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  1. The Economist reported it correctly: Canadian bakin’ Not with a bang, but with a bong
  2. Actually it's not the singers that he discovered that is his main claim to fame. It's his songwriting that stands him up there with the best. Songs like: You take my breath away - Berlin (from Top Gun) Call me - Blondie Flashdance (what a feeling) Love Kills - Freddy Mercury Numerous Donna Summer songs & hits & my favourite: Together in electric dreams - Phil Oakley
  3. What Estrada posted was a half-truth. What he said about Somchai Khunpluem was basically correct but he left out the fact that his son, Sontaya (the one appointed by Prayuth) was a minister in both Thaksin's & Yingluck's governments. From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somchai_Khunpluem Somchai is the father of Sontaya Kunplome,[10] leader of the Phalang Chon Party, president of Pattaya United F.C., minister of culture under Yingluck Shinawatra and former tourism minister under Thaksin Shinawatra, Wittaya Khunpluem, president of Chonburi F.C., chairman of the provincial administrative council of Chonburi and Member of Parliament representing Chonburi, and Ittipol Khunplome, mayor of Pattaya. Robblok is correct.
  4. This is typical of some little englanders who, jealous of Germany's success, cannot resist going back to the war. Personally I can resist, but with an exception here, going back to the time that my countrymen & women had to suffer under the British Empire. As far as the UK government's disastrous effort to think that the 'inferior' EU will bow to it's 'superior' non-negotiable demands, it is a failure. It's looking increasingly likely that it's going to be a Brexit without any agreement, the worst of all outcomes.
  5. It seems that those with thinly veiled support for sexual assault on a woman don't bother to think about why it wasn't reported directly after the assault. Here are some reasons. * The 'good ol' days' of acceptance of men's dominance over women are over; * Reporting a sexual assault that left no trace would not have been investigated by mainly male police; * Reporting a sexual assault by a famous person would be even less likely to succeed in a male-dominated period; * Any in the same industry would risk blacklisting by the perpetrator and/or his friends.
  6. khunken

    I've had enough of HDPrime

    CSLoxinfo is my ISP. Looks like they're on their own with this so I'll contact them to try & see why. Edit: It's not blocked today so apologies for false alarm.
  7. khunken

    I've had enough of HDPrime

    Looks like HDprime has been blocked by my local ISP supplier. Firefox won't access the site and Chrome says it's blocked by court order. Non-VPN access. So it's off to VPN-world as I doubt that it's been shut down (yet) as it's not in Thailand anymore. Later: yes it's available via a VPN.
  8. 'May rejected a previous plan, saying it would effectively slice Northern Ireland away from mainland Britain.' No no no May suggested that NI (which voted to remain) be regarded as part of the EU - a very sensible suggestion - but was shot down by her neanderthal 'friends' in the DUP, which kept her in power. The UK hasn't made any sensible border suggestions since.
  9. I agree with much of what you say. This thread has only demonstrated & confirmed that there are a fair few racists & bigots here, along with sections of the BIB. Yes, Nigerians do teach here, even in the Universities. I've met a few and Mr Google confirms that they certainly exist. It also doesn't take much searching (for those who might want actual facts) to establish that there are quite a few Nigerians playing football in the Thai leagues. Some work in the gem trade, especially in Chachongsao. Yes there are Nigerian drug pushers and fraudsters in and around Sukhumvit Sois 3-5 in Bangkok. Yes, there is the Nigerian email scam which has been taken over by all sorts of con artists from a variety of countries. I've received them from South Africa, Botswana, Ivory Coast & nowhere in particular.
  10. Looks more like a photo op for a whole room full of police as well as not-so-big-now Joke.
  11. So 'clean' (laundered) money is ok then?
  12. Thanks Joe but I'm already 7 days before the report date. I'll try mail if I can't get the online version to work next time.
  13. I feared as much. Thank you Ubonjoe.
  14. Yes, I did it at Imperial World on Lat Prao a few times some years ago but that's now only for Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar workers now. AFAIK Chamchuri doesn't do retirement extensions but the web site (I know how reliable it can be) does imply that it can be done there. I wonder if Ubonjoe could give his trustworthy opinion?
  15. Tried 90-day online application - no success - so I'm about to pay a visit to Chaeng Wattana, or: Can the 90-day report be done at Chamchuri Square? The Immigration Div 1 web site says it can, but 'Services are provided only to foreigners who have already submitted an application for temporary stay in the kingdom of thailand.' I'm on a 'retirement extension' which I've always done at Chaeng Wattana as well as the 90-day reports.