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  1. Problem with my email address

    Further to my problem with spam emails and not as yet resolved. i have another issue which might be connected. Since i changed my email password the first time. When i wanted to sign into hotmail, it would bring up my old password (number of 6 dots). I would then delete and put in my new password. i would then tick the box below for hotmail to remember my password. so i wouldn't have to manually enter my new password. But now every time i sign in to hotmail. it brings up my old password of 6 dots. it does not remember my new password. which are now 9 dots. Why? Thanks for your help
  2. Problem with my email address

    Over the weekend, i have changed my email password 3 times, and i am still being sent spam mail. and yes some have been send with my email address as the sender. I've tried blocking and i've tried reporting as phishing mail. But they still come
  3. Problem with my email address

    some yes, some no
  4. Problem with my email address

    Update As some members mentioned, i changed my email password yesterday, this morning i had more spam arrive. So this mornings arrivals i have reported as phishing scam. we will see what happens now. But thanks so far, to all who have responded to my problem
  5. Problem with my email address

    yes all the same kind
  6. Hi All Hope someone can help me. My problem is Spam emails In the last 2 weeks i have been getting a lot of spam, normally it was 2/3 a day. With all the spam i get, i do not open, i automatically block the senders. I only open emails if i know who they are from. But this last week i have been receiving 8/9 everyday. And the sender is using my email address. I keep blocking them, but they still keep coming using my email address. My computer is fully protected, i do full scans every few days and all the time, it says you are fully protected after each scan. My anti virus/spam protector etc is with Trend Micro Maximum. How can i solve this problem Many thanks slappy
  7. New beer prices

    Just been to my local village shop and bought my usual order (3 bottles of Chang) still the same price as before 54 baht a bottle (lge)
  8. ee bah gum, its bin reet grand to scroll thro these comments tha nos, av ad a rait gud titter to mi self. Keep it going. sithee The finest language on the planet! Yorkshire.
  9. Need help BeIN have 4 channels(1,2,3,4) for premier league football, I have gold package with true. Why is there no football on beIN channels 1,2,and,3. when it is advertised. The only channel showing live is 4 Crystal Palace v Swansea. I'm a Huddersfield supporter, so at the moment i'm a bit peeved! Does anyone know how i can stream the games on to my computer? I've tried different streamers, but no luck so far. Thanks
  10. Hygiene in schools

    I think it all boils down to the attitude of the director. We have a female director in a government school, students 950, All schools buildings have a designate teacher to look after and not just a janitor. And for example M4 students will look after their toilets both male and female in their building and are provided with all cleaning liquids and utensils. This goes for all M1 to M6. It started off with the all toilets being cleaned daily, but now students take care when they go to the toilet. Today toilets are given a thorough clean twice a week. So personally it boils down to the director attitude.
  11. At my local markets Rambutans are selling at 25baht a kilo and durian are at 75 bahts a kilo. Where do they get the price from?
  12. More accidents but deaths well down on 2016

    Just out of curiosity, you drive a car and you ride a bike. So with the vast majority (70/80%) of accidents involve a motorcyclist. Shouldn't the cause of accidents be drunk riding and not drunk driving. Just Thought.
  13. Nearly all these trips are about learning and having enjoyment at the same time. As an example, We've just returned from our first trip for M3 and M6 students in 3 years. I did state Pattaya, which probably was wrong, as everybody only thinks of sex, when referring to Pattaya. But on our trip, we went to Silverlake Gardens(vineyards) they learnt how the grapes are grown and come from. We went nong hooch gardens, great learning experience for students (not the elephants rides of course). We went to Royal Navy sea turtle sanctuary and learn't about saving sea turtles at Sattahip and most of the students had their first experience of splashing about in the sea. You state " There are many educational places in our area for the kids to see", But by going to your educational places in your area, you can have accidents happen just as well. Even for most students going to and fro from school everyday is a major risk, with how thai adults drive today. In the last year we've had two of our students die in road accidents and it wasn't there fault. You can not wrap students up in cotton wool here, as they do in the western world today. When i was a student and a scout, we went on school field trips and camps and did things, which today you wouldn't dream of doing today. And the transport was not that clever then. At the end of the day it's like the saying < being in the wrong place at the wrong time>
  14. One of the main reason why the schools take the students so far is, because many of the students from the north have never been to the seaside. Many don't have the chance to go with parents because they are poor and the only chance is going with school. What normally happens with school tours if a school has them, many don't. Is that M1, M2, M4 and M5 students all go on day tours around their area (around the nearby province's). M3 and M6 students are given the longer tours because they are or might be leaving school for Unviersity (M6) technical college or just leaving to get a job or staying on (M 3).