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  1. I think you may be wrong about this one eye-catcher. I have done business with them and they provided good service and high quality for a variety of home construction needs. At least they did about 10 years ago. Not farang owned.
  2. Dante99

    90 days online

    I got that message a few times, be sure your input data is correct and try again. That worked for me a couple of days ago in CM.
  3. Good quality there.
  4. You can order the sizes you want if you talk to them. They have a large mill in Doi Saket where they can cut special sizes, make custom size doors, frames ...
  5. Dante99

    Cleaning Out The Trash

    They are in BKK, is their reply specifically about Chiang Mai which seems to be in a unique situation?
  6. Dante99

    Some good news

    Is that true of the Chinese who stay at The Four Seasons Resort and similar hotels whose occupancy is 70+% Chinese these days?
  7. Dante99

    Cleaning Out The Trash

    This certainly warrants some significant verification before bothering to speculate, or comment on the implications.
  8. Dante99

    Chinese Mob at CM Immigration

    So you are telling me that I have to get my 74 year old ass in some furking line in the middle of the night instead of paying somebody to do it for me. To hell with you and your mean ignorance.
  9. Dante99

    Chinese Mob at CM Immigration

    No because if he went to the back of the line, his line sitter would have given me the place because he is a nice person and I was waiting since yesterday in the queue so I deserve to get the number one spot. The policeman there yesterday afternoon told me so and guaranteed it. I also talked to the policeman's boss who told me that I was not and would not be a queue jumper if I used a line sitter. He said you were being very mean because you thought it was not right for me to use a line sitter when I am 74 years old and had no need to sit in a queue with the likes of you.
  10. Dante99

    Chinese Mob at CM Immigration

    No, his line sitter leaves and he takes that place so no effect on the people already in line. One arrives one leaves, and both genuine people! No que jumping, nobody lost their queue position.
  11. Dante99

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Do you have facts to back that up or are you just speculating?
  12. Dante99

    Chinese Mob at CM Immigration

    To the list of things you need to take to Immigration, add Baseball Bat and Pepper Spray.
  13. Dante99

    flying Economy from CNX

    Do they offer economy deluxe from CNX?
  14. Dante99

    Best place / surgeon for eye surgery?

    Ah based on the people I've talked to who have had eye ops in Thailand they've done both. So that's real evidence One at a time, a week or two in-between, not both at the same time was my experience and that of several friends here in Thailand. So you know the results for one eye before doing the second.
  15. Dante99

    MAssage REcommedations in Chiang Mai

    uniform, room , clothes, ... Not a word about the actual massage! Like telling about a restaurant without a word about the food.
  16. Dante99

    Alternatives to CM RAM for dermatology surgery?

    Lady doctor who is CMU Med School instructor had (have not checked recently) a dermotology clinic and did surgery there at reasonable/lower prices. Good friend had a couple of surgeries done by her with good results. Chiang Klan Road to CM Land Road and turn right of course. In the first or second block, think it is the first, on the right side is her clinic, open late afternoon and early evening.
  17. Dante99

    Street dogs coming at me!

    I suspect that your rank right near the top of the list of the most niave people to visit Chiang Mai.
  18. Dante99

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    Is that true for tourist visa extension ?
  19. Dante99

    Begpackers in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    What you have made clear is that you do not know what your yourself wrote. Join the ignore group.
  20. Dante99

    CM Immigration Q&A (2018)

    go to Immigration Office 7am M-F and talk to them The big line has nothing to do with us, it is Burmese, Lao and Chinese workers who are serviced in the old building. Hehe???
  21. Dante99

    Begpackers in Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

    For you apparently but not for me and not for many others.
  22. Dante99

    Street dogs coming at me!

    You really must speak Thai to them so get into that Thai language school asap.
  23. Dante99

    Viangbua Mansion-Has it Reopened?

    How much is 3k5? Or did you mean 3.5k?