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  1. All done, 1yr extension based on being a single dad of a Thai child is approved w/o leaving the country (I went to a short trip to Singapore during waiting period, but it did not interfere with their decision). Next question, upon re-marriage (to a new wife of course), can I keep extending based on being a parent or have to switch back to marriage-based? Cheers!
  2. ok so, sharing my experience in Phuket immi: - went to check whether it's possible to "convert" my marriage-based extension into guardian / Thai-kid parent extension. Officer confirmed it would be possible on the day of divorce and mentioned required documents (see below). - next morning went to Amphur to sign the divorce papers. Took us much longer than expected with all the translations and agreements, but we made it to Immi by lunch break, and managed to get to the officer before closing time. Now, as it always happens in Phuket immi, 4 people gave 4 different answers on what's required for such "extension conversion". Original answer included: - kid's / dad's passport - kid's birth certificate and tabien baan - divorce certificate - proof of my income (they mentioned 400k, but it was impossible to satisfy within 1 day, so I went risky 40k/mo route) - copy of my bank book - house rental agreement. After reading this forum (and applying for many marriage-based extensions prior), I just brought about every document possible, and everything came in handy and was requested in the end. So final list for guardian / parent-based extension is -- everything that is needed for marriage-based ext. + whatever mentioned above + photos of me & kid. Sole custody was NOT required, but one lady was insisting on it, until her boss said otherwise. They even took copies of my wife's tabien baan and ID, God knows why (she was helping me only as a translator, as she's not my wife anymore, but they still collected all docs from her). As for income requirements, it's impossible to season 400k for 3 months when you're divorcing the next day, and initially one officer was looking for 400k transaction in my bank book (despite stat. declaration about my overseas income), and nearly declined my application, until next officer said that 40k/month is still ok in such case. So I Assume to avoid risk, better just keep 400k in the bank. Volunteers in this particular case (quite rare one, I admit) were useless, but still very friendly (sharp contrast with Thai officers). All documents had been finally accepted, and 1900 THB later I got 29 days waiting period (because February is 28 days long?.. but who cares I guess... will have to cut my Singapore trip short), now fingers crossed my app gets approved and I won't have to run to Malaysia for another visa.
  3. You're correct, was not required. I brought old (expired) passport just in case, wasn't required either.
  4. Gents, I see different info on this forum regarding documents required for a divorce. Can anyone with recent experience in Phuket (or Thalang) Amphur confirm what did they require? Was a certified copy of the passport necessary? What if my passport has changed and is now different from the one on the marriage certificate? Cheers.
  5. Folks, I hear rumors circulating that such registration can be done online by alien himself (see PDF attached), Has anyone had experience? Where can we get the password required to log in into that system? attached: notification of residence.pdf
  6. Folks, Each time I travel with my half-Thai son from Thailand, officers at passport control ask for a permission from his mother. Now we are about to get a divorce and I was wondering, does it matter whether I get sole or joint custody, will it make things easier or more complicated next time I travel with my son? Will officers require a letter from my (soon) ex-wife in case I have sole custody papers from Amphur (or whatever else is required in such situations)? Thank you.
  7. hm, if I have to go out to Malaysia to apply for another marriage visa, I just may as well and apply for parenting or guardian visa overseas.. I was hoping to save some money and time and do everything in one scoop, i.e. divorce and re-do my extension later same day. Will talk to Phuket immigration to see what's their stance on it.
  8. Thanks folks, I am the 100% biological father, happened after marriage, so no probs here I assume. Question about custody -- I want to part on good terms with my (soon) ex-wife and keep shared/joint custody over our son, will it be a problem for my parenting visa? No sole custody required to apply for such extension, is that correct?
  9. I'm in a similar situation (non-immi O extension based on marriage, getting divorced soon), and after reading a dozen of topics, I'm still not 100% sure: Can I apply for another extension (based on being a father to Thai kid) on the same day when I get the divorce, in a local immigration office? I.e. can I just "switch" extensions there w/o going overseas? My current extension lapses in August, cheers.
  10. andreww

    Marriage Extension Requirements list

    Phuket is notorious for bribe-baiting for sure, and I remember my first visa extension 5 years ago -- had to run copy & print something else, then run home to get a witness, then come back next day etc etc. After that torture I created my own extensive list of requirements and just follow it each year -- it's not hard really, as most documents can be re-used. Now I spend maybe 1 hour at home preparing papers and another hour in the immi office presenting them. Each time they try to ask for something else that's not on the official list, but as I said above -- all their silly requirements are on my list already and pre-satisfied So whatever they ask is produced on the spot and my application is accepted on the first attempt. "Official list" of requirements is usually provided by farang volunteers assistants (in your local immi office), but at least in Phuket their list is very incomplete, and often you can hear phrase "sometimes they ask for something else". Crazily inefficient approach, but hey, just learn to play their game and win in it. p.s. I always say -- try applying for marriage-based visa in Australia or other "civilized" country, and you'll see that even Phuket is super simple and efficient comparing to that.
  11. andreww

    Marriage Extension Requirements list

    from my experience, if you're missing anything from the list, the officer will try to use it as a leverage to squeeze extra under-the-table 1000thb from you (so you don't have to "come back again"). So my strategy become to bring there everything possible, but to produce only necessary minimum, and then provide them extra documents whenever officers request (and they surely do). After 2-3 failed attempts of such bribe extortion, they just accept whatever's on the desk and comedy is over. To answer your question, just prep a simple rental contract and sign it by all parties, takes 10 minutes and you can re-use it later. For overseas income I show overseas bank statement, but they also ask for a local ATM card OR a bank book (w/o any income on them), so just go and make one, it takes half an hour in SCB bank, no work permit required.
  12. andreww

    Marriage Extension Requirements list

  13. hello, ACS issues an invoice in USD about 1-2 months before annual installment and I pay using my credit card (international). They send CC authorization form along with invoice in case I need to update credit card number.
  14. andreww

    noisy bikers

    we had speed bumps installed actually, it sort of hlelped, but not much as these bikes produces stupidly loud noise even at low revs. I found this website: https://www.geonoise.com/noise-legislation-in-thailand/ partly confirming 90dB number, but does it apply to transport? And how outdated that legislation is? I mean, 10 years ago even in Europe or Australia 90dB sounded ok (according to law, but now everyone's common sense says it's no longer OK to smoke in public or to mod your bike/car in such a stupid way, so I wonder if Thailand progressed on this front as well...
  15. andreww

    noisy bikers

    Folks, We live next to a small, but straight road, and couple of local idiots keep racing with their devil exhaust installed, which bothers everyone in the building and disrupts slow-paced quiet Thai lifestyle. I'm not gonna discuss mental abilities of people who mod their bikes with sh*t like that, but all I need to know -- is there any law that can address this matter? I can easily write down number plates of those loons and report them to local police, if it will make any difference. I just need to know proper law title, so this matter can be escalated in case of our local PD's inaction. Thanks for your input, please keep it civil