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  1. It really is easy and has been covered in the recent post replies and done to death on TVF; Up to 90 days you need your countries valid licence with an IDP (yes a lot of times a licence in english seems ok in various parts of LOS) Where motorcycles are concerned if you do not have the entitlement on your own country licence then you know full well you are not qualified to operate such a vehicle ( cue discussion on e.g UK car licence covers you up to 50cc or 125 on L plates etc...) Come on hol to LOS bring an IDP if you going to drive with your licence, if you have not done a bike test then do not ride a bike as you are running a huge risk (it is dangerous enough already on the roads) If staying longer than 90 days then you can go get a transfer to Thai licence for car and bike IF you have the entitlements, if not then take the Thai tests - Its an experience lol... I have a US friend who lives here in Phuket, he is now getting a bit p i $$d as in last 8 months he has repeatedly paid fines for not having a thai motorcycle licence, he has his US auto licence and for some reason a Thai Auto licence yet he owns a motorbike here and did not bother to do the test when he transferred his auto licence to a Thai one?? last time at Chalong circle he got slapped with 500Baht for no helmet and 500Baht for showing the cop a Thai auto licence lol... The Police are definitely keen on this now - helmets and licence
  2. First 5 minutes would have been excellent, it then became - Hang on mate, you do know this is a wedding? Zara Phillips face said it all...
  3. Go to a Crown Post Office, get your IPD - make sure they stamp your entitlement for motorcycle on the IDP before you leave the PO, covered for 12 mths in all countries named in the conventions (online) not just Thailand so is easy to get and have for no hassle at all when in LOS. Also even on a SETV you can convert to a temp two year Thai licence for both car and bike if you wish, easy process to do. So if visiting LOS a lot maybe worth doing...?
  4. Something up with my laptop, for some reason I can not see the area of concern in the pics - its all pixelated??
  5. What type of German Licence? does it cover a motorcycle? Still a cowardly attack by the taxi guy kicking him unseen in the face, should have been locked up for that and heavy fine with compen paid to the german for assault, but hey this is LOS. Good job he did not respond to the POS who kicked him as we know things would have gone even worse for him, and yes some of the Thai people there did do the right thing and stopped the altercation which is good.
  6. Lokie

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Now now.., stay on topic farcanell - theres a good chap! you have already brought beaches into the discussion on AC units and now are going far off base with UV lights and hygiene monitoring equipment? After completely missing the point of how easy it is to do a quick check/clean of filters which is what a few respondents have mentioned including myself, you attempt to put forward your easy relaxing solution which if you read what you have stated is an oxymoron. I would think the consensus is that it is more hassle to start ringing reception and attempting to explain an issue with your AC, but I will stand to be corrected on that, it works for me and I feel happier that I am not breathing in contents of filthy filters that could cause potential illness. My first post in the thread was actually commenting on what I do at my place rather than a hotel, but I do have a quick check in any room I am going to sleep in anywhere in the world as it is so easy to check AC filters and that is the point.
  7. Lokie

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    We agree to differ then, in my book I would rather spend as I said a few mins checking and rinsing out filters on an AC unit then the hassle of reporting to reception etc for all the reasons posted in this thread by others which will take a lot longer and raise BP I would have thought? Less than five mins to clean an AC, Im relaxing in a safe environment while you are attempting to explain your issues with reception... Good luck with that 555
  8. Lokie

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    So you would not pick up broken glass that you happen upon on a beach because it is not your 'job' is basically what you are saying and happy to breath in potential stale air from dirty AC filters for same reason? Well thats good for you
  9. Lokie

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    And where would you place your health v your holiday in your priorities? If you had ever seen some of the dirt that can be found in these filters that you are breathing in on you holiday you may have a change of opinion...? a few mins thats all then enjoy your stay, is it really that hard??
  10. Lokie

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Whats your reply got to do with the price of fish to my post...? Key words are ' couple few mins' personally I don't like breathing in crap. No I don't go down the beach picking up trash? I do however pick up broken glass when I see it on the beach FYI but then thats just being a decent responsible human being
  11. I was more amazed her norks didn't pop out during the inverted revolutions Very lucky with last double backflip as she pulled short landing on her knees, so easily could have broken her neck while nine sheets to the wind!
  12. Lokie

    Travel Tip: check aircon in hotel room first!

    Couple of mins to clean out the filters, as said something to stand on and the bum gun or shower to clean them out, I then give the filters a good squirt of air freshener/fabreeze slot em back in and jobs a good un'
  13. Hey, I only take my bike there so good point LK, I see cars and Tuk Tuks there as I pass frequently though? but yep av only taken bikes there for test
  14. Lokie

    Advice needed please.

    Few months ago I seen a camper van in Patong with Iranian plates on it, it had bike racks on rear, an electric awning on the side and extendable roof - looked a real doozy - the first vehicle I have ever seen with Iranian plates TBH
  15. There is also one easy to find in Patong; Come down Patong hill into patong and bare left at bottom onto Pissitkoranee rd, the road then turns immediately left then right (past Wat Patong main entrance) just after take the right turn onto the Klong rd, follow this to the Family mart then follow rd left, go over speed bump your looking at Big C mini mart, bare right with rd, the test garage is immediately on the right with the Cog wheel sign (theres a restaurant there so you can have a sit down and drink/bite to eat while u wait. https://goo.gl/maps/vMXegVfwUS82