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  1. So what was the cause this time, brake failure... You would think when conveying people that you would take a bit of care? Do myanmar people not count for this, they always seem to count when investigations require a few suspects it seems Probably a case of onto bypass and full chat then oops! nearly hit that, quick steering input and flip the pickup - Brake failure RIP to the poor worker who has died and hope the other poor unfortunate workers are ok/recover alrite Meanwhile back on the beaches...
  2. A beautiful woman with two beautiful daughters, dad must be a lucky and proud man (but you can see who is who tbh) Is in the genes, my mum is 88 she looks about 15 years her junior, I am often told 10 years my junior so is my sister
  3. Nowt to do with it pal, who buggered the country and left the I O U note in the desk drawer after they had spent up?? Not that the current Govt are any kop, the whole lot of politicians at the moment in all parties in the UK are a pile of $ hite and pretty low order. TM is an educated woman unfortunately with zero charisma so not for front of house so to speak. I think someone like Rees Mogg for the tories in time and labour should have put the right brother in, who if could be persuaded back may one day get them back in the saddle. I hope Jezza survives to 2018 as I have a little wager on him with PP at 10/1 lol looks like at least I will have gained a little from the idiot. Need Boris to hold on and keep his pie hole shut till new year too then will also collect on him... Well may as well have a bit of fun watching all these bent, back stabbing lunatics in westminster...
  4. I was hoping he was finished, time will answer that. They sucker up to him as they need him to resign then it is not a coup, they do not want to risk intervention by SA etc in support of the Zim (Mugabe's) Govt. This may be more a case of getting shut of his Mrs and reinstating his right hand man again... Not much will change for the average man on the street - hope I'm wrong on that but like a bad penny...
  5. Would it not be a fellow Swede who ratted him out as they seem to be well into their chewing tobacco or maybe some good ol' boys from the deep South?
  6. Astrophysics? you gotta be $ hitting me!
  7. Well the Chinese and Russian tourists do not appear to read the present beach rules re no swimming etc so come febuary this will be hilariuos watching them all being rolled for the Ciggie fund
  8. Mother Shiptons Cave and petrifying well in Knaresborough near Harrogate Yorkshire England, they have all sorts hung from the waterfalls then it covers the items and over the years deposits the minerals and looks quite good (she lived around the time of King Henry VIII (1500s) and they say predicted submarines, WWI and WWII and men in flying machines etc
  9. Thats what I thought the procedure was hence he is being charged amongst other things of DUI, we all know if the offender has a bit of wonga and clout then the injured guy/his family will be paid and a token fine paid to the legal system then maybe a bit of Monkhood and all will be well again... Hope the guard gets well asap and fully recovers - just doing his job
  10. Curse of the Black Magic

    What a load of Mumbo Jumbo!
  11. Lol, La La Land...? Unlike Corbin and the Loony Left who talk utter rubbish. With Jezza's connections from the past can he not pull a few strings for this lady who seemingly has been arrested for just visiting family...?
  12. A scarier thing is if Corbyn, Abbott and all the loony lefts got in, UK would be bankrupt within two years As for anyone messing about in a country like Iran with western links, then you are likely to be detained on whatever trumped up charges, nothing to do what so ever with any comments from government ministers. As for Boris lying as posted above, at least he's an honest liar unlike the Corbinites of labour lol
  13. Looking at the arrest figures in report link seems Kamala Cop Shop has been milking it over the last 12 months, theres gonna be a few sideways moves methinks?
  14. Having spent several years in both Turkish and Thai tourist destinations I can say in my experience that the Turks although very quick learners could not polish black the boots of Thais when it comes to scamming (or you no understand- is a case of confusion statements) lol Check that Taximeters are working, Really?
  15. Stinger deployment anyone? Stop-sticks exactly designed to prevent this type of incident At least these BIBs were being proactive, just a bit hair raising in their risk assessment of the scene, the the cop is ok