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  1. Thank you Paul for seeing this side. From another post you made and this one, I can see that you are a fair person when it comes to more personal situations, which you can probably relate with. I think from a few things you have said that you have had some hard times too and that I can sort of see where you might be coming from. I don't want to commit too much to that though because in general I think men might tend to over-react when they feel they have been discriminated against. And you might have been! Or you might not have been and you might just have been screwed over by someone better (in the <deleted> dept) and more sociopathic people than you .. maybe you are a total nice person? They tend to get screwed over, no matter the gender. Have you looked into reading about narcissism and people who tend to get involved with them? What I am trying to say in my round the way manner, is that ...maybe you are one totally nice empathetic man who has gotten f'ed over by narcissistic women, which can be a thing due to the way you were raised? I can tell you more about it offline if you want? But then I might beat and abuse you? No just kidding I am a sweetheart and too nice for my own good ...like you might be too??
  2. amykat

    How to obtain British passport for my son

    Yes, that is what I have read, but if you can't get that from them? I saw it, on a copy or something, or in his passport, I can't remember what but I did confirm that fact, and I know that I need his " long-form" birth cert, but if someone won't give it you, than what do you do?
  3. Was moving to Thailand the right move? Well yes and no ... I really would have preferred Bali, but they have difficult visas for younger people especially. Had I landed there first, I probably would have tried it anyway but I had not discovered Bali yet. I would have fallen totally in love and done anything to stay there and I had the means to do it. Instead I spent several months there every year. What would have happened? Who knows, I might have a great villa today in Seminyak and be totally happy!! Before that, I decided that hey, Thailand is so damn cheap that I can stay here and do whatever I want for some years, travel the world, etc. That was 2004. I was getting divorced, who wasn't? Selling my business and figured if I had to start over I could take some time off to regroup ...not many times in life you get that chance. I have always loved living in other countries or thought about it ...every vacation I go on, I think about what would it be like to live here? I don't know why, it is enduring fantasy. I also research endlessly moving to other locations ..just like jingthing ...I can tell you the realistic situation of every other location in the world to live in, more or less!! We are probably sort of like twins. I ended up getting trapped here due to adopting a child and that taking YEARS that I did not expect!! Then a few more years of restrictions before I could move back to my home country with her. Then various complications kept arising having to due with various things and it seemed better to just stay here for financial reasons mostly. That was one my goals overall, that I felt I could make/save money here. But I I had a young child, and personally I had some health issues that would have interfered with working, without a job, you cannot get health insurance in the US until recently, and I would have had to pay for daycare if I worked even part-time. The US is not Europe. I did have to pay for international school here though and I had to pay quite a lot for my own healthcare here too. So that dampened down my returns. Anyway ...the years have moved on, and I did increase my net worth, in big respectable amounts, living below my means and making good investments, never taking one job here, never one digital bullshit job, nothing at all, not that I disrespect anyone who does those things, I probably should have too, could have money more now!! One reason I never did is that during the adoption I did not want to risk anything going wrong, like her bitch crazy drug addicted birth mother and extortionist family turning me in. You don't know what hell I went though with death threats, and a kidnapping two years into it ...but I won in the end. I also would have been less bored. Sometimes I hate Thailand because I have been through some hard times here. On the other hand, it is a familiar place for me, so there is that and sometimes I have had good times, but weird times. It has served some purposes I guess. I first came here in 1985 and for a long time I always said it was my favorite trip. It was so different then and I was so new to travels then. I am moving back to the US in a few weeks, and I wonder how I will feel in a few years. My daughter and I have been going places lately, like today, and I say, this is where you got your ears pierced, do you remember? And she says, yes, I am so embarrassed that I cried. The exact place is not there, because these small shops change so often ...it is still a jewelry shop, but they don't do that anymore. She is 12 now and all of our memories will be from here. We have lived in one house her whole life but she feels a bit transient because her friends move constantly from the international school. The Chinese keep coming, the Koreans, the few Euro faces are mostly only from teachers who work there and have kids at the school and they move every few years too! The full Thais don't totally accept her or us, the Chinese stick to themselves, our moobaan is old and full of old people who are retired, there are no kids here, nice respectable people I like but they had their kids 30 years ago. I picked a good classic one, there is no havoc here but no kids to pay with. So, maybe I will come back to this thread in few years and tell you what I miss? I will miss Thai massage for sure, even though I never go anymore!! I used to go every single day, and that is just the normal massage with old ladies in temples or whatever, I am female if you haven't gotten that already, I don't get sex massages. I will miss certain foods, spicy foods, I like them. Japanese foods, my daughter loves them. Rimping, the best store ever ...my favorite thing in Thailand and it made my life worth living and I live just across the street from one!! I would have died without it!! REALLY. It was a little piece of civilization I could visit on most days ...if things like this did not exist I would not have chosen to live here!! I know, most of you chose women, but I am not here for those things. When you are new, you don't know what things are important. I tried living in Belize for a while on a small island that I loved so much on vacation called Ambergris Caye. Years before I came here, I thought about buying a second home there. OMG ...living there was total hell ... I would almost rather be in prison. All I was doing was feeding raccoons who came to my house and vaccinating pet monkeys in town and trying to set up vet programs for everyone, rather than getting drunk every night with expats or watching the one TV channel showing programs from 1965. I also lived in places like Paris ... you learn a lot from these things!! I will never regret them and will try anywhere I get the chance!! I still have the bug in me to go places and try them out. I think about it all the time!! But it is really expensive and life gets in the way doesn't it ..god damn it!! If I just didn't have those god damn dogs and now the kid!! Stupidly I am a bit sentimental about certain things and can't just pare my life down to a backpack! But I think that could be a really fun life too!!! Maybe I will try it out later, but then I might be too too damn old to do it???
  4. So it is Thai corruption. You will have to find someone who can get beyond that, and probably out of your area if you live in a small town. There is that one woman from Pavena Foundation, you hear about sometimes making progress, you could try that maybe? Or maybe they will know where to go? And as given above, the dept of social service and family, whatever they are called, but maybe best if you can find a powerful person to represent the complaint??
  5. No, I wasn't trying to guess what place he is talking about specifically ...just if it was run by farangs or not basically and the motivation was donations.
  6. amykat

    How to obtain British passport for my son

    Does anybody happen to know how one can go about getting a passport in this situation: I adopted a child who was from a British man and Thai woman. They were married, born in 2005 in Thailand. I saw his passport and that he was born in the UK. I think she should be entitled to it ..I am not sure that getting adopted erased that right somehow? She will be living in the US in a few weeks and have US citizenship but I have always thought that it might be nice for her to have that for whatever reason might come up someday, but I don't have his birth cert. He always refused to talk to me and would go into hiding when I contacted him. I have not researched it. Okay, thank you!!
  7. Is this one of those places where they get donations from people overseas??
  8. Crash, the $150K was explained and I speculated about it on here before that. Anyone who lives here should be able to figure that out on their own. Ever been to a tourist market where things are on sale for 10 times their price? Seen or heard about farang vs Thai prices at parks and restaurants, theme parks, zoos, etc? One of the most well respected lawyers in CM, while doing some work for me once, said to me "please don't tell my partner how much I am charging you in case he asks, okay?" Now what do you think that means? That he was giving me such a low price he didn't want his partner to know? That lawyer is married to a well known judge here. He did not even realize that I would not think highly of that. I have had many dealings with lawyers here all the way to the very top firms in BKK. You have to be able to trust your lawyer, if he tells you in the first hour that he screws his own partner over, do you he won't screw you over? You can't imagine a situation where the family called a lawyer in a panic and received an inflated quote for services and /or an attempt to just get them to send money and keep it? Ever try to get money back in Thailand? You will need to hire another lawyer for that. Next point, I did not see or hear about this police planting the money on them? Are you sure about that? But I can imagine that it is possible that the women were locked up and not able to communicate much and maybe the boyfriend was reading about Thailand on his own, stories where police plant drugs on people and thinking that the girls found real money in Cambodia, he began to think that maybe they wait outside change places and do this kind of scam to people too? This has a reputation as scam central does it not? 2nd point, if you did do something illegal, you best not admit it over the phone while police are listening to you, so when you call your husband to explain, you cannot explain the TRUTH. Do you think she just called and said, yes I had this fake money and tried to change it and got caught? No, she did not SAY that while in police custody or in prison. So her family was most likely left to speculate on their own until they got out on bail. Lastly you are making a lot of vague references to mystery situations, people who go missing but are not scams. We usually never know why. And the hilltribe situation is nothing similar, the woman lost her watch somehow and thought they did it and seemed to have a photo that implied that. In Europe you might know that some groups of kids are known pickpockets and trained to do that. One time I tried to give some beggar kid in Burma some cash and other kids came out nowhere and tried to snatch it away from both of us. I closed my fist, and they tried to pry it open and scratched me all to hell, left me bloody ...but they didn't get it. I have had 8-9 y/o boys in India try to charge me for walking down the street and then pelt me with rocks when I didn't comply ..regular school boys in a small town, not bandits. When you take a taxi over the border to Mexico, 20 years ago, from the US, there were 7- 8 year old boys who wait and run to open the car door and then insist you owe them $5, it is more than the taxi ride. I have dozens of stories like that ...so what if one woman got the wrong impression?? Overall I think your thought process is not very creative or open minded. You have to be able to see things from more than one perspective ..not just you ..I am talking about the people on here who refuse to see anything but a scam no matter what. I will admit that I have become that way about many things within Thailand, that involve people who live here, let's say, I go through the scam check list, the person is probably misinformed check list, I am probably paying too much check list, even it it is not a scam, everything will probably go wrong anyway check list, they might be lying to save face check list ...but that is years of experience that taught me that!! I did not have that same experience anywhere else I lived!! Did you??
  9. Paul, I tried to apologize to you in the sense that I did not mean my comments specifically to you, I meant a general you. Then that got deleted later. However ... Saying you are not against females but against feminism, is like a Southerner saying he is not against blacks, as long as they keep picking his cotton.
  10. Well that is probably true. You can't call the embassy and get info either. You can't call a hospital and just ask any questions you want about people in there can you? Therefore we can know that getting denied info does not mean the situation does not exist. However, Thai people are often lax about privacy issues so it doesn't surprise me that somebody was able to get this info when they called. Maybe they were getting fed up with calls coming in ?? What is the worse case here ..that many people who know them are paying for this? I doubt any strangers gave money. I doubt one person in Thailand is helping and many people here are making money from them. All of this money will go to Thailand where you live. Even if it is all fake, then they are partying it up here and spending it all on fun here!! Airline tickets, hotels, drinking, buying souvenirs, food, whatever. So a bunch of people in the US are sending money to Thailand, what is new. Does it bother you too much when bar girls do it to 5 men at the same time pretending they are living back home in the village?? But to be clear, I do not think that at ALL.
  11. Well point one) What are YOU GUYS going to do to HELP THEM after they prove anything to you??? Answer ....Absolutely NOTHING!!! Case closed!!
  12. Well Henrik I have been a member of this forum for a long time and lived in CM for an even longer time and people here know who I am in real life. Do you think these people are SO smart they came here before to find someone like me to shill for them in case the members of TV turned against them? They are going to have to divide that $10,000 up so many different ways now!! But moving on ...I believe one of our members who was against them and thought it was a scam, called the police and confirmed the story, the arrest and everything. I think that has been proof enough for many people here.
  13. What the hell, I made a post ..many people saw it, but you did not. In the meantime it got deleted, so I cannot give you the number of it. I tried to explain what happened that you are missing, it is not a large conspiracy against you. C'est tout.
  14. Oh, Sanemax, I asked you to meet me several days ago so we could discuss things that maybe I can't mention or it will get deleted. I guess maybe people started getting upset and flaming like wild or something so it all got deleted later. Many things I write cause havoc and then get deleted later. So I guess you missed it. It was funny though.
  15. Sanemax was going to meet me for lunch but he had no money for gas for his car!! Oh wait, his moto I should say? Sorry to sound like such a bitch Sanemax but you really take the cake here!! I am laughing my ass off now!! I understand, you ran out of money for your pills too right? I can help you with that maybe!! My last good deed before I leave.