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  1. Carriers are all about power projection and having the ability to take the fight to the enemy's back yard if required. They are not obsolete (as battleships have become) The Nimitz class carriers have shown this over the last 30 years across the world, USS Ford is the first of its class The British Royal Navy have just launched their newest carrier Queen Elizabeth, the first in years as they have realized that the UK needs this in its arsenal (albeit on a much smaller scale) this is an about turn after previous governments decided there was no requirement for UK carriers (she is not nucular and is spec'd to operate F35Bs as the main aircraft) and for the Brits without carriers we would have most probably lost the Falklands back in 1982
  2. Read what I wrote... My head was who was paying to keep her shod? Maybe was her own money, I wager she was bankrolled by a BF with BiG Bhat or $, either way No thanks! Easier fish to fry so to speak with no detriment to my wellbeing But I guess you are right, I sure ran for the Hills......! No danger!!
  3. Bought a Motorbike, needed a Residency Cert last Dec in Patong Immigration office, when I asked what the 500B fee was for the lady said processing lol... When I went back January, needed another RC for Drivers Licences, I did argue the toss on another 500B fee, after two IO's getting involved in front of everybody, they said Mr if you want is 500B if no happy go Phuket town, same there... There you go, call it what you want but you are paying 500B in Patong (I'm no wilting violet but at end of day they have you by the short & hairy's, you either pay or could have trouble with Immigration)
  4. +1 always aware of large vehicles behind me on the down slopes, watching for any carnage starting, and try to steer clear of hill anywhere near peak times, it is entertaining in a downpour as most drivers do not slow for conditions and there is nearly always a bump... The hill is not the problem, driver competence and common sense is.
  5. Also once went to pay a 500 Bhat fine at Kathu cop shop, joined que outside the door (the BIB had been busy that day) when I got to fines desk, sergeant read slip and said no licence 300 Bhat, I said Nooo, I have licence, this is for parking, he siad no Mr I say No licence you pay only 300Bhats, better for you... he smiled at me, I paid 300 baht and on my way - for the life of me to this day I still can not understand why he did that??? (the fines total are not exact above, but basically he let me off 200 Bhat)
  6. When I first started coming to Patong years ago, was $ h itfaced one night in a certain Club,am bouncing about dancing and having a great time (was younger and a lot fitter then) Was a Thai lady surrounded by an entourage of girls and she was obviously the head girl and buying them all drinks, next minute Im presented with a drink (JD & Coke or something) long story short, few hours later I ends up back at her place, was an upmarket hotel/condo joint and she had this really nice place there, BiG Bhat... she obviously had money. As soon as we got in she's on the land line phone in the room talking in Thai to someone, then got her kit off and said we shower then we f **k! By now my mind is thinking who the F cu k is paying for this gaff? and all the trappings?? I quickly came to the conclusion she was either a gangsters moll or her hubby/BF is a big cheese, I wanted to get off sharpish, before I knew it we was having it away, she was a right Nympho and while poking the fire I am thinking need to get out of here... Just then the door goes and I absolutely SH AT myself!! Door flies open and this Thai guy in black, with a look of Bruce Lee is stood there in the doorway..., (fur..king E...ll!) Turns out its room service with some thai food and a FULL ENGLISH LOL! She said ok Mr I order foo for you, we eat now then can F cu k again F FS!!! (luckily she fell asleep while eating) I tippy - toed out with my clothes in hand, quietly closed the door and was off like $ hit off a stick... I vowed never to go back with any women who are throwing money about, I really $ hit myself and thought I could have ended up in a bad spot (probably over the hills on way to Karon lol) never again - my mates all fell about laughing and still do when the story gets a hearing at my expense but I suppose when you're younger you really do some half ar$ed things
  7. Not racing at all, the train on which vid was taken accelerated then shut off power and was slowing near end of footage, it looked to me like the train on the cess side (train being filmed) was maintaining a set line speed all the time. Only thing of note to me was that both trains crossed a flimsy looking viaduct at same time, all tracks have what is called an RA factor (Route Availability) this means structures like bridges and viaducts (and lines in general) are given an RA value, so if the viaduct had an RA of say 6 then it means the weight of two trains would possible go over that threshold and result in collapse of the structure which is a big No No. Other than that trains speeds are governed by line speed and controlled by signalling.
  8. New signage will read: 'Beware Rip Currents, Para Sailing & Jet-Skis'
  9. (PLTO) are to set up checkpoints on roads leading to and from the hill to monitor the condition of cars and drivers, How about Tour buses, Cement Trucks and Heavy Goods Vehicles??? Last time I looked they seem to be the ones ploughing out of control, down Patong Hill, causing death & destruction and ramming into this spot at the junction of Phrabarami Rd & Soi Pisitkoranee and how if they even did start doing spot checks would the traffic flow, its gridlock now at rush hour? (plus will not negate the fact that most of these incompetent drivers of large vehicles do not know how to operate their brakes correctly nor use engine breaking so all the spot checks in the world will not stop incompetence and death unfortunately... Mad as a box of Frogs springs to mind...
  10. Where was the fight? the vid shows the American (who looks handcarts) trying to undo the Tuk Tuk drivers shoe about 5 seconds in, after Mr Tuk Tuk tries to land a kick in but defo no fight... And where was hotel security while this was taking place... As said, american paid 2000B and everyone is happy (we all know the Tuk Tuk did not have to pay, in fact he prob got a cut of the winnings...
  11. Yep Space 1999 - Rip Commander
  12. How about making all drivers/riders train and pass a full and proper licence to competently operate their vehicles. Nothing dangerous about Patong Hill itself, is just the lunatics and incompetent users who do not know how to safely control their vehicles and drive/ride at the appropriate speed for the given conditions. When it starts to rain a good downpour tends to be a tad entertaining I always find...
  13. So apart from; Road safety risks, swimming/snorkeling issues, jet-skiing, parasailing, food buffets and high priced sex shows, what other ploblems would the average Mister Chi,nee encounter...? Happy Hols...!
  14. I only parasailed once, years ago in Marmaris Turkey, you went on back of speed boat with around five other punters, the boat had a full sound system inbuilt in it, was pretty cool and a top end speed boat (think Miami Vice type mega thing) on back of speed boat was like a chrome railed launch/capture area, the person who was to go first was put in harness and two guys double checked each others work (they solely looked after the parasail part of operation the boat was driven by another dude who just concentrated on handling the boat) the canopy was then wound out on an electric winch, the person attached and then just fed out to parasail (SOLO) after about 10 mins they were retracted back in safely to the landing area at back of speedboat, and the next person then went, It was safe as houses and you not only parasailed but enjoyed a good half 45mins cruising around the bay of Marmaris with cool tunes playing, having a beer after you had done the parasail, watching your mates/peeps enjoying themselves safely... Years later I came to Thailand and thought Wow I would never go near any of these scabby parasail outfits operating on any beaches, never seen a safe one yet. (no normal country would allow operators to run Parasailing as it is done here, with an operator riding on top, no harness, no life jacket no nothing!) Take it these harnesses are specced for two people and the canopies? Obviously they are also fully insured being a bonafide tourist business licenced by the beach authorities etc?? RIP to the poor guy