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  1. We knew you were sick & bored when you first started posting = Now you know it..... Get better soon......
  2. pgrahmm

    Good Car Mechanic Needed

    Disagree vehemently after being involved with them over the years as part of a consulting/training team......But that's a discussion for another time..... I agree about most of the somchai shops - I can size up the shop pretty quickly.... I do not recommend lightly.....
  3. pgrahmm

    The "beautiful Thai girl" myth?

    The world according to TVF's Saints & Sinners......
  4. pgrahmm

    Plastic Screw Plugs: Where to buy

    Daeng's automotive has a display of push plugs......Turn at the Ricoh sign off Mahidol almost across from the CalTex.... Widely used in automotive..... Try Tonn at ProAuto on 108 on the north bound side.....About 300? south of Makro opposite side......
  5. pgrahmm

    Good Car Mechanic Needed

    Tonn at ProAuto is who you want.....Good english....No double pricing.....Clean, well equipped & staffed..... I'm retired automotive management.....Years with many other shops tried in the area.... This is the best..... Check out the reviews on their FB page - all you need to know.....
  6. pgrahmm

    International Drivers Permit (IDP)

    We've rented & driven rental cars in the US using Thai licences.....I have a 5 year and my wife has the permanent (lifetime) Thai licence & both have been accepted....
  7. pgrahmm

    Car battery life?

    Pro rated warranty.....If a 4 year battery lasts 2 years they pay 50% & manufacturer pays 50%....Customer then has a new 4 year battery.....
  8. pgrahmm

    How's Life at Suphan & U-Thong?

    On our last visit I saw 2 farang at the U-Thong Friday market & 1 at a large restaurant that has a couple of karaoke rooms.... That's more than I'd seen on any other visit.... Thanks for the insight.... btw Asia Books - you can order online....Pay at a counter & they'll ship to you (free if over 1,000B)....
  9. My wife has her family in the U-Thong area..... We live in the CM area.....She has mentioned/wondered if we could ever move there.... We're in a nice Moo Baan here that is stable, secure & safe to walk or bike ride - which I do about 5k daily.....Life is comfortable with convenient access to restaurants, good medical facilities, shopping native & western), english book stores & movie theaters, etc. within a 20 minute drive..... In U-Thong I'm surprised to see another farang..... Is there any Moo Baans in the Suphan area similar to what is near Chiang Mai? Is there a decent choice of services available for farang? Dining - Medical facilities - decently stocked pharmacies - decent choices in food shopping - english movies & books.....Although we don't do the bar, club thing - is there any night life..... Is the area safe? It seems someone always needs to babysit/guard the houses there....From what I've seen of the drivers riding a bike on those country roads isn't safe... How's life down there? I'm looking for opinions/options/observations.... Thank you.....