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  1. An email is good enough for me from the UK govt. Thank you for your email. We provide what’s called a consular birth registration – it’s not a birth certificate and does not replace your child’s local birth certificate. It does however register your child’s birth overseas with the General Register Office. Please use the link below to take you to our website where you can follow the instructions in order to apply for a birth registration https://www.gov.uk/register-a-birth/y Kind regards Hinna
  2. What is not so? I don't know why I bother sometimes.
  3. Call it what you want but just saying a child born abroad can not have 2 birth certificates. My kids have certificates of being registered but don't have UK birth certificates, as they were not born there. On theit cert. It has in no.4, claim to citizenship, S2(1)(a) British nationality act, and in no.8, S11(1) British nationality act 1981 If you don't believe me, phone the UK embassy.
  4. What you mean is a "consular birth registration certificate ", which is not a UK birth certificate. Usually the registering of the birth is enough, for use if your son wants to go to school in the UK, for example. Btw, there is no certifying body for translators in Thailand. I have translated documents myself, signed them and they've been accepted by the MoFA.
  5. Note to newbies, don't marry poor girls from Buriram. How on earth did these guys meet these women anyway?
  6. My daughter learns Thainess at school, it is called 'kwam bpen Thai'. You obviously think Thainess is something different. Out of interest, do you have any Thai friends? I wonder what they would think about your comment. I know what my Thai friends and relatives would say. Is this a way of saying that you think Thai people can have no conscience? Please enlighten me.
  7. I had kids before and after then. They didn't get a birth certificate. It's called a certificate of registration of a birth, or something. I don't think it's possible for anyone to have two birth certificates, but I could be wrong.
  8. You can't get a British birth certificate from the embassy of the child was born in Thailand.
  9. His son would automatically receive a passport, unless he married a woman already with a son, which is something not wise at all in Thailand.
  10. No need to say sorry. You mean they should be treated like all sick people, with love and compassion. Overeating can be a mental disorder, similar to alcoholism. Also, eating too much or drinking too much can be a choice. There is HUGE difference between an alcoholic, who has lost the power of choice, and a heavy drinker. Smoking is a choice, but very addictive. It's much harder to quit than alcohol or heroin. But I have 6 weeks off them damn cigs now, all by will power. Alcoholics can't quit on will power alone, as with some food addicts.
  11. What is a 'normal' drinker?

    I only drank that amount for usually 2-3 weeks then had a break of a week or so, but once it lasted nearer 1 year.
  12. When Farangs Go Native

    I disagree, it's more about feeling, "less than" due to not having something.
  13. Surprised nobody has slammed this man for begging for help on the internet, like the other thread.