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  1. Does the phrase 'Common Sense' exist in the Thai language...? Words fail me... really when you think you have seen some stupid things here, how can any adult think it was safe to drive that vehicle with what in effect became a bloody Lance waiting to spear or decapitate someone... Suppose that will be a 500 Baht fine and carry on as normal, next!
  2. Residence Certificate Charges

    I done mine at Phuket in December 2016 and they did require Med cert back then, you know LOS - each local Govt dept seem to apply rules as they like, when they like, so for 100 or 200 Baht I would take a Med Cert unless you know for sure that DLT do not require it, in your case they have said not required - thats cool.
  3. I don't know whether the Gov is more believable in his military look or one of his Bespoke fancy shirts he wears when getting his boots on the ground. Maybe try a wig, false beard and dark pair of sunglasses, nip down to Immigration and see if you can get a certificate of residency, you know that 'Free' service - could make a start there... Patong or Phuket town either will do for the exercise
  4. Parasailing and jet ski's have carried on unabated over the last few weeks on Patong beach, even on the stormy days of rain, wind and high surf. I walk the beach each morning end to end, two weeks ago I observed yet another young chinese girl about six years old landing in a Parasail, just her and the monkey rider on the guide lines (she was not in distress but I remember thinking, shows they don't give a hoot about anything or anyone in their quest for a quick tourist dollar) How Jet skis are allowed to operate in high surf on a beach known for rips, well says it all really, and over two weeks I have not seen one official in sight while these tourist death traps operate....
  5. Residence Certificate Charges

    Confucius say: Check TVF threads first on exactly what you require and in 2 mins you could have saved yourself 500 Baht, you make your own copy and the DLT accept original & copy on same day for both car & bike and one set of the other docs (medical cert etc)
  6. No not really mate, but I do know how to drive and ride bikes safely (and what does Patong have to do with the price of fish?) I hope you don't carry out your excellent driving techniques with the children in your ride at same time... really mate, is not the best thing to do, think about what could happen unexpected while 'coasting' in examples you gave yourself? and here in LOS?? (i.e anything could happen when all seems ok)
  7. Ever seen a kid run out into a road...? A competent driver is taught to be in control of the vehicle at all times, you argue that IYO there are certain times when it is safe not to have engine braking, brake servo assistance and powered steering on vehicles designed for it/them??
  8. If they were 'caught' having sex, then why are the BIBs looking for them...?
  9. +1 anyone who intentionally does this on hills should not be in charge of any vehicle, an accident waiting to happen. Also those who say is ok in an automatic vehicle are talking crap, even an auto if you slow to an appropriate speed for the given hill you will have a modicum of engine effect breaking and more overall control. Think maybe a few responding have been driving/riding too long in LOS lol
  10. I prefer my Anglo Saxon roots and one of their best expressive words being Boll ocks! and that is really what a load of this thread is about.... Middle english termed as used by news readers and such (not as much nowadays mind) more back in the days of when the Beeb ruled the airwaves back in good ol blighty, so no accents then allowed. Accents are our heritage and one should be proud of where you hail from, I am a true Mancunian and bloody well proud of the fact pal, as I am sure any Scousers, Geordies, Yorkshiremen and Wigan'ers (they are classed as unique entity lol)
  11. I never seen much over 30 years of checking trains involved in fatalities (UK diesel depot) most humans basically explode at line speed if hit full on, use to mainly see bits of hair/bone fragments and what looked like tenderised steak around the metal work under running gear... Now beef and horses on the other hand, they used to come in quite a bit of a mess, blood, $ hi t and crap all over and the stench....? Body parts and limbs, heads etc were normally found on line side/pway, but yeah I would never top myself via a train, not fair on the driver either, most I kne reckoned they always gave a smile just before impact (thats the fatality, not the driver... by the way)
  12. Persisted down all day in Patong from around 6am ish to 15.30ish (really heavy between 07.30 - 14.00) usual flooding all around main routes of town, abated at moment but looks like will be a wet one tonight at some point
  13. Yes, I got my new Temp (2 year) Thai licences for both Car and Bike on a SETV in Phuket last December 2016, on production of UK photo licence and IDP with supporting documentation (as listed in this thread) just done colour and reaction tests, had pics taken filled out forms paid fee, was on my way out after about one and half hour (got there 2nd in que before opening about 07.30)
  14. Have Interpol sent the contact telephone number to LOS so all those who know of his whereabouts can get in touch...?
  15. Phuket road deaths keep on rolling

    Where to start...? - Law enforcement of actual highway rules/law - Real driver/rider standards, Instruction, training, competency and testing - Vehicle testing, taxing and Insurance - Pro-active Road safety management - Money for road infrastructure - Money for integrated island wide public transport system (appropriate for an International tourist destination) - insert any other items to list here... There six off the cuff, lets see, how many do you think may ever happen