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  1. Thank you all for replies. BritTim, what I mean in this case situation will be the following in 6 months from now : I will have extended by 30 days 2 exemption visa, 2 times, 6 months ago and 1 month ago. Each time I entered by flight. Then can I still go abroad and make a 2 months tourist visa? Thank you for your help!
  2. Very sorry I add this one... as said 5 months ago I got 30 days extend at local immigration, after entering with exemption visa. If now I go, and get again, 30 days extension, can I still, after those 30 days, go abroad and apply for a tourist visa? I guess then I cannot extend 30 days anymore but ok... Thank you for your help!
  3. Friends, I forgot, if I want to stay longer than than 4 months, can I make a METV? Is it same than tourist visa, quite some odds at Penang, and hard to say in KL? Thank you for your help
  4. Thanks much for your help. I will go Penang and take an agent, easier. Thanks again. To answer others : my wife is farang too 5 months ago I already had a 30 days extension after a 30 days exemption, so I guess I can only make 1 more in the following months.
  5. Thanks much for your replies. I am european. Hmm, really, KL less nice than others? There are probably shops there that facilitate all? I really need not to struggle, I have a wife and a young baby to take care. Thanks again friends.
  6. Hi I am in Thailand since 15 days. Without visa. I would like to stay a total of 4 months. Can I go and hopefully get a tourist visa at Kuala Lampur, is that easy? Then I can have 60 days more and extend 30? Thank you for your help.
  7. Thanks for skyscanner, i will look Flyonward I heard too many complains so I don t trust.
  8. Hi friends, Again I need any exit flight from Thailand to any country, the cheapest possible, ideally with air asia as they refund part of the ticket when you miss the flight. All this for visa issues as I come with 1 way ticket (i will extend 1 month and leave), despite I will not overstay, still, you know, you must show proof of exit... Do you know if a cheap 999thb ticket is still available? Thank you for your help.
  9. Thanks for your reply. Yes I am leaving after 60 days just for visa questions, as I didn't want to go Malaysia or so, for a tourist visa. Makes no sense doing those runs. I don't understand they don't ask 1900thb/month and that is. Anyway TIT. If I am not happy I leave. It's what I'm doing. 4 months pause at home then probably 30+30 days again. Good to know things better with 20k per person. Is it ok if euros? BTW, a last question, in 48h I leave the country, I am not in overstay, but baby is. There should be no worries right? Thanks much for your help.
  10. Hi I am just finishing 30 days visa exemption + 30 days extension. Now I will leave Thailand for 3 months (as I am not a dog that will go Malaysia for 4 nights and risk my life in a minibus. They don't want me, I go...). When I will come back in 4 months from now, is it sure I will be allowed for 30 days, the have the ability to extend for 30 days? Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi I also had a 4 hour outage, and friends from other neighbors also had outages of 4-6 hours. I hear on monday there will be no electricity in all the island for the whole day? Any confirmation?
  12. Hello, I am looking for a pediatrician for urgence, in Koh Samui, Chaweng if possible, or near. Maybe in an hospital? Thank you for your help.
  13. Hi On my previous journey in Thailand I bought Xenical 120mg. Works great for me. I would like to buy again. Do you know the prices? Has it been renamed Orlistat or Reductil? I guess I can also buy 60mg ones but take 2 tabs, as 120mg is the right thing for me... Thank you for your help.
  14. khman

    Revolut card

    Hi Many people complaining THB with Revolut is worst than traditionnal banks. Hope they can improve it. For now they take 1.5% margin while Mastercard raw price is about 0.3% above interbank market : https://community.revolut.com/t/thai-baht-and-extra-charges/1136 Also now they also markup AUD with 0.5%... sure AUD is such an illiquid currency... https://community.revolut.com/t/exchange-rate-markup-new-rules/6020
  15. Hi As planned I am filling the form for Airasia, to get the airport taxed refunded. When filling the form at http://eform.airasia.com , selecting Refund and "airport taxes", a popup displays : Does this mean no refund for each flight departing Thailand? Thanks