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  1. Sorry, I didn't realise we weren't allowed to air opinions. I'd better shut up then.
  2. I've given you 3 sources - how many more do you want? - but you could always try googling something like 'Brexit results analysis' if you want more, although most reach the same conclusions. Perhaps you should provide evidence that I am wittering, which I believe means talking rubbish.
  3. Where do I start? Detailed analysis of voting patterns is in the public domain, much of it done by universities (Loughborough, Kent and the LSE spring to mind). Whilst not naive enough to take treat any single source as gospel, when the same results are repeated it becomes a matter of using common sense to join up the dots. Pollster post mortems to explain why a 48-52 'poll of polls' prediction became 52-48 on the day generally centre on turnout. The mobilisation of the so-called "dormant" voters I mentioned (I have seen a figure of 3 million quoted, although this appears rather high) is one example. Flooding in generally pro-remain London, which caused a relatively low turnout there is another. The polling date - just after the end of the university term, meaning many students who had registered at their term-time address found themselves unable to vote - is a third. I was not trying to make any particular point - after all, many people do not bother to vote in general elections because the result in their constituency is a foregone conclusion - but was just trying to find some explanation as to why the polls got it so wrong.
  4. The main reason for the high turnout was the number of first-time voters (and I'm not talking about the 18 year olds), most of whom voted to leave and who came primarily from the CDE group. This also goes a long way to explaining why the opinion polls got it so wrong, as pollsters tend to omit people who say they have never voted in any general election from their figures, on the assumption that they will not vote this time round either. Referendum results tend to be weighted in favour of those who want change, as such people are more likely to make the effort to vote than those who are content with the status quo. This is the reason referendums to effect major changes, such as amendments to constitutions, typically require a 2 to 1 majority.
  5. If Christians were not meant to drink, wouldn't Jesus have turned wine into water rather than the other way round?
  6. England doesn't have a National Anthem. When it would be appropriate for them to play or sing one, the English commandeer the UK Anthem as if it's their own, and then wonder why people call them arrogant.
  7. One consequence of global warming is that a predicted cold winter makes news.
  8. Maybe the UK should encompass Buddhism. After all, gambling contradicts the basic tenets of the doctrine (I almost said religion for a moment), meaning that no one can gamble with money and call themselves a Buddhist.
  9. My wife is with me for the money.

    Maybe she's just a necrophiliac.
  10. Your calculations are (probably) correct provided yhst the original data was. I drive down this road regularly, and did so again today. The "100 metre" skid marks are actually 30-40 metres, directed towards the opposite lane, which implies that the pickup driver tried to steer round the 10-wheeler, which kept on going using the full width of the road. The fact that the driver fled the scene implies he knew he was in the wrong. I'm not completely exonerating the pickup driver, though - the incident happened at the end of a long left-hand curve giving restricted view of the road ahead, so some more defensive driving would not have come amiss.
  11. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    This is only one person's opinion dammit. Surely people don't believe these journos, do they? Or maybe they do.....perhaps I'm beginning to understand why the vote went the way it did.
  12. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

  13. SURVEY: Brexit -- Good or Bad Idea?

    Most Brexiteers seem to be either ex-es or never was-es.
  14. I retired at 64 from teaching at a government school, and would probably still be doing so today (at 67) if I so desired.
  15. We've always liked the Navy Club, right on the river near the Grand Palace.