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  1. Your Australian Government link doesn't state mandatory for all Australians, it's not how I read it anyway... 4.8.7 only recommends for travellers, lab workers and in the Torres Straits. For travellers it says really only required if you spend extended time in rural areas during the wet season. Generally the risk is stated as less than one case per million travellers to JE endemic countries. The reason this is in the news is because it is so rare. Nothing wrong with getting it if you're concerned, but personally I would get Twinrix (hepatitis A+B) and rabies vax, ahead of JE, unless I was expecting to be in the countryside a lot during the wet season.
  2. Why would all Australians need to be vaccinated for JEP?
  3. People who live there were saying they didn't hear a fire alarm from inside their flats. Some said the alarm was only audible in the fire exit stairwell. Because of Ramadan, people were still awake after 1AM, eating and praying. Being awake, they could hear people in the streets yelling out, so some were alerted to the fire that way. Apparently lots of buildings in the UK don't have sprinkler systems. UK tower blocks are designed to prevent fire spreading from floor to floor rapidly, but this one did just that, so the cladding is what everyone is focusing on. In Dubai and Australia there have been similar fires in apartment towers with cladding, but newer buildings, so probably better fire escapes, access and sprinklers. UK design doesn't rely on a sprinkler system because ideally the fire brigade will arrive asap and put out what should be a fire in a small area only, so staying inside your flat behind a strong door waiting for the fire to be contained is what people had been instructed to do.
  4. Maybe we can assign these police to the hunt for the Red Bull heir?
  5. 1.5GB is a common size for downloaded movies. Download overnight and it doesn't make a whole lot of difference whether you're on 50/20 or 200/80. Streaming football in Full HD and downloading movies is no problem, so unless you have lots of people gaming and downloading at the same time then 50/20 or 80/20 will be more than adequate for most home users.
  6. According to one chart I have, May to early August. I haven't seen any at all in my local Bangkok markets for a couple of months, and I always keep an eye out for them as I don't like paying the supermarket price for the imported varieties. The Thai people I know never seem to eat avocados. In Bangkok, some few fruits I enjoy eating, lychee and rambutan, seemed to be later to market this year than usual so maybe avocados are as well?
  7. I stayed near that mall about five years ago and was in there almost everyday for six weeks. Back then it had a steady stream of customers during the week and very busy on the weekend so I don't know why it would have been a 'white elephant'. Slowest mall I have been in lately has been the Embassy in Bangkok. Been through there a few times around 5PM on a Friday and one time saw only six! shoppers in the fifteen minutes I walked in to get what I wanted.
  8. Overseas being treated for Meniere's disease according to the other newspaper.
  9. Motorcycle was driving at a ridiculous speed for that road.
  10. I watched it on True/Bein and I saw him addressing the fans, live and continuously. The after match coverage did jump to the Thai studio several times but for anything important it went back to Stamford Bridge live, so there were all the players with their families and Conte and Terry with the mic.
  11. Pies fans leaving the MCG at quarter time...
  12. Three readings would be sufficient... more nap time Besides the more obvious things like sitting correctly with feet flat. there are a number of other instructions to help get accurate readings. Avoid eating, smoking, exercising, bathing or going to the toilet for at least 30 minutes prior to taking a reading.
  13. In the instructions that came with my Omron monitor it said to leave a gap of three minutes minimum between readings to ensure accuracy.
  14. He hit the Fiesta at 200kph, so, if he was trying to slow down does it mean he was doing 300kph previously? Manslaughter, murder, however you classify it, two innocent people are dead, he deserves to be put away for a very, very long time.
  15. btw if you are staying in the Little India area, check your location on Google maps to confirm your nearest MRT station. Farrer Park (NE) and Rochor (DT) are also useful.