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  1. When they was having a picture took of most of the male Royals in the palace, the photographer was faffing about, Phillip said, Oyy! take the bloody picture!! Get well Sir...
  2. Dont know why peeps are arguing the toss the blokes a Total <deleted>! If he's pi $$ ed then he deserves everything they give him and if he has a genuine mental illness which affects his ability to drive safely then he should not have been driving, so again his responsibility and he will pay the price (although will not be enough for what he is now responsible for) I D I O T!!!
  3. Well may as well be blazon about it, business as usual...
  4. I bought some genuine Lacoste twill polo shirts at Costco in UK at a really good price (basically £30 off rrp) my friend who was with me who is a frequent Thai visitor said why buy at that price, I can get x amount in Thailand cheaper, I said no you can't - he really did not know why a real lacoste polo is far superior in fit, wear, cut, feel etc than a $2 fake? mate it may look the same but it aint. My only surprise in this thread is that they only seized B500k of fake goods from the I T zone in Jungceylon, a lot of retailers must have been closed then lol... Other thing is every stall sells the same old Tat, its nearly all knock off goods
  5. I thought I was helping to clarify and assist in your quest? Oh well, at least we have cleared up the fact that there is no such thing as an IDL it is an IDP as I stated in my post and answer is no you can not get an IDP on your 2 year temp Thai licence Tip: use the search function on TVF, it saves getting useless posts lol
  6. A ten year IDL? I have heard it all now... Some people really believe they are real and valid?? - S C A M worthless document and is not recognised by any country internationally. International Driving Permit or IDP as said earlier is the document laid down under the Geneva convention - Period (and it basically translates your driving validations/qualifications in several languages) and is only valid with (in conjunction with) your countries original licence Hence the OPs question is can an IDP be obtained on a 2 year Thai licence or is it only on a long term licence...?
  7. Have not read all responses here so apologies if already said but two things sprung to mind on seeing the OP picture; 1. Has Ken Hom (chinese cook) got a new career with RTP? 2. Could a certain POS (on the run heir to a fortune) and seemingly untouchable have a hand in exporting fancy motors from Blighty to LOS...?
  8. He has his top around his thighs/a $$, as he gets out he flips his top back on, this may have an effect of reducing the drag thus allowing him to get across, it don't look nothing major anyway, was not that long a distance, no big deal
  9. Okay on paper a breach of decency laws but only real crime here is the amount they are charging for a Rumpy -pumpy show. This same show been catering for chinese tourists over the last year, they bus them straight in and then back out again (up the soi then out) thing is its not near Bangla or 'The Party Zone' Everyone locally knows and knows who runs it (as Marvin said "I heard it on the grapevine" a-hmm)
  10. heres the article I read about a couple being counter sued for false claim... my heart pumps p i $$ for them lol https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3667012/brit-couple-fake-claim-greek-hotel-countersued/
  11. This was highlighted last month on UK TV, i ts more to do with unscrupulous holiday reps and touts in local Spanish & Portuguese resorts telling dodgy greedy holiday makers how to throw in bogus claims for food poisoning etc and that no proof really needed and easy way to get a fast cash, bit like crash for cash claims that have blighted the UK car insurance industry over last few years... So we all have to pay through the nose as these weasel thick selfish bogans as our Oz brothers call them. If caught I would throw the book at em, but then they would probably claim against me lol...
  12. B S! they will have been informed prior to kick off that there will be held a one minutes silence in respect of (insert whatever reason here) and that both teams to stand on their half way circle, silence finish signalled by ref's whistle - one long blow (this is standard protocol in International Football and most domestic matches) Is disrespectful simple as
  13. If they really wanted to bring this to an end, just seize family assets until the POS is in custody here in LOS, we are all wasting our time writing and getting upset about this excuse of a Human being, he is certainly no Man and never will be. As said LOS = Money Number 1 always will be, hence why this charade plays out
  14. Sounds good, I am happy in patong, my place is 12,000B a month and I too like to be surrounded by plenty of Bush, my brother lives up north and tells me how this and that is cheap and why don't I come up (I don't want to knock him, he's on a budget so to speak, but W TF do I want to go the back of beyond for?) I like a bit of action when I wanted it, I like the numerous beaches and places around Phuket and I like to shoot the breeze at my lil place up in the hills where its nice and quiet (surrounded by bush!)
  15. Afraid there no small sala's of which you speak from 13 years ago in that area, as said only beeps now are for good merit at the temple at top of hill.