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  1. Thai French Beef Retail Store?

    When you go to a restaurant, how do you know whare the beef comes from ?
  2. Thai French Beef Retail Store?

    Regarding this place you just passed you mention office and restaurant, is this the same spot for the retail sales outlet ? You mention outpost, do you have a name or link as i would like to give them a call prior to making the trip.
  3. Thai French Beef Retail Store?

    Would you have an up to date link regarding what cuts they sell c/w costs. When i try to Google all the information provided is very old
  4. Thai French Beef Retail Store?

    If i am correct you live in Ubon, what's the drive time from Ubon to their shop. Would you also know if after i check out the shop and know what they stock, can they accept order by phone or mail and send by bus to Ubon. Next month i plan to head to Loei so also as an option i may slip in there on the way back to Ubon if the shop looks like having decent kit.
  5. Sealant for grout in bathroom

    Just returned from Global house in Ubon checking on the various types of grout. I asked the guy if he had the protective coating you mention in the picture and he told me he had never seen this product, he then called Weber in BKK and they told him they do not supply this product. Do you have a name of the coating you mention in either Thai or English, or a close up picture of the bottle.
  6. Sealant for grout in bathroom

    I am just about to enquire on re-grout work on one of my toilets and would be interested in this epoxy package, do you have a lead or picture of the product available in Thailand. I will not be performing any of the work, so not bothered if its a time consuming job.
  7. I have a AUD TD with HSBC in Perth, at present they give me around 2.05%, the previous one was 1.95%, there is also some deductions because i am not Australian. A few years back when the AUD and USD were almost 1 to 1 i thought i would be clever and change some USD to AUD as the TD rate then in OZ was 5.5%, and then not long after it started creeping down. At some point this funds will be sent to Thailand and converted to Baht, so i was thinking in having it sent over here and opening a AUD account with BB and just leave in a 1 Year TD. I do not need access to this funds so it might be handy to have here if the AUD to TB rate should ever take a jump north
  8. 6. You can get interest on long term fixed deposits. AUD will give you 2.5% for 1 year, less tax which you can claim back. Am i correct if you have AUD in a Thai Bank and the funds are in a Time Deposit they will pay you 2.5 % interest and the interest received will be in AUD.
  9. Beer Laos in Nong Khai area?

    Just received a few bottles of the nectar from Wishbeer today.
  10. Beer Laos in Nong Khai area?

    I get the dark from Makro due to the cost difference, and the Gold from Tops Ubon. Tops have all 3 types but with higher prices.