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    Advice about trip to HK

    I have stayed Mirador Mansions many times and spent the money i have saved on shopping instead. Good location right next TST MTR station, Kowloon Park is a stones throw away and a 10 min walk down to the harbour front and the Star Ferry. Chung Mansions is useful for changing money. Don't use the money changers near the street, walk right in and have a good look around, Best rates are found inside.

    Immigration Line Sitter

    You ask around, the security guard, the noodle shop nearby, students, local people, they may phone a friend send a family member or whatever. Someone will think 300 or 400 baht to sit around at Prom through the night is a good deal.
  3. What fool would think they can park their car in the drop off area of CM Airport and leave it for an hour? Its like a slow moving gridlock outside the terminal nowadays. A 400 baht fine is cheap to get the clamp removed and 1 hour of parking outside the entrance door! She should be happy with that but no she has run over the security guy and drag him along under the truck. Notice how they don't even handcuff her. Will she go to jail maybe not. She might not even have seen the inside of cell at the police station before she was bailed. Meanwhile dirt poor rural folk picking mushrooms in the forest get jailed for 30 years for "illegal logging".

    Parking at Arcade bus station

    All the buildings around around Arcade that are full motorbikes are offering longterm parking. Your motorbike or bicycle may even be pushed upstairs. You get a ticket and pay when you return from Maesai or Bangkok days later or hours later. Its cheap.
  5. The quota restrictions are imposed on people who only want to pay the set government charges of 1900 baht. There is no quota on the back door via one of embedded agents. The more the merrier. Regular tourists are excluded from this racket and get a straight service.

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    Yes there are different queues. A tourist visa extension should be straight forward. I would go in the afternoon and you shouldn't be there very long. Tourists get an honest service. No need to arrive before they open at 08:30. They stop for lunch 12- 1pm.

    Money does grow on trees

    If they fruit early you probably make some good money but when there is a glut you can't give them away. Pineapples, mangoes, bananas can be worthless in rural areas.

    Pro-Grade Camera Rentals in Chinag Mai ?

    A lot of the local photographic studios in CM rent out lenses and cameras. Ring a few up and ask.
  9. Its personal choice whether you use an agent. I did my marriage extension a couple of weeks ago. It was the easiest one i have ever done. I was advised to arrive at 08:30 and i would get a number. I didn't believe this so i arrived at 07:00 and i got number 11. Nobody arrived after me so i could have arrived at 08:30 and got the same number. Number 11 got me an afternoon appointment so after cake and coffee at Rimping i went home and returned about 5 hours later. Afternoon visit was all done in 10 - 15 mins mainly because the students do all the checking before you see the immigration officer. Yes i had to go to the bank the day before and get a letter 100 baht 10 mins, photocopies 5 mins and a document from the ampur office re the marriage 20 baht, about 20mins. I live in the city so this is easy. If you are busy, don't like google, cant be arsed making a list of stuff required, checking it all etc yes just pay an agent and if they drive you to prom great. 3000 sounds cheap for a marriage extension. I have never used an agent but i was under the impression its its 5 or 6k or more? Thankfully its a once a year job and thankfully i am not doing a retirement extension which now seems to a lot more effort.
  10. I did my extension based on marriage last week. Arrived at 07:00 and got number 11 which was estimated to be seen around 14:00. Went home, came back. The students do all the form the checking so when you see the immigration officer it takes about 15 mins. This was the easiest extension i have ever done. Nobody arrived after me at 07:00 and before the office opened and there where at least another 3 or more spaces free. I could have arrived later in the morning and got one of those.

    Jet Airways.

    Take Jet Airways save the 120 gbp and then use that 120 to book a nice 5 start hotel in BKK or wherever. Jet Airways are ok if you are getting a good deal on the airfare.

    Advice about trip to HK

    1000-1500 baht in HK is a very small budget. Look for a place in Mirador Mansions you should get a tiny room slightly bigger than a double bed and tiny bathroom, aircon and probably no windows. Mirador Mansions is always better choice than Chung King Mansion as there are many lifts and stairwells.
  13. Last week immigration staff told me September but no specific date.
  14. Lol you are a funny guy. Made up stories and scaremongering, hyperbole, stories for the gullible! Having worked for one of these online only travel companies (and it was above a shop), worked at top travel agent and in airline operations for many years i could tell you a lot of stories.
  15. I think everyone on this forum knows that Airlines and travel companies don't always advertise the full price to pay. Saying "i am making it up for the sake of it" is quite funny. Nowadays you are almost expecting it. Its great to have ATOL protection and a possible refund months later but you would still be stood at the check-in counter at Gatwick with your bags going nowhere. Stressed out looking for alternative flights that cost GBP1000 plus. You are wrong on the assumption airlines will always assist you in the event of some major delay or disruption. Some airlines will tell you to contact your agent and wash their hands of you. Even more so if you have booked a rock bottom airfare with some obscure online agent. British Airways do this when it suits them. China Southern do it. Other airlines do it. For these reasons i am wary of unknown online booking sites which in reality are run on a shoestring in rented space above a shop in Staines. So i personally would just pay the little bit extra and book it direct with Air China direct.