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  1. 555 and Delli's took it from a certain UK online adult porn site which is Simply Loveley!!! Plenty in the Tank Sir, What...?? SLB (Simply Loveley Brotherhood) - Be seeing you!
  2. Really, they float your boat? They look like something out of Roger Rabbit 555 au' naturel anytime but then I like beautiful real women not some plastic false creation.
  3. Lokie

    Motorbike driver killed in Thepkasattri road

    Colliding? looks more like smashed into from the damaged front end of mangled bike
  4. True Gent and a Scholar of the first order, straight talker and yes he did like the Vino, God bless him. Loved watching all his various cookery shows from around the world giving his own no nonsense slant on things
  5. Zimmer frames or not ONJ = is a natural beautiful woman and Travolta a good looking man
  6. Don't know what all the fuss is about? Ferrari's only got a bit of front end nearside damage, a new screen and bit of T-Cut, pump up the tyres, run it in for re-tracking and jobs a good un!
  7. Well I hope he gets the part next as I put a few quid on hime over two years ago with PaddyPower and the bet still stands at moment, last I looked it seemed Henry Caravelle (New Superman) was an hot favorite to land 007 and Idress had dropped down the list a tad. Talk of a female 007 also, the franchise moves with the times, it has to so why not a black or female agent, you think they do not exist in real life in British Intelligence or any other nation for that matter? Remember we have had a scottish bond, english bonds, Oz bond, Welsh bond and Irish and they have all been good IMO for the times they were doing the part, I thought Lazenbury was ok to O.H.M.S.S Either way love the bond movies hope he keeps keeping it up for Britain!
  8. Can you send me a list to, although will be popping in your store to shop Thanks!
  9. Another who assumes? My point ? was just a reply to another poster who asked (read the thread) I never raised anything about the next generation, seems just another remainer stance as they didn't win the vote... No need to edge on breaking forum rules and getting personal to put forward your argument is there, now there's a good chap
  10. Nore the Canadians or Germans who were also in attendance and had members of their armed forces present at this memorial
  11. Lol, I have five children ranging in age from 23 to 33 lets just say they do not talk politics with their dad, I know a bit flimsy but that is where i mostly base the political element on, my kids seemed to be taken in by Corbins we will do this that and the other in recent two years (I said to them where is all the money coming from to do Mr Corbins amazing things??) prior to this I don't even think any of them had any interest in politics nore casting their votes. When I told one of my degree educated daughters the last labour govt left a not in the drawer saying 'sorry no money left' she thought I was making it up... I agree with you it will matter most to the younger generations but I honestly think the UK will be better off in the long run out of europe. I voted out not based on the rubbish that was in the headlines by both sides of the argument, I voted to leave as I really believe that we will be better off in say ten years as a country. That was the consensus yesterday with the group of good friends I was with (In Manchester UK) but yes ages between 53 to 70 all lucky enough to be early retired and all have children.
  12. Ah, you seem to be making the mistake of assuming and as someone who you tell us is of retirement age you will know all about the problem that. I on the other hand am not of Government retirement age but through hard honest work was able to retire at 50 (my choice) and support myself from my private Co pension. So after paying all my dues and still doing so into the coffers of HMs Govt I think I have every right to cast my vote, it is quite easy for me and my fellow colleagues who have all done the same, we voted to leave, thats it we leave. The young, bless (mostly brainwashed by Corbin and his cronies 555?) My opinions are housed in the world of a law abiding, fully paid up British Citizen where are yours from?
  13. And denying the result of a public vote is the remainers. Don't know where the op done the poll on the 50% figures but yesterday at a retirement reunion we had a straw poll between ourselves on Brexit 7 out of 10 were still adamant on it and one said his head was swimming with all the crap about it and was now not bothered either way. So not exactly 50% as the op states where I am from. As a side also had a Burka poll - that was a resounding 10/10 that it should be banned in UK
  14. Lokie

    Qatar vs Emirates Economy

    Stopped flying Emirates years ago after crap service from Aus to UK. The way pax are treated in the melee that is Dubai security areas (and seemingly more than any other airport I visit?) past several years flown with Etihad Manchester UK to either Phuket or BKK, normally a mix of A320sMan - Abu-Dhabi and 777s Abu-dhabi to LOS. Recently they have now decided to charge for seat res in Ecom also but still prefer their service and transiting through abu-dhabi is much better than dubai IMO. Looking at replies I seem to be someone who prefers 777s (3-4-3) but then am comparing to A320s (2-4-2) do half my flights in Ecom and roughly half in Business (normally return legs to UK) Since Oil took a slumb few years back all the ME airlines started tightening their belts and guest programs...
  15. I have a Triumph Bonneville in the UK for fun and my ride in Thailand is a Forza and thats great to own here. Would never ride a Forza in the UK as I prefer a real bike but in LOS I love it (can not be ar$ed with gear changes etc) just jump on and off you go, yes Forza is little bit big around town but that don't really bother me personally, it is great for doing road trips so for me I get best of both in one bike. The OP is right that they do look large and ungainly but everyone to their own, Harleys look great but ride like a bag of crap (OIMO lol) And I have rode all types of bikes from being a sprog, but I love bikes and would never have a go at anyone's chosen ride... Argument about BiG bike is daft as we all know here in LOS the term big bike applies to anything 150cc and above, I have no hang up with that