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  1. Would be nice if that was correct, but unfortunately it's not.
  2. Phuket Police hunt Chalong lobster thieves

    Stupid move, painted cray's are absolute way overpriced garbage.
  3. Chalong Circle Underpass

    A very dangerous thing to say....
  4. Food For Foreigners new shop open!

    Mmmmm..... Turkish delight.
  5. Not sure about that....
  6. Marine Office sets new life vest standards

    The guys an absolute DH, not worth ever replying to.
  7. "The issue of a Buddhist community temple being involved in questionable commercial activities is now being investigated by concerned local officials and police" (that arent getting a cut...yet!)
  8. Phuket weather 2018

    Some rain and thunder in Chalong at the mo, love it.
  9. For the Phuket knockers

    No they're not all from tour buses, I've been in them plenty of times, your sour because your fantasies re Phuket aren't all coming true, stick to enthralling those you buy drinks for that pretend to listen.
  10. So your comparing the safety of a paddock on a farm at home to Chalong circle! Just out of curiosity, did the grand kids at home have helmets on?
  11. "Any person found guilty of committing causing bodily or mental harm will be sentenced to imprisonment of not more than one month, or a fine not exceeding B1,000, or both." Yeah that's going to have a real effect on them..
  12. Good tv series

    I didn't get past the 1st episode, will give it another go though.
  13. Good tv series

    New series "McMafia", watched E01, very good, E02 out now. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6271042/
  14. Both going through the same set of lights
  15. For the Phuket knockers

    There spending money at a lot of small places in Phuket town, was in there during the evening tonight and groups everywhere, eating in the small shops and shopping.