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  1. New Phone, smartish

    After Google Pixel, then Sony or perhaps Motorola of the major brands. When I use my wife's Samsung, pure Android isn't something that comes to mind...
  2. Chelsea Fc Thread

    this brings back memories...
  3. There are bikes dumped everywhere in Australian cities that run this scheme. What really surprised me and makes me think it won't work well in Thailand is the Singapore experience. Singapore is generally a well ordered society but the amount of bikes abandoned in the streets is surprising. Travel on the above ground part of the East West MRT line, outside of the main tourist areas and look down. You will see countless abandoned bikes in the streets. People pay a deposit so I don't get why they dump them. In Singapore you also havet tourists riding them everywhere on footpaths. If places like Singapore and Australia struggle then I can't see it succeeding in Thailand. If bikes aren't dumped everywhere then I imagine they will end up in Cambodia. One of the companies behind bike share in China is now in financial trouble. Shared-bicycles-are-trashing-Sydney-and-Melbourne-streets-and-rivers
  4. Australian Aged Pension

    The key line from the news.com.au news article... crime of nondisclosure was “consistent and persistent" This is where some people risk being undone imo.
  5. New Price "Wine" in the box???

    I'm not sure if it is still the case but there used to be 3LT and 5LT Berri casks. My frugal friend buys a case of 5LT Lexia casks when they go on special. The casks I recall heavy drinkers low on funds buying, were Buronga Ridge and Stanley. At the start of the month they might "upgrade" to Coolibah :) Most of those would still be preferable to the lower priced wines in Thailand.
  6. New Price "Wine" in the box???

    I must notify my friend. In her two million dollar plus house in Australia the other day I saw she had four Berri Estate casks in the pantry... it probably doesn't win any awards but you see it at barbecues all the time.
  7. Does Samsung still sell notebooks in Thailand?

    2017 models... with Windows 7 & Windows 8 OS?
  8. Kingsgate takes Thailand to court over gold mine closure Kingsgate Consolidated has kicked off legal proceedings against the Thai government to recover “substantial” losses suffered from the premature closure of its Chatree gold mine last year. Kingsgate (ASX:KCN) said it was forced to take legal action since it had been unable to achieve any settlement with the government over Chatree’s closure.
  9. The government has just made public its response to Facebook...
  10. Australian Aged Pension

    While I'm sure this still goes on, an old friend in law enforcement I was talking to tells me it's nothing like it used to be. Once certain lawyers get involved, red flags are raised. A lot of hoops to jump through. I receive nothing from the Australian government. I can't really complain as I'm financially secure (paid my fair share of taxes, still do) yet I've still been sent a couple of please explain letters over investments I have. The problem everyone faces is government both state and federal, is getting a lot smarter at data mining. It's now harder than ever to slip under the radar and it will only get worse.
  11. Australian Aged Pension

    Source: The Sydney Morning Herald 15th October 2032 Centrelink and the Department of Immigration uncover systematic rorting of the old age pension scheme. It is alleged Australian expats, their Thai wives, travel agents, real estate brokers and villagers overseas conspired to illegally obtain pension benefits. The fraud was initially discovered after complaints were made about suspected human trafficking. A neighbour told an ACA reporter she became concerned about suspicious activity in her next door apartment. Blinds were always drawn, knocks on the door went unanswered and the mail box was overflowing with junk mail. On several occasions she saw a furtive looking Asian lady accompanied by an elderly man emerge from a car with blacked out windows. They hurriedly made their way to the apartment to avoid detection. Warrants have been issued for the suspects who it is suspected may have already fled to Thailand.
  12. This would explain the most recent share price movement. Metal Tiger PLC investment update
  13. A couple of updates from Kingsgate (KCN) today. After a fairly flat spell the stock has gained 17% for the week, 8% on todays news. If you bought in six months ago it's tempting to take a 65% profit as there is still much uncertainty as to what lies ahead. Meanwhile KGN is up 55% from my September 4th post (+187% over six months). http://www.kingsgate.com.au/#tab-id-3 https://stockhead.com.au/resources/kingsgate-takes-insurers-court-mine-closure-claim/
  14. Fakes on Lazada

    The other thing you need to watch out with powerbanks marked as 50000 is flying with them. Airlines are getting tough on large batteries so a powerbank marked as 50000 might no longer be acceptable as checked or carry-on baggage. I've always found Amazon a good reference point when buying electronics. While not everything on Amazon is as bargain priced as they would like you to believe, whenever you see something advertised elsewhere on the internet for less than half price, be wary unless it is something being sold in its country of origin. (Thai products like coffee, medicinal etc. can have massive markups on Amazon) When it is 10% of the price as you often see microSD cards advertised for then don't even bother. Fake SD cards have been sold in markets and on the internet for years yet people still buy them thinking they are really saving 90% off prices from reputable retailers. It's great to find a bargain but sometimes you have to stop and think for a moment just how realistic an advertised price is.
  15. Fakes on Lazada

    Fake capacity power banks exposed Almost all inexpensive 50000 powerbanks are fake, especially if bought on the internet from China. The same goes for cheap large capacity SD cards. Have a look on Amazon. Check the size, weight and price of any with genuine reviews and compare with what you purchased. A genuine 50000 powerbank is a lot heavier and larger than most people would want to carry around with them.