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  1. And remember it is a free service. Refuse to pay if they ask.
  2. Does the US offer such a status for retired people like yourself? As I said earlier, is people who don't qualify that say they wouldn't want it. As asked before, please tell me one disadvantage of having two passports. Do you really hate Thailand that much that you wouldn't touch citizenship with a 10 foot pole? Rather sad, when you obviously are a long term Pattaya dweller.
  3. Interesting to know. I got a post removed in another forum for using the word, Yank, as deemed offensive. I've also heard Jing Thing complain that its hurtful.
  4. Why would they do that? They need to find a name for themselves https://www.economist.com/johnson/2010/12/09/yankees-gringos-and-usanians
  5. Why so bitter? You obviously know nothing about the Thai pension scheme. 500 baht is just what all old people get, nothing to do with what they have paid into the pension scheme.
  6. Never, ever seen a gun in a soapy.
  7. It's easier than many other countries. Working for 3 years, salary over 40k a month. 5,000 baht for application. It's barstool myth that's it's impossible. What makes you think it's so difficult?
  8. He has to sign it in the US embassy, witnessed by the embassy staff, who are US people. Save your Thai bashing for something else.
  9. I was told that Yank was a derogatory term. I never know what to call people from the US.
  10. His kid doesn't need to renounce it just because he does.
  11. It's not a Thai thing it's a US form done at the US embassy.