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  1. Just finished first season. Quite good.
  2. Strangely, they sponsor cricket in Australia and manage to do some good ads without demeaning men. I still will not buy their products though
  3. The ad is both misandrist and racist. It obviously poops on regular men and implies that all men are sexist pigs, but it is also racist in that most of the "bad guys" are white and most of the "heroes" are POC. Last I checked the ad had 500k dislikes and about 165k likes.
  4. Saw this earlier on an Aust site. No real information then, and still non the wiser after reading through this.
  5. Surely this outcome cannot have come as a surprise to the EU leaders?
  6. The nobs have the education system exactly where they want it. Keeps the elite elite, and the poor poor, and subservient.
  7. Maybe all those magazines etc who give out awards for bestest of the best that TH keep winning could come back for a visit.
  8. The whole thing is just a shambles.
  9. I just like the way Jim Acosta made the case for effective barriers. Wasn't his intention, but successful anyway.
  10. Hardly anyone will notice, because hardly anyone watches it.
  11. Pigs.....Trough. Nothing new here folks!
  12. DoctorG

    Prayut prayers ‘spare’ Thailand from Pabuk

    Wow! Talk about ego.