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  1. The beer was cheaper, and Beerlao is actually good there (as opposed to the skunked crap we get here). I purchase my Beer Lao from Macro and the box has a sell by date, can you elaborate what skunked crap refers to ?
  2. Farm Photos

    Same bull as above, this picture waken taken on Sept 2016
  3. Farm Photos

    This week i have been put on farm duties due to the FIL getting knocked of his motorbike.
  4. Cattles fairs

    Do you have any link to the location ?
  5. Previously i was told for a foreign cheque it takes ages to clear, the manager at BB told me it depends on whare and who issued the cheque, i received the funds in my account the following day. I am based in Ubon and to open a USD, AUD, GBP, is no issue with BB. I ditched Kasikorn long time ago and been very happy with the service and the big plus of the manager being able to communicate in fluent English
  6. I use Bangkok Bank, i received a cheque from the UK revenue office in GBP. The amount was converted and transferred to my Baht account with zero issues.
  7. I owned a Ultima around 10 years ago.
  8. New beer prices

    Just hit Makro today for the Beer Lao dark, on July i paid 1.300 per box, today i paid 1.310 per box
  9. Thai French Beef Retail Store?

    When you go to a restaurant, how do you know whare the beef comes from ?
  10. Thai French Beef Retail Store?

    Regarding this place you just passed you mention office and restaurant, is this the same spot for the retail sales outlet ? You mention outpost, do you have a name or link as i would like to give them a call prior to making the trip.
  11. Thai French Beef Retail Store?

    Would you have an up to date link regarding what cuts they sell c/w costs. When i try to Google all the information provided is very old