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  1. Dante99

    Viangbua Mansion-Has it Reopened?

    How much is 3k5? Or did you mean 3.5k?
  2. Dante99


    What days is Dr. Varchiraporn at Ram? Have you tried Dr Chatbongkoch?
  3. Dante99


    The other lady doctor, Dr Chatbongkoch is also very good.
  4. If it is teak, you might try teak oil sold in paint stores or paint departments.
  5. Dante99

    Where to buy a taller ladder?

    Is that the place down the Super towards Lanpun on the left?
  6. Not that I know of but they are not hard to find. Take a cruise down Chotonaa Rd from Pratu Chaang Puak to the Super and you should see a few. Open front with the aluminum framing materials usually visible.
  7. glass shops that make windows, best to find one in your area, do you speak Thai?
  8. Dante99

    Where to buy a taller ladder?

    There is a Thai company that makes them, same brand as the good ones Home Pro used to and perhaps still stocks, never seen the very long ones stocked in CM but you could check with the home office. Expensive, I decided to occasionally rent scaffolding instead, cheap.
  9. Dante99

    Aircon Advice

    He/she is the third or fourth reincarnation of one who is always unpleasant. Recommend ignore. Save your good help and advice for the receptive.
  10. If you can figure out how to keep those doors dry they will last much longer. You probably only need to replace/repair the one(s) under the sink. As mentioned above Suksawat can make for you. Not sure if it is the branch mentioned above or the other nearby branch or both. The other branch has made for me in the past.
  11. Dante99

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    the odd part is the "Why" which nobody has addressed Why should one have to prove why they moved? And how can one prove it if it is just subjective/personal choice?
  12. Dante99


    in stock or do you have to order?
  13. Dante99


    don't know about the 150 but my experience with the 110 is as stated, been at that price for over a year
  14. Dante99


    Dara Pharmacy opposite the Dara School stocks it. 110mg, 30 for B2,000. If out of stock they can usually get it within 3 days.
  15. Dante99

    Best massage business in CM?

    name, address and phone please