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  1. Basically she goes to criminal court, the family of the victim make a statement saying they forgive her and believe she deserves a second chance, she vows to do religious stuff, the court says she is obviously lady of good character and hands her the minimum sentence which for death through negligence is nothing and she walks free to do it again.
  2. You can get the S AMG edition which goes to 300.
  3. Thailand has a law against death by negligence, it's a serious criminal offence which carries a maximum fine of 20,000 baht (this is in addition to compensation payable to the family of the deceased) or even jail time.
  4. Firstly, there is no law in Thailand against overtaking on the left. Secondly, it can't even be established that that's what he's doing. The pickup was in the right lane so the most reasonable conclusion is that he was overtaking the motorbike. Then the pickup driver sees a turn he wants, cuts across the lane while braking to make the turn which is why the motorbike had more speed than the pickup a the time of impact. There are many scenarios you can think up that would make the motorbike at fault but the most reasonable one makes the pickup 100% at fault for the accident.
  5. It's just a normal cls63, electrically limited to 250.
  6. Look again, the pickup cut across from the right lane and braked in front. When you make a lane change you must yield to vehicles already in that lane.
  7. Undertaking is slang meaning passing on the inside lane.
  8. If you watch then video slowly you can see the pickup actually came from the 2nd lane, into the first then across the hard shoulder to turn in. All done without a blinker. The biker is ignorant but he has no liability.
  9. Yeah, them pesky nerves can be somewhat unreliable in delivering those electric signals from the brain.
  10. Yes but these loan sharks were refusing repayments so they could eventually take over the borrower's land.
  11. As stated there is no law against passing in a lane on the left. Section 45 prohibits passing on the left when there isn't a lane there. Edit: I see you pointed out section 34, this is concerned with keeping left, it does not prohibit undertaking either.
  12. In Thailand there's no law against passing in a lane on the left.
  13. No he must not change lanes because he would be failing to yield right of way to vehicles in the lane he's entering. I don't see why you're having so much trouble understanding this - have you ever driven on a highway before?
  14. Of course they can cut in front if they are at a slower speed - they do it all the time. It's illegal to change lanes without giving away to vehicles already in the lane.
  15. I know that's the case in some jurisdictions, but that's not so in Thailand. If the front vehicle cut in front (and you can prove it) they will have some liability (as long as you're not doing anything illegal that contributed to it like excessive speeding), if you hit them on the side then they'll usually be 100% at fault. Insurers will typically pick the most obvious solution however but you can go to the police station to clear it up.