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  1. People come to Thailand to shop and eat on the street. If we wanted wide barren walkways with only indoor and overpriced shops we would stay at home. Thailand = missing the point. How about provide the street shops with proper equipment, facilities and rules regarding the footprint and where they can/cannot set up. Oh wait that would require planning and work, I almost forgot where I was with all these "Clean" streets... =0 Lets just provide an oversimplified solution that puts people out of work and reduces the countries natural appeal, that would be easier... =[
  2. ALSO: In our original refusal letter after our second interview we revived the request to supply the I-134 with financial support from my wife and/or her husband. I currently do not make enough to cover the %125 poverty guidelines but would be able to easily overcome that if i return to the US alone and secure work. Would I not be considered a "Joint Sponsor"? I am afraid that if I do return and provide my I-134 with new income that they will still refuse to accept it. I have asked them several times and of course they provide no real answer after several weeks of emailing back and forth.
  3. We are at the final stages of the SB1 visa process. We have applied and been approved based on my wife's hospitalization just before our return. We have successfully completed all other requirements IE medical, police etc. We are at a standstill because if the I-134 form. We have both been in Thailand since 2015 and are unable to meet the %125 poverty guidelines as we have been receiving a 3rd world salary during that time or none at all when she was recovering from surgery. I submitted our father in laws I-134 that would more than qualify for financial support but have been told by the embassy: They also provided the fallowing about a surety bond but I have not ever heard of this nor do I understand how much of a bond would be necessary: I am confused as to why a joint sponsor would not be accepted in a case where the returning immigrant was hospitalized and could not return to the US. How could this person be expected to provide financial support for themselves. Any help would be appreciated, especially legal... !!
  4. The study that is referenced in the news article was not done on actual patients but past literature. For a real conclusive study to be reasonably accurate it needs to be based on real people and the current affects with a modern approach. This would be quite easy with the growing medical user base that would be willing to be part of an actual study on affects rather than past literature that could be biased to older thinking and methods rather than current facts facts. Short story, Do not believe everything you read in the news. Some of the points listed are common sense. #7 Don't smoke if you have lung problems. #8 Don't use any unnecessary medication if you are pregnant. Some not so much, #2 I have not ever known anyone to become more prone to thought of suicide because of smoking pot if they were not already prone to such thoughts. #4 To say that it causes unemployment is a fairly biased statement as the user group was most likely not clinical but more likely taken from street pot heads that were probably unmotivated with or without pot. This is more of a social issue rather than related to the actual affects of the drug.
  5. This will surely happen, and it will be on the same day that the general Thai population learn to speak English at a functional level. Or more plainly put "Not in this lifetime... !!" =\...
  6. I am confused, did the cables just fall from their original poorly placed position to the bridge walkway or was someone really so lazy that they thought this would be ok to just run wires through a walkway. I would assume the latter but hope at least it was just an accident that was overlooked, repeatedly and constantly. Otherwise it was a failure to do it correct in the first place and then constant looking the other way while saying Mai Pen Rai... =[ One obviously worse because of intended neglect the other still half as bad because of neglect to maintain... =\ Only in Thailand is right... Ugh... !!
  7. I have already registered however I expect most of these companies will only take orders in quantity. I will be going to source production facilities. What at I need right now is a small shop with a tool like I posted above to do one or two of these.
  8. I found plenty of shops that sell raw material in Chinatown (Yaowarat) but none with the tools to do bending, and that is what I expected but I thought it was worth the effort to look just incase. I will be trying Samut Prakan later and I am sure there is a shop there that can do the work. However the area is so big and there are so many shops that specialize in different types of manufacture that it is a heavy task to find the correct one. Virtual needle in the haystack. And there is allot of hay down there... =] If any one is familiar with the area some advice on where to start would be helpful.
  9. If you are referring to the length of the arc at the centerline I have not calculated those. These could easily be calculated with online tools from the radius, angle and material thickness. When I made my prototype I just used a bar longer than needed and eyeballed the tangent lines then cut off the excess when I reached the end of the last segment. That would be sufficient for the first prototype. It does not have to adhere to any tolerance it just needs to be close to the diagram and as close to mirrored as possible on both right and left pieces.
  10. The bend radius is 1" on center for all bends (top) if that is what you are referring to. Its at the top left view. Here is a better diagram in inches that describes just the right half from one bar as the other piece would be the same in reverse IE -90deg(270): https://www.dropbox.com/s/8v1ec2uiz557lmr/Frame-02-inch.jpg?dl=0 And one in mm. Not scaled perfectly (by 25 not 25.4) to give better mm dimensions: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zdzdzffr8osnhb1/Frame-02-mm.jpg?dl=0
  11. Ya, you can get these all over Bangkok. There are plenty of shops and companies that sell them but again I do not have a shop to set it up in and it is a waste of money as I will most likely only use it one or twice. Once the prototype is built I do not plan to do my own manufacture and assembly. The prototype is only for testing and then demonstration to shops to get the manufacturing on a small scale started. Thanks though... =] I will probably take a stroll through China Town next week.
  12. I know it is not complicated however I do not have tools or a shop to work in. I built one of these at school when I was back in the states and had access to a metal shop. Below is a schematic with bends and two 3D models. One is half the frame that needs to be bent out of one piece of material. Then the two half are joined with couplings and held together by the tension of the pack itself. The schematic linked here is for 3/8" aluminum as it was easier to bend for the prototype I made for my final project as it was just for demonstration and not actual use. The aluminum was way to soft for practical use and could have been easily bent out of shape. The first frame is only a prototype so anyone could make it with the right tools. I will still need to find a shop that can do the work as I would like to make a small run of about 50-100 of these as well as a shop to do the sewing but those are all over the place and I can find that. Finding a shop to do the bending is not as easy as not everyone will have the tools to do this. Schematic of the bends for 3/8" aluminum bar: https://www.dropbox.com/s/t9n0lcnrsq4lz4u/Frame-02.png?dl=0 3D models: Full frame couplings not shown: https://skfb.ly/TFuL Half frame: https://skfb.ly/TFuF
  13. I think you misunderstand this is not something that can be done with a hand tool from Home Pro. This tool below would still be inadequate for what I need as there is no gauge for rotating the tube/bar while it is clamped in the die for calculating the next bend angle in regards to the last. See the link below for US prices. These things are not cheap especially with steel die tooling. http://www.trick-tools.com/HB1_Small_Diameter_Hand_Bender_Deluxe_Kit_DeluxeHB1_2294 They do not need to speak english just be able to do the job, I can speak Thai well enough to explain what I need.
  14. Does any one know of any places that can bend small radius tube or bar? I am designing a backpack and need a frame built out of 5-10 mm steel tube or rod. Preferably a small shop because I just need one frame for now so that I can build and test the prototype.
  15. Seems that Meth can be used to treat ADHD and yes obesity so weight loss is not so much a joke but a reality. The medical doses are about the 5th or less than a typical street dose to get high. It is not prescribed much in the US but it is used because it has less side affects than other treatments. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/02/22/why-we-need-medical-meth-cocaine.html If you read the article linked in the main post here you will see that this move does not make these drugs legal to use it would only be to reclassify them for medical study not use... Read the articles not just the headlines... =]