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  1. Hello Neeranam,

    bannork here, just wondering why you stopped posting, have you left Thailand, got banned or gone back to drinking? I' m sure it's not the last choice!



  2. Let's Learn One Word A Day.

    I used to learn about 5-10 new words a day. Now I'd be lucky to learn that in a week. How about posting new words every day to help us who are trying to learn. Maybe for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Beginner - แปรงสีฟัน bpraeng see® fan - toothbrush Intermediate - ผลัดวันประกันพรุ่ง plat(l) wan bpra(l) gan prung(f) - to procrastinate Advanced - สงครามจิตวิทยา song( r) kraam jit wit(h) ta(h) yaa- psychological warfare. N N