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  1. dundas

    PHOTOS: Second largest Starbucks in the world opens in Bangkok

    To be honest, who cares? Starbucks -- mediocre, and overpriced, in my opinion.
  2. dundas

    Is My Neighborhood Still Safe?

    The best advice I've ever read on TV.
  3. The bike I enjoyed most was a CB750K1 I bought new as a 20 year old. I couldn't get it past105mph (I tried), but I usually rode it at 80 or 90, before the days of radar traps everywhere (never had a speeding fine). The handling wasn't great, the brakes were OK, and despite the engine not being super powerful, compared to cars of the time the bike was fast and it felt like it could go on for ever, unlike my brother's Norton. I've had quite a few bikes before and after that one and to this day, I don't remember how I got rid of it. Actually, I enjoy nothing more than paddling around the back blocks of Chiang Mai on a friend's beaten up Honda Wave. Exciting, nope, pleasurable, for sure.
  4. dundas

    I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    Sounds like the OP considers both daughter and car as property, but maybe I've got that wrong ...
  5. Not Pattaya, but this does show the inconsistency ... last time I arrived on a visa exempt, my landlord went to Chiang Mai Immigration to report and was told that as they knew where I lived (he had reported TM30 for a number of visits before), he doesn't need to compete the form anymore.
  6. The problem with marrying for your family's sake is that you give up your own manhood and regress to being 'a good boy.' Not sure that's a good reason ...
  7. It's not just Thainess. Think about any brochures you're seen in Australian travel agents' offices, or Jetstar or Qantas flight magazines, or anywhere in the Australia travel industry that warns people before they get here about the dangers (physical, financial, legal) that can happen if you ride a motorcycle here unlicensed and uninsured. I'm pretty sure there are none. All you'll see is spin about what a great destination Thailand is, and what fun can be had. No-one wants to scare the punters off with stories about losers and their problems. Collusion in the travel industry to keep visitors to Thailand at a level of ignorance isn't limited to Thai motorcycle rental outlets.
  8. You just have to read the fine print in the insurance policy, assuming you have one. My current credit card travel insurance allows me to ride motorcycles under 250cc. Anything above that and I'm not covered. I feel sorry for the young man in this story, but anyone coming here should look at the Australian government smarttraveller website, which makes it very clear: 'Check your insurance cover carefully if you intend to ride a motorcycle or jetski, particularly if you're not licensed to ride one in Australia. Jet ski and motorcycle accidents can result in serious injuries and demands for compensation, often for thousands of dollars. You can be detained until compensation has been negotiated and paid.' Unfortunately, most people on their journeys to and from Thailand would never see this information -- unless they crash a motorcycle. It's not in the interests of anyone selling services (airlines, travel agents, online sites) to tell the punters something that might result in potential customers not spending money or giving up on the trip altogether. In fairness, at least one motorcycle rental shop in Chiang Mai says on their website that they reserve the right not to rent motorcycles to people with no prior experience. They say they're not in the business of suicide assistance. Instead they recommend going to the local Honda Safety Training park. You will won't have a licence at the end of that, though, I'm guessing.
  9. dundas

    Pattaya to Korat by bike

    Personally, I wouldn't take a Honda Wave on a long trip. I used to do 80km commutes out of Chiang Mai on similar bikes, and the problem was the speed differential with the rest of the traffic. I might be doing 60 or 80 and the Isuzu d-max coming up behind me would be doing 130+. I never felt safe in those circumstances. Not that I am likely to travel at high speeds on a bigger bike, but I want to have a measure of flexibility. But it's better than riding a bicycle down the highway, I guess.
  10. dundas

    Going home, tips?

    You'll need a proper VAT receipt (i's dotted, t's crossed and stamped in the correct place/s) when you go to the inspection desk and refund station.
  11. I have flown on the Thai 787 in both economy and business, and to be honest, if I had a waist measurement of 56" or more, not being accepted for travel in Thai business class would be the least of my worries. Actually, it would be worse in economy, where the leg room is OK, but the seats are pretty narrow (think about the same width as on a 737). In fairness to Thai, when they have had obese passengers in economy, I've seen them rearrange seating (on a 777 with wider seats) so that the person booked in the adjoining seat can be moved somewhere else on the plane. But sitting in economy next to a person with a waist of 56" or more on the dreamliner ... my idea of a nightmare.
  12. dundas

    Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Right. And the masses of people who voted for Obama as president then had to face the reality of a congress that wouldn't even consider Obama's nominations for the supreme court. Not to mention the whole birthing saga, etc etc. There was a heap of resentment from Republican voters, no matter that Obama was voted in fair and square. What you are describing is a symptom of a polarised country ('I am right, you are wrong') which will eventually weaken and self destruct (yes, that's my opinion). It doesn't help that Trump would have to be one of the most divisive presidents ever.
  13. dundas

    Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Maybe. I think he's got a big mouth.
  14. dundas

    Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Reminds me of a similar description I've heard, confidence without competence ...
  15. dundas

    Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Yeah, right, protecting young kids by arming teachers in schools ... it's pretty clear whose pocket he's in.