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  1. Changing a Seiko watch glass

    Was at BigC in Chaweng today and noticed that they have a small Seiko and Citizen counter. It is up the escalator on the right hand side if looking at the building from the main road.
  2. I pretty sure that the RTP wouldn't have admitted to any of this in court unless you can prove otherwise. The NCA stuff has only recently come to light. Equally as important, you've failed to mention the recommendation of a DNA test of a potential suspect that was again ignored by the RTP. We all do know now that there was an altercation in AC Bar and that was the last place anyone (in testimonies and evidence so far) saw David and Hannah alive.
  3. Police close unlicensed Koh Pha Ngan hostel

    Grade AAA for all the posts quoted
  4. You are right. There was a hair in Hannah's hand when she was found that wasn't examined or tested by the RTP. Why was that? It was the same lower court so one court, same decision twice, after all no one likes to lose face It wasn't bullsh***t it was the truth but the evidence had been destroyed. It was more to do with infamous Thai laws than the truth. That is quite possible, the CTV of the early morning ferry was ignored by the investigators and was deleted by someone. Agreed that is annoying, only one topic only one aim. Sad reality of the situation, money and business is more important to some people than sentencing two innocent people to death.
  5. Mon was only ruled out after payments were made Then you are a paid troll and have consistently posted about the B2 being guilty. Of course you would, there is a group of you that have an agenda. Some good questions.
  6. Correct, I can. I posted a joke, you're trying to post serious comments contradicting a joke and that is offensive.
  7. So you do understand English, and so we can conclude that you were being pedantic and antagonistic. How pathetic!
  8. Yes, correct, that is the point and a joke! I'm struggling to understand your points here. TBH you seem like a complete Merchant Banker.
  9. It was humour, is that in your language? Just as obvious as water is wet! Are you starting to get it yet?
  10. My reply: Your comment: Difficult to figure out if you are trying to be smart or funny ...... Either way you've failed. Perhaps English isn't your first language?
  11. Withheld and ignored evidence included: person(s) with whom the murdered individuals had had an argument the need for DNA samples to be taken from a potential suspect https://www.reprieve.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/2017_08_29_PRIV-High-Court-Order-NCA-unlawful-action.pdf
  12. 555 And also, Jealous wives the 2nd biggest culprits in spousal murders, study finds
  13. US pedophile fugitive and English teacher arrested in Koh Samui

    Agreed, seems like my eyes need testing as well.
  14. Please can you elaborate and explain what is available to 'refugees', 'economic migrants' and the 'other exceptions' who claim benefits? The definition of 'refugees', 'economic migrants' and the 'other exceptions'? and what they are entitled to?
  15. Leo large bottles have gone up to 650THB/box in our local Tesco Lotus Express.