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  1. WIFI Contract True Vision

    I am on a similar contract to you it seems. Start by reading the break-up of charges on the back of your bill. Mine for example is 799 baht +VAT @7% 55.93 baht, for internet. The section for phone calls and data is 0 baht because we never use it. Front page of the bill is 854.93 + 299 baht for the cable package, total 1,153.93 Sounds like any extra charges are for phone calls and data you or someone in your household is using.
  2. Dentist overcharging

    Deep cleaning for gum problems is not the same thing as a general clean. A regular dentist doesn't usually do it. Needs a periodontist. Where I go there are maybe twenty dentists but only a couple do deep cleaning for gum problems. Ask your own dentist next time. He will tell you the same.
  3. Australia Plus is certainly available on True. If you have True internet you can get a heap of free True Visions channels, and while many are Thai, Australia Plus is included in the package. If you don't mind shelling out for a club membership, streaming of all games live with Watch AFL/Fox Sports is the superior option. If you want free then Australia Plus is good, but you won't get to see every game your team plays. I wondered what was going on last night. I tried to play the game from the start around 10PM and even though it was a replay it was all over the place. Took ages to load and then jumped from the start of the first quarter to nearly half time, then kept buffering so much I gave up trying to watch it.
  4. Sky New Live Stream YouTube Gone

    Like many of us, I went to watch Sky on YouTube last night for a live update on what was happening in Barcelona and discovered it was blocked in Thailand. Normally whenever there is a major breaking news story the number of people watching on YouTube quickly hits 20k+ but last night I didn't see more than 3k, after I changed to a UK IP, so licensing changes makes sense. VPN = Virtual Private Network i.e. can be used to make someone think you are somewhere when you're not.
  5. No CD Player.

    Many new laptops no longer come with a CD/DVD player. I've used the one in my desktop maybe once in the past year. People now use USB drives that store thousands of songs in a tiny drive or play from their smartphones. I remember always taking a dozen CD's with me when travelling... many years ago now. I have a couple of these drives. Even with a month on vacation I still can't get around to listening to everything I have put on it. Every rental car I have driven the last few years has come with a USB port.
  6. My local Aeon Jusco store once upon a time had Australian or New Zealand avo's for 65 baht but they hardly sold any. Unlike Aussie supermarkets, they never seem to reduce the price for a quick sale when getting too soft. These days, nearly 100 baht each which is more than I am willing to pay because even with imported stock, you still get some bad ones. Tesco sometimes sell the Thai variety and when getting too ripe will sell them in packs of three for as little as 80 baht, worth taking a chance in my experience. This is what I get from my local market. The old man who runs the stall rarely has more than a dozen. They work out at 15-20 baht each and I almost always find a couple that while not first class, are good on toast or in a salad.
  7. Villa 99 baht each. Local Bangkok market, 20 baht each last week but can be difficult to find. Reasonable quality, fine with poached eggs on toast. Singapore, imported from many different countries, 3 for SG4 (100 baht) or even cheaper, in major supermarkets year round. Quality varies from superb to okay. Hard to find consistency due to constant change of country of origin, one week Peru, next week Mexico, then USA.
  8. Arcoxia is good for arthritic conditions. I was prescribed it for a RSI arm complaint and for that it worked really well, one of the fastest, most effective pain relievers I have taken. In your case best to start by seeing an orthopedics specialist and take it from there.
  9. Next time, when calling from overseas either use Skype with some added credit or buy a local SIM (easy in Indonesia). Works out much cheaper...
  10. When I playback my dashcam video I can hear the sound of my indicator when making a turn, click-click-click. If you can't, then check your audio settings.
  11. Departures can be bad as well. Last month 10AM weekday at Suvarnabhumi they had staff blocking off the escalator to departures at the post office end due to overcrowding. The other end where everyone was being directed to wasn't much better. Thought for a while I was going to miss my flight despite arriving nearly three hours before departure.
  12. Can't Get Torrents

    Just tried, no problems.
  13. Mangmoom Card - is it ever going to happen?

    I wonder what will happen first... Red Bull "Boss" returns to Thailand to face justice... or Bangkok gets a travel card usable across multiple train and bus services... too close to call?