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  1. Sometimes I hesitate to read the comments in these articles because I know it will be the usual suspects finding witty ways to trash Thailand and make expats feel superior. Thai immigration may be corrupt and do some stupid things but overall I would say their policies are much smarter than western countries that open their borders to hordes of penny-less immigrants with no job skills or respect for the local culture and many of whom are terrorists and then give them all freebies at local tax payer expense! How stupid is that !
  2. I think that means what Americans would call " cut off " . "Cut up" I think is British or maybe Australian English. In other words, the Thai's motorbike was "cut off" / "ran off " / "pushed off " the road. That's what got the Thai so unset. Speedy recover to the victim.
  3. Maybe "Madam President Warren" someday, but not one of Wall Street's darlings. She doesn't represent women in general, she represents rich and privileged women, and all of her friends at the Bilderberg Group. Amazingly, a Hillary Clinton lost the female vote, except the grannies maybe, and big time. Yeah, the pundits (employees of major corps) said she won debate after debate. Of course, they did! They said she won debates that were followed by Bernie getting myriads of small contributions from working people, and Bernie historically kicking her butt in the polls despite virtually all of NH and VT Dem leadership supporting Clinton, Inc. Stop being a chump. Hillary is not for you, unless you are wealthy. Well said. I see you are really awake and informed. Cheers.
  4. That might be a long time coming as there are moderators of the Democratic debates that are Clinton donors. Who are they then? Co-moderator Judy Woodruff happens to be a donor to the Clinton Foundation, and faced criticism from the PBS ombudsman in 2015 for giving to the Clintons. Woodruff is one of several journalists who has contributed to the Clinton Foundation, which has been criticized as a “slush fund” for the Clintons’ own expenses, rather than on direct giving to charitable programs.
  5. http://talknetwork.com/2016-02-11-the-10-biggest-lies-from-the-democratic-debate.html
  6. Epic yes! I hope Clinton gets the nomination because it would fun to watch Trump destroy her in one on one debates. He may just have the balls to call her on several of her criminal activities during her assent to power including covering for all her husbands crimes against women and then calls herself the "womens rights candidate". Her closet is just bursting at the seams with skeletons. Trump may not be perfect but he is the best hope the country has for getting the economy turned around.
  7. Check and you will see that Sanders didn't actually win New Hampshire. Even though Sanders got over 20% more popular votes than Hillary, she got more delegates. In 1972 the Democratic party rigged the system by creating what they call "super delegates", a system were the party elites appoint "super delegates" that can vote any way they want regardless of what the people want.....and they gave it to Hillary. Hillary is the choice of the establishment global corporate/banking elite [ on the Democratic side of their coin ] and basically own her as well as the mainstream media so you can expect to see all possible dirty tricks used to give her the nomination including outright fraud .
  8. Miami Bob

    Sexually transmitted Zika case confirmed in US

    Here is different perspective on Zika readers of this story might find interesting. https://jonrappoport.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/zika-biggest-news-service-in-america-absolutely-clueless/
  9. Trump is not just a candidate, he is the leader of a huge movement that is sick of politicians and even crosses over party lines. Remember for the past three years the US congress approval rating is only 9 % ! Americans have really been waking up in the last few years and most Americans hate the federal government now for one reason or another. The more the controlled establishment media attacks Trump the more popular he gets with the people. Trump is making the global corporate/banking elite very nervous. Don't be surprised if his plane blows up.
  10. Miami Bob

    No information on entry of IS militants to Thailand - Thai PM

    A positive note is that lots and lots of normal Thai's own guns meaning that Thai citizens are not a soft target for ISIS militants as people in Europe are [ except Swiss ] and the UK . Imagine if ISIS militants tried to rape women in Texas !.... Bang!....brains splattered all the way back to the middle east.
  11. Miami Bob

    Obama: No 'specific and credible' holiday threat

    Again you've mistaken the hue and cry of the yo yos on Fox News for "the majority of American people". Easily done I guess if all you ever listen to is Fox News. One more year and then HRC takes over. Someone new to hate. Remember the chances are 20,000,000 to 1, for the Islamic Terrorist threat. Maybe take a valium? I forgot what the exact stats are but 20 mil to 1 might not be far off, or at least until recently when the liar in chief began letting undocumented immigrants pour across the Mexican border from all over the world including middle eastern war zones. We will see what the odds are in the future. I can see your hung up on Fox VS CNN VS BBC, etc..... THEY ARE ALL LYING TO YOU, the difference is only surface.
  12. Miami Bob

    Obama: No 'specific and credible' holiday threat

    He's taking a huge risk. Any event now will just blow up in his face, excusing the pun. Why is he taking a risk? he is only repeating the information the intelligence community is providing him with. , Are you saying that there is specific and credible information concerning a terrorist threat and he is hiding it? That's the problem we don't really know if he is repeating info from the intelligence community or saying it for some other agenda. Obama is possibly the smoothest charismatic liar that has ever lived in the white house so you can't be sure of anything he says.
  13. Miami Bob

    Obama: No 'specific and credible' holiday threat

    When I read the first word of the headline "Obama" I just laughed and thought....considering the past 7 years why would anyone give any credibility to anything that Obama says? Why even bother reading the whole article, you know it's just all spin and made up BS.
  14. Miami Bob

    Thailand gun death rate TWICE as high as US

    What a sad statement. The day I think like that is the day I leave Thailand. I have never felt threatened in Thailand. I guess I must live in the wrong place (not) Sure I have seen the odd bar fight (Thais and Farangs) but nothing more than a drunken hissie fit. I would NOT live in the US even if it was cheaper than Thailand. Knowing every second citizen was carrying would cause me a lot of concern " every second citizen".....where do foreigners get these ideas about the US. Actually I would feel the safest at somewhere like a country western concern in Texas where lots of good citizens are carrying. Notice the terrorist and other nutcases always attack soft targets [ " gun free zones" ] because they know no one is going to shoot back at them.
  15. Miami Bob

    Thailand gun death rate TWICE as high as US

    And all the sheep don't understand this. They are so disgustingly ignorant. I have heard this argument before that guns protect us from our governments. Is this really true? Can small arms really protect us from tanks and armoured vehicles? Air bombardment? Nuclear and chemical weapons? Basically the argument is silly because a loosely gathered bunch of civilians (militia) with small arms is simply no match for the heavy weaponry that a state can bring to the party. So, its a rather silly argument IMO. I have heard your argument before also but there is more to it. The US gov would not use nukes or even air bombardment etc on the US cities. There is so much talk of revolution in the states now and if it did break out it would be guerrilla type warfare with a rifle behind every tree and building. That type of warfare has allowed rag tag militias to hold off or even defeat big armies many times in history. And don't forget in most revolutions there is a point where the rank and file of the police and military have to decide who to side with.... the incumbent power structure or the people or opposing power structure. I'm not advocating revolution by the way, just saying.