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  1. Considering that Prawit initially claimed he had borrowed at least one of the watches from a since-deceased acquaintance (isn't it amazing how in Thailand 'good 'ole friends' always die at the appropriate time?), may I assume that this particular person corpse will be one of the 4 unnamed individuals called in for questioning? If you think it's an absurd idea, you haven't been in Thailand long enough. If you think it's a reasonable idea, you have assimilated too well. Take your pick.
  2. Unnamed individuals? Who? The maid, the gardener, the chauffeur and the pool boy? Or the cook, perhaps?
  3. What is all this meek "family" and "like family" talk? One almost could gain the - undoubtedly wrong - impression Thailand was run by a mafia organization. Oops...
  4. By the way: How's the health of the mafia kingpin and convicted murder mastermind Somchai Khuenpluem lately? I vividly recall how after having been on the run for years he almost immediately was transferred from bleak Chonburi Prison to a stately private room at Chonburi Hospital as he suddenly fell gravely ill right after having been arrested. Poor man couldn't walk, could hardly move a limb, and of course was also unable to talk. I bet that since his release he has made a remarkable recovery nothing short of a miracle. Why else would "some critics have speculated that the early release was in exchange for the support of Somchai"? I mean, if he was still a quasi-vegetable, what "support" could he possibly lend to a politician like DPM Prajin as alleged in the article? Now, wouldn't go and find out about the true current state of Somchai's health make for a nice investigative reporting piece? And if the man in fact turns out to be fit as a fiddle again, shouldn't he be immediately be sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence?
  5. Prayut remains silent on calls to suspend Prawit

    In the below post Prayuth offered his definition of "Thai-style democracy" as being "...about how to make Thai people have a good understanding about democracy, and how to make Thai people do good things for good results for the country". Why isn't Mr. PM for once actually heeding his own words and doing something good for the country, namely by firing and then prosecuting to the full extent of the law that leech, Prawit?
  6. Prayut defines democracy ‘the Thai way’

    I'm sorry, but to me that doesn't read like the definition of "democracy" but rather that of "fascism"; because isn't it in fascism where the people have to work for the good of the state and be subordinate to the state, whereas in a democracy the state is supposed to be working for the good of the people and actually serve the people. Perhaps Prayuth confuses the two. I wouldn't be surprised. He's a soldier after all and a member of the so-called "elite".
  7. 182 of over 9,000 higher-ed programmes found sub-standard

    Only 182? Well, I guessed the standards used by the OHEC for assessment probably weren't particularly high... in other words, they were Thai standards.
  8. NACC ‘can’t suspend’ Prawit over luxury watches

    It would be most interesting to dig a little deeper and find out how many luxury cars, designer suits, jewelry pieces for madame, expensive homes, and fat bank accounts Prawit, this beacon of transparency, honesty and incorruptibility, has allegedly... uhm... "borrowed" from since-deceased close personal friends. However, it is painfully obvious that the NACC is a spineless, impotent dragon with clipped claws that instead of fire only breathes lukewarm air. But that is hardly surprising when one looks at the backgrounds of some of its commissioners - and especially its secretary-general.
  9. PM wants Thai-style democracy

    ...while winking an eye at his deputy, Prawit Wongsuwan, who silently nodded, apparently fully comprehensive of what the PM actually meant by his words.
  10. More than 250 forest checkpoints to be closed down

    Who would have thought that illegal loggers do no normally choose a route that will lead them right past one of these checkpoints with their loot... Quite right, close down these permanent checkpoints as they are utterly useless. Instead, set up checkpoints at random (particularly along more remote and quiet countryside roads) and constantly shift them around. That way, gentlemen, you will catch your elusive timber smugglers, of which there are plenty; but of course only provided that no-one in your amidst holds open their greedy palm in exchange for information where these checkpoints are going to go up.
  11. ‘Crazed’ woman sets house fire, killing caged dog

    Did she also demand ransom for herself? Might not have been so "crazed" after all then. I pity the poor dog, though.
  12. And now compare that with "Yellow River", the dreaded, flogged-to-death staple of every Thai cover band, that invariably comes out as "Yellow Liver", but which nevertheless is the perfect nomen-est-omen musical accompaniment to shot after shot of "lao khao".
  13. flew? Another linguistic gem from "the broadcaster you can trust"...
  14. What's the "crime" that deserves such vigilant attention by the BiB? That the average smartphone's 3-inch screen was way too large for the streamed member?
  15. Does somebody perhaps know any other airport operator in the world that actually rents their scanning equipment for years on end instead of purchasing it? I don't. Sounds like some AOT executive's wife's sister's cousin's uncle has earned quite a bit of dosh (after paying the usual "gratuity fee", of course).