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  1. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    guess he did not have much money
  2. "He defended that the Red Bull Heir, Vorayudh Yoovidhya, had appealed for justice " That sounds great. Then he should come back and get justice. About 30 years in jail for him maybe reduced to 20 if he helps get convictions and jail time for everyone who has aided and abetted him would be pretty just.
  3. Or better yet a drug dealerd, terrorist or war criminal who might face the death penalty if not welcomed to the UK and put up at tax payer expense.
  4. We tried a couple of years ago and could not. From memory you needed documents to show you were a business owner or a work permit. You could also get if married to a Koh Samui resident. Should have been able to get if you own property but in our case they would not accept the house book and we gave up when they were not clear about what documents they needed to prove this,
  5. I'd have thought nearly all of them. It's not like they only have their salary to get by on.
  6. Chinese girl, 11, dies after snorkelling off Phuket

    Where is your evidence for this ? It is probably correct but I can see nothing in the article which suggests she was not an extremely experienced swimmer with years of snorkeling experience.
  7. Thai dictionary

    That is the dictionary I have been using. It is very good for beginner through to about mid intermediate. At that point I am starting to come across words not in it or cases where I want more explanation than the one or two words which are the closest English equivalent. Still at that pount it is probably time to switch to a Thai-Thai dictionary anyway.
  8. That would be 4% not o.4% but otherwise I agree with you. I was in Pattaya last month and in and around must have been thousands (no exaggeration of Chinese tour buses). What sports were any of them involved in. I was there for scuba diving, archery and martial arts. I came across lots of nationalities but not a single Chinese involved in any of those.
  9. I may be missing something here but the way I read this it is not talking about English teachers. It is any teachers.
  10. Especially when many middle class and above Thais are much wealthier than many foreign visitors. It is pure racism. If the Thais think it is fair then foreign countries should do the same. Maybe introduce laws to make Thais pay double for air tickets, hotel rooms etc overseas. After all it sounds like they would not be offended.
  11. Officers sacked over illegal auction of Army cars

    Also disgusting to let them keep all the gains. Confiscate all their assets and those of any family / friends who gained.
  12. My understanding is that as long as all their services or work is being done entirely over the internet for clients outside of Thailand this is legal as long as they do not start to have employees or an office here. It does however remain a grey area. If for example they are receiving payments to Thailand or that would probably be stepping over the line.
  13. Badly worded but I think it is the bride's father who is 51. I suspect that the family were concerned about face at least as much as the money.
  14. Receiving post in samui

    I have had to go to pick up twice lately. The issue was that there was a change of 7 Baht to be paid and I guess the delivery guy cannot collect that. Both times it was parcels from the UK and I have no idea why these were different to other parcels.