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  1. TheLobster

    Thai Airways to end its Samui flights this September

    As a Samui resident I was charged 8,600THB for 2 Adults and an infant for a 1 way flight. It is still a rip off.
  2. TheLobster

    Electricity On The Islands.

    I disagree, it is better that we keep this in one place so that people can get a fair idea about the electricity supply on the island. Isolated posts of incidents get buried which is what business owners on Samui want. So I have just arrived back on Samui and within 3 hours we had a power cut .... 2 hours. My neighbours say it has happened in the previous 2 days as well.
  3. TheLobster


    Yawn .............................. ! I know that you can do better
  4. TheLobster

    Russian Tourist Reported Missing On Koh Samui

    I don't think so, last seen on Samui. 'Believed to have been seen in Phuket'.
  5. That is correct, I have never ever, ever seen 4 people on a bike, each wearing a helmet! A lot of the families I see riding on bikes on Samui have helmets for the adults but not the children, what sort of parents are they?
  6. Is it better to overpay for rice to farmers or buy useless military hardware?
  7. We all know how it is here and seemingly accept it. Thailand has millions of tourists, they all should be able to get in to a licensed taxi without the need for insurance to cover their trip in that taxi or worrying about being ripped off.
  8. TheLobster

    Apple Mac repairs?

    MNet on the left hand side of the Chaweng main road between Makro and Tesco.
  9. I'm struggling to understand why a lot of posters here think your insurance cover needs to cover incompetent taxi drivers? The incompetent taxi driver should pay ?
  10. I think that you mean that Thai people are attractive enough and the country is attractive enough to attract millions ............ etc. nothing to do with smart, I don't see much of that here .....
  11. The fake smile is here, there and everywhere, it is what it is. Fool me once, more fool you. Fool me twice, more fool me.
  12. Not all, but most would have the owners business name and a phone number.
  13. TheLobster

    Russian Tourist Reported Missing On Koh Samui

    Which one ?
  14. TheLobster

    Bangkok Airways - special offer time

    You can book that from anywhere in the world, just select Koh Samui when you are trying to book. Otherwise fly to Surat Thani Airport and book your transfer to Samui there, but not too late as I think the last ferry to Samui is around 7 pm and transfers take at least 2 hours.
  15. It didn't seem obvious and wasn't posted, but I'm not the brightest button in the box. Also I would like to ask you if you consider your use of the 'farang' word is derogatory?