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  1. Fabric dye?

    chiang mai plastic on your right, thamel coffee shop on your left.
  2. Fabric dye?

    After you pass Chiang Mai plastic, go left down the alley. On the left you will see dyes for sale without even going into the shops.
  3. Vinyl Table Cloth

    I want to cover several outdoor tables with waterproof vinyl. The choices at Home Pro and the everything-plastic stores are horrible. Any sources anyone can recommend?
  4. Concrete Floor Paint

    I painted our 4 by 10 meter living room floor (concrete) about five years ago. It has held up well...no peeling or chipping. I have repainted it to make it look new, but didn't really need to. The paint brand is Synotex. It's sold as a roof paint and comes in about 30 colors. It's sold in the big box stores like Home Pro, but the big paint stores have the full selection.
  5. Thumb Drive Prices

    I want to buy a 128 GB thumb drive. I am looking on Lazada and Amazon. Prices on the former range from 290 – 5,000 baht. I doubt I will use it more than ten times. Will the low end ones work just fine?
  6. plastic flange

    Does such an animal exist in Thailand?
  7. Anybody own either of these 2 ovens? https://www.boonthavorn.com/teka-1079138 http://www.lazada.co.th/mirage-4-gv-64wn-38178925.html?spm=a2o4m.category.products-list.15.4a67db231AL7Gx&ff=1&sc=EQUu
  8. Kudos to Chi Chang at Promenada

    Heading from "The Computer Center" passing the new KFC, the Samsung Service center is on your left before you hit the market and Chan Puak gate.
  9. https://weather.weatherbug.com/life/air-quality/boone-nc-28607 My wife and I built a house in the mountains of Western North Carolina with the idea that we would leave here for three months and escape Chiang Mai's worst air. Just checked the AQI in Boone. Link above. I don't really notice 40 - 80 ppm, but above that, I feel like it's foolish to ride a bike or work strenuously outside.
  10. The original poster's head must be spinning with all the contrary replies. The air pollution in Chiang Mai is horrible. The burning starts for real in December. By late February or early March it is time to stop doing real physical work outside. I ride a bike 90 minutes a day through the rice fields 7 days a week. I give it up in late February. The air does not get better until it rains in late April or May. The readings are often between 150 and 200. Schools cancel recess for weeks at a time. I live 12 km outside of the city. When I leave my village the back way, I connect with the third ring road, 121. In March when I look to the right towards the intersection of 121 and 107, I often cannot see the traffic light 200 meters away. The mountains which are clearly visible 9 months out of the years, disappear completely for weeks.
  11. I wonder if anyone has sussed this out. The nonstop flight to Doha is 400 USD. The Doha flight to Dulles is 800. But if you plug this into their website you get routed through Bangkok.
  12. 2 questions about annual visa extension.

    My wife and I renewed our retirement visas in early May of this year about 40 days ahead of our June 14th due date.
  13. Ken Burns Vietnam PBS

    Kens Burns Vietnam documentary series on PBS starts this weekend. I am wondering if there is a legal way to watch from Thailand.. Can anyone recommend a VPN that works with PBS? or suggest another way? Thanks
  14. Anybody have any tips about how to do this, where to list it? Very successful, great opportunity.