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  1. So if you can email your 90 day report in rather than post it thats good news for everybody. All you need to do is share the email address and maybe any advice the letter gives to using the email method. Does thaivisa allow email adresses to be displayed? You might have to get creative? Ninetyday at c m imm dot gov . Or whatever..
  2. Cheapest flights to America

    Cheapest flights to the USA are nearly always with the Chinese airlines, China Southern , China Eastern, Air China etc. Book direct with the airline or go to an agent and compare. The benefit of an agent is they can create the intinerary with the connections of your preference, you are not stuck with what the website offers. You do need to use a good agent though plus it could be cheaper too.
  3. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    One agent goes or the same agent rebrands as Tian with a 800 baht increase in price. The true cost of the extension is 1900 baht and 90 day reports have no charge. All over Thailand immigration offices seem to operate happily with just the standard charges. The CM office struggles to process the number of applicants who only pay the official price. The same office however becomes a slick operation when you pay the $$$ and use their deeply embedded "agent" .
  4. So what is the penalty for trading without a work permit? I am guessing it wasnt a big business. A fine , he gets deported, jail? A greater punishment than illegally storing fireworks 1000 baht?
  5. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    90 day report in person today. Arrived about 14:30 and filled the form out near the desk and i had the relevant photocopies ready. Asked the 90 day desk if i needed to get a number and they said no, they took the papers straight away, apologised that the computers were running slow and was all done in about 5 mins.
  6. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    I think the teak trees are planted mainly for timber in future years and shade may determine where you plant them. I imagine anyone following the kings porpieng plan wont have any issues in cutting them down when they are fully grown. The land size is 1 rai or bit more. The trees are only a small part of that small plot of land. I wouldnt be surprised if the teak felling authorities have separate rules for people practicing the kings plan or an exemption. Cutting down teak and processing it into planks sounds like hard work though. Fruit trees for an easier life might be a good choice.
  7. Lufthansa has been flying to Singapore and Hong Kong for a long time with A380's and only now have they used one to BKK. BA fly A380's into SIN and HKG also with a smaller 777 into BKK. The airlines chase the revenues and SIN and HKG have more business class and premium traffic than Bangkok so the A380's have been deployed on these routes from the start.
  8. Skilled Seamstress for Phoenix Phreak?

    Thats sounds quite funny! Did you get the tyvek in CM? I wouldnt mind having a diy bivvy bag rather than some $300 gortex one even if it had Fedex "the world on time" wriiten all over it.
  9. Skilled Seamstress for Phoenix Phreak?

    I didnt know Fedex used it to make envelopes. I quick google will show lots of info about tyvek being used for ground sheets, tarps, bivvy bags. Its possible to get it with a camo pattern printed on it. People are making jackets out of it. Lots of how to youtube vids, fedex envelopes turned into wallets.
  10. Another mysterious animal

    The tokays at my old place used to eat a lot of cockroaches and scorpions both of which i rarely saw, only scorpion body parts in the tokay droppings. I imagine your estate is tokay free but the scorpions are all over the place. Would i pay 1000's of baht for that result? No.
  11. Skilled Seamstress for Phoenix Phreak?

    I believe tyvek is available in Thailand. Its some kind of waterproof breathable material used in the building trade but it is often used to make diy bivvy bags and shelters. Should work as a ground sheet and possibly someone sells it in CM.
  12. Its a Singapore Airlines joint venture using old SQ aircraft. How bad can it be?
  13. The seats and legroom may be the same but if you have an A380 flight option Its always worth choosing because the the cabin is noticeably quieter and generally feels more comfortable. Thats goes for economy anyway.
  14. Its early days in the chinese tourism boom. Thailand will be what Spain is to europeans. Numbers will easily double and triple over the next 10 years or so.
  15. You might not like them but Bangkok Airways are arguably the best economy airline in the world. What other airline offers a free of charge lounge for economy passengers? 20kg baggage, 25kg if you enrol in the freq flyer programme. Light meal and refreshments even on short domestic flights. Modern aircraft and their own maintenance facilities. Cheap airfares on many of their routes and cheaper than Air Asia at peak times. If you think they charge a lot compare them to BA on the short Heathrow to Manchester domestic flight. 150 miles between the airports on this busy route. Roll up today for a one way ticket and the cheapest flight is 8560 baht , top price is 14990 baht. No baggage allowance pay extra for that, no complimentary drinks or snacks you pay for those as well, they dont accept cash though. Lounge? The national flag carrier serving the UK. Lol.