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  1. Beer Lao

  2. Beer Lao

    That Hoegaarden is nice kit but in all truth I prefer the Franziskaner. This for me is the best I have sampled on what's available at my location. Its been out of stock for a while and today when I went to Tops the girl informed me they just received a new batch. Try this one and give me your thoughts
  3. Beer Lao

    I hope I have lost my taste buds with all the chilly, at 300 Baht per bottle its not cheap, its makes the Guinness at 220 Baht at the Irish Pub look a good deal. I spied the one with the red label
  4. Beer Lao

    I would hope this beer is the best available going by the cost, I pulled a small bottle today at Lotus just to sample, its now in the fridge to await the verdict. The print on the label appears different from your picture ?
  5. Beer Lao

    A couple days later, checked Ubon Yasothon but they only had dark at 1500. Whare and what outlet did you find the dark ? You best check the expiry date as I have never observed Beer Lao Light for 840 Baht per box at Makro.
  6. Ubon to Loei

    Thanks for the info I will use the highway 12, when I depart Loei I will head to Bueng Kan and then Nakhon Phanom heading back to Ubon. I was considering using the car but if the roads are no good I will use my SUV
  7. Ubon to Loei

    Gents I plan to drive from Ubon to Loei, after checking the map I have an option of two routes when I reach Khon Kaen Just checking if someone can advise the best of the two.
  8. Beer Lao

    Apart from the dark beer I am partial to a bottle of Franziskaner which can be obtained in Tesco, when I went today to pull a few bottles I observed a new stocked similar item, this type of wheat beer has a cloudy appearance.
  9. Beer Lao

    For the 4 baht difference per bottle not a big issue unless things change. If you are planning a trip to Ubon let me know and I can check with Makro what's available as it is very close to my home.
  10. Beer Lao

    You got that correct.
  11. Beer Lao

    Not sure on your location but you may need to visit another Makro, I gave the guy that works at my outlet my wife's number and told him to call her when the new stock arrives. Ubon is very busy now so I guess they do not need to worry about being left with a out of date product
  12. Beer Lao

    Makro is getting expensive @ 64 Baht per bottle, as Tops is normally way ahead of the others
  13. Beer Lao

    Was in Tops Ubon this morning and observed the following costs. My next stop was the Irish Pub for a pint of draught Guinness
  14. Honda Lawn Mower ,where to buy ?

    That's the one, you can walk straight through their shop and exit on the road behind, it looks small from the front but its a fair size building and yard
  15. Honda Lawn Mower ,where to buy ?

    Need to go to the next set of lights, keep going straight. Its opposite the SC Bank and the Tokyo Hotel Google directions for the Tokyo hotel and Issan motors is opposite