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  1. I have, it is a letter of apology, not a suicide note IMO. As usual with a tourist death it is better on these forums to blame the tourist. I have already posted regarding the storm we had, and the likely consequences. Where were you at the same time to post your 'expert opinion' ?
  2. This seems like an advert, there isn't a report button. How can I report it?
  3. I still recommend the Cornwell's in Makro Lamai and they have restocked (199THB for 2 Litres). It is strong but dilute with white vinegar if you need to. They also have big bottles of Cornwell's Cider Vinegar. I got some beetroot from there today so will be pickling beetroot tomorrow, unfortunately not baby beets but beggars cannot be choosers in Thailand! My next project is going to be more adventurous - Branston pickle.
  4. Anyone else had enough of Ben talk? RIP the poor guy that died.
  5. The reports are trying to be informative and give information that people can relate to..... numbers. Statistically the numbers should also reported by per million or per 100,000 visitors per country for ease of comparison. In this way you can determine that based on the latest statistics if you choose Thailand as opposed to Spain as your destination then you are 16 times more likely to die and 8 times more likely to be raped or sexually assaulted.
  6. Went along here today, in the dry it isn't that bad but in the wet it would be lethal and the bend does get quite sharp which may catch you out if you don't know the road.
  7. If the figures were generated in Thailand then I would tend to agree. The figures also show that pro rata there were nearly 8 times more incidences of rape/sexual assault in Thailand compared to Spain (2015/2016).
  8. Number alones do not tell the true story, if you look at 'incidents' as a percentage then pro rata 16 times more visitors to Thailand died when compared to Spain.
  9. Perhaps I can explain as I 'am a stupid farang'. When you come on holiday to Thailand you like the freedom of the lack of law enforcement and being to be able to ride around on a scooter/motorbike without any protection, the sun on your back and the wind in your hair is exhilarating. With your Sunnies on, you look so cool ........... When you live on Samui, you realise the chances of being maimed or killed are quite high if you regularly ride a bike on the island without any protection. The one thing I will say in support of 'farangs' is that if we have a bike licence then generally we will have had pretty good training, and would be competent to ride a motorbike. Can you say the same about a Thai with a licence ? No and also most Thais don't have a licence. If the people that rented out bikes ensured or the law required that tourists had a motorbike licence before hiring bikes then there would be far less accidents. But .......... scooter/motorbike rental is big business , no need to stop it or regulate it just because a few people die, think of the bigger picture $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. If it had been raining and the road was wet then that 'spillage' would have made the bends particularly nasty. This road between Chaweng and Lamai is notorious for accidents as most Samui residents know.
  11. Thank you evadglib, I'll check if I can do that. I've had to go in person for some things previously so assumed I'd have to do the same - obviously it would be perfect if I can do it by post.
  12. Thank you Samui Bodoh, I have done and ubonjoe provides a lot of good advice so your suggestion is spot on. I posted on this Samui forum because I wanted to know if anyone on Samui in the same circumstances has applied for a 60 day extension. As we all know Samui immigration can have their own 'unique' requirements
  13. Thank you for the clarification PoorSucker.
  14. Thank you evadgib, I believe that has to be verified by the Embassy so would be a bit of a pain. Something I may do next time in Bangkok but won't make a special trip for it.