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  1. Hi All We have some white silkie bantams available, These make the perfect bird for sitting on eggs. If you don't have a incubator 300 bahts each or 3 for 800 bahts just a few left. pm me if you are interested Regards Slappy
  2. Hi folks Just thought i'd let you know of my experience of obtaining a new British Passport. Booked an appointment at Vfs in Trendy House, 11.30am, actually went early 10am, out of Trendy House 10.30am. Sat at application booth 5 mins total, was told it would take about 4 weeks. 10 days later it's ready to collect. Was surprised how quick and efficient it all was. Only ballache for me, i have to travel from Udon to do application and receive new passport. Regards
  3. this pond is fed from underground
  4. slappy

    where's my post!!!

    Hi Ron and Ubonjoe Many thanks for that, Yes found it! I didn't realise, that i had put it on a SUB forum Regards slappy
  5. slappy

    where's my post!!!

    Hi Ubonjoe Thanks for your reply. But it doesn't answer my question. Yes, you are correct by looking into my profile, which i had already known about this. I posted a topic on Organic, farming, smallholding forum ( January 17th ) as shown in your response. But when i click on to the Organic, farming smallholding forum and i scroll down the list of Topics on Page 1 and page 2 etc My topic is not there. This is why i ask the question " Where is my topic" Where is it? Regards Slappy
  6. Hi January 17th i submitted a new topic "Pekin duck ducklings" Just come onto the farming forum to look at my topic and other topics and can not find my topic/post in the list of topics. Where's is it?? Thanks Slappy
  7. Hi As asked for some photos
  8. Hi Folks I have a flock of Pekin (Aylebury) ducks and we are hatching about 20/30 ducklings every week. If anyone would like / interested to buy, i am selling both adults and ducklings. Not selling all adults as i want to maintain my flock. I live between Khon Kaen and Udon Thani Pm me for further information Thanks slappy
  9. I drink only the finest on the planet, which is Taylor's of Harrogate Yorkshire tea. If only i could have Yorkshire water and Yorkshire milk to go with it. it wud set me day off reet grand tha nos, sithee
  10. slappy

    Problem with my email address

    Further to my problem with spam emails and not as yet resolved. i have another issue which might be connected. Since i changed my email password the first time. When i wanted to sign into hotmail, it would bring up my old password (number of 6 dots). I would then delete and put in my new password. i would then tick the box below for hotmail to remember my password. so i wouldn't have to manually enter my new password. But now every time i sign in to hotmail. it brings up my old password of 6 dots. it does not remember my new password. which are now 9 dots. Why? Thanks for your help
  11. slappy

    Problem with my email address

    Over the weekend, i have changed my email password 3 times, and i am still being sent spam mail. and yes some have been send with my email address as the sender. I've tried blocking and i've tried reporting as phishing mail. But they still come
  12. slappy

    Problem with my email address

    some yes, some no
  13. slappy

    Problem with my email address

    Update As some members mentioned, i changed my email password yesterday, this morning i had more spam arrive. So this mornings arrivals i have reported as phishing scam. we will see what happens now. But thanks so far, to all who have responded to my problem
  14. slappy

    Problem with my email address

    yes all the same kind