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  1. Yes people from Liverpool are very friendly and funny. I would agree and i am a manc.
  2. Maximum sentence of 10 years and or 1 million baht fine. Thats the maximum they wont get anything like that. They can't complain if they end up in jail for a few months and have to pay for the damage. These are the kind of people who shouldn't have a passport for their own benefit.

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    I visited yesterday around 2pm. It was very busy and crowded mainly because the waiting area is not very big. Lots of people standing up and hanging around the entrance so much so that i couldn't see the single student who was doing the form checking and answering queries. There is a separate photocopying office which you are not allowed to enter but deal with via small window about belly height so you have to stoop a bit to talk to the staff. I was getting a re-entry permit which took about 15mins in total though so can't complain but its not a happy place.

    flying Economy from CNX

    The Qatar Airways stop in Rangoon on the Doha to Chiang Mai sector is during the low season only. The A319 will change to a Dreamliner towards the end of October(don't know the exact date) and then wont stop in Rangoon at all.
  5. Go to the main website of the SRT.... http://www.railway.co.th/main/index_en.html

    Has Chiang Mai changed since late-2016?

    No because Lamphun is in Lamphun province, not Chiang Mai province. The smallest province in Thailand i believe.

    Has Chiang Mai changed since late-2016?

    Not a lot has changed but older properties are continually being cleared and much bigger "room for rent" buildings or boutique hotels pop up. It always surprises me how massively bigger the new building is compared to the small wooden house and garden that it replaced on what looked like a small plot of land. This was in full swing in 2016 and today it might be happening at a faster pace. It hasn't slowed down since 2016. Thats my impression.


    I think Eurowings does a Stansted departure although i wouldn't fancy it myself. By the time you add baggage and meals you might as well have just booked a Emirates/Qatar/Etihad etc out of LHR or LGW. KLM Air France out of London City could also work as a cheap ticket if thats convenient.

    Cycling: Tiagra road bike groupset?

    Lots of bike shops in CM will get the latest gear and happily order it for you. I am thinking Triple Cats, Chaitawat, Jacky Bike, the shop on the corner of the NW moat and others. One thing i have noticed at Cherry Bike(i have not been for a long time) is they have a lot of old stock. Complete bikes from years ago looking dated at full price. My impression is they are loath to discount any old stock to shift it. Presumably you saw the groupset before you bought it. The shifters would stand out as not being the latest design.
  10. They were talking about getting Twin Otters at some point. I don't see them doing CM Hua Hin at all.
  11. I would have to agree with sanemax. The zoo nickname came about when they moved to Prom and they had goats outside in pens. I have never heard of the airport site being called the zoo.

    Customs clearance Chiang Mai airport

    At BKK airport there is very little chance customs will want to look in your bag. At CNX with nowhere near as many international arrivals customs can be more thorough and the odds of having your suitcase checked is much higher.
  13. Yamazaki at Airport Plaza bakes fresh bread and baguettes. Much better than the industrial stuff with a one week shelf life. Much better than Tops, Tesco, Big C etc. Nana is ok but i prefer Yamazaki.
  14. That exactly what everyone was hoping when they moved from the cramped airport location to spacious Promenada. It didn't get any better. I expect nothing much to change from the current duel service racket they run now. Which is to restrict the number of people they will process who are only willing to pay the 1900 baht government set charge and the slick operation they run with the embedded "agents" where you pay 5-10k baht extra. I am not sure they are short staffed at all.

    Bicycles with large tyres.....

    A fat bike is not very difficult to ride. They ride like a normal bike. You can see local people riding them on the cycle path to Huay Tung Tao.