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  1. So two now caught out again, but watch the Olympic committee allow them to march out in the Russian teams colours in closing ceremony... They should have banned the lot of them period - They are Cheats.
  2. In the UK we call it having some 'Bottle' seems this officer either lost his or never had it in the first place. Now the Sports coach on the other hand had BOTTLE and put himself in arms way to defend students, I rather think this may have had a part in the shame this officer is feeling right now. Dont arm teachers, stop selling ARs and other weapons of war to kids for christ sake, its not Rocket science really is it???
  3. Inside home where woman kept 40 dogs before it got too much for her

    Another so called animal lover...? Needed a bit of help, Id help her into court and a good fine and maybe a few months behind bars for cruelty, and banned from keeping any living thing ever again. Unless she is a loon then she will be left on the streets in good old GB as no one will care for her (bit like full circle ehh with the animals)
  4. No one still knows yet what actually happened, We do know the Yank did engage the drunken Ozzy, whether a deluge of blows and stomping as some reports or whether a single (one arrow) and the ozzy guy dropped hitting his head on way down (as happens in a lot of cases where one punch can lead to a death) So nothing new to report here yet... Love the 'It's always Yanks and Brits' ha ha ha - some people talk complete and utter boll ox!
  5. OP just get yourself an IDP from any crown post office (take your pport & recent Utility bill or bank statement showing address and £5.50 as mentioned already) if you also have motorcycle make sure they stamp same on IDP endorsement. UK AA advice is you do need it to drive along with your UK licence as a Tourist in Thailand, then you are covered, and as you said just renew your Thai licence at next opportunity.
  6. Av a minute, already corrected but thanks for your contribution
  7. It reads the 'Eight guests on the main table plus Nigel Benn' these seats are 60000 Baht (thats per seat VIP package and you sit with the man himself) the front row seats package is 40k per seat, how much do some of you people think seats are at sportsmans dinners nowadays??? lol Cheap Charlies! ha ha ha
  8. He now lives in Sydney, Australia was x British Army then went into Pro Boxing, was a good honest boxer and provided an exciting spectacle when ever he fought. Never big headed, he always gave 100% in the ring. I used to love watching him with my dad back in the 80s, especially the fights against Eubank. His son has just turned Pro although in a different weight division to Eubank's son (Chris Eubank Jnr) For fight fans I reckon it will be a good evening with tales about the big bouts of UK boxing history
  9. Think the Iranians know that Israel will not think twice about launching against them if they push anymore at moment, Iran is all mouth, Israel's actions speak louder than words and Iran knows it
  10. I can understand the right to bear arms as written by your founding fathers but it can not be right that jo public can go and buy semi-automatic assault weapons, especially someone who is not even eligible to vote in your country or consume alcohol? It is indefensible, only law enforcement and the military should have access to these weapons to serve and protect the people - nobody else has any business to have them nor use them period. Your children are being cut down in your schools and yet the powers that be still argue the toss?
  11. Transam wrote; and you are from... So after nearly a day Trans, Ketyo has disappeared up his own a$$, seems a chip on one's shoulder of the amazing heritage, advancement and ensuring fair play of the human race which Great Britain has given...
  12. Foreign Secretary was plunged into renewed controversy after making an offensive joke about sex tourism to Thailand – which has notoriously involved the abuse of children. Who writes this claptrap??? Offensive to who? and trying to link what he said to child abuse - Really, for peats sake, they should be called out and made to account for attempting to manipulate the facts. 'We have a million visitors who get up to the most eye popping of things' is what he said in reference to what UK tourists/visitors get up to - a nice way of saying the FACTS of what we all know. Get over it!
  13. Inside Abandoned Thai Massage Parlour

    Whats with the exercise bikes in a knocking shop then?
  14. +1 I worked on the railways back in UK, the lads at our depot in Blackpool, said it was full of Candyfloss & W an kers! lol