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  1. khunken

    SURVEY: Citizenship for all?

    I didn't vote because my preferred option wasn't offered. I don't think the citizenship should be automatic, nor do I thing it should take years. There should be a clearly defined process where stateless people (not only children) should be able to claim citizenship within a matter of weeks. No bribes or expensive fees should be a hurdle.
  2. I have not made any 'false equivalence' between the Russian media & western media - that was another poster. Nor did I mention killing reporters. I did mention, however, that killing civilians and opponents in various foreign countries is very much a feature of western countries. I also did mention that some western countries don't care about proof when it comes to finger-pointing at others and that's the subject of the Op.
  3. Once again you are full of accusations without proof. And no, I won't skp the other FACTS just because they are too embarassing to you. There is a huge difference between an unproven accusation of killing one or two individuals and proven mass slaughter of hundreds, thousands & hundreds of thousands of people for political & economic ends. So the other poster is a 'Russian forum sleeper'. Prove it or it is just more BS. Your incomprehensible post had inferrences that very much looked like you were accusing me of being Russian. 'Acting like a Russian'? Sounds like paranois to me. It's a pity that you don't seem to possess an open mind, with all the Russian accusations and inferences. To repeat - paranoia in every word.
  4. Ok that's fair enough. It was the heading of the article that was false. Note to self: beware of false articles from 'Rawstory'.
  5. No surprise that Russia is displeased with the sanctions, imposed on a whim without proof of what they were supposed to address. I do expect truth in a posting - not the lie that the state said something that it didn't.
  6. It doesn't take a 'Russian troll' to make a case where finger-pointing, allegations & various sorts of conspiracy theories - is not proof. The US & UK just love scapegoating Russia because it stands up to them in places (Ukraine, Syria for example) where they think they have a divine right to be the only ones to interfere. The examples of 'intelligence' services lying (or being told to lie) in Iraq & Syria too, are a good example of manipulation of false data and are quite pertinent to the current false conclusions that can only be supported by proof that hasn't been provided. I don't claim that Russian individuals or agents couldn't have been responsible. But 'could' is just not good enough.
  7. Yes it could. In my area they've done the same with the stretch of On Nut between Big C & Sukhumvit. The stretch between the klong and Soi Pridi (Pra Kanong) has also been turned into a walkable footpath by restricting the vendors to the shop side of the pavement only. As someone who enjoys buying items - especially fruit - from the vendors as well as being able to walk on the footpath, both can be catered for.
  8. Very well said. All the rhetoric is just reminiscent of how Trump started the stupid NK war of words. No doubt the US could destroy Iran militarily but quite likely result in a Shia version of AQ &/or IS. In other words more instability throughout the world.
  9. Exactly. 'The closest possible links for goods trade' is nothing but waffle which is all May has done ever since the DUP shot down her original worksble solution. It's very unlikely that this 'solution' will be acceptable to the EU, especially the Irish delegation.
  10. khunken

    Mission chief hits out at errant media

    It is highly unlikely that they 'stepped into safety'. They came out on a stretcher, all wrapped up so they couldn't pass on any virus or disease that they may have contacted in the cave. Also, the authorities are not releasing the names of those already freed until they are all out - quite rightly IMO so that no families are given more priority than others. Your 'want' is at the bottom of the list of voyeurs & media touts, just getting in the way of a fantastic job being done by the rescuers. I also think that the Chiang Rai governor is doing an excellent job.
  11. khunken

    Another warrant issued for Thaksin’s arrest

    Wrong. There were serious flaws in the 1997 constitution. Two major ones: No effort to make the Senate a real check/balance, rather just allow the wives, cronies, & siblings of the major party in power to run for seats. Second no prevention to allow the Interior Minister (Sanoh - another crook along with Chalerm & Suthep) & Thaksin's then wife to ensure that the assets scrutiny committee was stacked with enough compliant judges in judging his 'honest' mistake of not fully declaring his assets. In other words he never should have been allow to be PM (& 2,500+ lives may well have been spared in the fake 'war on drugs').
  12. khunken

    Another warrant issued for Thaksin’s arrest

    Stupid post. Not a semblance of any effort to stay on topic. The thread is about Thaksin even though you don't like it.
  13. khunken

    Another warrant issued for Thaksin’s arrest

    You are full of 'whataboutery' ERic. Everyone but Thaksin - as Robblok says, you just cannot bring yourself (& a few others) to condemn your hero even when the cases against him are straight forward corruption. All potential cases against Suthep could have been prosecuted when Shin proxies were in power so no need to twist them to be the military's fault. BTW the courts are legally obliged to issue warrants when an accused doesn't turn up for a hearing on the case.
  14. I don't care who play's Bond as the whole series has been taken over by virtual reality 'action' without any decent dialogue. It's mind-numbing stuff & not a patch on the early Bond films. I'd rather watch a re-run of Goldfinger than any of the last dozen or so pathetic efforts.
  15. As an Irishman living in Thailand - no overseas voting for me - I send a resounding virtual 'yes' to the referendum. Too many (men in particular) want their view to be forced on others who have a very difficult choice to make. Is it wanted? Is it unwanted as a result of a one-night-stand, rape or failure of a birth-control method? If the decision is in favour of an abortion, more decisions are necessary: Local life-risking coat-hanger?; Order the pills from overseas?; Or just go to the UK? It depends on how rich one is or is not. Health-care in Ireland is not free - all tax-payers pay through social security - and (as mentioned above) individuals cannot object to providing health-care to 60-a-day, a bottle-a-day & other abusers who are certainly not more deserving than women seeking an abortion. Finally to believe that life begins at conception is a non-scientific belief that is used as an excuse (usually by religious freaks) to deny women control over their bodies.