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  1. Where does the Pavlov's Dog reference come in? Did I miss it somehow? OK, I just read it again and Pavlov is his name. Still, not a good pun.
  2. Unfortunately nothing we can, and do, say on here makes the slightest difference. I will not weep for Thailand as the Thais do not care.
  3. I was worried that this might have been in Asia, which would be like inviting a turkey home for thanksgiving in the USA.
  4. Maybe the "deplorables" were not as stupid as those who were sure that SHE would be a good President. Arrogant people like you were part of the reason that Trump won, but you would never see that.
  5. Cadet died ‘due to health issue’

    Well this explains the loss of brain cells at least.
  6. Yes, it would be a very rare situation that you would not at least suspect that you might be a dual national.
  7. Will 4chan do an "it's OK to be Santa" meme?
  8. Both parties have been stupid in this exchange. The Father is just an ignorant ghetto rat, while The Don should try to not be so sensitive. The Boys apologized; the Father is not important enough to engage.
  9. Could be many cases of foot infection coming soon.
  10. At least some of the chaps were making an attempt at marching.
  11. I call it damn fine flying.
  12. Teenagers think they are invincible. I know I sure did some dangerous stuff.
  13. Is this going to be the way elections are won or lost from now on? You do not need to prove anything in the short time before the poll. The mere accusation has been enough to change a 9 point lead to being 12 points behind. I have no idea if this is true or not and therefore make no judgement.