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  1. How long since your NIA interview? Have you received a letter saying the MOI now has your application, if so when did you get it? Thanks.
  2. Applied December, 2017. NIA interview January, 2018. Awaiting MOI interview. Was told it was sent to MOI in March, but nothing in writing, just on the phone.
  3. My yellow house book is in Bangkok. I've never lived at that address. The special branch police head in Bangkok suggested I did it when applying for citizenship. The law states that you can register on any tabien bahn. You can have more than one house !! My non-Thai ID card is from another province. That pink ID is pretty useless. When renewing my drivers licence in my province, I showed my yellow book from Bangkok, no problem. They didn't accept the pink ID from the same province.
  4. I think the rest of America, including Canada, would disagree. World geography is not taught much in the USA, I was told. Many well educated people call me English, although they know I'm from Scotland.
  5. What do you mean, "bar background"? Just because you live in Pattaya, don't assume that all people who work in bars are prostitutes.
  6. Interesting. If I got fired and forgot to cancel my work permit, I'd be able to stay until the end of my visa. Actually I've done this before but some here say otherwise.
  7. There are 5 levels to this award, and I assure you, level 5 is a very high award.
  8. The order of the white elephant, 5 th order would be a nice gesture.
  9. How many people remember the dual murder in koh tao? The scapegoats from Burma still in jail? What about the Thai cop who killed the tourists in kanchanaburi? Things are forgotten quickly in Thailand. Situations involving foreigners are deemed not important, unless the foreigners are helping the Thais. The blue diamond affair? Chalerm's son? Red Bull guy? I'd bet that none of these guys finish a degree at NU, all talk. After working there, I know the discrimination that is given to people of different ethnic backgrounds.
  10. He can get someone to do it for him.
  11. Most of them probably wouldn't want to reside in Thailand
  12. That's great, I loved Bangkok too when I was young. In some ways would like to move back there. Most of the moaners are probably old grumpy men, who would complain wherever they are. Finding themselves stranded in a village in Nakhon Nowhere, unable to converse with their neighbours, thus not understanding the culture, makes them 10 times worse.
  13. The pink cloud wears off after a few years of you integrate into Thai society. Nowhere is perfect.
  14. And you should be grateful they allow you to do this.