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  1. sikishrory

    Is This Correct? Australia

    Make sure she puts your details at question 33 and 34 on the 48R application and send some payslips to her plus a letter of support.....that should counter some of your concerns ok thanks heaps. im gonna download this from and take a good look at it i think. im not gonna worry about it anymore as you said but if she sells her land maybe i'll give it a last shot and apply anyway if it doesnt jeopardize our future applications. i was hoping to put in a strong application but i guess i should give it a last shot anyway. i would have done that anyway. i was gonna give them everything i had in terms of evidence of funds etc. as i understand it, you have to anyway if your going to sponser them financially throughout their stay. im planning on having about $5000AUD in my account purely for the purpose of sponsoring her after all the airfares, insurance, fees, etc.... shes just gonna be chillin with me livin life not going travelling around the continent or anything.
  2. sikishrory

    Is This Correct? Australia

    History of overstays, Thailand being third world etc... Many reasons combined as to why Thailand is considered high risk. Stop worrying about things so much....the Embassy is well aware that a lot of the "tourists" supported by Oz men are BG's, They are only concerned that the person who comes to Oz can support themselves or be supported and that they go home. yea i do worry a lot your right. your also right that i should stop worrying so much to i guess. well its up to her now anyway. we just spoke on the phone and i told her if you dont sell your land (about 500,000baht worth) then with that document and my savings/income we should be able to get a tourist visa easy in the next month or 2. but shes having problems. her mum wants her to sell it so she can take the money from the sale to pay off her debts... leaving my gf with nothing basically. my gf hates it but she is loyal to her family and i think it also has something to do with buddhism and being nice to your mum or something as well. i told her that after 1 year of waiting and hrs of research into visas and stuff that i am 100% ready to apply now. i basically gave her a month to think about what she wants to do and if she chooses to sell up and give her only asset to her mother that we might not have much of a future together and that our relationship will probably be finished. i hope she chooses whats best for us and her (and in the long term her family) and not her bloodsucking mother but i'd say shes gonna stay loyal to her mum even though she hates what she is doing to her and cries to me telling me she wants to leave the family never to return. if she sells her land the only thing that i can supporting our application on her behalf is that she holds a job at a large hotel as a cashier earning a crappy 4000baht per month. they won't put her job on hold for her while she comes here on her tourist visa for 3 months and will only give her a document to say that she has been employed there if she works one year for them... and that mightn't add much weight to our application anyway. the only good thing it seems to be giving her that is benificial is monthly payslips. the ball is in her court now but i think i already know how this will end up. anyway i am 100% on this end so i can rest knowing i did all that i possibly could for us. its up to her know... maybe i will keep ya's posted
  3. sikishrory

    Is This Correct? Australia

    i always wondered about how those girls get over here in the first place. its a shame that happens. i wonder if this is about the whole reason that thailand is considered a "high risk country". it sort of worries me as well as my girlfriend cant provide any paperwork to show the jobs shes had in the past so i imagine there alarm bells will be ringing
  4. sikishrory

    Is This Correct? Australia

    "she will only be able to apply for a partner visa in Australia if she has a substantive visa, such as a tourist visa, without the no further stay condition attached" knew it was to good to be true
  5. im planning to marry my girlfriend when she comes over to australia in a few months on a tourist visa. i was just trawling the web to find out if that is even legal (her being a tourist after all). but i came across this (the best answer im talking about) on yahoo answers: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AhyEyfpA4KJmatPmcQw8wHUjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20071023010614AAE4ZlD the question is can this man marry his south american gf on her tourist visa in australia then apply for permanent residency and live happily ever after... the answer.... "Yes you can. You actually don't need to even marry if you can prove a de facto relationship, but that is a real pain and I wouldn't recommend it. As soon as you are married, go to DIMIAs office and lodge an application. Under your circumstances the staff will probably do their best to put you off. Ignore this. It costs around $2,000 to lodge the application. DIMIA will then immediately issue your wife a Bridging Visa allowing her indefinite stay and the right of return (although she will have to notify DIMIA if she plans to leave and come back, I don't recommend she leaves) until DIMIA approve or reject her application. It is VITAL to the success of her application that you do the following: 1) Document the relationship photos, emails. 2) They will look for proof of shared financial arrangements. Mortgages, Bank Accounts, Assets in Common 3) You will need to maintain the same address 4) You will need to prove you can support your wife (about $30k salary) or have a sponsor who will guarantee to meet any welfare payments she recieves (illegally) for 2 years. 5) She will need to pass a health check and a background check (criminal record). If her healthcare costs are assessed as being over a certain amount (stuff like Diabetes) she will have big problems and need ministerial approval. It really will help to have a good migration lawyer too, and for a simple case it should cost only around a couple of thousand bucks. I know this all sounds a bit daunting, but in practice if your relationship is genuine, the agency is very supportive (especially if you have a good case manager) and a good lawyer will really help smooth things through. I have been through this process myself and won through. Applying from inside Australia is a lot easier than outside. The very best of luck to you." i know this is 4 years old but is there any truth to this? also my girlfriend being from a high risk country (thailand) might be relevant.
  6. well all my girlfriend has is land thats worth about 500- 700 thousand baht. she has taken on a job in a large hotel as a cashier purely to help with our applications but she only earns 4000 baht a month. has a car to pay off and a mother breathing down her neck trying to pimp her out and bleed her dry. the hotel shes working at are telling her they cannot supply her with a simple letter stating the dates/duration she has worked there unless she stays there for a year, which is frustrating. perhaps the payslips would be sufficient for the application anyway, i dont know. shes had many jobs in the past and been half owner of a 7/11 at one stage but she tells me she cannot provide any paperwork to show this. a certain visa agent that uses this forum regularly told me that they have had tourist visa apps to australia approved for girls that didn't even have any job whatsoever which doesnt sound quite right to me considering its stated on the aussie immigration site as a requirement i believe. im starting to think maybe we can just scrape by and get a successful 3 month tourist visa to australia. but the partner visa we plan on applying for after that is a different kettle of fish entirely. that worries me. it was good to read peoples comments though. i guess you just have to soldier on and keep doing research until you feel confident in your knowledge and confident that you can put forward a strong application... no matter how stressful or overwhelming it may be.
  7. is it just me or does anyone else feel overwhelmed by all this visa stuff to get your thai partner to come to your country or to go and stay in hers? the ins and outs and the amount of stuff there is to learn for an average joe is alot. i'd say the obvious answer is yes, but im just wondering what other people think about this. i could ask questions all day on this forum regarding visa rules and regulations to the point that i'd prob get banned or something but theres that much information on here that seems to make it sound so difficult. for me personally it sounds like a painful and testing drawn out process (an australian visa in my case). i've been reading this forum on and off for almost a year now. i've gained so much knowledge (thankyou bridge) but in the back of my mind i have a feeling that it's a futile effort. but i won't give up. im not after sympathy. i guess i just want to hear other peoples experiences and if it has worked out for them or not or if others feel the same way. i am not a rich man and i believe with enough knowledge you can avoid using a migration agent but it's not easy. it seems to me that even if you do opt for a migration agent that your still going to have to do all the legwork in medicals and criminal checks and evidence so why would you bother...