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  1. MikeOKitches

    Popular Nana Pharmacy closing

    Sad news indeed. That pharmacy was a great place, and when I lived in walking distance to it, I could find any medication as well as decent advice on basic remedies. Very friendly people there, and I'll miss them.
  2. Jonathan, I apologize for the late reply. I wanted to say thanks for taking the time to post your comment to assuage and allay my fears regarding whether the US Embassy Income Affidavit I procured on 30 November 2018 will be accepted by Thai Immigration when I renew my Retirement Visa in late March 2019. It appears from your sources that the they will honor this document within the 6 month window. This is precisely what makes this forum great - members helping other members - and I don't take it for granted. Again, thank you. Have a GREAT weekend.