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  1. I have used QR Manchester Bangkok many times and also EY and EK. I would say QR would be the best out of those three airlines. They have upgraded me quite few times. Try and get the Dreamliner out of MAN and the A380 out DOH. 777 are fine and the A330's are ok if not packed out. EY only offer 23kg now so they are last choice. I believe EK offer only 23kg on their low st promo fares? and QR are still doing 30kg. QR also offer an extra bag on top for something like $100 if you prebook. They have carried bicycles for me many times with no damage, not even to the cardboard box. I arrived in Phuket once with a bike off the Qatar flight. Not a dent or tear on the cardboard box which is quite amazing. I checked onto an Air Asia flight to Chiang Mai a few hours later. The box arrived in Chiang Mai destroyed and held together with tape. The bike was scratched and bashed but otherwise ok.
  2. Probably best to phone them or visit first because they may not have enough GBP to do it without warning. Two locations one is halfway down Loh Kroh and the other is the opposite side of the road of the UN Irish pub. Google maps will pinpoint them.
  3. I have travelled overland Bangkok to Singapore and Singapore to Bangkok many times but not recently. I have never taken the train to or from Singapore because the timings were never any good. Buses to KL were leaving at all times of the day and the journey is not very long. Same story within Malaysia the buses were always more convenient. If you enjoy trains and the schedules work for you use the train wherever possible if not go to the bus station and look for best VIP type bus. Places I would stop at Melaka, KL (I prefer to stay in the China Town area), Cameron Highlands, Penang (Georgetown, don't bother with the beach area go to Langkawi if you want a beach stay). Back in Thailand, Songkla by the beach rather than Hatyai, Prachuap. Lots of options when you are back in Thailand.
  4. I assume the higher reading in CM city area are purely from motor traffic which is a constant all year. The last few rainy days have been a pleasant break from the hot season. Visibility was excellent yesterday afternoon hiking down Doi Suthep. All the far mountains and beyond could be seen clearly.
  5. Just to keep the great mirror debate going. I think we can all agree they they are not common on bikes or popular but here is an example of some pretty hardcore riders who use them. It's the Indian Pacific Wheel Race. 5000km plus, Perth to Sydney. The big hitters want to do 400 km a day. This is not a sportive! The video is not about mirrors but if you look carefully you will see a few mirrors on right hand side drops. About 1:30 there are two mirror equipped bikes. Could we all be using them one day? Maybe. It's not too long ago the Tour de France riders, Paris Roubaix winners wouldn't be seen dead wearing a helmet. Now everyone is wearing them.
  6. I am Chiang Mai so I don't know anything about the Pattaya cycling scene. The only people I have seen with mirrors were round-the-world cyclists, hard core roadies and the like. The are not mainstream on bicycles but I would say it's valid that only experienced cyclists seem to have them. I don't have any fitted to my bikes though, I have not got to that stage yet either!
  7. Mirrors are normally a sign of someone who has done a lot of miles on the bike and knows what they are doing. Most bike shops will stock them and any shop that specialising in touring bikes will normally have the best ones. There is a pretty cool one that goes on the end of the drop handlebar of a road bike. You can see what the other riders are doing behind you in race or bunch. This mirror is supposed to be the best out there EVT safe zone mirror.
  8. It's songkran the biggest holiday of the year. So many businesses shut down and not just for 3 days.
  9. It's always a bit of a risk ordering a cappuccino at coffee shop you have never been to before. Plenty of duff cappuccinos out there. There should be a word for it. That feeling you get after the first sip of a terrible cappuccino.
  10. I went for a ride today. Through the city at midday to the 700 year stadium only came across one person throwing water and they missed me. I was off-road to maerim from there and back to the 700. From the 700 to Tanin market I was splashed twice which revived me a bit tbh even though it's quite cool for April. If you keep away from the peak songkran areas I doubt you will get much water thrown at you and if you do It will feel nice as you continue on. Cycling past the convention centre on the way back I heard a bang and saw a "puff of smoke" . I thought it was fire crackers but no it was a pickup that had driven down a straight road and through the perimeter wall !?! A very Thai accident. Possibly someone learning to drive within the convention centre car park area but who knows? This is the real danger which runs 24h 365 days of the year not some kid with a squirty gun.
  11. Replied in wrong thread ! Deleted.
  12. Motorbike theft is not rife in Chiang Mai thankfully. Decathlon have some decent looking U-locks. Buy one of those put it through the wheel. There are so many motorcycles in CM I am sure a thief wouldn't want to bother with an average looking rental bike with a meaty looking lock attached to it. Just a suggestion that might give you some piece of mind.
  13. If you book at the right time I think it's possible to get 3xxx baht each way on Air Asia to Japan from DMK. Stay at some cheap hotels (which do exist in Japan), get a rail pass and you can have a cheap tour. You do have to be a bit travel savvy to do this and be interested in Japan to do a bit of research and googling. I doubt any of the scammed would be able to manage this though or be aware that it's possible.
  14. The jewellery photos were for a shop in Ban Tawai and it was a couple of years ago. I know he does a lot of wedding stuff but also does product photos. Best thing would be to ring him or email him and ask for some examples.
  15. This guy Jay at DDay studio might be able to help 081 882 2937 . I have seen his jewellery photos and they were good. Might be worth a try?