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  1. People come to Thailand to shop and eat on the street. If we wanted wide barren walkways with only indoor and overpriced shops we would stay at home. Thailand = missing the point. How about provide the street shops with proper equipment, facilities and rules regarding the footprint and where they can/cannot set up. Oh wait that would require planning and work, I almost forgot where I was with all these "Clean" streets... =0 Lets just provide an oversimplified solution that puts people out of work and reduces the countries natural appeal, that would be easier... =[
  2. ALSO: In our original refusal letter after our second interview we revived the request to supply the I-134 with financial support from my wife and/or her husband. I currently do not make enough to cover the %125 poverty guidelines but would be able to easily overcome that if i return to the US alone and secure work. Would I not be considered a "Joint Sponsor"? I am afraid that if I do return and provide my I-134 with new income that they will still refuse to accept it. I have asked them several times and of course they provide no real answer after several weeks of emailing back and forth.
  3. We are at the final stages of the SB1 visa process. We have applied and been approved based on my wife's hospitalization just before our return. We have successfully completed all other requirements IE medical, police etc. We are at a standstill because if the I-134 form. We have both been in Thailand since 2015 and are unable to meet the %125 poverty guidelines as we have been receiving a 3rd world salary during that time or none at all when she was recovering from surgery. I submitted our father in laws I-134 that would more than qualify for financial support but have been told by the embassy: They also provided the fallowing about a surety bond but I have not ever heard of this nor do I understand how much of a bond would be necessary: I am confused as to why a joint sponsor would not be accepted in a case where the returning immigrant was hospitalized and could not return to the US. How could this person be expected to provide financial support for themselves. Any help would be appreciated, especially legal... !!