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  1. Pretty sure they sell it at the Shell Garage towards the end of the Chaweng part of the ring road.
  2. Agreed Well you can read my posts, I'm not scared, I'm aware! See when I say the roads are dangerous, nobody says I'm scared. I'm aware, I drive or ride accordingly and hope to avoid an accident. I do the same when I go out in the evening. Get the point? With respect you have been on these forums for a couple of months, so IMO your posts mean diddly squat to me (As Ronnie P Kray says you must have a vested interest), and you multiple post without reply which is a particularly annoying habit, IMO. With respect you have been on these forums for a couple of months, so IMO your posts mean diddly squat to me (As Ronnie P Kray says you must have a vested interest) Sorry to cut your post short, and I must say your English is very good. I explained the situation and my feelings/experiences and those of my friends, I was even kind enough to omit 'the shootings'. I agree that Fishermans Village is a rip off but you don't see the same level of violence there. I have explained earlier regarding my description of dangerous whether it be Green Mango or the 'Roads of Samui'. People who say I'm scared when I say something is dangerous don't know me. Kind regards, TheLobster
  3. Shit, you're not one of the Kray twins are you? I'm sorry if I've caused any offence! I still stand by my comments though
  4. With respect KhunPer, I have only lived on Samui for a meagre 10 years. I'm not talking specifically about the Green Mango Club but I know because of the number of tourists, the Green Mango Area attracts the lower forms of life on Samui. I have found the bars and restaurants in the area to be in the same mode of modus operandi, 'make the most out of the customer' such as exorbitant bills or poor food. They don't care because they think you are tourists and won't be back in the near future. I'm sure as a 'regular' you get treated much better On leaving there are 'the vultures' including taxi drivers, pick pockets and Lady Boys. If you wish for some consolation, it is probably far more dangerous to ride around the island on a motorbike, particularly around Bangrak, Chaweng, Lamai and inbetween. Kind regards, TheLobster
  5. I used to think that as I wasn't flying from London and the trip was quite short, but now after trying many other airlines I'm pretty sure that they are in amongst the worst. Also flying on a big plane like an A380 is a nightmare unless you are in business or first class. There are so many economy passengers that they don't fit into the gate, the baggage comes off on 2 carousels and the queues for check in are horrendous.
  6. I've thought about it and to be honest I'm not sure what you are saying ..........
  7. Rip off airways always does well. Because they charge 5 times the price of a normal flight they can afford to provide some lounges and extras. They will have a lot of tourists on package holidays that will give them a plus without realising what mercenary's they are. Despite the high prices, the quality of food has deteriorated significantly, the check is no better than basic domestic airlines and many times I have had to get a bus to the plane and vice versa rather than the plane being docked at a gate in BKK. Given the price they charge that is a disgrace.
  8. Great job, just worry about the next victim.
  9. I don't think people hate the military, just people that tell them how to think.
  10. Did my post appear like a joke? Did I say I was scared? No, just experienced to know enough about the place. What I did say was that it was a dangerous place to be on your own, particularly at the end of the nightlife. It is dangerous for people who are 'happy, drunk, excited, intrigued, and a few other emotions' and alone because you are the perfect victim, of possibly just theft if you are lucky.
  11. I'm not reading through all this crap. Was his money gained illegally? If not then the headline is wrong and should be changed.
  12. Ridiculous post, 'bikers' in Thailand are not the same as we know in the west.
  13. People will learn to 'like' him whether they like it or not. He's not going away for a long long time ...........