
  6. Video: More appalling driving caught on tape

    They act on instinct and copying, IQ doesn't come into it at all. They are taught from a young age not to think and to just copy what the teacher shows them. So they could have an IQ of 150 and still do a dumb thing like this, it's just Thainess, the Corolla driver will say after this, "but I've done this a hundred times and never had an accident, it must be someone else's fault!".
  7. Video: More appalling driving caught on tape

    People put their hazards on here when they have to brake hard, just for safety.
  8. Yes, same situation as Thailand, you become a citizen/PR you get local rates. No idea on numbers but gaining Thai citizenship is significantly harder, but gaining PR significantly easier in Thailand.
  9. Australia has dual pricing for foreigners. Thankfully it's not on anything important like natural park entry (just hospital and education).
  10. Nah, didn't you read, "He urged the public not to be alarmed and said that Phichit was not the only area affected. “Chaiyaphum, Ubon Ratchathani and Nong Khai provinces also had Zika cases before,” he said." It's affected other provinces before so we don't have to be alarmed.
  11. Cabbie confessed to raping a Chinese tourist

    Front is way safer. You're far more likely to be in an accident than be raped/robbed and most taxis lack of seat belts in the back.
  12. No, read the article, there was explicit legislation which forbids using mobile phones while driving but there is no such legislation regarding make up or eating, therefore it's only illegal if it comes under dangerous or negligent driving.
  13. In other words what I said is entirely correct and you can't fault it so you choose to argue things that you think I mean but didn't actually say. I'm just stating the legalities here and why the MB driver likely won't face any penalty. I'm not trying to imply anything like what you're arguing against. I for one think he was road raging, I just don't see much luck in a legal claim against him unless he admits to having malicious intent.
  14. Yeah that's this thread. In that video the lorry had 9 seconds from when the camera vehicle came in front to bring his truck to a stop so he had more than sufficient time (a fully loaded semi could've stopped in time). He has an obligation to adjust his speed to a safe following distance from a brief reactionary/brake delay after the point that the camera vehicle came in front, he obviously wasn't driving with due care (or his brakes failed). The thing that can make the MB driver in that video have liability is malicious intent. Without malicious intent it's just another vehicle stopped in the left lane of an expressway so the vehicle in the back is at fault. Stopping for any damage caused to another vehicle is not only a reasonable reason, it's legally required (Sect 78 LTA iirc) so vehicles are required to drive with the reasonable expectation of encountering stopped vehicles. Not expecting a stopped vehicle on an highway is not a reasonable defense for rear-ending it. I understand this might not be the law in US/Canada - I know there was a case in Canada where a young lady was sentenced to jail after a motorbike drove into the back of her stopped car but this is Thailand - the laws are different here and you need to drive in accordance with the local laws.
  15. In Thailand if you drive into the back of a stopped vehicle it's your fault unless the stopped vehicle had just entered the lane before stopping and it was not reasonable for you to have braked in time. It doesn't matter if they're in the right lane of an expressway - it's still 100% the fault of the vehicle who hit it. If you drive enough on the highways here you'll know they usually just stop wherever the crash was, on motorways this is very commonly in the right lane so people are usually prepared for this and slow down accordingly. In any case, they don't usually go more than 30km/h around this particular bend and as it's elevated the truck (which was directly behind me) could be seen from a mile away.