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  1. One of the main reasons for getting Thai citizenship. I can't wait to do this part of the process! Could you just leave the country and come in using your Thai passport, ignoring immigration?
  2. I agree. When people ask me if me having dual citizenship is legal, I am not sure what to say. I guess that there is a law saying I can't use my former one, so it is illegal.
  3. So, theoretically, the minister can revoke Thai citizenship if the person uses their US/UK passport for anything, anywhere. I know this is highly unlikely, but there is a law.
  4. Interesting. What about naturalized US citizens, could they lose one of their nationalities if using their US status in Thailand? There's a lot of confusion about this issue.
  5. Lose it and get another of its that bad.
  6. I was on about 47 points, so they told me to learn the songs. I was surprised to find that the UK embassy verified my degree, so that got me over the 50. Actually, I had a post graduate diploma, which was translated to a master's, and this took me over the 50.