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  1. You can get wood milled to 2x2 or any size you want.
  2. There is a camping and archery store in the back of the parking lot at Star Dome golf course which might have them, they have some high end stuff.
  3. Yes, Suksawad, Wood World, or any of the other lumber yards can provide it, no problem. Suksawad has several shops but all may not cut to size, one is mainly plywood and set sizes.
  4. Fry them in olive oil with naan plaa and garlic until crispy. Serve with cab muu, naam prik num and cold beer.
  5. Somewhere around this time you are expected to leave Chiang Mai so it is time or past time to say a sincere Thank You for all the positive things you and Hubby have done while you were here. Best of luck in your new location and enjoy.
  6. Most if not all test centers sell it.
  7. Castrol oil used to be made with Castor oil but don't know if that is the case with current oil of that brand. Used to call it bean oil and it had a distinctive aroma. Anyway, I am still looking for Castol oil, any leads?
  8. then or than???
  9. Right, you would be a fool to think that you can walk away from a snake that is comming for you.
  10. Electra: I found their prices mixed, very good on some things and too high on others. Proper: don't know about Lantus
  11. There are two pharmacies there across from the Dara school, try them both, they are only 30 meters apart. I have had better luck with the one on the East side which is a bit harder to see.
  12. Have you read the thread? Why would one check with the local wat? About what?
  13. I, he, who is writing? Or do we have another Nixon Horse? What specific services are to be offered?
  14. Wrong on both accounts and there are many others who for years have had no problems with immigration. Which is it, they started last year or you filed in 2008?