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  1. Ah, I see. The rice scams are alive and well as ever. So it wasn't only a "Yingluck" thing...
  2. No wonder he had to let Yingluck's bank accounts be seized in a hurry. Man needs instruments to further his fledgling music career in case his political one doesn't work out in the long term. Brace yourself, Thailand!
  3. Irresponsible sh*t like this happens in a country where a lot of supposed adults display little more intellect than a 5-year-old child. A country run by infants, and populated by infants... we see it every day and the newspapers are full of mind-boggling stories attesting to the fact.
  4. This will come as a great relief for all these shallow-minded chaps who feel compelled that they need to post on Facebook pictures of every single bottle of beer they are having while frolicking in Thailand so their friends and family back home can always stay informed.
  5. Precept #2: "refrain from taking what is not given" If the PM really were such a beacon of Buddhism that he likes to project, he surely wouldn't have staged a coup and had effectively taken what was not given [by the people].
  6. My, my, and I've always been under the impression the rainy season was particularly welcomed by many Thais because it gave them the perfect opportunity to gather under sala and porch roofs for even wilder boozing sessions than during the rest of the year. What else to do when it's raining cats and dogs?
  7. Yup, the 16th wife of Murray Anton Ett. Everybody knows that.
  8. Or perhaps her husband asked her how the birthday party she attended the previous evening turned out, to which she replied, "Oh, it was the bomb!"
  9. Misleading, as usual. Of those "more than 700 foreign films" quoted, a tiny fraction was actually cinematic feature-length movies or TV series episodes, the vast majority of them from India and China. A small handful of the big screen productions (if you can call a Bollywood film with a total budget of less than $2 million that) were entirely shot in Thailand, while for the rest only a few scenes were filmed in the country. By far the most "films" shot in Thailand that year comprised short films, TV commercials, music videos, corporate videos, and some documentaries. And quite a number was actually not shot here at all, but had merely their post-production (editing, effects, etc.) done in Thailand. They couldn't care less about the "fascinating destination" but chose Thailand to have their editing done on the cheap. If you divide the quoted 2.3 billion baht by 700 productions, you get an average of roughly 3.3 million baht per "film", not even enough to shoot a decent commercial anywhere. I recently spoke to an Indian film producer whose new feature film project has a total production budget of about $2.2 million. Keep in mind that this includes everything from equipment hire to the cast's and crew's wages to equipment hire, travel cost, shooting permits, final editing, promotion/marketing, etc. etc. He plans to shoot 2 scenes of his movie in Thailand over a period of 5 to 7 days maximum and has earmarked about 3% of his budget for that (or $66,000) , including local crew and equipment hire and flying in the main cast and key personnel from Bollywood (who will certainly not be staying in Khao San guesthouses). While it is certainly not wrong for Thailand to promote itself as a filming destination, the minister once again is going overboard in announcing a future hub where there is none.
  10. Surely wasn't spent on more garbage bins.
  11. Considering she's peddling her crappy course for a little over 200 bucks, presumably scalping women who can hardly afford it, it seems her alleged 5,000 dates haven't stuffed her out too well - with money, I mean. She's nothing but a slapper-turned-conwoman.
  12. Why don't I read Mae Hong Son there? Or has that scandal already been forgotten. In fact, why not extend this so-called crackdown across all 77 provinces? Perverted politicians and other pedophiles do exist there, too, ya know.
  13. I am not surprised. She's had several long years to prepare for this day and without doubt also drew on the valuable advice from a "consultant" abroad who has extensive experience in these matters. Go and see if the maid and gardener have mysteriously come into possession of a palatial mansion over the past couple of years or so.
  14. ...of which 1.4 billion were contributed by foreign visitors to the country, each of whom is fleeced for the ten-fold park entrance fee a local pays. And not even a brief 'thanks' for that in the article?
  15. The verdict is probably already written on the wall, but the hardest decision the judges will yet have to make is whether to send the creature to a male or a female correctional facility. Even the cops in the OP pic muster the defendant with suspicion, big question marks appearing on their faces.