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  1. 1 month, unlimited traffic, speed capped to 4mb/sec
  2. @JamJar Hi, Again thanks for your reply. I went to a big True shop, I explained i want simcard then use this code, they were astonished, said there is no guarantee/no refund if it doesn't work, I said ok. They seemed astonished that I want to use a code they are unaware of. Ah ah ah. It worked perfectly, and it is 4Mb/s they say on the SMS (and I checked with speedtest), not 1Mb/s. All this for 96THB (+ simcard), it's an amazing deal, and largely enough for me in terms of speed for mostly Whatsap, a bit of web, and some rare internet sharing/Tether. Thanks much again....!
  3. Hi, thanks much for your reply. I will wait, then. Any official "agenda" of where/when is this fancy fair? Thanks
  4. Hi, about 6 months ago, in the Lamai fancy fair(*), where the main road does a 90 degrees turn, there was a trampoline for children. Do you know where I can find it, or when the fancy fair will be in Lamai? Thank you for your help. * you know the thai market that lengths 2-3 weeks and moves place every time...
  5. @JamJar thanks much for your reply. Exactly what I needed. 1Mbit is enough, I think I will go with Truemove H 1Mbit/s, *900*9954#... thanks much!
  6. Hi guys, Thanks much for the replies. Yeah I am member of Morya. I will try to investigate a bit more. I don t take much medecine but I hate paying something 800THB when it worths 100...! And with medecine it's always hard to know how much it is. Always a big surprise and sometimes you are in hurry to buy. Thanks again.
  7. Hi, 1 month ago, I got very special offer from AIS, directly from their shop, 149 bahts simcard+unlimited 3g in terms of traffic, just 4Mb/s speed limit. What a great deal. Especially as I only use internet, I do not call/sms (this is outdated nope?). Also I don't need very high speed as I mostly only browse/youtube from phone/whatsapp. Now this offer is no longer valid. Then I am looking for unlimited or say min 5GB traffic (ideally 10), no matter of the speed (the more the better but it's ok if not high speed). I will need it for 1 month. About price, ideally less than 400 bahts... I don't mind much the network... AIS, True, Dtac, ... Thank you for your help!
  8. Hi, I used to go into Morya pharmacy when there was only one in Chaweng main road, near the gas stations. Now there are Moryas everywhere in chaweng and lamai. It used to be a very fair pharmacy with good price. Seems now it became scam like most pharmacies there. I am not sure, still, but I asked a few prices and I was astonished. In the past, I even refused medecines sold by hospital, to buy them much cheaper in Morya. Do you know good pharmacies with honest prices? Thank you for your help.
  9. @phetphet Hi, I look for this too... for children... small party... not Ark bar's mess...
  10. Hi, Did you see a new Bandon hospital in Chaweng Noi? Regarding OP, I went many time to Bandon hospital. The one you say maybe the less good and the cheapest. Indeed it is quite cheap. I always have been happy with them. Maybe I had luck, maybe if I had complex illness they wouldn't be good? For you, witch one of these hospital is the best in terms of correct prices vs good service, talent? Seriously, maybe it's a package that comes with talent, but I don t need to have a stunning hotel room like in Bangkok hospital when i'm ill... Thank you for your help.
  11. Hi, I wanted to know if Krungsri fees when receiving euros, or dollars, are OK? Do you know how many % they charge for the conversion (vs official eurthb/usdthb rate). Thank you for your help.
  12. @steelerian, thanks, good to know. For sure tomorrow I'd have come and find it closed I will go again tonight, only because tomorrow it's closed... Thanks!
  13. Hi guys, First thanks all for your interest in my question. I had some news, ... First, from what I read, Kasikorn is one of the best bank for farangs. I read if you go to many many, they might open. I think this is no longer true, for Kasikorn. I had both an email from head office stating officialy it's IMPOSSIBLE without WP (or regular visa). Also, I managed to speak to kind of "boss" of a Kasikorn agency. He said it's now impossible. Seems some farangs managed to take advantage of their account to scam somehow when back to their country... So seems it's impossible in all Kasikorn agencies... This "boss" said it might be easier in the "red" bank. I wonder which bank it is... will open my eyes more. And, as I read here, seems it may be possible in other banks. I hear a lot about bangkok bank being a bit easier. I will try everyday... First I have to get at least a long term rental contract to show. Thanks all for the replies......
  14. @Scorecard, thanks. We look for buying from outside. But yes cooking can be fun in many cases. @steelerian, I found it bought 2. Yeah price is 80 without rice, 100 with (big) rice. It is very good! Thanks much. I will buy again tonight ah ah ah. Ideally, I'd like more plans if/when they are closed, or for changing tate a bit, but I am already very happy with that one ! Thanks much again.
  15. Hi. Sorry I didnt find the samui 2018 food thread... My wife (farang) would like to eat (take away) massaman almost everyday. We had a good spot but it closed. Do you know somewhere I can buy massaman in take away for 60-100bahts? In chaweng if possible. It s not as easy as finding a cheap 60 bahts pad thai... Thanks for your help!