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  1. luther

    Banner at local wat

    Last year I rode my bicycle past the local wat and saw a banner of a scorpion. Having a scientist friend who is kind of an expert on scorpions, I thought it would be a good gift, but didn't pursue it. Cycling recently out towards Doi Suket, I saw the same banner again outside another wat and asked a Thai friend about it. She explained what it meant and when it is hung. Question: Is in inappropriate to try and get one? If not, where would I go looking?
  2. If I order a computer with the single language version from Lazada in Thailand, can I be 100% sure that language is English?
  3. It was not the protector skin. The glass cracked when it fell on the road when I was cycling. 200 baht for new glass. Works perfectly.
  4. The screen plus installation was 200 baht.
  5. 200 baht, 2 minute job in the kiosk near the escalator as you head upstairs to Homepro and Big C on the the super highway.
  6. Thanks, will stop by there. There were some 1/2cm x 8cm x 1meter boards at Suksawan, but not much in the way of light colored wood I'm looking for.
  7. Actually, I'm looking for new wood that I can sand and use in art pieces. 1/4 inches thick, 8 inches wide, length? would be ideal. I will try Suksawan. I have bought some doors there, and walked around the place. I don't remember seeing what I'm looking for.
  8. Global does not have any wood like this. I was there last week. Most of the wood they had stacked against the far wall is gone. They are down to strips of molding, plywood, and door frames. The big box stores are no help. The saw mills have wood much thicker than this and it is rough cut. The places in Kamtiang Market making shelves and trays only have strips of wood, most of it 3 inches wide or less. I was hoping someone could tell me where they put together the cheap furniture that looks like this...
  9. Just looking for cheap thin boards, but not rough cut.
  10. 5,000 baht Samsung. Cheaper to buy a new one or get the screen replaced? If the latter, where?
  11. luther

    Where to buy a taller ladder?

    https://sankimetal.com/en/product/บันไดซันซุยแบบมีถาด-en/ The tallest ladder on their website is 8 feet, 2.3 meters.
  12. I'm looking for a step ladder (A shaped) at least 10 feet (3 meters). The only thing I have done is visit a larger tool store and look online (Lazada, Home Pro, Global House, Misumi) Anybody bought a taller ladder in Chiang Mai? Don't want to order one or wait for the guys who wheel them around to come through the neighborhood.
  13. luther

    My experiences with Thai Police

    This thread should be shut down. First of all, the original poster says he is stopped once a day. Total BS. Second, it's 12 pages in and he has never commented again. He is trolling. There's nothing criminal about that, but the quality of the Thai Visa Forum has gone so far down hill in the last few years you would think the moderators would be trying to reverse things.
  14. Flew to Pai with Nok air several years ago. It's a tiny plane and great fun. Have a friend in Pai who flew round trip Pai to Chiang Mai. It's an 8-seater. On the way here, it was full. Way back they had 2 passengers.
  15. luther

    Another change for U.S. Citizens.

    50% of US retirees rely on Social Security as their only income. The average Social Security benefit is 1,400 dollars a month. The average portion of Social Security income spent on healthcare is 700 dollars. That means a lot of people are trying to live on 700 dollars per month, or less. Unless you live in your parents' basement...oh, wait, your parents are dead. I have known quite a few people who looked at Quito, Oaxaca, Panama, Vietnam, and Chiang Mai. The deciding factors were always how far their remaining money would stretch plus the quality of healthcare. I have know several people who have died in Chiang Mai with less than 20,000 dollars. At least 2 of them would have been homeless if they had moved back to the US. If CM immigration is pushing this change because they are in bed with visa agencies, shame on them. If the Thai government is behind this because they don't want to foot the bill for end-of-life expenses, that is understandable, but if I put myself in the shoes of the people above, I would probably choose to lie about my income, or try to disappear and hope I wasn't deported. The real shame is on the US for not providing affordable healthcare for the elderly.