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  1. Lol you are telling this fella to get a life but you are doing endless calculations on how many movies he has to watch over various time frames as if its important. Having the option to dip into a big library of decent movies and watch one whenever the mood takes sounds pretty good to me. His collection probably pisses all over netflix.

    Savannakhet nightlife

    Nightlife used to last all night everywhere. Patpong used to be full of sex shows. Naked dancers, unusual ways to open a bottle of coke, gross ways to deposit in a glass. Does this stuff still go on? Seems lots of nightlife ends around midnight. So i would say Thailand has changed quite a bit in that respect.
  3. The person pushing you around at BKK wont be earning much and a tip will be appreciated. I know at Manchester they try to use volunteers who don't get paid anything and as tipping isn't automatic in the UK they might not get many tips at all. The people in the wheelchair will assume its part of their job.

    EU supports air ambulance

    Airbus sells helicopters to Thailand and probably would like to sell some more. A network of medical emergency helicopters throughout Thailand will save lives which is great. It will cost a lot of money and helicopters will need to be purchased from somewhere. Meanwhile on the ground ambulance services are provided by volunteers and charity foundations using pickups and vans. Some of that helicopter money might be better spent upgrading the ambulances on the roads?

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    I filled out one of those questionaires earlier this week when i did my 90 day report which took 15 mins total at 16:00. Yes i scored them top marks on cleanliness and politeness, ticked the box that said i wasn't asked for a bribe but the last question, How satisfied are you with CM immigration? or whatever it was i scored them the lowest "very dissatisfied" and gave the reasons, too far from the city and online 90 day reporting doesn't work. The two staff agreed with me 100%.

    Chiang Mai's flying saucer still there?

    Serene Lake has only recently been built( the last couple of years) and has apartment blocks and is much bigger. Chiang Mai Lakeland is a lot older and was more of a buy a plot of land have your own bespoke home built. Look about half a KM north on Serene lake on google maps and you will see it. The "lakes" are more like ponds.

    Where do you walk your dogs?

    The second screenshot, i would say Maekuang Dam would be the best one to walk your dog. Great views and large sections of the perimeter are closed to cars and motorcycles. There are packs of feral dogs living there so expect some barking. Chiang Mai Convention Centre has a large semi landscaped car park and is popular with dog owners late afternoon early evening when there is no exhibition on which is most of the time.

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    I haven't been for a while but i have seen pink dolphins around the Don Sak ferry to Koh Samui on more than one occasion.

    Hotels at Lat Krabang.

    Just about all the hotels around the airport even the cheap ones have a free shuttle to and fro the airport. Or you could take the airport train to Lat Krabang station and walk from there if you really wanted or a bus from the airport bus station.
  10. TG do have promotions from BKK where their expensive tickets become more reasonable and they do include Hong Kong. Best to sign up for emails notifications for when these happen. I don't know of any local agents that get discounted tickets from BKK but they do have access to discounted tickets that they can only sell bundled up with with a hotel creating a holiday. So if you want to fly TG to HKG check out what some local agents offer for a package, tell them what hotel, area you want etc you might get lucky. You wont get any date change flexibility though once its booked and you need to find a reputable agent in your location.

    What Happened to Huay Tung Tao?

    Turning the exercise track just outside of HTT into a road for motor traffic seems madness to me. The road goes nowhere its just a loop and the regular road in and out of HTT seems big enough for the traffic. Motorists wont be happy if joggers and walkers continue use it and cause them to slow down. A HTT worker said it will be an exit out and the regular road will be the way in? Turning the track into a road does make sense if the whole area is have another Army/Treasury/Judges/Civil Servants housing estate built on it.

    4 days spare after C/M where would you go?

    By road, bus or car up to Thaton. One night in Thaton and next day bamboo raft to Chiang Rai and nice hotel accommodation. Lots of flights from Chiang Rai to Bangkok and maybe the odd one to the south. I don't think the OP has mentioned what time of year he is planning for. It could be 40'c hot season weather or cold 12'c and rain if you are unlucky during the cool season.
  13. There are three flights from CM to Vietnam. Dong Hoi(Jetstar), HCM(Vietjet) and Bangkok Airways to Hanoi. So if you are thinking Bangkok Airways are not so cheap look at the other two destinations and do an open jaw into Hanoi home from HCM? Take a domestic flight to or from Hanoi. Take the train. Only use Bangkok Airways for one the flights? Build up a bigger trip than just a Hanoi return? I have no idea of the costs in Vietnam at the moment but i do know of two vietnamese who flew to CM for a holiday last week, on the Vietjet flight from Saigon. They hired a local photographer for a day, did the normal tourist stuff and said CM was much cheaper than Vietnam especially for the photographer.

    Pollution and the Inversion Layer

    You mention the inversion layer gives rise to fog but fog is rare in Chiang Mai. You would expect fog to be more common especially during the wetter times of the year but it isnt.