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  1. Dante99

    Lamp Shades in Chiang Mai?

    Check in at Lamptitude, the owner may be able to help or refer you. Be sure the lamps are wired for 220 before plugging in here.
  2. Dante99

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    I think most people have it all worked out. Those with problems and endless complaints vocal on TV are most likely a small percentage of the total.
  3. Dante99

    Immigration woes —- Again?

    He is not the only one to make such claims. And think about it, if you knew a way to save time and money and increase convenience, would you advertise it broadly knowing that if many people did it, it would not work anymore? Probably not. These threads prove how little so many know about CM Immigration and how so many are making it more difficult than it is.
  4. Is there an eyewitness reporting seeing line sitters queuing up at 8pm or is this just hearsay?
  5. Dante99

    Kenny Rogers= When to hold-em, When to fold-em

    Wishing you and your family all the best John. Thanks.
  6. Dante99

    Currency exchange shops won't take my old U.S. $100 bills

    Most places have been refusing the old ones for quite a few years now. Singapore change alley is the last place I knew that took them but that was several years ago.
  7. Dante99

    Drain pump for samsung washing machine

    I have bought spare parts from them.
  8. Dante99

    Hourly pay odd job man

    Paying him the 300 for the plumbing is no problem. Perhaps generous but not excessive, enough to get him back quickly if you need him. I have paid a good electrician 500 for a couple of hours work and do not regret it. Gardening does not warrant such high pay though unless it is trimming a high tree or something particularly heavy. You have to pay a premium for a few hours work compared to a long term daily rate.
  9. Dante99

    Extension stamp - request

    Yes. Just ask. They don't bite.
  10. And you believed her!
  11. Dante99

    Good Mattress

    see post #26 above
  12. Dante99

    Garden & design shop

    Luther has the right idea. Find places you think are well done and ask who did them. Check out the top end housing projects.
  13. Dante99

    Travel Agents

    Nong at SEA Tours Chiang Mai, next door to Georgio's.
  14. Dante99

    Garden & design shop

    Some good ones in CM. Been years since I have been in contact with them but have seen some of their excellent work.
  15. Dante99


    What Thai towns and cities have such a system? I lived several places in the city of CM and neither place had a sewer connection.
  16. Dante99

    filter for raining water

    asbestos if it is collected off an old roof
  17. Dante99

    cheap gas cylinder?

    Can you now exchange your empty bottle for a full one anywhere? We had some difficulties in the past changing suppliers and having bottles refused when offered for exchange.
  18. Done everything, been everywhere, that is such bull shit. Get some help.
  19. Dante99

    12” Memory Foam Mattress

    Furniture store on same street as original Kasem Store has Sealy at competitive prices. Past Kasem on the same side just before the parking lot before the Prince Hotel traffic light.
  20. Ask for the receipt.
  21. Dante99

    When is a child not a child?

    No. Child fares are less than adult fares and the child occupies a seat, except for babies, don't know about how that works. Perhaps not all airlines but the 3 I use regularly are and have been this way for many years.
  22. Dante99

    new airport.

    In the last 30 years there have been 9 new airports. How many more will there be in the next 30 years?
  23. Dante99

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    So for the vast majority of the people here, this is much ado about nothing.
  24. Dante99

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    A first time applicant does not necessarily mean a visa conversion, it can be from somebody who has a Non Imm already, can't it?
  25. Dante99

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    Thanks for that information. Did they want a12 months of statements or was something less acceptable?