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  1. sikishrory

    Pay your PEA Electric via App...

    Used this app (android) to pay last month. It was all a breeze. Only issue for me so far is I don't get a receipt.
  2. I'd be confused too. It's called the great wall of china no the cin redederedred
  3. sikishrory

    Beach deserted but clean today

    Pattaya beach yesterday. Not 1 person swimming along the whole beach. Water is a mix of blue and black. Revving speed boats everywhere.
  4. sikishrory


    grottino and little bella italia directly opposite it and very close in my opinion
  5. This happened to me on 28th of May. I kind of forgotten about it and also the video I made of it was deleted. Anyway today I see some Thai posted the exact same thing happening to her on Youlike and it has reminded me of it and I thought I would share what happened to me. I consider myself pretty switched on with scams but they got me good with this one. This is how it happened. I arrived at Don Muang from Ubon. Had been travelling and most of the day from Laos and was sick and needed to go to hospital. I went to taxi counter and was assigned a car to take me to Phaya Thai 2 hospital. The male driver seemed ok. I got in the back. Then a tiny little Thai lady that kind of looked like Gollum from lotr came over and asked the driver to swap her passengers (young Thai couple) with me. He protested in Thai that I might complain about this. So she asked me. She was hyper as if in a rush. I tried to think of what the possible scam could be but couldn't. I was also feeling ill and in no mood to really protest too much. So the Thais took my cab and I took Gollums cab. She immediately asked for the taxi ticket twice which I didn't give her. A few minutes in I noticed the meter was going up by the second in increments of about 2-5 baht. I took a video and got the number from inside the door and had the ticket and everything. Next day. So the ticket gives an address and a phone number to complain too and a few basic tick boxes of what your complaint is. I never complained because I couldn't be bothered to deal with it really. I think they could bring their complaint service into the 21st century and add an email address or a web page contact or LINE contact. Catching trains around Bangkok in the heat to send a letter about a dodgy taxi or trying to explain it to a Thai on the phone who maybe is not interested is an inconvenience for an issue that has already passed. That's about it really. It is something to look out for and something I wasn't expecting. In hindsight I think she thought she had a much better chance at pulling this scam on me than the young Thai couple. Don't ever switch. If they insist on switching get out and go and get another ticket. It was a year or two ago now that I remember meter modifications like this were in the headines. So some cabs will have it and some not hence the switch. Something to think about anyway. I regret not complaining about it and if anyone has any experience in complaining using the channels on the ticket please share with how well your complaint was received because I can't help but feel sceptical about it but it would be nice to know if it is a good service for future.
  6. sikishrory

    Premchai Firearms Trial Set For July 2019

    This guys got the largest head i've seen on a human
  7. I've never understood how this worked. When you buy the goods are you supposed to get something or fill something out. Or is the receipt enough? Also you need to be on a tourist visa or exempt entry right?
  8. This is kind of similar to my situation but not quite. I am Australian and work offshore but live in Thailand where I am married to a Thai. My salary is not taxed. I did the required final filing for tax in Australia which noted it would be my last. I also cut all ties and have no assets or accounts there. Meanwhile I have tried as best I can to build evidence of a life in Thailand as it is often requested if one returns to home country. I have contacted numerous "professionals" and some say that if your not paying tax in oz then your expected to be paying it in your new country of residence. Others say that is not the case and you are definately a non- resident for tax and you don't need to do anything. I had the idea that being married I am entitled to file tax returns jointly with my wife which could help my case in future. I contacted another "professional" in Bangkok who had previously worked for the Australian government and was in a similar position himself. He convinced me trying to file tax returns with my wife was unnecessary and could actually create another issue for myself by bringing it to the Thais attention. I since have just left it all alone and done nothing. One major point of note that your friend should consider is what livinLOS has said above. That only money he has earned in that calendar year is taxable. The other factor that is intertwined with that is that you are only eligible to pay tax if you have spent more than 6 months in Thailand in that year. Which is same as a few other countries. Also the tax rate is still going to be around 30% like other countries. All of this you can read on the governments website. It is in good English and quite clear to understand. All of this considered. I don't have the solution and those circumstances are actually more complicated than mine. If he were married I would suggest trying to joint file with wife but he is not.
  9. I reckon a blanket ban would be a good idea too. Especially in Thailand where it is quite hot. Usually just a doona is enough and blankets are a pain in the ass to make up
  10. " Also, many vendors said the 9 metre-wide and 400-metre-long street was too small to accommodate the 260 stalls proposed by the BMA, let alone thousands of tourists, especially when officials planned to reserve one side of the street for ambulances and fire engines. " Forget about this one and make a new one somewhere with more space that is not miles away from the skytrain route. Only thing is then the tuk tuks won't have you trapped and at their mercy far away from the better areas of Bangkok like Silom or Sukhimvit. The place is a complete tourist trap anyway. I have no idea why people go there.
  11. sikishrory


    I take back what I said about Fusillo after my pizza there the other day. Came out with a cracker crust. Looking at reviews as well it seems a lot of people say pizza pizza has a cracker crust but I never really got it like that. Thin yes, but the edges were not so thin. I will add to my list though Sunnys on darkside. Had one recently and was surprised at the quality. They will deliver quite far and you can order via their FB "IM Pattaya Food" or just search sunnys.
  12. They have since backflipped on this backflip and will be stopping the bags again at the end of august. They just can't make up their minds
  13. This was in september 2017. I just remember looking everywhere and being stunned there was no ATM. I asked the lady at kasikorn booth if there was an ATM and she said there wasn't. I thought I had my kasikorn card out showing her I can't remember exactly. It was some time ago now. I wonder if in the shops there they can assist or advise of a way to do it.
  14. It's not. I remember reading on here about people getting asked to show cash. So on my next entry i looked all around swampy airside to see if you could get money out anywhere. Not a single ATM anywhere but there were booths. Being a kasikorn account holder myself I asked her if i could get money out and she said you can't.