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  1. If you go to google maps only 6 places show up (Mountain Float, Eakachai Houseboat, Phae Lanna Houseboat, Nang Ann Houseboat, CmHouseBoat, and Sai na tee Houseboat) But if you go to a satellite view, further from the damn are many more establishments. I wonder if anyone can recommend any others. Specifically, I'm looking for a place to spend the day and have a really good meal. Are they all six-of-one, half-a-dozen-of-the-other, or are some a cut above for a day trip? (I realize Mountain Float is high end for accommodations)
  2. I have lived in Mae Rim for 6 years. The plaza is ripe for somebody to open a restaurant that will be packed. The farangs are here and many have the money to spend, and word will quickly leak out. 9 Moo 9 down the Hang Dong way is what somebody should be emulating...excellent salads, light food and or a substantial piece of meat or fish. The breakfasts and pizzas across from Steak of the Day were excellent. I'm surprised they didn't make it go. After 3 or 4 lunches or dinners at STOD, I gave up. Too heavy, meat overcooked. It is very difficult to produce great western food in Thailand even in your own home.
  3. i have bumped into a half a dozen more sites that are blocked.. .for example which lets you look up the history of a car's ownership.
  4. What's up with the AQI measurements? How can CMIS report 8 when City Hall is reporting 100? Supposedly on FB there are pictures of people spraying the air around the measurement devices with mist before readings are taken, but still the numbers are askance. Nice to see the mountains, but maybe they are fake.
  5. I am returning to the states soon, and so shopping for stuff like rental cars and sim cards. I have noticed a big increase in company websites that are blocked. For example if I try to go to, I get “Access Denied.” Other sites include a message along the lines of “Your ISP server is denied access to this website. Contact your provider.” I'm getting this from various computers through different ISP providers. Malware/viruses are not the issue. Some of these are coming from fortune 500 companies. I guess it's time for a VPN.
  6. Recently a new reading has been showing up on the map. It says it is at Chiang Mai International School. The CMIS reading is consistently 100 points higher than the City Hall reading. Right now (afternoon of March 23rd) the City Hall number is 219. The CMIS number is 363. Obviously, the air is bad, can't see the mountains, but I wonder if anyone who works at CMIS can comment. A Thai friend said they had seen a photo on Facebook of a water truck misting the area where the inner city reading is taken.
  7. Where's a place that offers lots and lots of colors, more than your HomePro or average paint store. Right now I'm looking for burgundy or maroon. Thanks.
  8. Figuring out how to get from CNX to NYC, DC, or ATLANTA is tricky. Almost all flights have a great timetable one way and a horrible one the other direction. If Qatar comes through with CNX – DOHA, there are direct flights on from Doha to the east coast, but I doubt the connections will get you there in less than 36 hours. Flying to the west coast and spending the night is an option, but if you are continuing on from a big east coast city the trip becomes a nightmare.
  9. yes 90 minutes in a little lounge area, free sandwiches in the middle of the night, uhg!
  10. I bought a ticket at the Cathay office last year. CNX to JFK. I thought the Hong Kong NY portion was nonstop both ways. It wasn't until I looked at the fine print, that I saw that the outbound leg stopped in Vancouver for 90 minutes.
  11. The only time I had a significant amount of USD to exchange, I went to UOB. I was staring at the electronic board listing exchange rates. The bank manager approached me and said, "Go to SK."
  12. I moved a bunch of money to Singapore about 10 years ago. It was a good move. SD/USD went from 160/100 to 120/100 while it was there, but you are just playing the currency markets. The bank guy talked me into putting about 20% of it in to NZD. Bad move. My wife and I are off to NZ at the end of the month. We were there 10 years ago, when, according to Oanada the NZD/USD ration was the same as it is now. Would love to read a long article about the inflation there. If you are sure you are here for the long term 10 years +, 800,000 seems like a smart move.
  13. If you plan to be here for a good while and have a decent amount of cash putting 800,000 baht in a Thai bank is not a bad way to go. 1-year average fixed rate Thailand 800,000 baht x 1.025 = 820,000 baht (571 $ gain) 1-year average fixed rate USA 800,000 x 1.0025 = 802,000 baht (57 $ gain) If the Thai government chooses to change the rules for retirement visa extensions, requiring a minimum amount of health insurance would be perfectly reasonable.
  14. When we lived in Pattaya the price-to-rent ratio for our house 3,500 to 1. The 20-rai property was listed in the NYTimes for 18 million USD. We paid 15,000 baht rent for over a decade. Of course that's an absurd example, but I know people who are paying 10,000 baht a month rent for a house that the owners are sort of trying to sell for 6 million baht. So 50 to 1, higher than San Francisco.
  15. Makro sells them almost all year round, almost always imported from China. I would like to know when the Thai season for Taabtim is.