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  1. Exactly, or was she expecting to get a lesson in rocket science in his room?
  2. Why is it illegal to pump groundwater for use?
  3. but he is right that the collapse is very near....
  4. I have a better idea, just shoot the bastard. In cases like this with clear evidence, shooting them the next day without long trial would definitely make the rehabilitation much easier for future wannabe murders.
  5. really? what system do they run on? I feel quite happy using Windows where restarting anything does not require a harware reset :)
  6. and this simple task can be easily automatized, too, do not forget we are in the 21st century already :-) writing a simple script checking the miner and restarting it should not take more than an hour
  7. I would kick them out immediately and sue them for the environmental damage, such a mess
  8. and if you analyze the type of garbage, it should clear who caused it --- Thais throwing garbage into the sea
  9. No, it does not work like that. Yo can have sex every day for a year and not get it, and you can have sex once and get it. It all depends on many factors.
  10. "Police also intend to prosecute the person or persons who made the video and posted the footage on the internet under the Computer Crimes Act. " What???? Had they not posted this, no one whould have ever known!!!
  11. "The injured tourists, all male aged between 26 and 40..." no females? They must have come here to enjoy the natural beauties and clean beaches :-)
  12. No need to read Thai, they provide English versions, too (www.rd.go.th/publish/fileadmin/download/english_form/PIT90_160360.pdf ) + you can use Google translate, it is very easy this way, too. I registered using my passport only.
  13. So is it your personal opinion, or do you know what exactly the Thai law says?
  14. More e.g. in here: https://www.out-law.com/page-7512 Supply of electronic services to business customers Supplies of digitised products are treated as supplies of services rather than goods. Since 1 January 2010, the basic rule for supplies of services where the customer is registered for VAT is that services are deemed to be supplied where the customer belongs.
  15. BTW, is not online work considered done there where the customer's company is incorporated? At least in Europe it is so, e.g if you live in Germany and work for a company in France, the work is considered to be done in France.