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  1. Where to get help for depression

    Psychiatrists are taught to give drugs. I'd go for a psychologist, CBT and try to avoid drugs. I know many with alcoholics that were diagnosed with clinical depression and they kicked their drugs. But they had a support group. I thought I was depressed once and made a wellness plan with physical, spiritual, mental goals. It worked. PSI is good but expensive.
  2. Prostate Cancer Test

    Thanks. Good idea about getting a cheaper package and adding on the one test. I've a few years before I'm 59. My doctor told me at 42 to get a yearly check up, that was 10 years ago. Finger up my bum, no bother.
  3. Prostate Cancer Test

    White skinned people are not charged more. I actually have, "pragan sangkom", so would get that test free are a government hospital. Thanks for the information. How long was your wait to get the blood taken? I only go to govt hospitals if I know the doctor there.
  4. Prostate Cancer Test

    Thanks Nancy, one just looked at some executive packages for men, lol. A bit pricey. There is still a glass ceiling here for women, especially with doctors.
  5. Prostate Cancer Test

    I didn't know I could do that, thanks.
  6. Prostate Cancer Test

    As I'm over 50 now, and my cousin has got this, I want to get a check up. What specific test should I be asking for? Do the large private hospitals include this in their packages? Thanks.
  7. 8.30 - 4.30 I don't think they will ask vowels but 32.
  8. How many consonants and videos are there in Thai. Who has the power to grant citizenship- minister of interior. What time are Thai government offices open? When is mothers day? What should a Thai did when hearing the national anthem - stand up straight. What do the colors of the Thai flag represent? ชาติ, ศาสนา, พระมหากษัตริย์
  9. That's a multiple choice test with 10 questions.
  10. I got full points last December. I never sang the songs, due to being married. However, before I got my degrees translated and certified, they said I could sing for some extra points. Also, I never had to write anything, that was tested. The point system is not as clear as one would think. I'd advise qualtrough to take his wife to offer them something, unless he knows the correct procedure to do this. Actually, even if he does, it's always better coming from a Thai.
  11. BKK entry refusal

    Out of interest, what language do to speak to them in? I prefer the make officers and find them friendlier, especially when I mention carabao or make a joke. Female ones are probably sick off being ogled by dirty old men.
  12. Have Thais got it right, and we've got it wrong?

    Do you know Thai bands from that era? Do you know the Thai word for creation, assuming you are living in Thailand?
  13. Have Thais got it right, and we've got it wrong?

    Strange how they had the technology 50 years ago and now, with amazing advancement, they never go back.
  14. Songkran duration

  15. Have Thais got it right, and we've got it wrong?

    Depressed country? Most Thais I speak to don't have kids for this reason. I guess we moved in different social circles.