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  1. Apologies - your right that there was only one case. However the information wasn't false - as many articles including the one I included in my previous post all make clear. The Post did retract the article and fired the Journalist under pressure from the AOT and the government. The fact that he was exonerated in the courts and the Post had to compensate him points rather strongly to him being sacked due to the Thaksin enforcers (including AOT - they did what they're told) which he certainly believes.
  2. You are quite determined to defend your hero. What you are referring to is a different case of a news editor writing an article on the airport which the Post did retract after being sued by AOT. That particular editor either resigned or was sacked depending on which version you want to believe. This case occurred in 2005. The One I referred to occurred in 2007.
  3. No it wasn't. See the link below. AOT had tried to cover up the problems but it was Thaksin enforcers who pressured the Post to sack the journalist. http://www.abc.net.au/pm/content/2007/s1839398.htm
  4. Yes.... but. The paper is part owned by the Chirathivat family of Central, Tops fame so there has always been some interference in the journalistic side of things. I personally had some correspondence with a Canadian journalist writing a business column named 'Insider' quite a few years ago and he told me that the Chirathivat family members (anything up to 150 of them) strolled around the newsroom & other parts of the paper as though they owned it. The current removal of Pandey is similar to the Post's sacking of a journalist back in 2007 for reporting cracks in the runway's at Suvarnabhumi airport following pressure from Thaksin enforcers at the time. He later won a court case against the Post for unfair dismissal.
  5. As an European I would be very careful & hesitant about any joint European reaction to the USA. I'd love to see it happen but there are numerous recent history clues that make it unlikely. First is how long the UK, France & Germany will continue to trade with Iran if Trump threatens sanctions against companies that are involved and possibly ramps up general trade issues just like he's doing with China. Not very long ago European companies (banks especially) had to dole out billions for the so-called sanctions-busting trade with the same Iran. Second is that the UK has for quite some time blindly supported the US in whatever warmongering exercise it has embarked on. Also Macron is no Jaques Chirac in opposing that same type of warmongering. Only Merkel has the bottle to stand up to Trump but she can't do it on her own. I'm sure that Iran has a contingency plan ready to go nuclear as soon as it becomes clear that trade with European companies is being blocked by the US. If they go that way, then Saudi Arabia will initiate it's own nuclear weapons program and Turkey could well be a candidate too. It's a scary scenario but Trump has no idea of forward thinking - mostly backward unfortunately.
  6. The deal with Iran has been termed a deal, a pact, an agreement etc. What gets agreed with NK is very much unknown at this stage. You might remember that a previous deal (or whatever) between the US and NK was broken by both sides during Dubya's time. Neither side keeps to UN resolutions.
  7. I'm not trying to fool you, only trying to get you - and some others of a similar mentality - to understand that the agreement that Trump broke has no positive outcome as a result of his paranoia about anything Obama did. If the other signatories continue with the agreement then, once again, Trump is pissing off his allies and sending a message to NK that the US can't be trusted to keep to an agreement. If the other parties withdraw Iran will ramp up it's nuclear capabilities and become another NK which not many would think is sensible.
  8. So you're the gullible Trump followers' spokesperson. Who appointed you? Well I'm glad you agree his withdrawal was stupid.
  9. Who's we? Speaking for myself I'm sick of the constant threats & bombings from Israel to Syria so it's no wonder that a response is coming out of Syria towards the stolen Golan Heights. The aggressor is Israel just as it kills Palestinians for Zionist fun.
  10. Why do people distort other people's posts and when it's pointed out just ignore it? Ignorance, arrogance or dishonesty?
  11. You put my name on a piece of bigoted crap that was posted by you. Do you know what a quote is? You don't know what you're doing just like the gullible Trump followers who can't understand the stupidity of his action on this agreement.
  12. So this bigotry is just rubbish then: Now if a Muslim country like Iran had nukes...... well they are stuck like most other Islamic states in the era of witchcraft and pagan times. So yeh they would happily start one .
  13. Well if 7by7 doesn't, I will. First you incorrectly claim that one has to first be a Muslim to be a Muslim extremist/terrorist. You must have missed the various westerners (most likely former Christians) that joined IS and AQ. Experience has taught no such thing as what you say about offspring of immigrants. Furthermore your assertion about lack of 'home education & basic skills' is total nonesense & points to ignorance or more likely bias about the subject. Their religion is part of their lifestyle, just as with all religious adherents of any denomination. As far as marrying cousins goes, it does happen with Muslims as well as Christians. The British royal family and hooray-henry class is riddled with inter-family marriages & offspring. The cost to normal fair-minded citizens of immigration is nil, just some help with integration sometimes. Immigrants want to work and certainly do, when allowed to, and contribute taxes as like anyone. The dole-bludging accusations by the merchants of hate is usually a tissue of lies. One final point. In (especially) the US & UK the right-wing racist & bigoted media influences too many gullible citizens with complete fabrications about immigrants. It's not helped either when the likes of Trump repeats some nonesense he's seen on Fox and his gullible supporters think it's fact.
  14. Rather the opposite of what you wrote about the Catalans in Spain. You appear to advocate all Spaniards deciding on the future of Catalonia but not the citizens of Ireland deciding on the future of NI. Hypocrisy is what that's called.
  15. Your pro-Israel propaganda is getting worse every time you post. What Israel has produced is that Iran WAS - not is - working to enrich uranium into weapons grade. That was precisely why the agreement was reached to stop that, which Iran has done. Even the pro-Israel US admits that. As the US French ambassador said: The French ambassador to Washington, Gerard Araud, tweeted that information about past Iranian nuclear activity was in fact an argument in favour of the nuclear deal, not against it. Iran didn't 'let nearly a million soldiers die in the Iraq-Iran war', they were killed by the invading Iraqi army, supported by the US and chemical weapons. You do twist events. You & the Trump warmongering mob don't seem to comprehend that if the agreement is broken, Iran has to capability to develop nuclear weapons very quickly which is not what most sensible people would want.