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  1. Stupooey

    Is Pattaya the real Thailand?

    "If you don't like Thailand, there's always Pattaya" (or vice-versa). Previous posters have mused whether Pattaya or rural villages are the "real Thailand", but I believe they are two sides of the same coin. There appears to be a Pattaya/Isaan village loop, which operates independently from the rest of Thailand, with its own micro economy fuelled by the pension schemes of Westerners. A sub-branch exists in the Sukhumwit area of Bangkok, but as the saying goes: "If you don't like Bangkok, there's always Sukhumwit" (or vice-versa).
  2. Seconded. Continue along the hospital road towards Nong Ta Phot, on the left before Tropicana.
  3. Stupooey

    Beware Beer Vendor Fraud!

    The problem is that a good "living" craft beer does not travel well, and needs to be consumed close to its source. Not possible in Thailand.
  4. Stupooey

    NLA apologises after lawmakers caught napping

    Did they deliberately abstain, or were they simply asleep during the vote?
  5. I don't know how long lights stay red at this particular junction - previous posters have mentioned 1 minute and 90 seconds - but some traffic lights take as long as 5 minutes to change, which I believe is part of the problem. Drivers are more likely to run the lights with that sort of potential wait, particularly when operating on a tight schedule. And don't get me started on the clocks counting down the time to the next light change, which just invite trouble.....
  6. Stupooey

    Hua Hin is dead

    Tourist season over, schools back, monsoon in full swing, etc. If Pattaya is full now, it must be murder in peak season. But if you like that sort of thing, then that's the sort of thing you like.
  7. Except in Thailand and France. Left hand drive Thailand has priority from the left, except at roundabouts, although many drivers on roundabouts will (infuriatingly) slow down or even stop to allow traffic from the left to join. France famously has 'la priorite a droite', although this is now usually overridden by signage. No wonder confusion reigns.
  8. Two, unless the woman's husband/the girl's father are two different people, although I agree that's a possibility.
  9. Stupooey

    Coloured Headlights

    A couple of years ago a (Thai) friend was following me at night up Phetkasem. I could always tell when he was behind me as he had two blue sidelights which became visible when he was within 20 metres or so. We turned on to Kanchanapisek, and just after the tollgate the bib were checking vehicles. He was stopped and fined B100 for his two blue lights. I wondered afterwards how much they were fining the lorries with multi-coloured fairy lights round the cab.
  10. Fining people for allowing their dogs to roam free goes against the culture of dog ownership in Thailand, where most homes do not have surrounding fences or walls, unless you expect the owners to keep the dogs permanently chained up. Also, neutering male dogs does make them less aggressive through reduced testosterone levels, and females are usually only aggressive when protecting puppies, which again would not happen if spayed. My experience as a frequent cyclist is that the stray dogs usually ignore me. The ones who chase after me tend to run out from roadside properties, as they think I am invading their territory, which seems to include the area in front of "their" house. I believe catch/neuter/vaccinate/release is the way to go. There are many people running such schemes here, constrained mainly by lack of funds. Perhaps the "something must be done" brigade writing on this forum should actually do something themselves by contributing to these schemes - the one I have personal experience of has certainly gone a long way to controlling the situation where it is operating.
  11. After scrolling through post after post proclaiming that "something must be done", it was a relief to reach no. 139 to find someone who was actually doing something to tackle the problem. Unfortunately the capture, vaccinate, neuter, release solution does not appeal to the "flog 'em, hang 'em, shoot 'em" TV brigade, as subsequent comments on this post have all been scathing. My experience tells me otherwise. Our village has a relatively minor soi dog problem, which we have gone a small way to alleviating by adopting eight stray puppies and having them vaccinated and neutered. Cycling round the area has shown that the strays tend to ignore us - it is the dogs who think we have invaded their territory by cycling past their houses that tend to be aggressive. However, a nearby town did have a stray dog problem. On enquiring, we found out that a local lady was running a capture, vaccinate, neuter, release programme in conjunction with a local vet, constrained only by lack of funds. We have therefore helped her financially and also with food to give the dogs in her care. We also discovered that a local organisation had an excess of funds which they wanted to donate to a good cause. Having seen how the programme operated, and noticing the positive effect it was having on the local dog population, they were persuaded to lend their support. This type of action certainly works at a local level. Maybe if the almost 200 posters who have advocated a more radical, but probably unworkable, solution were to actually take some action instead of just blustering, then it would go some way to solving the problem.
  12. I was impressed that I was identified as West London, as that is where I lived for my last 30 years in the UK. Not so impressed now, as it seems half the world are West Londoners.
  13. Stupooey

    Bangkok - Hua Hin by scooter

    Provided you remain aware, you shouldn't have a problem. However, I would suggest: - between BKK and Samut Sakhon keep to the Frontage Road to avoid traffic filtering in from the left. - after Samut Songkhram take the coast road (marked 'Scenic Route') as previously suggested, for both safety and aesthetic reasons. - be extra careful when riding through Ban Laem, as I have found bike riders in the town to be somewhat unpredictable in their movements. Enjoy your trip!
  14. Nine of the top ten are in the Americas, so I suspect most votes came from the US.
  15. Stupooey

    Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    But would you have been happy for your friends' mommies to represent your country on the world stage?