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  1. Antonio Salazar Francisco Franco Augusto Pinochet Mobutu Sese Seko Robert Mugabe Moammar al-Gaddafi Nicolae Ceausescu Josip Broz Tito Hafez al-Assad Nursultan Nazarbayev Idi Amin Jean-Bedel Bokassa Hugo Banzer Porfirio Diaz Francois Duvalier ...and the list could go on forever. Too bad we are not allowed to use the d-word (describing a certain form of authoritarian government) in this forum and elsewhere, because even the truth has now become illegal in Thailand.
  2. And one of the "unique" problems facing Thailand is of course that the military just cannot stop meddling in politics. But I doubt piggy face would include that in his list.
  3. ...even common sh*t seems like something miraculous?
  4. I always export my own sperm whenever I travel abroad. Never had any problem. But then again, I don't carry it in a bottle.
  5. Too funny. Last month she insisted the amount in question was earned by herself from her "entertainment business". Now she suddenly claims it was deposited into her account by her husband. But maybe she meant she provided "entertainment" to her hubby and got paid for it. After all, she allegedly IS an actress.
  6. Once again the mind boggles how many gullible idiots this country harbors, blinded by their own greed. In any reasonable person one alarm bell after another would've gone off: - gold sales on Facebook? - at less than half the market price? - transferring money through (non-traceable) Western Union? - receiving gold bars in the MAIL????? Jesus Christ, how stupid can someone actually be? Those twits who fell for this obvious scam deserve their financial loss fair and square and I have no sympathy for them whatsoever.
  7. Another stupid fad that makes only one certain group of people laugh. The drink's manufacturers. All the way to the bank.
  8. Forget "Pokemon Go!" and instead spend your days more sensibly and lucratively! I can already foresee whole armies of enthusiastic citizens swarming out every morning to earn a handsome and easy living, because we surely have more than enough selfish idiots racing down sidewalks, their loose shirts fluttering in the breeze. The big question is: Can we also report police officers? They seem to have a particular penchant for misusing pedestrian-only sidewalks.
  9. I trust she soon is going to have her eleventh name change (although involuntary) into Tommy the Concubine once she's going to be passed around the cell block like a peace pipe. Man, is she screwed!
  10. I love that chart, thank you. And I fully agree, i.e. the so-called "7 dangerous days" declared twice annually (Songkran and New Year) are on average less deadly than any other normal day throughout the year. It's just that the powers-that-be always trumpet them like they were pure carnage - when in fact every god-damn day is carnage on Thailand's roads.
  11. And the numbers will spike on the last day as usual, as people hurry back to their places of work at high speed, many of them still stone drunk and/or entirely exhausted after several days of non-stop partying. Nothing ever changes in this country. It seems like its stuck in a bizarre time warp and people never learn. You can go back in newspaper archives 20, 30, 40 years and it's always the same story - and always for the same accident reasons. Journalists could in fact safe themselves a lot of time by just keeping a couple of article templates and simply updating the accident, fatality and injury figures.
  12. Meanwhile, NNT (a.k.a. the Nationalistic News Bureau of Thailand) reported that Songkran had kicked off with traditional celebrations. And watching this video, I must admit that NNT was completely right.
  13. NNT, of course. Who else? After all, their motto is: "We Keep Our Eyes Closed - For You"
  14. The very moment she disclosed that she spent 450,000 Baht a month to "visit her former constituents" she should've been immediately slapped with yet another charge as she clearly defied her ban from politics. And if "visiting former constituents" is not a political activity, what is? Especially with all that media coverage, the handing out of gifts and the obvious glee she bathes in when she has herself worshipped by those poor sods...
  15. Obscene. And she still has the gall to stand amidst those poor farmers to express her empathy for their plight and how much she understands them.