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  1. Spago is on the move

    John, Has a opening date been set yet?
  2. Spago is on the move

    Thank you John
  3. Spago is on the move

    How are the renovations going and is there an opening date yet?
  4. A+ Blood Needed.

    I have been informed by Lt. Co. Wanadorn, Chief of Civic Affairs at Ubon RTAFB that a young friend of his, the nephew of a base officer, is in Saphasit Hospital with cancer and is in need of A+ blood. If there is any one that would like to donate blood, please call 087 698 1277. They will tell you where to go to donate blood. If I get more information I will post it. Larry Edmonds Commander American Legion Post TH01
  5. Thai Lion Air flight aborts landing in 12-knot winds

    Two friend of mine were scheduled to depart Ubon for Swampy at 12:55pm yesterday. Because of high winds, as stated by Thai Smile, they did not depart until after 7pm. I was at the airport to see them off and did not think the winds were that strong.
  6. Spago is on the move

    Anyone know when Spago new location will open? I call the old number and got the restaurant across from the old Home Mart. Their English wasn't good and couldn't give me an answer..