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  1. Isan Farang

    Air rifles? slingshot?

    For an Airgun you will need a licence, and to obtain one your chances are zero if its to kill birds in a housing estate. To use an Airgun without a licence may be possible if you have no neighbours around you and live in a remote area. If you are reported using an Airgun in a housing estate to kill birds even with a licence you will have big problems.
  2. No problem Piston Rings was the word you were after.
  3. Tell us more about the Piston Springs
  4. Only if you play Pink Floyd and you get your shit together on the Honda GX 35 Engine
  5. Can you post me some of that herbs you are puffing.
  6. For a run of the mill small engine like this I would just take some very fine emery paper and deglaze the bore and fit new rings.
  7. To state that a cylinder bore is egg shaped would be an assumption, to measure with a calibrated ID Micrometer would provide the facts
  8. If you into ford engines and a company with a machine shop second to none then check these guys out, I used them more than 40 years ago and they are still alive. http://www.burtonpower.com/
  9. I just finished a service on my strimmer with the GX 35 unit, still had the same issue with the engine cutting out after 15 min of use, I bit the bullet and let my Mr Fixit have a look, he told me it was the coil and after changed its been perfect. Carburettor check sheet GX25-GX35.pdf doc.pdf
  10. Isan Farang

    Beef Dripping Fat

    I sent a mail to Sloanes, for a 4.5kg bucket of Beef Dripping the cost is 1.040 Baht, I am going to Makro Ubon today so I will take a look at the one you mentioned.
  11. Sir Tom with the masters of music
  12. Isan Farang

    Beef Dripping Fat

    Just checking if any one knows whare I can purchase beef dripping fat.
  13. Isan Farang

    Info for pineapple seller

    Fred these pineapples cost around 20 - 25 per KG, my knowledge is limited but my wife told me they are difficult to find in Ubon, perhaps some do not wish to pay the higher cost. My friend in CR grows pineapples and even he told me the ones in Uttaradit are very sweet, this year the pineapples in CR took a massive drop in price, I came back with 4 sacks full and the owner gave me for free as he had lots that if left would just rot. When I pass through Uttaradit next month I will ask around whare some farms are, and stop at the PTT whare I got the last lot. This is a picture of the market in Uttaradit, but the guy at the PTT who owns the farm will discount for 2 sacks.
  14. Isan Farang

    Info for pineapple seller

    Just checking if any Uttaradit based guys can help me out. On my recent trip to Chiang Rai we passed a PTT fuel station same side heading to CR, near the exit at whare 7/11 is there was a pick up selling pineapples the guy told my wife he is selling there most days but not sure whare his farm is. When I handed them out to people I know they told me the taste was excellent so just checking if someone can get his phone number or they know whare his farm is. I am heading there next month so I want to check if we can order a couple of sacks full. and collect on the way back.
  15. Isan Farang

    anybody selling a used Forza or similar in Isaan ?

    I am sorry I know very little about motor bikes, but If you view something that you are not happy with give it a miss and have a look around, also if you have limited knowledge bring a friend and compare the findings. On that webpage I sent you lots of foreigners selling bikes, but do not think its only the Thais that tell porkies. Due to the crazy driving over here I like the 4 wheel mode of transport.