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  1. See Chiang Mai Bread, on Facebook, and you will find a great place that delivers and/or you can pick up from their shop. They have several Sourdough varieties, and make many other good things.
  2. When the landlord is using an agent, YOUR DEPOSIT becomes his commission. Many people here struggle to manage their finances and cash flow, so since they have given your deposit away from the first moment, you are even less likely to get it back when using an agent ...in my opinion. The agent does not and will not HOLD it for you and is just lying if they tell you that. Usually, the reason you don't get the deposit back is because people don't have it to give back. So they make up any kind of BS they can to blame it on you even if you have been perfect. This has been my experience anyway. Finding a landlord who has money and cash on hand would be important in this case, for me. How to tell, I don't know. Thai Chinese people maybe? Or just consider it a cost of rent, and don't move very often? I moved often when I was first here and that cost me a lot of money and I did not enjoy it. Negotiate rent as if you will lose that money and if you get it back consider it a gift. Don't depend on them to pay for ANY SINGLE THING after you have paid them your money, especially if you prepay your rent ...I prepaid a year's rent once, and two months security deposit, to a very wealthy family, and that house is a hotel now, and was a hotel before I rented it. They did not do ONE THING they promised during the course of the contract, no services happened, no utilities that were included, like internet was paid, no gardener, no f'ing nothing ever happened, and then they kept the deposit also, and the excuse they gave me was because the water drainage pipe from the roof, did damage to the garden??? WHAT?? The water pipe that they own and installed and that deposited water onto gravel on the driveway ...somehow that is my fault?? They can't even come up with a good excuse .. and that is worth two months rent for a very expensive house? And they complained like little babies when I sued them HOW DARE I, what kind of crazy person was I??? Nothing like that ever happened to them before??? You must understand Thai people, they just have to come up with any kind of stupid excuse to keep your money, and to be polite, you must let them. One friend of theirs tried to tell me one night that she was having trouble with her gay lover and I should try to understand and let her keep the money ..what is wrong with me??? I don't know, her parents are millionaires, and she doesn't work and her kids go to international school here and I should donate money to her for the hell of it!! You never know here, be careful ...agents are the worst, don't think that is protection. There is no protection here. Come to grips with that number 1.
  3. Wow, never thought of that! You sound highly intelligent. Why don't you try to get all people out of the loop who make money off you too? Grow your own food, make your own clothes, build your own car and home ...you better get some sheep for wool, and grow some cotton, get some land. Hmm, how will you find gas and oil? That might be hard. You will have many projects to keep you busy as well as learning medicine or you can just let yourself die. Remember to build a coffin before please.
  4. That must have been the WORLD survey where they limited it to only islands IN Thailand in order to get that result ...Obviously!!!
  5. Because one man admits killing someone because the dead man allegedly said he was a child sex offender does not make my statement untrue. I happened to have worked with the Dept of Corrections with child sex offenders who were just getting out on parole ..if they all got killed while serving their sentence, I think I would heard about that and not had a job.
  6. Well, that really is NOT what happens. ..I know some people like to think that, but this is a myth.
  7. OMG, there is so much wrong with everything you just said!! 1) The man is 38. 2) Who said he was watching porn and this caused his actions? You? Did Asia know nothing of sex until the internet came along? Do children in other countries not share porn and things they find in magazines and on the internet with what we can assume should be the same consequences? 3) Has porn ever been shown to be the cause of rape? 4) Who has determined that Western Societies are "sick"? Would that be you again? 5) Taxes on "farang tourists and expats in Thailand" to provide medical help and counseling for Thai youth ...great idea! I think you should be the first to step up and donate everything you own!! Please come up with a plan how to manage this program, what help you will provide, how much it will cost, how much each of us will pay, how much will go for corruption and waste, and finally please outline what the exact benefits will be!! Thank you very much.
  8. While I appreciate that I think you are angry about this, I must say that this is NOT a Thai thing! I have experience with this EXACT kind of case, and with professional men in the US. Men who are good looking, who have money, who are successful, who are married and can get SEX any time they want. Who also do get sex often as they want. This is not about sex per se. This is why I am telling you all that this is a RAPE thing, nothing more and nothing less.
  9. I am talking about ...you said .."this happens about 1O times a week here to men" as if who gives a damn!! Next, your idea about getting punished for what you have done..great! There is a difference between murder and attempted murder. I am not calling what he did by drugging people murder. I am calling it "taking a risk with a person's life that may kill them, that they did not consent to, with illegal drugs, for purposes of committing a serious crime against them." For example, drunk driving, why is it illegal? If you drive home and nothing bad happens? No harm no foul according to your argument. We will only bust those people who are drunk and actually cause some harm? We want to keep the harm from happening so we make drunk driving illegal. That is public policy. We want to keep people from dying due to getting drugged so we don't want to only penalize the people who gamble with our lives and actually lose!! I don't know what your other comments are doing here, religious nuts and so forth, have no meaning to me in this context. You also keep confusing the death sentence and life sentence ..these two things are not the same. Only you ever spoke of a death sentence.
  10. Are you kidding me? You think it is okay to risk someone's life while raping them, without even having any consent for that? For taking the drugs, for the sex ..for any of it?? He didn't say "execute him" he said "give him a life sentence" and if you knew a damn thing about sex offenders you might know that they often don't change from any amount of therapy, punishment, or even aging out like other kind of offenders. If you would like to test this with yourself ..I might be able to help you, give me a call.
  11. Let me say it again ..He is a RAPIST. Rapists, rape people. Doesn't matter what their education is or if they will shame their family. He is not someone with a "little problem" that just got out of hand.
  12. AND?? So that is okay then??? People get murdered 10 times a week somewhere too, shall we just forget the whole thing??
  13. So the women were not in danger according to you?? They were raped and filmed and that was spread around the internet, and they could have died from a drug OD of some sort. And you think that punishment or therapy should be porn and sex toys at home ..you sound very informed ..do you work for a government agency by chance and make policies?
  14. Because he is a RAPIST. Rapists don't do this because they just want some sex. They are not calling this rape per se because in Thai law, as I remember, you must have penetration. He may not have gone that far, simply because the women may have noticed it later and there would be some evidence? However, he is still a rapist.
  15. Not just HERE, that is a standard way to get to children around the world. This is common in Western countries as well ...just the Mothers may not realize it as readily as in some other places.