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  1. sidjameson

    Getting around Chiang mai.

    Ah! So outof curiosity where did ou guys choose to live?
  2. sidjameson

    Getting around Chiang mai.

    Wow, great reply. Those prices recent? They seem unbelievable after Bangkok.
  3. sidjameson

    Getting around Chiang mai.

    No car. Never ridden a scooter. How easy and costly is it to get around? Im thinking of studying thai at the ymca. Go to live music pubs a few nights a week. Hopefully meetup a future friend for coffee and a chat. Join an expat group or two. Chess anyone? Love walking, would consider a bicyle as that was my transport many years in Japan. I fear taxis (cost) would deter me from going out as much as id like Is the above lifestyle doable in CM without spending a lot on transport?
  4. If you have 800k in your account, spend 600k over the year, top up to 800k near retirement visa renewal time, will the fact that you didn't spend it all work against you? Also what interest rate can you get on the 800k these days?
  5. sidjameson

    Frustrated Farang Husband

    Are you codependent? Google it if you don't know what it means.
  6. sidjameson

    How safe is touring Thailand by motorbike?

    Wow, just read it all. By inexperienced I actually mean a few hours on a bike on empty roads in Japan. Lol I think I'll be driving a car.
  7. Very inexperienced but always cautious rider. Never takes risks on the bike. Daytime riding. Always under the speed limit. Am I signing my own death certificate?
  8. sidjameson

    Art and culture in CM

    Actually it's kinda better than I thought. Music wise don't need professionals just talented guys on stage. BACC is hit and miss, but I've seen some great photography exhibitions there as well as some art.
  9. sidjameson

    Art and culture in CM

    Bangkok has regular classical music concerts and the Bangkok art and culture centre. Good range of foreign (non Hollywood) films too. The saxophone pub and other decent local live music venues. How does CM compare?
  10. sidjameson

    What am I missing?

    Op. I'm asking in a polite way. You can well afford it you say. So what the hell were you thinking of marrying a single mom? Successful rich guys in a poor country should be getting the cream, not the left over spilt skimmed milk.
  11. Op, I'm from a similar working class background, similarly educated and with similar psychological issues. In my younger days I didn't know how to love, I couldn't feel comfortable with people so my refuge, like a lot of westerners was in "thinking." Always asking why and usually coming up with a reasonable answer. I've spent 25 years in Asia and experienced this type of situation many times. Blown away by their emotional simplicity, overwhelmed by their loving kindness. If only we could talk more. The relationships have worked better when I have had friends and not tried to turn my girlfriend into my best male buddy too.