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  1. The number 32 at night is a good run, just beware of the odd U-turn and slow down appropriately - they will not expect you coming at 300km/h.
  2. Turning right on Green

    No signs, by straight light I mean just a solid green. I was pulled over on Thaphraya/Jomtien Sai 2 but there are heaps of other situations like this in Pattaya. I understand what is commonly done here (i.e. they wait until a green light appears) but I can't find anything legislated making it illegal (unless there is a sign which says to wait or a red turn arrow) so I was more curious as to whether this situation is questioned (or taught?) in the driving test.
  3. This might seem like an obvious question but can you turn right in this situation: You're at a traffic light, you have a green straight light and the turn right light is off but present. There is no red turn signal. In Australia you can turn right but you must give way to oncoming traffic but when I did at an intersection in Pattaya a cop pulled me over and told me it's illegal. I showed him the Land Traffic Act (in Thai) on my phone and asked him to point out what law I broke and he said he's illiterate (he said 'aan mai pen'). So anyone know this for sure? Is it asked on the driver's license test (I use an IDL for driving here)
  4. He is being charged with DUI - what I'm saying is these are fairly trivial offenses in Thailand which do not carry mandatory jail time. I'm not saying they're treated the same, I'm saying that because of Thai cultural views on recklessness, the only way he'll go to jail is if he's charged with murder (or if he's committed similar previous offenses which I don't think is the case here).
  5. There was a taxi driver who hit a pedestrian in Sathorn and did a runner, he didn't go to jail (other than waiting for trial before bail was posted). While yes voluntary compensation is a factor in sentencing and can lead to reduced sentences, it's not really necessary here unless they convict him for murder, Thai law just doesn't consider recklessness a serious offense.
  6. It's already over - unless they can get him for attempted murder which would require proving he deliberately drove over the body, he ain't going to jail. Nothing to do with him being a doctor or hush money, just to do with how Thai society considers recklessness to be a trivial offense.
  7. I should read beyond the titles before posting.
  8. Basically they need to have enough free rooms available. Hotels aim for 100% occupancy and often premium members request early checkin so if there empty rooms they often reserve those for them. If there's any left after that you can usually get them but there's no guarantees unless you pay for the previous night.
  9. This judge is an idiot, while I agree that there is no proven intent this is a negligence case, intent is not required.
  10. The SPG hotels (Sheraton/Westin/Aloft/W) do early check-in by availability, the Sheraton by the Chaopraya and Aloft seem to almost always have early availability, Westin, W and the Sukhumvit Sheraton are less likely.
  11. End of fossil fuel is near: industry

    This was a good point 10 years ago but solar panels are more efficient and long-lasting now.
  12. People who admire petty thieves probably don't have anything worth stealing...
  13. Panthongtae Shinawatra faces legal action

    Read the article, he's either guilty or incredibly stupid and I doubt its the latter. Returning the illegally obtained money does not absolve one from criminal charges so the only defense would be that he's stupid and didn't realise. That being said, they're probably trying to get rid of him too to avoid him becoming the next Thaksin proxy.
  14. Ummm Thailand has always been like this. Negligence is a way of life here and most peopleare guilty of it. You only get punished if you upset the wrong people though.
  15. Intimate touching deemed sexual harassment

    Then I get sexually harassed every time I walk near the table of gays near any male bathroom at most thai pubs.