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  1. Christmas Dinner

    Gonzo at PunPun Guest House usually puts on a great feast for the usual reasonable price.
  2. There are really a lot of good books to read, you can buy them online and read on your computer or smart phone.
  3. I always order my Lazada stuff COD, pay for it when it arrives. Can't remember them wanting a credit card or pay pal for that.
  4. The Hangout - The Game - Rock City

    Probably right but if they are dumb enough to serve sweet spaghetti they probably have a lot of other dumb stuff going on which I prefer to avoid. Better to eat and drink at Big C food court Hang Dong road.
  5. Changing cash in CM

    Yes I have been to Super Rich with notes that were a little scrappy but have no way to know how much more or less scrappy yours are so can not help you out nor do I know the precise parameters SR uses to decide ok or no-k.
  6. Lazada? Duct tape? Your friendly leather products maker? Sridornchai Road.
  7. Vehicle Insurance Repairs.

    If in doubt take it to a dealer, they do insurance work. They may extract a few kilos of flesh but will not skin you alive.
  8. The Hangout - The Game - Rock City

    Sweet spaghetti is the lowest of the low. Not a place I shall set foot in.
  9. Paid Visa Queue

    Then no problem, he can give himself time off. It is not like the world is going to come to an end if he misses half a day at work is it? Also as Kiwi mentioned, this topic has been discussed before and answers were posted.
  10. Paid Visa Queue

    You really do not know anybody, an employee where you work, a co-workers wife, brother or cousin, neighbor's uni student child, your maid or butler? Hard to imagine your boss would not understand and give you a half day off, use one of your vacation days, call in sick, make up the time on Saturday...
  11. TM30 Experience

    My TM30 was also looked at carefully when I did my extension several months ago.
  12. New Policy at CM Immigration?

    You actually asked that question?
  13. Good to know. Interesting that they had so many over 70 use the system. Where are all the oldies hiding?
  14. Rental Agent

    It is so good to hear your negative attitudes rather than your joy at finding a place live.
  15. Used oil collection/recycling point

    why don't you check with one of the many places that drain hydraulic fluid our of vehicles daily car repair places heavy equipment repair places