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  1. Is the amount of money you need to keep in a Thai bank still 800k or has it increased? Have heard that some amounts for other visas have increased.
  2. car registration in Bua Yai

    I need to go to Bua Yai to change the address on the car reg. book. Sadly been told we can't do it in Korat as our old address comes under Bua Yai. Doesn't appear to be an online system? Can someone tell me where the licence place is in Bua Yai cheers.
  3. Christmas Dinner

    I appreciate that this has been done in the past but can someone give me an update on what's a good place in C Mai for a traditional Christmas Day lunch. Don't want to go to an expensive hotel and do not want a boozy pub either. Something in between about 1,000 baht per person or less that is child friendly. Seasons greetings hehehe ... bit early!!
  4. Renew health insurance or not?

    Many thanks for the helpful comments. Does anyone have any knowledge of costs for serious health care eg heart problems or cancer treatment at Thai Government hospitals?
  5. I've had health insurance (Thai Insurance) here since I was 55 yrs, now I'm 62. Up to 60 yrs I paid 30,000 baht pa. Once I hit 60 it went up to 38k pa and will rise again when I'm 65 and 70. The policy ends when I'm 75. I will get 100k if I survive to 75 and my wife will get 100k if I die before then. I get health care cover of a few hundred thousand each year. Haven't had to claim so far but I know the chances I will are going to increase. Not sure whether to keep paying or bank it and hope for the best. Don't need it at the moment for retirement visa. any help thanks
  6. does anyone know when the old model available in Thailand will be updated as per the Indian made model?
  7. Can anyone recommend a minibus and driver hire company in the Hua Hin area? Seven of us are planning 2 trips: - from Hua Hin to Prachuap Khiri Khan town - from Prachuap town to River Kwai thanks for any help ...
  8. Doi Mon Cham

    Hi we are thinking of heading up to Doi Mon Cham around Christmas time this year. Will be driving from Khon Kaen and stopping at C Mai. Not sure whether to take public transport from C Mai or drive up there. Both me and the car are a bit old and not too good going up/down steep windy hills, struggled a bit with Baan Rak Thai last year. Is it easy to get a red songthaew there from Chiang Mai? And once there do you need your own transport? many thanks for any help
  9. Ao Nang ... any tips

    hi we are a having a family holiday next month and will be based in Ao Nang for about 5 days. Haven't been down there for 10 plus years. Can anyone give me an up date on things to do or not to do. Thinking of taking long tails to Railay, Chicken island and possibly Hong island. many thanks for any comments