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  1. Bt13 billion seized in rice pledge case, says AMLO

    This happens all over the world. In the UK there was the Pensioner Bonds at 4% interest and then the Corbyn pledge to end fees and restore grants for students.
  2. I contribute everywhere I stay or live, you have no knowledge otherwise and your comments are Bigotry, the thing this topic is complaining against amongst ex-pats. I'm trying to be polite rather than the double barrel but it is difficult when dealing with an intellectually challenged individual. As an English teacher I can tell you that your (yes not you're) command of the English language is rudimentary. Men cannot bear (not bare) children. I pay tax in Thailand every day and live here legally. Where are the handouts? Mr. Bigot
  3. Electricity On The Islands.

    I don't think I missed them, I think they were mine Agreed but for some reason mine has gone to pot, having previously been okay. Seems like BigC and the PEA office there are in the same boat. I have just realised that I haven't received an electricity bill this month, maybe the PEA are too embarrassed to send one?
  4. Is it April 1st already?
  5. Electricity On The Islands.

    On reflection there is complete denial on this forum of any issues with the electric supply on Samui but you've posted that you've been to the PEA office and couldn't pay your bill because of a ..... Power Cut ! Oh the irony
  6. It was paid for by contributions from supporters of the B2. I suspect the report was pretty low grade and the translation is as it is.
  7. I pay tax in the UK and council tax in the UK. Any more bigotry from you on a forum that complains about racism and bigotry amongst ex-pats? Sonny
  8. Then you are talking crap as well, as I expected. You may know a small group of people in your little world and decide some of them have extreme views. IME most ex-pats don't but they do have concerns that lead them to the right politically.
  9. You seem like a bit of an ignorant twit from your post, but I'll give you a chance to explain before unloading both barrels. Where is my free ride?
  10. From the translated transcript of the Koh Tao verdict: The Second deceased was found walking into the AC Bar with her friends at 00.15 hrs, whereas the Second Deceased walked into the AC Bar at 02.08.37hrs. Thereafter, both Deceased were never found walking out of the Bar until their bodies were found.
  11. Funniest ones are those that think guys can bear children I have a Thai wife and support her, immigrants are generally different, they come expecting housing and benefits. My thoughts exactly, give examples or don't post in the first place. Pretty poor excuse really. I mix with a fair few ex-pats here and I would say that they swing more to the right than left wing but to call them bigoted and racist is pathetic. Most are disappointed with the direction their country is going, for example German friends and Germany.
  12. Fair comment, you will already know my view on the 'roads of Samui' and the kamikaze riders/drivers that want to play 'chicken'. Difficult to believe that Chang Mai is more dangerous. Just think the net thing is purely PR but any findings might provide more information on numbers of jellyfish.
  13. So my conclusion from this topic is that Chaweng and Lamai beaches which stretch for a fair few kilometres (10km at a guess) have only two areas of a few hundred metres which are 'safe' from box jelly fish. Is that everyone else's understanding?
  14. I've always recommended this restaurant as you will know Jim. Unfortunately it seems to have changed ownership or management. Today is the second time we have been there in the past month and the food and staff are completely different. The food was terrible and completely different to what we have eaten there in the past. When my wife complained, the guy in charge said that if we didn't like the food we shouldn't come back again. We won't, perhaps as one us was completely white and looks like a tourist he thought we all are. Complete crap, old seafood and extremely disappointing as this was one of our favourite restaurants on Samui. Long established perhaps, reputation tarnished. Not recommended in any way at all other than the nice location. Buy a coconut drink, enjoy the view and eat elsewhere.
  15. Electricity On The Islands.

    Thank you Jim, I would also like to take the owner of the property, who manages about 20 properties here with me and the guy who runs Big C on the main road as they are having the same problems. Shouldn't be too difficult for the guy from Big C as the PEA office is just downstairs