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  1. Have a look of the Kef LS 50 these would be going up a notch, but not enough to justify the price difference for myself.
  2. Thanks for the links, its the non wireless ones i am after. The beauty of these models is everything is inside the speaker including a DAC so its a straight plug in deal using USB.
  3. I plan to upgrade my existing Bose speakers connected to my PC, after looking around i am keen on the Kef X300A. Just checking if anyone knows a big Hi-Fi shop in Bangkok who have these items on display and also perhaps other brands, they are available from Lazada but i would like to have a look around a big store before i make my final decision.
  4. I guess this is a stupid question after having my gen set connected 11 years ago. As per the attached picture there is a earth connection on the front panel of the gen set, should there be a cable connected and if yes it goes to ?
  5. No i have no earth to the ground, had the gen set for near 11 years and never had a single issue with the electrical side. My set is wired through a breaker switch and from the breaker switch to the main board, this was all done by my electric man. Crossy is you your man for the electrical information.
  6. Due to the age of the watch they might not accept, they will use the excuse that no spares are available. For my high end vintage divers i use a guy in the UK, if you google The Watch Bloke he is a master at repairing and servicing old vintage watches. These are 3 x 6159/7000 300m divers i had, sold 2 and kept 1
  7. I just got mine back from the repair shop. 1. Full service. 2. Replace front & rear crankshaft seal. 3. Replace the piston rings & grind in the valves. 4. Strip the carb and replace some jet. They collected and returned to my home and the total cost was 2.800 Baht
  8. When you have a item sent by International Priority the insurance is already included, no one is going to purchase additional insurance if they have declared the value as $25 to hopefully get through the Thai system with no duty. When you play games with the declaration amount to avoid duty its a chance you take if the parcel goes missing and the item is worth say $200 and you have stated $25 on the declaration
  9. I have had at least 50 + packages sent by International Priority and perhaps had some duty to pay on around 5, the insurance part means zero its what's in the package and the declared value that counts, and that's if they actually check your package as its pot luck if the guy is awake when is runs through the system in BKK. Not sure what the big spiel on Spain is about as the package is from USA to Thailand
  10. This is how the tracking will look if you need to pay some duty, no big deal just go to the main post office and collect the package. This is a package sent from the USA by USPS, had to pay around 600 Baht. February 20, 2017 10:39:31 BANGKOK MAIL CENTER Accept 200017 - 001 10000 February 20, 2017 11:16:06 BANGKOK MAIL CENTER To Customs 200017 - 004 10000 February 22, 2017 11:46:59 BANGKOK MAIL CENTER Items Into Container 200017 I618030D1809 007 อก.1173 ป. 2044 10000 February 22, 2017 12:05:22 BANGKOK MAIL CENTER Dispatch 200017 T10000-IP-08 008 10000 February 23, 2017 21:33:10 UBON RATCHATHANI MAIL CENTER Items Into Container 200139 I417030D1804 007 อก.1173 ป. 20 34010 February 23, 2017 21:39:17 UBON RATCHATHANI MAIL CENTER Dispatch 200139 I417030D1804 2078084P3401034160 008 34010 February 24, 2017 03:12:52 UBON RATCHATHANI Container Received 300551 T34000-D1-04 010 34000 February 24, 2017 09:48:54 UBON RATCHATHANI Out for Delivery 300551 T34000-MO-01 011 ประเมินอากร/21-60-02-0-02044 34000 February 24, 2017 09:00-11:59 UBON RATCHATHANI Delivery Status Carded 300551 T34000-MO-01 012 0900-1159 ประเมินอากร/21-60-02-0-02044 34000 February 27, 2017 11:43:37 UBON RATCHATHANI Out for Delivery 300551 T34000-D2-04 011 34000 February 24, 2017 09:00-11:59 UBON RATCHATHANI Delivery Status Successful Recipient Name 300551 T34000-MO-01 012 0900-1159 0 ประเมินอากร/21-60-02-0-02044 34000 February 27, 2017 09:00-11:59 UBON RATCHATHANI Delivery Status Successful Recipient Name
  11. Do not send any package to Thailand by Courier, even if they write the value as $10 it will get hit. I get a few packages sent from the US and all go by USPS, if they can tweak the figures try to keep the value under $30. For the suppliers who do not wish to adjust the figures i have my item sent to a friend, and then he does what's required for a normally trouble free entry. At times i get the post man leave a note stating i need to collect my package from the main post office but what i pay is buttons compared to the hassle of fighting with the Bangkok customs
  12. Can you show me an example of a single cylinder diesel engine gen set that is water cooled and available in Thailand. The gen set i require is for stand by only when the mains electric fails or is under repair, and that is very seldom at my location. My present petrol deal is 11 years old and had no major issues until today but perhaps it can repair for a reasonable cost.
  13. Today i had the repair guy take my gen set back to his shop and now waiting for an estimate, i am not willing to spend big bucks on this one due to the age. I was just checking if anyone knows whare this JPD5 Silent may be available and an approximate cost.
  14. Your distance on these love hotels is rather vague, can you get one of these and report back
  15. How about the following being available in Thailand ? I am now on my last pack so looking at options whare to locate.