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  1. Is it a "gathering of bigwigs"? We could perhaps choose another. Herd, flock, murder, troop. (for eg)
  2. As for any deal, the price is whatever the seller thinks he can get away with and the buyer's upper limit of what he is willing to pay. You can only research as best you can on comparable deals, as is what the OP is trying to do here.
  3. This has nothing to do with Thais or farangs. This is just bad manners in any country. Low-life ignorant jerks.
  4. The Russians have had a great ROI. FB says the Russians spent $46k on false advertising, while a Senate Committee put the figure at around $100k. The aim was to disrupt the political landscape of the USA, not to get Trump elected. This can be easily shown because they organised the anti-Trump rally outside Trump Tower AFTER his election (as per FB). The Dems and the US media have ensured with their ongoing silliness, that the political scene is in turmoil in the USA. A great Return on a paltry investment.
  5. I guess we should at least be grateful that they named the Chinese instead of the usual "foreigners".
  6. I feel sorry for the 3 honest Nigerians in Thailand but the Thais should just stop allowing entries from Nigeria.
  7. Thai victims exposed in US human trafficking 

    So, they did not consider themselves victims until these do-gooders turned up to tell them. The easiest way to overcome the exploitation aspect is to decriminalise prostitution. This was done in Australia and guess what? The country did not fall into mayhem. Brothels are licenced and regulated and individual prostitutes can work from home alone without fearing the police. Is there organised crime involved in brothels? Yes, but street prostitution is all but eliminated.
  8. I was thinking much the same thing. Sensational Headline perhaps He can certainly be charged with the under-age sex though.
  9. Two problems with this statement. 1. Turnbull cannot sack Joyce as they are from different parties. They agreement is for the leader of the Nats becomes the Deputy PM, so only the Nats can roll their leader. Turnbull might be able to demote him to a lesser portfolio but I am not sure about what would transpire after that. 2. Turnbull cannot expel anybody from the parliament. The best that the Nats can do is expel him from the Party and he could then sit as an independent if he so chose.
  10. I wish you were correct. Unfortunately schools, from primary right through college, are dominated by the Leftist fools, and this is where they can do the most damage. Whilst the rest of the adult population can see through this PC rubbish kids are a captive audience who cannot easily fight back.
  11. I smiled at the cartoon at the beginning. Just for fun, switch gender roles that become Western women, and you have the lament "where have all the good guys gone?" Either gone to Asia or gone MGTOW.
  12. While it is true that the bad air will only directly affect a proportion of the population, it is the cumulative effect that is the killer. There are no safe level of particulates.
  13. You didn't and I did not say you did. It is no different from your original quote of Genmai who did not say it was her fault, but you were happy to attribute that to him. Glass houses and all that.
  14. Yeah, clearly her life is so much better now.
  15. It looks nothing like her. His is a good likeness but what's with the leaves?