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  1. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    Didnt read that bit but just about everything on the internet and the news is unverifiable unless you were there. But i have seen with my own eyes western tourists offering 7 baht for two sticks of meat balls, sold on the roadside for 5 baht a stick. The thai lady selling the the meatballs was just shocked and speechless. I know locals who sell secondhand clothes (that look new) on walk street for 20, 30 , 40 baht a piece. A great bargain if you like the shirt and its your size etc. Thais just buy the clothes but some western tourists haggle for a discount. They walk away if they cant get the 30 baht shirt for 20 baht but just up the road they spend 200 baht on Burgerking meal and think nothing of buying a magnum icecream in 7-11. 30 baht shirt from a poor person sat on the roadside they want a discount.
  2. Well the poor kid(thai tv star, educated at a decent school, 28 year old kid, iphone 8 on order) knew exactly the penalties for dealing drugs in Thailand but still went ahead and did it. If you are a drug dealer even a pretty one butterfly is not the right word. Maybe, They use a wheel to crush a beetle? They use a wheel to crush a coackroach?
  3. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    Woman kitted out head to toe in goretex(no doubt) go pro, garmin in hand asks for a discount from a poor teashop owner on a mountain in Nepal. Unbelievable and sad that she is so unaware. The nepalese woman probably has to hike down the mountain to the river to get buckets of water to run the shop. 15 year old son runs off when his mother is in danger. What is shocking about that video is not the angry tea seller but the mother uploading a video to the world to see what a fool she is and what a great son she has who leaves his mother behind when faced with danger.
  4. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    CRC and Wiggle seem to do the mark it at a higher price but then sell it with a "discount" . The discount then makes it look very attractive but you notice other sellers sell the same item for a similar price with no mention of a discount.
  5. Songtaows are waiting for the flights. 50 baht per person for the short trip into town. Stops at various places including the bus station.
  6. Where to buy a REAL Mountain bike?

    Chaitawat seem to sell everything cheaper than the sticker price.last item i bought was chain lube 180 baht , 150 baht when you actually buy it.
  7. Chang classic 3x big bottle pack is still 149 baht at Tops supermarket so no price increase there yet.
  8. That bus service seems to be set up be intentionally to be of almost no use to anybody. No set times. Wait up to 45 mins before one shows up. Who is willing to do that? If they do they will only do it once and then never consider using it again. 20 baht fare is no good for joe average to go 1 or 2 km through the city( after they have waited forever for it to show up). Bangkok buses are much cheaper. The buses are too small which is not a problem at the moment because the service is almost unusable but if the service was run correctly the buses would fill up very quickly and be crowded. I have never seen anybody using these buses and i have passed them many times all over the city. Always empty! The city is in desperate need of proper useful bus service. Its 20th century technology and much easier and cheaper to set up than a skytrain or subway system.
  9. 'Toilet' Shop in CM !

    There is another shop with American Standard logos on Chotana road across from Tannin market.
  10. looking for the right place !

    That would be my recommendation too, top end of Suthep Road. Close to the Pilgrims Trail, close to the University and Nimmanheim area.
  11. Fat bikes any good?

    A 10,000 baht fatbike will be low quality, very very heavy and basically a torture machine. A 10k MTB will be a lot better than a 10k fatbike for riding enjoyment. A decent cheaper fatbike will cost 30,000 baht and up. A fatbike is a niche bike that you buy in addition to your roadbike/mtb/cyclocross bikes.
  12. Where to buy veggie burger patties?

    The vegatarian restaurant on Prapokklao road , left hand side, about 50m before you reach Chiang Mai gate sells various sausages, "fish" steaks and burger like products plus other vegatarian products. Its normally shut by 16:00.
  13. Cathay Pacific Autumn Sale UK To Thailand

    SQ does SIN-MAN- Houston and uses a new A350. I believe CX use an A350 so whatever class you book with these flights the cabin should be new and modern.
  14. Man killed in brawl over 'smelly' noodles

    The video was on thai tv last night. The neighbours, mum, dad and adult son were like savages beating the guy whilst he was on the floor. The metal baseball bat was shown bent and deformed. All happened on a small soi of townhouses in broad daylight. Shocking even by thai standards.