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  1. The Left do not believe in free speech. At one of the church rallies a gay guy was speaking about voting NO. The lefties were screaming at him and calling him a homophobe. Go figure.
  2. The violence, abuse, and threats have come mostly from the YES side. They are not doing their cause good service. ps: the attacker has been arrested.
  3. Ah, the old file in the cake trick.
  4. Where to go 1 time China

    Impulse (above) has it right. I lived in China for 2 years and visited quite a few places. All areas have places of interest but for a one-off that includes the Wall, then Beijing is the place for you. As an aside, depending on your nationality, Shanghai and Beijing I believe you can go to visa-free. Other places you would need to get a tourist visa. (things may have changed though)
  5. A helmet would probably have saved him.
  6. I did not vote. I retired at 50 and am near 70. I have more than enough to live comfortably, but I would not call myself rich.
  7. Siam declares war!

    What did they actually do over there? Does anybody know? Did they go anywhere near any combat zones? The article is somewhat remiss on this.
  8. Siam declares war!

  9. Had a similar experience in Malaysia. I was on a transit stop for a few hours. Did not notice that they had the wrong YEAR on my entry stamp. Caused 2 hour office detention and questioning before I was finally able to convince them that it was the date stamp in error, not me. Only just made my connection flight.
  10. Just like every country then?
  11. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    Well, these might at least be useful. The subs? not so much.
  12. Can you imagine the backlash from these hi-end girls when their hi-cost necklaces are snatched from their necks.
  13. Maybe they will not be out there actually writing tickets, but I am sure they will still be out there collecting "fines".
  14. Bit of an expensive way to spend 3 or 4 nights a year with each.