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  1. I imagine he was asking a real question, I had to do the same, I'd never heard of it.
  2. Hopefully lots of news sites around the country report on the Army's intended crack down, gets as much face as possible Involved. I'm really hoping this time they smack the marfia in a big way...after being disappointed so many times in the past.
  3. Why don't you just read the article linked.
  4. We see plenty of stupid comments on TV, the above is right up there. Good on SLSA, well done.
  5. The stories from the gazette
  6. Enjoyed "The Son", stars Pierce Brosnan.
  7. RIP to the young lady. The dog will have a totally different looking body after a he's been in jail for awhile, hope he becomes someone's bitch.
  8. Funny stuff, you think patongs only just become suitable for those types...they and every other type imaginable have been going there for a very long time.
  9. Have seen it recently at Villa mart Chalong and TOPs Central festival.
  10. I've seen Chinese and Europeans ignore life guards warnings/instructions so many times over the year's maybe getting the navy to helps not so bad, at least they're trying. Help an old Fench moll caught in a rip when I was out for a surf a few yrs ago at Kata noi, got her to shore after she'd nearly passed out and was abused by her once she'd got her breath back, tried to accuse me of perving on her while I paddle her in on my mini-mal, she must have been about 75/ 80 yrs old...
  11. Looks like all bus's are going to be getting checked for a while.
  12. Seriously..soi lion..i was only a few yrs ago and lasted for 5 minutes.
  13. Went through during a ride yesterday and saw 1 bus go straight through.
  14. Are you sure Nicks wife left him?