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  1. Immigration Office Construction Update

    Ideal world theory.
  2. There is no can't but there is won't.
  3. To be owned by the Banks again.
  4. Immigration Office Construction Update

    It is just your imagination getting carried away with you.
  5. You can get nicotine gum here. Or do you want a watcher with a baseball bat.
  6. Immigration Office Construction Update

    Excellent Mr. Cyber. Always expect the worst.
  7. Been using an Electric Teka oven and separate Teka gas counter top burner set for about 12 years, no problems. Not same as unit OP is asking about but same brand.
  8. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    good luck with that
  9. True or more CM Immigration rubbish ?

    Rubbish. Drunks? Next time please check with your Assist Thai Visa before you post trash.
  10. Rubber suction cups

    How many thousands do you need and what colors?
  11. Is it Time to Wave Goodbye to the Honda

    Looks great. Enjoy. Congratulations.
  12. Flower delivery in CM

    Hell yes, if you can't spend 2,000 Baht on her, forget her. Truth be known, she would rather have the cash and love you more for it.
  13. Good endocrinologist In Chiang Mai

    Of course, great idea, sort out the shit and you will find some useful support here, perhaps not focused on your specific need as your doctor could but what the hell, life is a crap shoot.
  14. Good endocrinologist In Chiang Mai

    Why doesn't your family doctor give you recommendations for the endo doctor? Did you ask her?
  15. Recommend psychiatrist in Chiang Mai

    Recent small sample study indicated that a particular specis of mushroom was extremely effective depression treatment. Supervision recommended for the uninitiated.