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  1. https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/09/21/brown-signs-bill-allowing-utilities-to-pass-costs-of-wildfire-lawsuits-onto-consumers/ And the Governer bails out the utility companies from the liability wildfire lawsuits..... As well as the governor vetoing the bipartisan Wildfire Control Bill in 2016 - Followed by the two most catastrophic & deadly years in CA Wildfire history.....
  2. https://www.sacbee.com/news/politics-government/capitol-alert/article218803990.html And along with that Jerry Brown signed into law legislation that allows the utility companies to charge consumers for fire damage costs....So - they can now start the fires + charge their customers for the repair costs for their negligence..... Apparently they were responsible for 17 fires in the Napa area alone..... He also killed - vetoed a bipartisan bill in 2016 for Wildfire Management that might have saved lives & property in 2017 & 2018..... A badly mismanaged state....
  3. pgrahmm

    Schengen Visa

    Footnote.... She flew out about 7AM to BKK....Took a taxi to the building - met there by a rep that guided her to the correct place - did the interview & visa photo there then flew back in to CM by about 2PM..... We both took our travel insurance through Star....They also function as travel agents for flights (& hotels?) but we made our own arrangements....
  4. pgrahmm

    Schengen Visa

    They all now use a company in BKK to screen applicants....My wife had to fly down to interview when she got hers.... We used Star Visa to assist us for this visa & they do a good job gathering the info for presentation + have a guide to assist in BKK.... We also used them for the US visa..... Very thorough & both easily approved.....
  5. Anything attributed yet to the start of these many, many fires that are springing up on a more extreme & regular basis?
  6. I lived in Paradise at one time.....Its high between canyons.....The craggy canyons are lightly treed but full of highly combustible sage & tall hard wood brush, mesquite, manzanita.....The canyons are not approachable by land for fire fighting......It's the worst possible scenario to fan the flames of the dry pine & fur trees as well as brush that sits in the peninsula plateau where Paradise & Magalia are...... I used to love playing ball at those fields surrounded by forest - gone now..... Socal has many of the same conditions with the sage, manzanita, mesquite, etc....Fast fuel.....
  7. 2 of the hottest names in the planet once upon a time.... Pong & Atari
  8. pgrahmm

    Looking for decent quality drill and bits

    Nice looking unit..... How many volts? I brought a B&D 18v from the states & use a convertor to charge but both batteries are old now & it costs more to replace than a new set would cost.....
  9. pgrahmm

    Looking for decent quality drill and bits

    There's a Makita store not far from airport plaza almost? opposite the CalTex station.....It's a trusted brand..... HomePro does have some bits.... The big Nana Screw store has good quality stuff - might be some bits there - not sure about the power tool brands they offer..... Better to stay with a name brand, although there could be some good brands out there only the Thais would know....
  10. Yep - had 10 drive in screens within less than a 1/2 hours drive.....Make that an hours drive north, south, or east & pick up about a dozen or more screens.....Ocean to the west..... Lot's of memories & foggy windows.....Not a lot of movies watched..... A great time to be a teenager......
  11. Today's version of a soap box racer - gravity racer....
  12. pgrahmm

    Camping nr Bangkok

    Join this FB camping group....They have 281k members & post places/pics of where they go..... There's many nice spots not far from Bangkok..... Many have tents pitched & for rent.....Easy to see by the same model tents in rows....... We're in CM and many that are shown are in close proximity to Bangkok (too far to drive down for us for a weekend) but might be good for your reference..... Some campgrounds do post there, but not as many as families or individuals do.....
  13. Halloween war wagons.... Old cars we'd buy and cut the roof off of & line the edge with a split hose so no jagged edge.....The shop teacher never seemed to care as we prepped the cars.... We'd start days ahead loading up with eggs, fruit & vegetables, pumpkins, refillable water fire extinguishers, some had tanks & water pressure pumps rigged in (air & water at every gas station) to fill & charge the tanks......3 or 4 would face off driving crazy with 4 or more standing up through the open roof & pelting the other ones driving on the streets.....Once in awhile someone in foot would toss an egg at them/us - big mistake..... Good times.... The police always seemed not to be around somehow.....
  14. Or, playing baseball, football (not soccer), & basketball in the street.... Cost my folks one neighbor's car windshield & house front window.....We played at the end of the street.....The infield was paved road & the outfield was an open field.....Hitting the ball = no problem.....Throwing the ball to home (plate) sometimes was (somebody's actual home took the shot).....