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  1. Mae Kuang Reservoir Bridge(?)

    I just get off and push the bike up when it gets too hard. Some great views on that track though. When you come off that dirt road you have the steep road climb to the village but after that its flatish and plenty of long gentle descents. Only the bridge to the village is the tough part.
  2. I did my 90 day report yesterday 14 Feb. I arrived about 15:00 completed the form whilst sat across from the 90 day desk. Handed it in and was all done within 2 mins. Nobody else there before or after me. I have never been dealt with so fast. Staff also wished me happy valentines day. I left feeling a bit bewildered.
  3. Where to have a bicycle cleaned and tuned

    I would say it depends on your budget. A Trek 3700 is a quality cheap bike about 13-14k but that will be X 3! So I would agree with previous posters LA Bicycle are a big step up from the Tesco Big C level and will last a lot longer. The Trinx type brands seem to copy Trek and Giant in design and style of paint jobs but sell a much cheaper price. I would also look at Decathlon they guarantee their stuff for two years and honour it. They do have genuine discounts on the old stock and you can get some amazing deals. What bikes are your nephews interested in? One might have always wanted a BMX?, another a single speed fixed gear type bike? Another a MTB. I think a MTB is the best option for living in a village though. Getting the right size is also important. So all three visiting the bike shop would be wise or the very least knowing their heights , inside leg measurements and double checking the sizing info before buying.
  4. Where to have a bicycle cleaned and tuned

    I would go and have a look at Mong Cycles. They are a big shop and and are in the process closing down/relocating to Phrao. They only sell decent bikes and there is a sale on with good discounts. Also possibly the most value bike i have ever seen in CM is at Decathlon. 23k reduced to 12k its a Btwin road bike(racing type bike) Shimano Sora components, Carbon forks, Aluminum frame. Frame and forks will accept racks if you ever go touring. Not the best bike in the world but an awesome deal for 12K.
  5. Let's assume he was starving hungry and he had the choice of spending 50 baht on meal or 50 baht on the hire bike. He chose the bike. Again he is famished, down on his luck does he spend 75 baht on a meal or 75 baht on a packet of fags?. He chose the fags. That's how hungry he was.
  6. Looks like a tourist on a 50 baht hire bike from one of the many guest houses in Ayutthaya. It should be easy to find out where the bike came from and the guy may well be staying at the same place. Hopefully they can track him down and toss him in jail.
  7. This must be "black tiger killed and eaten by his business men" story that I am hearing so much about but can find nothing online?
  8. Solar power kits

    Go up Chotana road from Chang Phueak Gate, as you are nearing the traffic lights at the bus station, on the right hand side there is solar power shop.
  9. Ricardo posted the info in early january. I am pretty sure the super low airfares are no longer available.
  10. Smoke, Smog, Dust 2016-2017 Chiang Mai

    I don't see the smoke situation ever improving. All the surrounding countries have bad air quality. There is no will to change anything just like with road safety. Its something you have to accept if you live in this part of the world. Just to add to the doom and gloom i will make an unscientific forecast that the burning season this year will be a bad one, worse than recent years. I am basing this on the fact that last year was much wetter than the previous couple of years. Cycling on trails and paths through the hills and forests i noticed there is much more plant growth. Some trails i stopped riding on as they became totally overgrown. This didn't happen to the same extent during the previous years. These hillsides get burnt every year so my thinking is more plant growth, more stuff to burn, more smoke in the air this year?
  11. I have not posted for a few months since i was logged out for some reason. I was automatically logged in on my phone for so long which made it easy to post. I didn't miss it and visited the site far less. The Chiang Mai forum seems to have gone downhill quite a bit in the past year. Lots of popular posters have gone. Topics are not as interesting or the replies. The site is still useful though. You can get answers, good info, find out things you were not aware about and help others. Ricardo posted a while back about Qatar Airways having very cheap airfares to Heathrow on the new Chiang Mai service. I checked Manchester and got 10500 baht return so thank Ricardo for sharing that information! Another example, MaejoMTB posted a reply about an AIS sim that has 6 months internet access for 600 baht. Totally unaware of that and useful to know. Lots of crap on here as well but just skim through it.
  12. You have to a special kind of retard to fire an illegal air rifle, off your condo balcony, in full view of everyone and reportedly at other peoples homes. How can you not get arrested? Very stupid or enroute to Suan Prung for evaluation and help.
  13. So if you can email your 90 day report in rather than post it thats good news for everybody. All you need to do is share the email address and maybe any advice the letter gives to using the email method. Does thaivisa allow email adresses to be displayed? You might have to get creative? Ninetyday at c m imm dot gov . Or whatever..
  14. Cheapest flights to America

    Cheapest flights to the USA are nearly always with the Chinese airlines, China Southern , China Eastern, Air China etc. Book direct with the airline or go to an agent and compare. The benefit of an agent is they can create the intinerary with the connections of your preference, you are not stuck with what the website offers. You do need to use a good agent though plus it could be cheaper too.
  15. G4T Promenade Chiang Mai

    One agent goes or the same agent rebrands as Tian with a 800 baht increase in price. The true cost of the extension is 1900 baht and 90 day reports have no charge. All over Thailand immigration offices seem to operate happily with just the standard charges. The CM office struggles to process the number of applicants who only pay the official price. The same office however becomes a slick operation when you pay the $$$ and use their deeply embedded "agent" .