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  1. Only Two flights a week so hopefully there is enough demand to support them. If it was flying to Saigon I would be more confident it would work. If to flew to Saigon via Siem Reap I would think it would do even better. But Dong Hoi seems to be an unknown destination to Thais and foreigners. It doesn't seem to be useful for the steady visa run traffic. I remember Jetstar starting a Singapore Pattaya flight maybe 10 years ago? It lasted about 2 weeks before they dropped it. This flight might go the same way?
  2. here's an old thread with a recommendation On the last post....
  3. People have asked this question before. Try the search box at the top right hand of screen. Or post the question in the Bangkok forum more people will see it than on this travel forum.
  4. If they are selling photos they are not begging so this puts them way above the western beggars that just sit down with some BS story and expect people to give them money. They get the photos printed for for 3 baht and sell them for 20 or whatever. That's business. If Banksy was doing this under cover as backpacker it would make the news all over the world. Everybody would be rushing round to buy them. That would be cool. But these guys aren't famous and they are Russian so everyone is raging!
  5. Maybe this thread can be closed with this nugget of wisdom from Chris settling it once and for all!
  6. Airlines do increase and decrease capacity with demand. For example Emirates will have more flights into BKK during their the peak busy season but will drop some some flights after April and maybe change an A380 flight to a 777. This doesn't make the ticket price higher in the low season though. Flights in Low season will almost always be cheaper in the May June Sept and Oct than the peak Thai busy season of Dec, Jan, Feb. If you like to book late rather than fix dates months in advance you will have a much better chance of success in booking late and getting a decent (low) airfare in May, Jun, Sept, Oct. than during the winter busy season. Chris455 sincerely believes the opposite. Ticket prices are higher in the low season (which has less seats and numbers of flights available) and ticket prices are lower in the peak high season ( when number of flights increase and more seats are available) . Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I am not sure anybody yet agrees with Chris455 unique belief.
  7. Lots of competition on Asia to LAX , and lots of seats. The airfares to LA are the consistently the lowest of any city in north or South America from Asia. Many airlines find it impossible to make a profit on this route so they pull out even though there is demand, like TG and MH. It's ultra competitive. Many of the lowest airfares are on Chinese government owned airlines that other airlines cant compete with.
  8. No it doesn't make sense you were completely wrong before and you are still wrong now after many people have proved you wrong. You arguments are back to front and jumbled up. Cancun is a big holiday destination from europe served mainly by charter flights. Almost no business traffic and very few scheduled airlines from Europe bother with it. Charter airlines will discount their tickets close to departure if they are not full, scheduled airlines rarely do this. If they do it's to a much smaller degree. This is a totally different market to Europe to Thailand where it's nearly all scheduled airlines and very few charters plus there is much more business traffic and people connect on to neighbouring countries. Almost nobody flys to Cancun to then fly onwards. Europe to South America is served by far fewer airlines and numbers of aircraft than Europe to Thailand and Asia. There are convoys of 777's , A380's, 747's flying into Thailand compared to Lima, Buenos Aires, Rio etc. The market to South America is much smaller so comparing airfares to these destinations isn't really appropriate although the very same thing happens, it's cheaper to fly to these cities when there is low demand and when demand is higher the airfares are higher. There are multiple points to pull you up on but most of use can't be bothered after six pages in of this thread.
  9. For ease and quality I still think the Qatar option is the best at 88k . It's one of the top airlines in the world. If have been upgraded a few times on Qatar and it's the best business class I have flown on. If there is a delay or missed connection you know Qatar will sort it out as best they can with a nice hotel or whatever.
  10. It still looks like Qatar may be the best choice. Flight time is good and it's a quality choice. Cheapest is a Norwegian but it's not comparable really. Ukraine International, Egypt Air to be avoided. 88k on Qatar is $2609 . About $1000 cheaper on Norwegian but that's business class on a low cost airline.
  11. Damn. My apologies, I didn't click all the way through. I just had a quick search. If the one way is 88k yes that would be better than the 104k return but if that's too much hang fire and me and others will have another look.
  12. ATL is Atlanta. Type in Atlanta. I was just abbreviating with airport codes.
  13. Not all airlines are doing first class anymore and as you have noticed it will costs a lot more than 52k baht! The Qatar business class is excellent though so is a very good option. The delta flight, you want to book that on , not some third party website.
  14. Yes the Qatar Website doesn't work well on my IPad but works very well on my laptop.