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  1. Old Royal Garden Hotel, Pattaya.

    I too was looking for the old Royal Garden info. Anyone remember the bar on BeachRd ( 2-way one lane each) back in October 1986? It might have been called Aquarius. I stopped there while I was waiting for a (work) telex to be sent and received. It's been an itch for quite a while.
  2. Flu shot in Pattaya?

    No the 'flu virus circulates round the world -- there is no 'local' strain. It also morphs every year which is why you cannot "build up a resistance". This is why you need an annual shot as it is a mixture of those thought to be in circulation for the coming season. With the advent of mass tourism and flying, the idea of a local strain of anything is outdated.
  3. Flu shot in Pattaya?

    In previous years I've used Pattaya Memorial for 'flu vaccination, this time they estimated Baht 2000 , previous years was Baht 900. Based on this posting. I checked BPHospital who have a package at Baht 990. This morning I went to the Clinic opposite Big C SouthRd. In-and-out the front door in 15 minutes: friendly staff, only had to wait 5 minutes for the previous patient to be seen, proper check before vacccination and Baht 790. Although I live near North Road I will be using this clinic (3 miles walk away) for minor ailments. I've been at a loss since Dr Belen retired. Thanks for the good advice
  4. Flu shot in Pattaya?

  5. Naklua Nature Trail

    Thanks, SMcColley. As with most things (except visa renewal) there's no rush. I look forward to hearing about your trial of the trail.
  6. Naklua Nature Trail

    The sign is at the bridge in Naklua over the creek, just to the South side. Here's the location in a kmz (Google Earth) file. Sign is pointing up the creek (literally) towards Sukhumvit. If you follow the creek you end up at the Water Treatment plant in Nhong Yai but it's far from clear if there's a footpath or if you paddle your own canoe. The photos of the mangroves look like they are from the Soi Naklua (that runs down from Sukumvit to Mum Aroi) branch of the creek. Trail Sign.kmz
  7. Naklua Nature Trail

    Has anyone attempted the Naklua Nature Trail? I saw this sign by the Naklua Creek bridge. Looks like it follows the creek but I'm reluctant to trespass on the creek community which, from Google Earth , seems to have built over the footpath.
  8. Now demolished along with the "Night Bazaar" building on Second Rd - Loma roundabout. Kiss moved down to the old Anton restaurant Naklua Rd
  9. Was wondering where all the Chang had gone -- didn't think I'd drunk the lot. Thanks for the info.
  10. TukCom's Building

    I did some more research and found an old Pattaya Mail issue (2 Sept 1999) that reports on the lock-out of vendors. Link . It confirms the name too
  11. TukCom's Building

    That was the consensus of opinion but no-one was absolutely sure. Thanks
  12. TukCom's Building

    I was talking to some old timers and we were all stumped by what the current TukCom used to be called when it had a cinema in the 5th floor and a supermarket in the basement. It would have been 1990s. We all remembered the stalls on the other floor that had exotic items from airlines in-plane service such and cutlery from PIA. Anyone help? I've some old photos from this period at 1990 and 1991 but none cover South Road.