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  1. Neeranam

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    Good to see you've changed your tune.
  2. I read the Thai newspapers. This is less of a fine than if you drive drink and kill someone.
  3. Draconian, two tier fine system, a Thai would only get 1000 baht.
  4. Neeranam

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    I understand what you mean. I also don't want to be responsible for the newcomers death when the non-alcoholic tells them that they get on fine without working the steps. I did a workshop once with many Thai alcoholics where a lonely old guy, who wasn't an alcoholic, started telling them not to do the steps as he was sober 10 years, never had any character defects and the steps were for sick people. I asked him to shut up, but couldn't kick him out as he said he had a desire to stop drinking, but certainly wasn't an alcoholic. I wonder how many he killed in his 10 years of going to meetings he didn't need but liked to go to and meet people with beautiful Thai wives. Can you see my point?
  5. Neeranam

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    What you've quoted is not tradition 3.
  6. Neeranam

    Small AA Group - Tradition 3

    If you read the whole thread, you'll see that some think that anyone can join Alcoholics Anonymous, even if they don't have a drink problem, and some follow the tradition 3 and common sense that of course you have to have the disease of alcoholism. Of course new people might not be willing to admit they have an alcohol problem and should be made welcome, but after a year or so, and working with an experienced member, they should be able to decide if they are an alcoholic or not. If not, they shouldn't be there, AA is not a social club.
  7. Did they call you and give you an exact date? I thought the interview was just a formality. They only call you for interview if everything use in order. I could be wrong. Does anyone know how many interview are given in one day? I was told that there are 30 in the process before me.
  8. Not true. Burmese and Laotian have manual jobs.
  9. Some farang are Thai citizens. Just because he is white doesn't mean he is working I'd like to drive taxi when I'm 60.
  10. What is the minimum number of years for this? Can one work on this visa?
  11. What has that strange question got to do with anything I wrote? My wife, children and inlaws are Thai, and I am soon to be Thai. I have chosen to live in Thailand most of my life. No idea what your getting at.
  12. He had the NIA in January, the same as me. So I assume the letter was was sent in March to the MOI, the same as mine.
  13. Using the present perfect tense suggests some have been called already.