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  1. Sunshine, a r $e up and blow spring to mind... How about; 1. Road safety 2. Vehicle maintenance/safety 3. Driver fitness/competence 4. Proactive policing and enforcement of highway rules 5. Island transport (monopolies, insufficient safe public transport, reasonable fares/rates) 6. Tourist safety 7. Immigration queues at Phuket 'International' Airport 8. Immigration non-receiptable payments?? (residency certificates etc) 9. Preventing businesses (read Tuk Tuk, taxis) taking over public parking spaces 10. Beach management I reckon at best a three out of ten match, although the outcomes will be very different to what one would consider the correct and proper outcome which would genuinely help the islands economy, tourism and both locals and visitors Another missed opportunity...
  2. +1 and any decent rider would never get so close to vehicle in front as you then have closed down your vision/field of view, safe distance behind until safe to overtake at appropriate place
  3. Yep mine issued in Phuket - has a Tuk Tuk logo lol
  4. A job well done, no drama, no bloodshed - 1 detained, thanks to having one of the best Police Forces and Intelligence services in the world.
  5. I don't blame em, all that plastic on show... no thanks!
  6. Considering supposedly Thais do not like to lose face, how embarrassing is this to the whole nation? It just shows the whole wide world what Thailand is really all about, Money talks here. The people who can put a stop to this disgraceful debacle should be ashamed (but I guess those who may have gained in some way from this charade don't give a Ratz about Thailand, its reputation nore the people as long as they have earned their ill-gotten gains) Do they not know everyone is laughing at them???
  7. Same same Patong when I got one for change of bike ownership in January 500B, quired politely with them that is free? She asked senior officer on passport desk, quick discussion in thai then he said Mr is free, 500 baht for paperwork (Lol) same same Phuket town you go there if you want... I then asked for a receipt? no have! But yes very friendly BiG Thai smile...
  8. Talk about having a face only a mother could love...?
  9. I cant believe he didn't get hired, just the type of person you would want at front of house...
  10. I said be careful with it Bro, Not drive it like you stole it! <deleted>!!
  11. Eli Wallach, was Hilarious as the old Hit-man in Tough Guys opposite Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster in the 80s, he stole the show
  12. Think you be sniffing too much of the 'Angels Share' What does a Scotsman know about good tea? stick to your haggis, square flat sausage and funny shaped pies, a nice wee Dram now and then though, can't argue wi that
  13. They wanna try fitting them over Patong hill then if they really want to stop some of the carnage, would be amazed if anyone actually paid up here in LOS, do they know you supposed to stop at a red light.
  14. Your forgetting, Money No1 Any noise in residential areas you mention are not cash cows, don't bother supplying lots of evidence or pictures, maybe suggest income streams from these activities - you may then get a response. Last Gov'nr was daft enough to ask Bkok for extended hrs for 'The Party zone' making them allowed to open until 4am. Now who would lose the A-hem, (cough) spl payments for these venues if that was to happen, poor Govs feet did not touch on his way out...