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  1. If the figure for number of nurses per 1000 population includes private hospitals it is very misleading. The private hospitals here in Samui have a very large number of nurses per patient compared with government hospitals. To ensure a quick service many just escort patients around or are chatting waiting. They also seem to spend a lot more time on paperwork and billing. They obviously have many more nurses to deal with an equivalent number of patients compared to government hospitals.
  2. While I was in Chiang Mai I did a few classes with Effective Foreign Languages Chiang Mai and then followed up with some extra Skype classes. They are not the cheapest options but have extremely experienced and well qualified teachers. In any case my views would probably apply to other tutors in Chiang Mai. What they teach is standard Central Thai. They may have learned Northern Thai or Chiang Mai dialect at home but are totally fluent in Central Thai (as are most Thais from any region these days). In fact I find their pronunciation tends to be more clear and textbook correct than much of the rest of the country.
  3. and they are not even going to charge him for not stopping and dragging the victim until he was dead, fleeing the scene and perverting the course of justice by getting someone else to try and take the blame
  4. So they go through all this effort to make it hard for foreigners to come and work here in order to protect Thai jobs when there are almost no Thais without a job. Somehow I don't think even the Thai bureaucracy could be that idiotic.
  5. เย็ดผม - Yedd Pom Isn't that much stronger than the poster is looking for. I thought it translates as "<deleted> me"
  6. An inquisitional system of justice is totally dependent on the judiciary being unbiased and incorruptible. In Thailand it would be even worse than the current system.
  7. Similar in Samui except the renters are mainly large groups of Chinese and Europeans. Our area used to be very quiet with isolated houses separated by gardens and occupied mainly by couples either the owners or long term renters. Now all around plots are being bought out and they are packing in rows of units 3 floors high with pool, plush living room and 4-5 very small bedrooms to pack people in. Renters are now coming for a few days in groups of 8-12. A lot have groups of kids screaming around the pool all day. Others groups here to party all night.
  8. Damn I have been happily donating mine for free most chances I get.
  9. How much Thai do you think she speaks then to understand if he tells her that. This is Thailand no reason to assume or expect everyone can speak English or whatever foreign language she speaks.
  10. My experience is Samui not Phangan but I have ordered some books and a number of Kindles for myself and friends through Amazon. They use several shipping agents (UPS, fedex, DHL etc). The only one I have ever had an issue with is DHL ad that is not just for things shipped from Amazon. For Kindles Amazon charge an import duty deposit in case duty is charged but in every case Amazon have refunded this and nothing has had to be paid. With DHL they tried to charge me duty and also insisted that I go in to collect from their office. Took an argument but I told them there was no duty and they were going to deliver to my door or they could ship back to Amazon and we would both explain why. Based on previous experience with them I recorded the call to back me up but they backed down and delivered with no charge.
  11. A Brit does not lose their state pension, but as I understand it if you do overseas the amount you receive is frozen rather than increasing each year (which is a minimum of the level of inflation and usually more).
  12. These men are not becoming women. Despite wearing different clothes and a bit of surgery they are genetically 100% men. A girl can work in the Playboy club for years wearing floppy ears and a fluffy tail but she will never become a rabbit.
  13. But do you think it would be fair the other way round. For example convicting on the old basis where things have been decriminalized or penalties reduced. For example should homosexuals be jailed for acts before it became legal. How about offenses for drugs or types of porn which may now be legal.
  14. My main complaint is the complete rip of for medicines. My last visit included 48o baht for a small tube of Deep Heat !! A couple of times I checked both Bangkok and Samui International and found they have billed 2 or 3 times the price of an outside pharmacy.
  15. In casual speech I would use ก็เลย or ดัวนั็น slightly more formal would be จึง