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  1. its funny a lot of people complain about the updates as that is 1 thing i have had no issues with at all. like everything there is always going to be those for and against. my experience of windows 10 has been bad. a lot of it to do with running it on a 2 in 1 i think.
  2. is yours touch screen by any chance?
  3. I bought a lenovo for 40,000 baht. Also a peice of shit I would like to throw at the wall. My guess is the hardware is fine but the software (windows 10) is the issue. Absolute lemon of an operating system. I could think of 100 reasons it sucks. A good example of it being slow. I can download a large file of say 500mb or 1gb quite fast through a torrent client or usenet. However if I try to download a 50mb ebook which is handled by the actual windows OS rather than a client it is so slow. 50mb might take 10 - 15 mins. If you want to test your hard drive just take it to any computer repair shop they will test it. I would consider changing your OS to an earlier windows or linux or something. You can even run a ubuntu from a disk that could perhaps rule out some things. I would consider linux myself I am just not sure how it would run on a touch screen 2 in 1 like my crapbox lenovo.
  4. I have in the past used banana for tourist visa and found the vans to be death traps. Racing the other companies to the border. After that experience I figured safer to fly there and use jims service a few doors from chulia. As for Chulia mansion I thought it was fantastic in comparison to bananas hotel or their overflow hotel mingood. Only thing I didn't like about Chulia was the mosque 10 metres from my window pumping their religious humming and whining from 6am over a loud speaker and then again in evenings.
  5. sikishrory

    Why doesnt vpn work in hotel?

    Please don't listen to all these people here that profess to know what they are talking about. Hotels in Thailand are increasingly frustrated by customers using VPN and are receiving subsidised shield technology from clandestine government agencies. This highly advanced technology essentially "cloaks" the exterior of the hotel in an invisible (purple) electromegentic field rendering all VPN or commonsense inside the building to become scrambled. Sometimes this also leads to being overcharged by well meaning Thais in the immediate vicinity that unfortunately fall under the control of this top secret scrambling technology. I managed to find a picture of this device that was developed in conjuction with some guy called Elon and is made with "rocket parts". No VPN will function while shield is in full cloak.
  6. sikishrory

    What's this dual-band AIS Wifi Router all about?

    Yeh i read the same thing about a no contract package on the ais site before i got mine hooked up about 8 months ago. I went to the pattaya branch in central festival and the thai guy helping was very friendly but I mentioned this no contract thing and got a definative "no" from the guy. I told him i read online about it..... "no" Good luck with that If I were to do it again I would try to start the process over the phone or get something over the phone to indicate I want the no contract package so that the store cannot refuse it. I do remember reading in the t's and c's that no contract need to pay for the installation and setup of everything a few thousand baht whereas on contract that is billed differently or free (can't remember)
  7. Thank you for your good wishes. Her rotation is 3 months on 3 off paid year round. Very rare I know. Shes very lucky and enjoying it a lot so far. I was thinking it might be tough as well but she seems to like it so far
  8. Yea your right it is short stay mulitple entry seaman C visa. If you want a greater than 90 day entry visa then you require some kind of additional residence document. She understands her visa and the pursers take care of all that stuff on board anyway.
  9. sikishrory

    Paying (or not paying) condo power bill from overseas

    They always give me change at 7/11. Would i just tell them to put it all (extra ฿฿฿) towards bill?
  10. sikishrory

    Paying (or not paying) condo power bill from overseas

    Ok, so either way I will need to go down there to get the form. Sounds kind of promising. Is the bill in your name also or someone elses?
  11. sikishrory

    Paying (or not paying) condo power bill from overseas

    Ok thanks. Doesn't look like there will be a solution. Its annoying that I can't just sign up to their phone app because I don't have a Thai id number. I might try wifes number or call them to ask.
  12. sikishrory

    Paying (or not paying) condo power bill from overseas

    Foriegn condo owners name
  13. sikishrory

    Paying (or not paying) condo power bill from overseas

    To organise that would I talk to the bank or the PEA office? Not sure but it may be the same as the epay thing I tried to setup from PEA website this morning. Aborted because I don't have a Thai ID number and it wanted the details (DOB etc) of actual bill holder. It would be ideal though as I can't use their app.
  14. sikishrory

    Paying (or not paying) condo power bill from overseas

    That sounds like a good idea. I recieve the bill in our mailbox but if I am overseas I guess that wouldn't work.