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  1. When will this objectification of males cease?
  2. If it isn't, then you are not doing it right.
  3. Strange that a gun was used. Are they running out of grenades?
  4. The headline says they dropped the coffin but it was the ramp that gave way. Sure, they dropped it, after they had nothing left to stand on.
  5. DoctorG

    Another dolphin washes up on Chon Buri beach

    This Wiki entry might help - The Indo-Pacific finless porpoise (Neophocaena phocaenoides), or finless porpoise, is one of seven porpoise species. Most of the population has been found around the Korean peninsula in the Yellow and East China Seas, although a freshwater population is found around Jiuduansha near Shanghai at the mouth of China's Yangtze River. Genetic studies indicate that the finless porpoise is the most basal living member of the porpoise family.[2]
  6. It is my understanding that the asylum case would first need to be settled before consideration could be given to the extradition. Perhaps the Thais could present a case at the asylum hearing. I do not know if this is possible.
  7. MW was referring to the people that do get away with it. Many people see this as a victimless crime, which it is not.
  8. I am usually a friend to Israel but in this case they are wrong and overly authoritarian. Governments around the world are becoming more draconian. Say anything remotely negative about the "religion of peas" and you can expect a visit from the hate crime unit in the UK. In OZ we have the HRC who will prosecute for trivial things.
  9. The Portuguese should stop sending their warships to Phuket.
  10. Even a mini-crackdown is better than not doing anything.
  11. It is always the "little people" who end up paying for politicians' stupidity.
  12. Difficult, as one camera angle appeared to show a defender's foot touch the ball, while another angle appeared to show it missed. No problem with France's second goal. The game has given Aust hope of getting out of the first stage, but realistically that is all we can really hope for.
  13. Early morning in Melb winter. No thanks. Somewhere tropical. sure.
  14. Cannot get much done in 7 days though. Hehe, just an Aussie dig and no, you are not allowed to mention cricket.
  15. DoctorG

    Pattaya cop fired for bribery, sexual assault

    If they wanted to be mean they could also charge her with bribing a police officer.