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  1. But I don't need the WP after the NIA interview, maybe, which could be before March?
  2. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    I agree. I've a friend with Thai law degree and teaching law now, in Thai, who had many experiences such as mine. In fact, even more ridiculous.
  3. Just to clarify something. If I make the application on Dec 18, is there a good chance that I could get the MOI interview before March? What would be the worst case scenario - April? Also, I'm going on a business trip in March, can I request that they don't ask me to confer for it in the two weeks I'm out of the country?
  4. Oops sorry, I'm a newbie and haven't figured out the words yet!
  5. Yes, if you think having money makes you successful. But yeah, what about all the good things you've done? You are Thai Visa poster of the year aren't you?
  6. Is SCB in trouble?

    In a Scot, married but this account has nothing to do with my wife. Obviously tourists in any country can't open mutual funds.
  7. Is SCB in trouble?

    I also have got over10% interest on my Thai military bank SET50 mutual fund, plus a dividend.
  8. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Then my wife went to Tesco to do the shopping. We caught up with her and I paid the guy, guess who got the change? Sometimes it doesn't bother me at all, depending on my spiritual condition.
  9. Being Ignored - Do you say anything?

    Hee hee I wentback to the mall and boycotted the original place, going to KFC. Guess what, the same happened, well the girl asked my wife if I wanted upsized Coke. I took it in my stride. All depends what side of bed I got out of, I guess.
  10. Is SCB in trouble?

    I totally disagree, I made a nice sum on land, in my wife's name, my house is worth double what it was 8 years ago. The SET is going well.
  11. 6 Year waiver is up. What can I do?

    In 22 years in the Thai educational system, I've never heard a whitey being called that.
  12. What about if I have kids after getting citizenship, will they be considered "real" Thais?
  13. 6 Year waiver is up. What can I do?

    There used to be a few posters here with user names, "ajarn ...". Same as never calling yourself khun.... Whities don't fit into the social system usually. Khru is rarely used with a foreigner as it means more than ajarn, in a few different ways. In my university they have wai Khru day.
  14. I pay 1200 baht for 200 MB/s fibre optic, 3BB. Also 600 baht for fibre optic from sinet, but only 100 Mb/ s Philipino women are nicer. Too many guns for my liking, this was in 1993, just after the yanks left Angeles.
  15. Terrible customer service from Apple shops. Please no Wal-Mart, we don't don't want fatties on motorized carts here.