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  1. I would kick them out immediately and sue them for the environmental damage, such a mess
  2. and if you analyze the type of garbage, it should clear who caused it --- Thais throwing garbage into the sea
  3. No, it does not work like that. Yo can have sex every day for a year and not get it, and you can have sex once and get it. It all depends on many factors.
  4. "Police also intend to prosecute the person or persons who made the video and posted the footage on the internet under the Computer Crimes Act. " What???? Had they not posted this, no one whould have ever known!!!
  5. "The injured tourists, all male aged between 26 and 40..." no females? They must have come here to enjoy the natural beauties and clean beaches :-)
  6. No need to read Thai, they provide English versions, too (www.rd.go.th/publish/fileadmin/download/english_form/PIT90_160360.pdf ) + you can use Google translate, it is very easy this way, too. I registered using my passport only.
  7. So is it your personal opinion, or do you know what exactly the Thai law says?
  8. More e.g. in here: https://www.out-law.com/page-7512 Supply of electronic services to business customers Supplies of digitised products are treated as supplies of services rather than goods. Since 1 January 2010, the basic rule for supplies of services where the customer is registered for VAT is that services are deemed to be supplied where the customer belongs.
  9. BTW, is not online work considered done there where the customer's company is incorporated? At least in Europe it is so, e.g if you live in Germany and work for a company in France, the work is considered to be done in France.
  10. you can apply for tax returns online
  11. Just make sure to copy the footage before handing it over to them and problem is solved.
  12. Land of scams and nothing else. Price of land in my country (Europe) is also way cheaper than here but salaries there are way higher. Everyone is cheating here, even the land office where the prices are way off the sale price, too. Just scams and scams everywhere. If someone buys for these ridiculous prices, up to them. And people saying that "I will never sell", well, if you think you can take it with you when you die, you will be surpsised how priceless the land becomes when you lay on the deathbed.
  13. maybe for now but you never know when they change their mind
  14. I was told again (at the immigration) that 2 witnesses must still come with us to the immigration, is this really true? I am getting frustrated with having to ask neighbours to go with us during working hours when they have to work. Should not this be required for the first year only? Can I file a complaint somewhere?
  15. Pattaya officials admitted Dec. 15 that the 1.8-billion-baht plant has been processing only 20 percent of the 65,000 cu. meters of water it is supposed to be treating each day. The rest has simply been flowing out untreated and leaking from unmaintained pipes and storage tanks. Nice....