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  1. Thanks for your post 4evermaat! Yes I am willing to pay north of 50.000 Baht; Paid 80.000 Baht in Pattaya per month for 1 year rental. Private pool is a must have for me, only optional if the beach is 100m away. The resorts you listed are more geared towards shorter stays in my opinion. I have troubles finding any offerings outside of Patts, Bangkok or Phuket which as cities are to busy for me. I am quite open to general location of the villa. I learned that Chiang Mai has a serions smog problem which is also a nogo for me. Thanks for any info!
  2. Thanks for the great information! Are there any long term pool villa rentals possible in this area? I am looking for something in the 200 or 300 sqm range with a big pool where u cant be seen and large plot. Planung to move in 2018 or 2019 to Thailand. I was living in Pattaya on the dark side before. Thanks in advance!
  3. Is Thailand really cheap?

    As the largest amount of our budgets goes to renting a place, how would some of you recommend to find a place? I have so far found some websites like bahtandsold or real estate agency offerings but most of them ask for fantasy prices. I have been driving around as well in some areas of Thailand but did not find many interesting offers. Was on the lookout in Khao Lak for example and was quoted prices like 90.000 Baht for 90m2 beachfront apartment and 300.000 Baht for 300m2 House. In the end I found absolutely nothing by driving around nor on the internet. One poster quoted 10.000 Baht for a Pattaya Villa that he managed to find. I was renting for 80.000 Baht/months a very nice pool villa on the east side after searching for several weeks. I am very open to rent in the sticks. How would you recommend to find good offers? Maybe I return to Thailand in the next 3 Years so it is not imminent. Thanks for any advise!