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  1. A Paramedic who has worked during the festival for a few years could probably give you a hundred examples. I for one would be happy if they would just stopped throwing ICE water on me. So for the last few years I only venture out by car and drive extra slow and careful around the merry makers.
  2. This reminds me of what I was just explaining the other day to a new comer to Phuket. Don't ever get into it with a Thai no matter how young, big or bad you are or no matter what degree black belt you have because the next day that little Thai will come back with all his buddies probably with weapons and your toast. If the cops get involved that could make it even worse. We will never know what really happened in this case but I would say the probability is high that he did something to cause one of them to lose face that night or even months before and they eventually found him alone. I'm a retired little old man now and it's even hard for me to keep my mouth shut when the Thai punks do something out on the street, best to just bite your lip and move on.