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  1. Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Yeah, right, protecting young kids by arming teachers in schools ... it's pretty clear whose pocket he's in.
  2. I seem to remember a boarder in Sydney who claimed a large part of someone estate, and won. It probably sounds ridiculous, but I would be careful.
  3. I agree with you that he is likely to see out his term. I don't think the founding fathers anticipated someone like Donald Trump (not to mention the billionaires who have been funding the re-drawing of electoral boundaries so that even if the Democrats won 56% of the vote, they would still lose). But as a citizen of another country, I truly wish that Trump would be impeached. In my country, perceptions of the US as a great ally are fading because, unfortunately, the US has a clown as president.
  4. Much as though I would like #45 to be impeached, I now don't think it's going to happen -- at least not while Republicans control both houses. The zenith of white man's justice, I suppose you could say -- if you're rich and powerful enough you can do what you like.
  5. airline carry on limits in thailand

    My experience of Air Asia is that if you are in a group and have someone hiding all your carry on behind a pillar somewhere where the check in staff cannot see you) while each person takes it in turn to check in, they won't enforce that limit when you and your friends eventually get to the gate, each with lots of hand luggage. Unfair, yes. Guarantees, none.
  6. Dust and smog

  7. I no longer spend any money on food and drink in Swampy airside, the value isn't there. If flying out of BKK, I normally eat before I leave for the airport. If I have an early departure and this isn't possible, I'll go to the airport, check in and then go downstairs to the food court, where, as other posters have mentioned, the prices are reasonable. The ambience isn't great, though, and the food is so-so. But for an early morning breakfast it's OK. Sometimes I fly in from Chiang Mai to transfer to an international flight, and if that's the case I have a meal or a snack at the shopping centre near the airport in Chiang Mai -- prior to check in. When I arrive in BKK, there are water fountains airside, so I bring an empty bottle and fill that up for however long I'm in the terminal. It isn't that difficult, just have to plan ahead a little.
  8. For what it's worth, Australia is now implementing policy to stop known child molesters from leaving the country. A good thing, in my opinion.
  9. Due process, huh? There are lists of the times when Donald Trump incited violence against protestors at his rallies -- due process? I don't think so. I'm also not so sure about due process when #45 maligns the media and talks about restricting outlets' licences (not that he could). Or sacking Comey because of this "Russian thing." Or saying that Muller would be crossing a boundary if he started looking at Trump's financial affairs. Or when his response to something he doesn't like is an avalanche of tweets, thereby setting the emotional climate for how people see that situation. Due process and Donald Trump? Don't make me laugh.
  10. A previous poster mentioned that Japan was expensive. There may be difficulties with visas, but actually living in Japan (as opposed to staying in hotels during peak travel season) isn't too expensive, IMO -- cheaper than my country, anyway. As for Malaysia, I don't like the Islamic attitude to homosexuality, but there are plenty of long stay foreigners, including many gay men, who manage to live contented lives there.
  11. After Australians voted for gay equality and gave Parliamentarians such a strong message, parliament has finally passed it. The governor general has to sign it and once it becomes law any prospective couple have to give 30 days notice. So the first marriages can take place early in 2018.
  12. If you want to hear a dispassionate account from people on both sides of politics, there's a recent series of interviews that the Economist magazine have conducted on their radio program -- 9 November, to be exact. Their take on his Russian escapades, for instance: Trump knows Russia as a good place to have Miss World contests, and a terrible place if you want to build a hotel there -- he's been trying for decades. That's about all he wants to know about Russia. Almost certainly his generals are telling him stories about Russia's military capability and the threat that Russia represents, but he's not interested. And his desire to build a hotel there is a possible reason he tends to take Putin at face value, greed over crap detecting any day ....
  13. Wow, this marriage is like a stage play where a bunch of strangers in the audience get to argue about the legitimacy of what's happening up on stage. The squabbling audience gets to cast a shadow over the event. Like in Australia, where gutless politicians asked the electorate to decide if gay people were, in effect, "good enough" to deserve the same rights as heterosexual Australians – who of course have the god-given right to marry regardless of whether they're good as human beings, or bad. If you're offended by a man marrying a ladyboy, don't marry a lady boy ... And if, god forbid, you're offended by a man and a ladyboy celebrating their union ... stay well clear of their ceremony. Apart from that, why can't we in this virtual audience just allow this couple to get on with their lives, without having to suffer any hatred or judgement from us arguing about the legitimacy of their marriage?
  14. If Putin could see this conversation, if I can call it that, he would be laughing. First, pay good Russian money (recent FB testimony) to Facebook, Google and Twitter to have a divisive president elected, and then immediately after the election pay good Russian money to Facebook et al to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the election win. Wars don't have to be won with guns, if you've got social media to fire your (metaphorical) bullets. And this is still a hotly contested issue in the United States?
  15. Whatever the facts of this case, it's a reminder of how cosmetic companies are making billions promoting the idea that white is good, and you'll feel a whole lot better if you just buy their skin-whitening products -- at 7/11, or just about anywhere, really. I think those companies have a lot to answer for.