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  1. So you think moving beyond a sex obsessed brain is not possible. How sad or is it sick?
  2. 3BB is Pathetic

    Did you choose to get the 3BB service or did somebody put a gun to your head and force you to? I think you choose it all by yourself. You also choose to get upset and abusive instead of many other more functional alternatives. You also choose impatience over giving people a reasonable chance to respond. Why do they owe you immediate response? Does your contract with them say that will be provided? But I can understand how you want to blame others rather than recognizing your responsibility for your own choices. Take your smart azz comment about my meds and stuff it in with your head.
  3. 3BB is Pathetic

    Dufus Oh of course they know/can do all three of those things, it is all in their records. Silly to blame and insult people for a situation you of your own choice got yourself into.
  4. Where in the world have the costs not gone up dramatically in the past 25 years?
  5. Check into The Four Seasons Resort in Mae Rim or go up to their tented camp in Chiang Rai. They can fix you up with anything you want and have excellent cars and drivers.
  6. RIP Cloudhopper

    RIP Bob
  7. Refinishing Teak Hardwood floor

    There are a lot of shops around that sell the wood flooring. Asking them would be productive, they can recommend independent contractors. Teak oil is rarely used to finish Teak flooring in Thailand. Polyurethane is generally used, consider getting flat or semigloss.
  8. What's Happened to Songkran in Chiang Mai?

    Of course, we did a survey all over town, interviewing 2,800 people and confirmed with 99.99% coefficient of confidence that the Americans were the worst water throwers, not just this year but for the past 4 years too.
  9. Prices for Pouring Concrete

    Agree doing it your self should be no problem. But calling in the mates to assist and have a noisy drunken party could well be a different story.
  10. Is My Neighborhood Still Safe?

    Looks like a nice safe place, nobody has ripped off the shoes or other quality items just laying on the sidewalk in the photo.
  11. 100% Whole Wheat Bread

    If you bother to read the link you posted you will find that that bread is not 100% whole wheat. It is not even called that, it is called whole grain fiber bread and contains grains other than wheat. So it appears that you do not know what you are looking for or at least are unable to describe it.
  12. Farangs, other Asians and really anybody can take that ride for the same price, not just Local Thai people.
  13. PSA test

    I have no problems about your end or information or the Suan Dok MRI Dept. I had some other things to do in Phitsanunlok and had not been there for some years so I enjoyed the trip.