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  1. I have to wonder if you are beaten down by CM Immigration or if you have beaten yourself down about it. So where are the greener pastures for you?
  2. Okay, does that also make them idiots?
  3. Don't know of any Proper accountants, might inquire at Assist Thai Visa, they seem rather Proper and might help or refer you.
  4. Do you or have you had real estate agencies in Thailand? It seems that many of your recommendations would be hard if not impossible to do in Thailand, do you have experience doing things that way HERE or are you assuming things can be done here because they can be done elsewhere?
  5. "Anyone tested to see which is better regarding the varying exchange rates and charges if any." If anybody had this really figured out they would have made billions in the currency markets and be long gone.
  6. You wrongly assume I give a shit about winning or that I find your conjectures debate.
  7. Gonna be a long wait Scottie.
  8. If you continue to bait people it will become even more boring.
  9. Wrong, reread the thread and you will find that you are the one that repeatedly introduced the word Dude into it. I certainly did not in the 4 Seasons post which was in response to your first question, not your second as you state above. Perhaps you need a bit of rest or a chill pill or something or someone to help you avoid making false accusations. Sorry Dude, your bs will not fly here.
  10. Which implies the non licensed ones do not. So your question in post #50 is ??????
  11. They are all wrong and you are all right of course. Good luck. Hope it does not go FUBAR.
  12. Who has insurance?
  13. correct, many of them struggle and fail to succeed at it
  14. That was not your original question, Dude. It was your second, Dude. When you finally realize it too is off the mark you may try a third, Dude. If you try long enough you may get lucky and really get it, Dude. But it is unlikely. Dude.
  15. One eye no stigmatisim adjustment about 45,000, the other with stigmatism adjustment about 60,000. Last September. Follow up has been same place, Sripat Building, Sri Pat Clinic, not Suan Doc, not Ram but you can see her at Ram, at least could a year ago. I have always seen her in buildings more than 20 years old.