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  1. DTAC have been fine for me, fifteen years, no reason to change. If you're unhappy then swap to whoever has good coverage where you are and see how it works out. No point staying with DTAC if you're unhappy about something and it can't be resolved to your satisfaction, provided there are other options available.
  2. While it's true not very many people have Rabbit BTS cards outside of central Bangkok, if you see a card reader, then someone in the shop will have been trained to use it, even if most of the casual staff are clueless, fairly common in my experience. With McDonalds and places like Coffee World, if there is a Rabbit discount or buy one get one free promotion, there will be a sign in Thai and English next to the card reader, so if they don't give you your discount hand them back your receipt and point to the sign as they will fix it, even if it means calling the duty manager, although hardly worth waiting around if only for a few baht. If you read the conditions for some of the Rabbit offers, there are limits to how many discounts etc. they give out per promotion, but in the hundreds of times I've used my Rabbit card, other then Macca's Sukumvit, I've yet to see anyone else use one for a promotion. Mezzo Coffee have a loyalty scheme and even when I give them my member number and tell them 10% discount, some staff still don't give me the discount even though they have advertisements saying 10% off at the counter, and plastered across every single table in the shop I don't think they are trying to rip me off, rather they just don't know what to do, and in the smaller shops there isn't always a manager about. My local Mezzo survives on a bunch of regulars there for the excellent wi-fi and a/c, so all the staff now know what to do. Not receiving the discount even happens to my wife sometimes but she complains and gets it refunded.
  3. I haven't seen it written online but I was told a fee would apply before they proceeded with topping up at a McDonalds a long way from central Bangkok. It was also itemised on the receipt they gave me. It was a while ago but something like 14 baht for a 500 baht top-up.
  4. Firstly, thanks for the heads up about the 20% discount at Macca's. Will come in handy I'm sure. I've also never understood the long lines at peak-hour BTS and MRT ticket counters and change machines. Maybe it needs a promotion with lots of hello girls selling cards with 100 baht bonus travel to get more people to use them. If they want to make people use cards instead of cash then do what other transport systems have done and make all travel pre-paid card only. The McDonalds next to Robinsons near Asok, people use Rabbit cards there and the staff are used to it. Paying at Coffee World and Mezzo, the staff there often need to call a supervisor because they don't know what to do. I was really surprised the other day when the Coffee World in Central Rama 9 didn't even have a terminal. Keep in mind (unless it has changed recently) when you top up somewhere like McDonalds, you will be charged a fee (3%?) to do so.
  5. Reading this thread and thought I would try a Singha Light the other day, but nowhere to be found at my local 7/11 stores. Beer Lao has also disappeared. The replacements seem to be large cans of Cheers which for me is the worst beer I have ever had in Thailand.
  6. Outside of downtown areas there are Seven-Eleven stores that aren't shop fronts right up against the footpath. The two I mentioned have tiled forecourts so it's not actually a footpath but would belong to Seven Eleven or whoever they rent the property from.
  7. The very busy Seven-Eleven near me does exactly that, rents the space out front to one or two food vendors who even have tables and chairs for their sit down customers. Beside the rent for the space, Seven probably do ok from the drink sales generated by the food sales. Inside this Seven they always run out of the hot food items they sell anyway. There is another close by the same. If you order food and a drink the seller has his kid get your drinks from inside and adds it to the bill. In the Philippines, many Seven-Eleven stores have sit down areas inside for people to eat the food they purchase and heat up in a microwave.
  8. If you can buy them by the kg. in Thailand then the prices are low. Up north sounds like it is very common to buy them that way. In Bangkok it's harder to find them sold outside of the major supermarkets, who sell the imported ones at a premium. My wife shops at various markets and always gets me some if she sees any, but even in season they're few and far between where I live because Thais don't seem to eat them much, at least in Bangkok. Sometimes Tesco will sell very ripe ones, 3 for 80 baht but if I offer any of the neighbors some to eat they're not interested. Any other excess fruit they are always happy to accept.
  9. Queen Vic Market in Melbourne, 99 cents, medium size and delicious. The very next day in Jusco Bangkok, 99 baht, small size. Local markets are hit and miss. Old fruit and veg guy at my local market calls me over whenever he has some. Large, but variable quality, 15-20 baht each depending on weight. In Singapore large supermarkets often have US imports, 3 for SD3-4, mostly excellent quality. Neighbours give me a few when they have family visiting who bring some by. They don't like them much so gifted to me
  10. Home Pro mostly leave me in peace, but Tesco and Big C in the electrical section... If I'm with my wife she quickly tells them to leave me be or I will go elsewhere. Then they start talking to her as she is too polite to tell them to move on. She will end up conveying messages to me from the staff like... that TV/fridge/washer is no good, this one is better... despite me having done my research and knowing what I am after Pretending to talk on the phone keeps them at bay but if they get impatient and hover to close I raise my voice a little and start laughing while looking straight at them... that works.
  11. Reading about this plaque in the news, I haven't seen mention of who made and installed the new version. Anyone know?
  12. Are there any other similar owner-less plaques? If they don't belong to anyone and the police don't care, the government don't care and the CCTV in the area doesn't work, then sounds like a few unique souvenirs are available for anyone willing to dig them up
  13. The PDF in the link above is an excellent history of how Singapore managed to get street food sellers off the streets and in to more hygienic locations. I hope the powers that be in Thailand read and learn from it as it is very relevant to Bangkok. The major obstacle to implementing such a scheme is the same as getting anything done in Thailand... corruption.
  14. I know it's not the BB card but posted in reply to: I am not sure what the rabbit means, perhaps someone can enlighten me Rabbit is the first e-money service in Thailand with a common ticketing platform between BTS and any participating mass transit systems while extending its usage into retail, service and tourism sectors to meet your smarter life.