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  1. Isan Farang

    Chaing Rai to golden triangle road condition

    I have already made the short drive from town up to Mae Sai and also went to Doi Tung. Now looking to base a vehicle in CR, as the drive from Ubon is wearing me out
  2. Isan Farang

    Chaing Rai to golden triangle road condition

    I am quite new to the CR area, are we talking about driving on the black top from say the CR centre of town up to Mai Sai, or are we going some off road area whare a car would have issues ? I am interested as to what is the exact area of the Golden Triangle mentioned ?
  3. Isan Farang

    Chiang Rai Immigration

    Can you stipulate the requirements in order to do the 90 day reports online. As from next year I will be spending a lot of time in CR so I am considering changing my Retirement Extension using a CR address. Just checking if its a hassle at this location and is there any agents who can take care. The one in Ubon is very easy so I have no experience regarding the CR office.
  4. Isan Farang

    Beer Lao

    I went to Makro last week in search for Beer Lao, was informed they were out of stock. When we went to the sales counter to ask when the new stock may arrive, the lady stated she had no idea.
  5. Isan Farang

    Car Rental

    I was hoping to find somewhere who have the same package as this company offer in CM, https://expatautocm.com/car-rentals/ There is no way I will give my passport as a guarantee, only a copy. If its going to be a hassle I will purchase a cheap pick up and leave at my friends house.
  6. Isan Farang

    Car Rental

    I have made a few trips from Ubon to CR lately and the 2k-km return trip is wearing me out, looking at traveling by plane but this means I need to hire a car when I reach CR. When I looked at the car rental companies at the airport it states they need a credit card which I do not have. Just checking if there are any rental places in town I can rent a car or pick up without a credit card, only need a run around nothing flash or new.
  7. Isan Farang

    Apartment for Rent

    Just checking if any of you guys are able to identify this building that has rooms for rent. This is the only info I have Location: 1 km Rajabhat University. 3 km Chiang Rai airport. 5 km Mae Fah Luang University. Opposite Black House. Price: THB 8,500 per month.
  8. This year I will staying in both Ubon and Chiang Rai, my main residence is in Ubon. I have a 1 year retirement extension and report to the Ubon office every 90 Days, I am interested to know if I was in Chiang Rai and the 90 Day report was due can I do the report in CR or must it be done only in Ubon.
  9. Isan Farang

    Sirindhorn Immigration

    I just renewed my retirement in Ubon on March 18 and handed them a completed TM7 and they handed nothing back. When I asked about the re-entry they told me I need to complete a TM8, at Sirindhorn none of this was asked for on my last application.
  10. Isan Farang

    Sirindhorn Immigration

    Question for Ubonjoe My address is in Ubon and I am just checking do I have the option to use either the office in Ubon and Sirindhorn when I renew my retirement extension.
  11. Looking to purchase a Strada Grandis 2.8 4WD in very good condition, please drop me a pm if you have or know of one available.
  12. Isan Farang

    Craft Beer Bars

    After checking out what was available the Sanfran was in my opinion the best available, with a Dark Beer Lao and a great burger I was very happy. The location is spot on and the costs were not excessive. Also for 30 Baht there is a private car park with security very close.
  13. Isan Farang

    My Trip To Chiang Rai

    Just returned to Ubon after a 3000km trip to CR, its a very nice place and very clean. Also went to Doi Tung whare the scenery is totally amazing. Stopped to purchase some fruit on the way back, and picked up an Avocado and Jack Fruit plant for my garden. Normal Avocado plant will take 2 + years to produce fruit, the one I purchased can have fruit in 1 year and already has the flowers. I am now looking for a piece of land to build a small house with a large garden, if any members know of any 1-2 Rai plots drop me a PM.
  14. Isan Farang

    Border Crossing At Mae Sai

    I just renewed my retirement visa but never asked for a re-entry so there was no way i was going to cross and then get a 30 day stamp when coming back.
  15. Isan Farang

    Border Crossing At Mae Sai

    Yesterday i went to Mae Sai and was asked if i wanted to cross the border to check out the duty free shops, i am curious if it is required to stamp out of Thailand to visit this area.